Planning and Program Development

The Planning Section provides support to the Commission in the administration of federal block grant programs that each year bring more than $10 million into the state's criminal justice and juvenile justice systems.

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The Governor's Crime Commission designates specific committees to determine the most effective methods of equitably distributing these funds across North Carolina. Those grant programs and their respective committees are:

Federal Block Grant Program Committee (Planning Team) Assigned to Administer
Justice Assistance Criminal Justice Improvement

Victims of Crime Act

Crime Victims Services
Violence Against Women Act Crime Victims Services
Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (Title II) Juvenile Justice Planning
Children's Justice Act Juvenile Justice Planning
Juvenile Accountability Block Grant

Juvenile Justice Planning

National Criminal History Improvement Program Criminal Justice Improvement
Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program Criminal Justice Improvement

The Planning Section is responsible for staffing the committees, assisting committee members with the development of program priorities and assists each committee with making funding recommendations to the secretary of the Department of Public Safety and the governor.

The Planning Section is responsible for developing system plans that address problems within North Carolina's criminal justice system. These include problem identification, analysis of data, development of strategies and presentation of recommendations. Additionally, the Planning Section assists each committee in the development of the Crime Commission's legislative agenda. Each committee's legislative agenda provides recommendations to the secretary and the governor on changes to state law to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and fairness of North Carolina's criminal justice system.