Media Contacts

Press Conference Room, Joint Field Office, Raleigh

Communications Office

4202 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, N.C. 27699-4202
Phone: 919-733-5027
Fax:     919-733-0296

Pamela WalkerDirector  919-436-3146

Margaret Ekam, Operations Manager  919-825-2768

Diana Kees, Public Relations Manager  919-436-3147
                  Communications Officer / Juvenile Justice 

Keith Acree, Communications Officer / Adult Correction  919-436-3141

Jerry Higgins, Communications Specialist / Adult Correction 919-436-3129

Sgt. Michael BakerPIO / State Highway Patrol  919-825-2770

Trooper Chad Summerlin, Asst. PIO / State Highway Patrol  919-825-2733

Julia Jarema, Communications Officer / Emergency Management  919-825-2270

Patty McQuillan, Communications Officer / Victim Services, Governors Crime Commission, LitterFree NC 919-825-2735

Clyde Roper, Communications Officer / Private Protective Services Board, Law Enforcement Support Services  919-436-3140


Affiliated Agencies

 PIO / State Bureau of Investigation  919-582-8511

Agnes Stevens, Public Affairs Director / Alcoholic Beverage Commission  919-417-0858


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