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North Carolina Victim Assistance and Notification

Fundamental Service Elements and Their Descriptions

General Guidance: A System Response to Answering a Crisis Line During Non-Business Hours

Allowable & Unallowable Costs

Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Service Plan

Multi-Disciplinary Team Toolbox:  Guidelines for Effective Child Abuse Cases

Sample Memorandum of Understanding (PDF file)

Interactive map of Batterer Intervention Treatment Programs:  In 2002, the North Carolina Council for Women was granted the authority to approve the abuser treatment programs utilized by the North Carolina court system. The abuser treatment programs re-educate offenders on their behavior and help them to develop new methods of interacting with intimate partners and family members.  Using the following link, select an option in the dropdown menu or or click a region to view Abuser Treatment, Displaced Homemaker, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault programs offered in your county, or choose a link under the map, to view a complete directory.

Sample Budget Datail Worksheet