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The Franklin County Sheriff's Office is searching for Roy Colon Stephenson, Jr
February 9, 2016 8:00 PM -- The N.C. Center for Missing Persons has issued a Silver Alert for a missing endangered man, Roy Colon Stephenson, Jr.

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The Cleveland County Sheriff's Office is searching for Sandy Todd Canipe
January 20, 2016 5:02 PM -- The N.C. Center for Missing Persons has issued a Silver Alert for a missing endangered man, Sandy Todd Canipe.

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The Sampson County Sheriff Office is searching for Dellamarie Jeannie Wilson
December 1, 2015 9:08 PM -- The N.C. Center for Missing Persons has issued a Silver Alert for a missing endangered woman, Dellamarie Jeannie Wilson.


Executions carried out under current death penalty statute

  Photo Name Sex Race Date
County of
Method of 
1 James Hutchins James W. Hutchins M W 3/16/84 McDowell Lethal 
Roy Huskey            W/M
Owen Messersmith  W/M
Pete Peterson         W/M
2 Velma M. Barfield Velma B. Barfield F W 11/2/84 Bladen Lethal 
Stuart Taylor   W/M
3 John Rook John William Rook M W 9/19/86 Wake Lethal 
Ann Marie Roche   W/F
4 Michael McDougall Michael McDougall M W 10/18/91 Mecklenburg Lethal 
Diane Parker        W/F
5 John Sterling Gardner John S. Gardner M W 10/23/92 Forsyth Lethal 
Richard Adams    W/M
Kim Miller            W/F
6 David Lawson David Lawson M W 6/15/94 Cabarrus Lethal Gas Wayne Shinn     W/M
7 Kermit Smith Kermit Smith M W 1/24/95 Halifax Lethal 
Whelette Collins   B/F
8 Philip Ingle Phillip Ingle M W 9/22/95 Rutherford Lethal 
William Fred Davis         W/M
Margaret Shufford Davis  W/F
9 Ricky Lee Sanderson Ricky Lee Sanderson M W 1/30/98 Iredell Lethal Gas Sue Ellen Holliman     W/F
10 Zane Hill Zane Hill M W 08/14/98 Buncombe Lethal 
Randall Hill    W/M
11 John Noland John Noland M W 11/20/98 Mecklenburg Lethal 
Troy Milton      W/M
Cindy Milton    W/F
12 James Rich James Rich M W 03/26/99 Greene Lethal 
Paul Gwyn      W/M
13 Harvey Lee Green Harvey Lee Green M B 09/24/99 Pitt Lethal 
Sheila Marlene Bland    W/F
John M. Edmundson     W/M
14 Arthur Boyd Arthur Martin Boyd M W 10/21/99 Surry Lethal 
Wanda Phillips Hartman  W/F
15 David Junior Brown David Junior Brown M B 11/19/99 Union Lethal 
Shelly Diane Chalflinch  W/F
Christina Chalflinch       W/F

Michael Sexton

Michael E. Sexton M B 11/9/2000 Wake Lethal 
Kimberly Crews     W/F

Willie Fisher

Willie Ervin Fisher M B 03/09/2001 Forsyth Lethal 
Angela Johnson       B/F

Clifton White

Clifton Allen White M W 08/24/2001 Mecklenburg Lethal 
Kimberly Ewing     W/F

Ronald Frye

Ronald W. Frye M W 08/31/01 Catawba Lethal 
Ralph Childress    W/M
20 David Junior Ward David Junior Ward M B 10/12/01 Pitt Lethal 
Dorothy Mae Smith  B/F
21 John Hardy Rose John Hardy Rose M W 11/30/01 Haywood Lethal 
Patricia Stewart       W/F
22 Ernest Basden Ernest West Basden M W 12/6/02 Duplin Lethal
Billy White W/M
23 Desmond Carter Desmond Keith Carter M B 12/10/02 Rockingham Lethal Injection Helen Purdy W/F
24 William Jones William Quentin Jones M B 8/22/03 Wake Lethal Injection Edward Peebles  B/M
25 Henry Hunt Henry L. Hunt M I 9/12/03 Robeson Lethal Injection Larry Jones  I/M
Jackie Ransom  I/M
26 Joseph Bates Joseph Bates M W 9/26/03 Yadkin Lethal Injection Charles Jenkins W/M  
27 Edward Hartman Edward Hartman M W 10/3/03 Northampton Lethal Injection Herman Larry Smith Sr  W/M
28 Joseph Timothy Keel Joseph Timothy Keel M W 11/7/2003 Edgecombe Lethal Injection John Simmons   W/M
29 John Daniels John Dennis Daniels M B 11/14/2003 Mecklenburg Lethal Injection Isabelle Daniels Crawford B/F
30 Robbie Lyons Robbie Lyons M B 12/5/2003 Forsyth Lethal Injection Stephen Stafford  W/M
31 Raymond Rowsey Raymond Dayle Rowsey M W 1/9/2004 Alamance Lethal Injection Howard Rue Sikorski  W/M
32 Sammy Perkins Sammy Crystal Perkins M B 10/8/2004 Pitt Lethal Injection Lashenna Moore B/F
33 Charles Wesley Roache Charles Wesley Roache M W 10/22/2004 Haywood Lethal Injection Mitzi Phillips  W/F
Katie Phillips  W/F
34 Frank Chandler Frank Chandler M W 11/12/2004 Surry Lethal Injection Doris Poore  W/F
35 William Powell William Dillard Powell M W 3/11/2005 Cleveland Lethal injection Mary Gladden   W/F
36 Earl Richmond Earl Richmond M B 5/6/2005 Cumberland Lethal Injection Helisa Hayes   B/F
Philip Hayes   B/M
Darien Hayes   B/F
37 Steven McHone Steven McHone M W 11/11/2005 Surry Lethal Injection Mildred Adams     W/F
Wesley Adams Sr.    W/M
38 Elias Syriani Elias Syriani M O 11/18/2005 Mecklenburg Lethal Injection Teresa Yousef Syriani    W/F
39 Kenneth Boyd Kenneth Boyd M W 12/2/2005 Rockingham Lethal Injection Thomas Dillard Curry   W/M
Julie Curry Boyd     W/F
40 Perrie Simpson Perrie Simpson M B 1/20/2006 Rockingham Lethal Injection Jean Ernest Darter W/M
41 Patrick L Moody Patrick Lane Moody M W 3/17/2006 Davidson Lethal Injection Donnie Ray Robbins W/M
42 Willie Brown Willie Brown M B 4/21/2006 Martin Lethal Injection Vallerie Roberson Dixon B/F
43 Photo of Samuel R. Flippen Samuel R. Flippen M W 8/18/2006 Forsyth Lethal Injection Britnie Nichole Hutton W/F


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