Flood Hazard Determinations

When a lender processes a loan for a residential structure, they may be federally required to make a flood hazard determination. These determinations are usually conducted by a third party known as a map determination company. The findings are submitted using a Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form. If, after review of the results, you feel that a need exists to dispute the determination, you have three (3) options:

  1. Provide more accurate structure and parcel location information to the map determination company to see if it will revise its determination. (This would probably be through the lender.)
  2. Request a Flood Hazard Determination Review from FEMA. See How to Request a Flood Hazard Determination Review from FEMA.
  3. Request a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) from FEMA.   The required forms, MT-1 or MT-EZ may be ordered by calling the FEMA Map Service Center at 800-358-9616.  Technical assistance for completing the forms may be received from the FEMA Map Assistance Center, toll free, at 877-FEMA-MAP (877-336-2627).

How To Request a Flood Hazard Determination Review from FEMA.  Note that there is a fee of $80 for the Flood Hazard Determination Review but there is no fee for LOMAs for single lots.

 The  MT-EZ forms, including the Spanish version, are now available on FEMA's Flood Hazard Mapping web site. The MT-EZ form should be used by individual property owners to request that FEMA remove a single structure or a legally recorded parcel of land or portion thereof from a designated Special Flood Hazard Area via Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA).

For other types of map change requests, you must use FEMA Forms MT-1 and MT-2.  You may use the MT-1 and MT-2 forms beyond the expiration date until updated forms are printed and made available in digital format from the Flood Hazard Mapping web site.

See The NFIP and Your Property for additional guidance on your options and the processes.

If a property owner is unable to resolve the determination prior to the lender's deadline, the property owner may want to purchase a Preferred Risk Policy (PRP) which is available only in B, C, and X Zones. The PRP premium for $100,000 structure and $25,000 contents combination coverage for a residential structure without a basement is $221 per year. For other rates:   PRP rates.