Samarcand Training Academy

Occupying 430 acres in Moore County, Samarcand Training Academy has provided correctional, in-service, law enforcement and advanced law enforcement training since Fall 2015.

A 2013 North Carolina General Assembly allocation of $10.4 million was used to convert the former Samarkand Manor into a corrections and law enforcement training center for the Department of Public Safety. Fourteen of the 24 building were renovated, and a firearms training range will be operational in June 2017.

When complete, Samarcand will have six classrooms, dormitory space capable of housing 89 overnight students and a cafeteria.

The primary purpose of the academy is to conduct basic training for correctional officers, probation/parole officers and juvenile justice employees, as well as other in-service training.  The law enforcement agencies within DPS will be able to use Samarcand to conduct in-service and advanced training programs, while other local, state and federal agencies may also conduct training at the facility from time to time.


Richard C. Jordan Jr.
Director for Academy Operations
Samarcand Training Academy
N.C. Department of Public Safety
PO Box 96
Jackson Springs, N.C. 27242

Office: 910-466-4165

Physical Address:
3600 Samarcand Road
Jackson Springs, N.C. 27281  

From Left to Right:  Rep. Ken Goodman. Rep. Justin Burr, Rep. Jamie Boles, Adult Correction Commissioner David Guice, DPS Secretary Frank Perry, DPS COO Laurie Dollar, Moore County Sheriff Neil Godfrey (back), Rep. Pat Hurley, Rep. Allen McNeill, Law Enforcement Commissioner Greg Baker and Samarcand Director Richard Jordan (ribbon-cutting, Fall 2015)

Mission Statement

To provide a training facility that enhances and encourages the ability of the men and women of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety to learn and develop the skills necessary to safeguard and preserve the lives and property of the people of North Carolina through prevention, protection, and preparation, with integrity and honor.



1914 - The Marienfeld Open-Air School for boys opened by Headmaster Charles Henderson.

1917 - The North Carolina Legislature purchased 230 acres from Henderson for the State Home and Industrial School for Girls and Women, a correctional institution which opened in 1918 as one of the first such institutions in the south.

1931 - 16 inmates set fire to two dorms.  At that time, arson was a capital offense in North Carolina, but through plea negotiations, the inmates received prison sentences instead of the death penalty.

1974 - The name was changed to Samarkand Manor and became a training school for delinquent children (male and female) between the ages of 10 and 17.  Operated by the N.C. Dept. of Human Resources with later empahasis on treatment and therapy.

2011 - General Assembly budget cuts closed Samarkand Youth Development Center and the property remained vacant.

2012 - Moore County Legislator James Boles, Jr. submitted a bill to convert the property to a DPS training facility.

2013 - The N.C. General Assembly approved $10.4 million for capital improvements.

2014 - Construction begins in the Fall.

2015 - (July) Ribbon Cutting and Opening of Facility for Training.
           (August) Graduation of 1st Training Class (DAC/JJ Basic Correctional Officer Class 42 - CY2015.      

2016 - (March) Opening of 1st Dormitory and Academy Dining Hall (Mitchell Building).