Correctional Officer Physical Abilities Test


Successful completion of the Correctional Officer Abilities Test is required for employment consideration at all NCDPS prison facilities. Failure to successfully complete the COPAT will impact your overall eligibility for employment as a state correctional offcer.

Applicants scheduled for COPAT should bring a picture ID with them to the test site.  Applicants should wear comfortable pants that are ankle length such as sweatpants or khakis, athletic shoes and a shirt that is able to be tucked inside the pants.  Applicants will not be permitted to wear any type of shorts, spandex clothing or tank top style shirts.  All shirts must have sleeves.  No jewelry of any type should be worn.  On the day of testing, applicants should refrain from caffeine, nicotine, and exercise.  These activities may increase your blood pressure and heart rate readings.

In order to assist the applicant with preparation for COPAT, the Office of Staff Development and Training has developed a COPAT preparation guide.

In addition, please see the COPAT General Information Handout for additional information.