Think Smart

The Think Smart Program is operated by the Section of Prisons as a crime prevention program. Carefully selected and trained minimum custody inmates speak in schools, to civic groups and to other public gatherings relating the personal experiences that led to their confinement.

Criteria for Participation
Minimum custody inmates volunteer to participate in the program and are selected by Section of Prisons staff.

Adult inmates may not be brought to a juvenile detention center to speak or provide a Think Smart presentation. Court ordered probationer tours for juvenile offenders (accused or adjudicated in the juvenile justice system) may not take place at any prison in our state.

Program Operation
North Carolinians wanting to schedule a Think Smart presentation may contact the local minimum security prison's Think Smart coordinator or the Section of Prisons Office of Citizen Participation. Local law enforcement crime prevention officers or Section of Prisons staff accompany inmates to the presentation.

The phone number for the Section of Prisons Office of Citizen Participation is (919) 838-3613.