North Carolina Office of Interoperability

The N.C. Office of Interoperability is charged with:

  • Establishing a baseline of statewide communications needs, requirements, assets and capabilities;
  • Ensuring the proper governance, management and coordination of statewide interoperable communications is in place and is being executed according as outlined in the State Homeland Security Strategy
  • Ensuring that all grant requirements for training and exercises, standard operating procedures, usage and technology are coordinated and executed in a mutually-developed process across the state's nine domestic preparedness regions 
  • Providing accountability, transparency, proficiency and outcomes to stakeholders and state government leadership on all matters of emergency communications and statewide interoperability.

VIPER -800 MHz Statewide Communications


Interoperable Emergency Communications Grants

The Interoperable Emergency Communications Grant Program is intended to improve local, tribal, regional, statewide and national interoperable emergency communications, including communications in collective response to natural disasters, acts of terrorism and other man-made disasters. All activities proposed under IECGP must be intergral to interoparble emergency communications and must be aligned with the goals, objectives, and/or initaitives identified in the Statewide Communications Interoperability Plan.