LMS - Assigned Training Matrix

Training Title Assigned By: Who: Assignment Date:  Due Date:
Hiring and Promotions Probitions
DPS PREA Office All DPS Employees 9/13/13 10/31/13
All DPS New Hires Hire Date 14 Days 
All DPS Temps Hire Date 14 Days 
PREA- Sexual Abuse and Harassment 101 DPS PREA Office DPS Staff with Direct contact 12/1/14 6/30/14
PREA- OPA T 10 DPS PREA Office All DPS Employees 12/1/14 60 Days
All DPS New Hires Hire Date
All DPS Temps Hire Date
Run, Hide, Fight
Active Shooter in the Workplace
DPS Office of the Secretary All existing DPS Employees 1/28/14 3/31/14
All DPS New Hires Hire Date 60 Days
All DPS Temps Hire Date 60 Days
Preventing Overpayments DPS Administration & HR All ACJJ Managers/Supervisors 4/4/14 6/3/14
New ACJJ Managers/Supervisors Hire/Promotion Date 60 Days
Grievance Overview Office of State Human Resources (OSHR) All Managers/Supervisors 1/17/14 2/28/14
New Managers/Supervisors Hire/Promotion Date 45 Days
New Employee Orientation (NEO) DPS HR All DPS New Hires Hire Date 30 Days
SOP - Reasonable Accommodations for Inmates with Disabilities in Accordance with the ADA for Prisons Employees Prisons Administration All Prisons staff 8/26/13 every June 30th
Workplace Safety & Health Orientation DPS Safety and Health Office ACJJ Staff 11/4/14 60 Days
ACJJ New Hires Hire Date

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