Alarm Systems Licensing Board

Effective December 8, 2016, the
North Carolina Private Protective Services Board
                            and the
 North Carolina Alarm Systems Licensing Board
                      have relocated to:
        3101 Industrial Drive, Suite 104
                 Raleigh, NC 27609

* This address is both the physical and mailing address for both Boards.

The main phone and fax numbers are:
    Main Phone:  919-788-5320
    Main Fax:  919-788-5365

PPSB Website:
ASLB Website:
Main Email:
Photo Email:


Availability for Public Comment

ASLB Initial Determination of Rules


The purpose of the Alarm Systems Licensing Board is to administer the licensing, education and training requirements for persons, firms, associations and corporations engaged in the alarm systems business in North Carolina. The board is totally fee funded and staffed by departmental employees directed on a daily basis by the director.

Responsibilities of the Board and its staff include:

  • Performing background investigations for the licensing of alarm systems occupations
  • Registering employees of licensed companies
  • Conducting investigations of public complaints
  • Conducting compliance audits
  • Enforcing law and rules through administrative disciplinary processes and the courts
  • Maintaining required records

Statutory Authority Alarm Systems Licensing Act N.C.G.S. 74-D
Alarm Systems Licensing Board 12 N.C.A.C 11D

Public Hearing Notices

Due to a change in physical and email addresses, as well as the requirement for applicants providing criminal background information, the Alarm Systems Licensing Board has submitted proposed changes to rules in Chapter 17 to the Office of Administrative Hearings. Public comments will be accepted until Sept 1, 2017 and may be submitted to:

Phil Stephenson
3101 Industrial Drive, Suite 104
Raleigh, NC 27609


A public hearing will be held at the Alarm Systems Licensing Board office on July 19, 2017 at 3:00P.M. The address for the public hearing is 3101 Industrial Drive, Suite 104, Raleigh, NC 27609. 

Notice of Text ASLB Rules
14 B NCAC 17 .0101
14 B NCAC 17 .0102
14 B NCAC 17 .0201
14 B NCAC 17 .0202
14 B NCAC 17 .0301