The Administration Division of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety provides a wide variety of core support functions for the Department’s numerous interrelated services. These core support services include Information Technology, Budget Management, Procurement and Contract Management, Property Management, Administrative Services, Emergency Management, Fleet Operations, Victim and Employee Support and various commissions and boards.

The Operations Division is charged with developing and implementing comprehensive initiatives and strategies that leverage advanced technology, to seamlessly integrate all functions and services in an effort to deliver unparalleled service to the customers of the Department of Public Safety. Advanced technology solutions are applied across all business lines which include Emergency Management, Law Enforcement, Adult Corrections, Community Corrections and Juvenile Justice, Private Protective Services Board and Administrative Services Section that efficiently enhance services as well as the customer experience.

Finally, by leveraging new technologies and consolidating legacy information systems, Operations is leading the implementation of department’s “Intelligence Driven, Predictive Enforcement Model of Enforcement and Service.”