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The Center for Safer Schools' Safe Schools Pyramid reflects the Center's view that schools must be comprehensive yet individual in their approaches to solving the problem of school violence. The strategies that comprise the Safe Schools Pyramid have been identified as "promising" because they are proactive approaches based upon intervention as well as prevention. Ultimately, individual schools must actively decide the most appropriate basis from which to address their specific problems of school violence. For most, a mixed philosophy of intervention and prevention will be the most promising overall approach to use.

Safer Schools Pyramid

The programs that comprise the Pyramid are student-focused, since the Center's work to date indicates that the most successful programs are those that are student-focused. These types of programs recognize the important roles that students play in addressing the problems that exist in their own schools. The Pyramid's programs are designed to create environments in which students can learn or to empower students themselves to address the problems that exist in their own schools.

The presence of school resource officers and paying attention to physical design and technology help create safe and secure learning environments. Law-related education, conflict management and peer mediation, Students Against Violence Everywhere (S.A.V.E.), and teen/student court empower students to deal with problems that may arise.

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