LMS - Basic ILT Administrators

LMS - Basic ILT Admin Support

Job Aids

Sessions (only for Basic ILTs)

Add a User to a Scheduled Session Roster
Creating a Session After it Has Occurred
Creating a Session Before it Occurrs
Creating a Session With Scores, Pass/Fail
Documenting New Employee Orientation (NEO)
Reviewing/Printing a Session Overview
Adding an Instructor Evaluator
Adding an Adjunct Instructor
Instructor Missing or Other Instructor


Custom Reports (*unique reports shared by a system administrator)
Custom Reports - Filtering Data in Excel (2010)
Custom Reports - Filtering Data in Excel (2003)
Custom Reports - Total Instructor Hours Taught
Standard Reports (reports Basic ILTs can create)
Standard Report - Certification Summary
Standard Report - General Instructions
Standard Report - Training Hours (User Total)
Standard Report - Training Hours (facility total per user)
Standard Report - Training Progress 
Standard Report - Transcript Status
Standard Report - Transcript Status for a Facility's Staff
User Transcript Report
Dashboards (reports Basic ILTs can create)
Creating a Dashboard
Editing a Dashboard
In-Service Training Reports
Prisons In-Service Training Status Report
How To's
Receiving Training Credit for the Same Online Class Each Training Year


Org Unit Names & ID Numbers
Prisons Annual In-Service Training Course Listing (2014-15)
Training Tracking Template for Users Not in the LMS (Contractors Only)


DPS ILT Update, Vol. 1, Edition 2 (09.15.14)
DPS ILT Update, Vol. 1, Edition 1 (05.01.14)


Knowledgebase (correcting sessions)
Closing Sessions in Approved Status
Correcting a No Show Status
Editing a Session


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