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LMS Support

Please send your request for support to DPS_LMSHelp@ncdps.gov, once received it will be resolved as soon as possible.  You will be notified once resolved.

Other Support Requests:

Problem Solution or Support Contact
Online course will not change to "Complete" status You must finish the course in its entirety
Online course or training item will not open or launch Local Tech or MIS Helpdek, 919-716-3470.  Your tech must ensure Flash is updated/enabled, Enable Shockwave Flash Object, and Turn off the pop-up blocker.
Computer related problems: pop ups, no audio, window will not open, etc. Local Tech or MIS  Helpdek, 919-716-3470
Single Sign On Error Local Tech or MIS Helpdek, 919-716-3470
Learning Tab Missing Best Shared Services, 919-707-0707
Manager-Employee relationship is wrong in the LMS Local HR section must update BEACON
Missing training items on transcript that was completed before Nov. 2013                                               Check the STS database or other records; no historical items were imported in the Learning Mangement System (LMS)
Missing training items on transcript after Nov. 2013 Contact the instructor of the class or your facility LMS Basic ILT
Instructor certification date is wrong or missing                   Send email to DPS_LMSHelp@ncdps.gov with supporting documentation


LMS Support

Katrina Lacey, LMS System Administrator
Office of Staff Development & Training
DPS Human Resources


Glen Patana, LMS System Administrator
Office of Staff Development & Training
For the quickest response please email our support team at DPS_LMSHelp@ncdps.gov