Debris Management

Separate Debris

After storms, homeowners should be sure to separate the debris into two piles at the curb: one pile for construction debris, the other for vegetative debris (trees, limbs, etc.).  In many cases, the N.C. Department of Transportation will pick up storm-related debris along state-maintained roads in severely-impacted areas. When such pick up is approved, the NCDOT will work with local emergency management officials to determine collection locations and schedules and the public will be notified about debris pickup schedules.

Keep these items in mind while collecting debris for removal:

  • Check your homeowners insurance as often debris cleanup is covered by insurance and arrangements for its collection will be handled by the insurance company;
  • NCDOT will collect vegetation debris such as trees and limbs, as well as building materials, but they must be separated;
  • Property owners are asked to cut storm-related debris into five- or six-foot pieces, if possible, and place it along the roadway, but out of travel lanes;
  • Major appliances, household hazardous materials such as paint, propane tanks, etc., and other similar materials will not be collected. It is recommended that property owners contact their county emergency management office regarding how to dispose of those items.