Region/Urban Area Tactical Interoperable Communications Plans

The Tactical Interoperable Communications Plan is designed to allow urban areas, counties, regions, states/territories, tribes or federal departments/agencies to document interoperable communications governance structures, technology assets and usage policies and procedures.

The TICP is used to clearly define the breadth and scope of interoperable assets available in the area; how those assets are shared and how their use is prioritized; and the steps individual agencies should follow to request, activate use, and deactivate each asset.

Completed TICPs were required for all 2005 Urban Area Security Initiative sites and are encouraged for newly designated UASI (and non-UASI) cities, counties, multi-county regions, tribes and states/territories. The TICP template provides a description of the standard structure of a TICP and the relevant sections to be populated according to the unique needs of an urban area, county, region, state/territory, tribe or federal department/agency.

         SAFECOM TICP Template