Controller's Office

The Controller's Office of the Department of Public Safety is primarily responsible for the effective management of the agency's financial resources. Consequently, the section is charged with the responsibility for preparing and maintaining records, procedures, and organizational plans designed to provide reasonable assurance that:

  1. Financial records are accurate, reliable, and prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and state and federal requirements.
  2. Assets are properly acquired and safeguarded.
  3. Transactions are properly authorized and processed in a timely manner.
  4. Sound financial and policy guidance is provided to Department managers and various employees throughout the agency.
  5. Excellent service is provided to both internal and external customers. T

The Controller's Office is made up of employees performing functions which include:

  • accounts payable
  • accounts receivable
  • payroll
  • grant accounting
  • general accounting
  • fixed assets
  • cash management
  • policies and procedures development
NCDPS Controller's Office
Darlene Langston Acting Controller 919-324-1106
Debra Neal                  Assistant Controller               919-324-1017
Grace Dilda Receptionist  919-324-1028

General Accounting

The General Accounting area of the Controller's Office includes General Ledger functions, Cash Management, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivable. Fixed Assets and Welfare/Canteen Accounting.

Vacant  General Accounting Director  

Eagle/Compliance Monitoring

Jamelle White       Accountant                                   919-324-1094

Cash Management

Stephen Mitchell  Cash Management Manager  919-324-1059
Kimberly Stancil Cash Management Supervisor 919-324-1081
Brenda Darden  Cash Management Acct Clerk  919-324-1024

Miscellaneous – Escheats

Vacant  Accounting Technician  
Mary Jean McKoy  Accounting Clerk  919-324-1056

Accounts Receivable

Vacant Accounts Receivable Supervisor  
Marian Romero Accounting Technician 919-324-1075
Marlo Faulk Accounting Technician 919-324-1037
Jane Plavec  Accounting Clerk 919-324-1069

Accounts Payable

Vacant Accounts Payable Manager 919-324-1091
Angela Conyers Accounts Payable Supervisor 919-324-1021
Paulette Austin Independent Contracts, Lowes, Leases 919-324-1006
Mary Mills Pest Control, Lab Corp. & Misc. POs 919-324-1058
Mildred Ross Warehouse and Misc. POs,
Fed Ex & UPS
Tina Moore Cardinal Health, Employee Physicals 919-324-6017
Jazel Henning Accounts Payable Supervisor 919-324-1072
Betty Fuller Advances,Travel Reimbursements 919-324-1039
Vivian Rizk Advances,Travel Reimbursements 919-324-1074
Linda Salas Travel Reimbursements 919-324-1030
Jeff Skabo Accounts Payable Supervisor 919-324-1079
Vacant Capital Improvements  
Debbie Pollard Telephone/Pagers 919-324-1070
Teresa Murphy Victims Comp, Pitney Bowes 919-324-1065
Debbie Warren Utilities 919-324-1091
Roslyn Vaughan Accounts Payable Supervisor 919-324-1089
Patricia Pollock Direct Pays 919-324-1071
Diane Pergerson Direct Pays 919-324-1068
Sheri Johnson Direct Medical, Direct Pays 919-324-1048
Vacant Bread, Misc. Directs  
Vacant Dairy, Misc. Payables  
Julie Weaks Direct Pays 919-324-1092
Crystal Turner Accounts Payable Supervisor 919-324-1033
Jon Allen Medical Open POs, Dental Matching POs 919-324-1004
Kathy Waddell Misc. Matching Purchase Orders 919-324-1090
Lowell Murchison Fuel oil and Gas,Warehouse POs 919-324-1064
Robert Kistner Misc. Purchase Orders 919-324-1085
Angeline Mthenjane Misc. Purchase Orders, Trash 919-324-1063

Welfare/Canteen/Fixed Assets/Enterprise Accounts Payable

Keith Hammonds Accountant Manager 919-324-1043
Teresa Jarmen Welfare/Canteen Supervisor 919-324-1047
Theresa Dale Accounting Clerk Welfare/Canteen 919-324-1023
Orissa Cooper Accounting Clerk Welfare /Canteen 919-324-1022
Lacaja Williams  Accounting Clerk Welfare/Canteen 919-324-1042
Maureen Lewis  Fixed Assets Supervisor 919-324-1051
Jeannine Pearce Fixed Assets Accounting Tech 919-324-1067
Robynne McCrary Fixed Assets  919-324-1055
Iku Fallon Enterprise Payables Supervisor 919-324-1036
Pat Harris Enterprise Accounts Payable Clerk 919-324-1044
Renae Mayo  Enterprise Accounts Payable Clerk  919-324-1054


Doris Martin           Payroll Director      919-324-1052
Wanda Barefoot   Payroll Supervisor 919-324-1008
Vacant   Payroll  
Terry Elliott   Payroll 919-324-1034
Jerome Reeves   Payroll 919-324-1073
Sam Stephenson   Payroll 919-324-1382
Latisha Tobin    Payroll  919-324-1087

 Enterprise Accounting

Prepares monthly cash and accrual financial statements for Enterprise.

Khalid Awan Enterprise Accounting
James DeFrancisco Accountant  919-324-1026
Hans Norland Accountant  919-324-1066
Mary Gibson Accounting Clerk 919-324-1040
Tearrah Wilkins  Accounting Clerk  919-324-1096
Andrea Williams Accounting Clerk 919-324-1097

  CAFR/Fiscal Policy/Inmate Costing

Joan Taylor Saucier Accountant/Manager  919-324-1077
Vacant Accountant   
Steve Davis Accountant 919-324-1025 
John DelGreco  Accountant  919-324-1027

Inmate Banking/Work Release Accounting

Sheila Allen Accountant/Manager  919-324-1005
Francyne Brazier    Acct. Tech/Inmate Banking 919-324-1015
Don Eddins  Work Release Supervisor  919-324-1031 
Jeannette Beach Accounting Clerk 919-324-1009
Kimberly Tart  Accounting Clerk 919-324-1084

Medical Claims Management Adult Corrections

Derrick Stevenson Director  919-324-1082
Lenita Wright Admin Officer 919-324-1099
Tammy Braswell Auditor  919-324-1014 
Christine Fripps Claims Processor 919-324-1038
Christie Glenn Claims Processor 919-324-1041
Nicole Kreais  Claims Processor 919-324-1050
Dawanna Snellings Claims Processor 919-324-1080 
Maria Hughes Claims Processor 919-324-1046
Sharon Cobb Claims Processor  919-324-1019
L'Eacha Tindall Claims Processor 919-324-1086
Melanie Bost Processing Assistant 919-324-1018

Federal Grants

Mary Massey Federal Grants Manager    919-324-1045
Dawn Beasley Supervisor 919-324-1010
Louann Serraneau  Grants  919-324-1078
Mal Whitmore  Grants  919-324-1095 
Lisa Joyner  Supervisor 919-324-1049 
Connie Faison Grants 919-324-1035
Kelly Bell  Grants  919-324-1011
Danyel White Supervisor  919-324-1093
Rosemary Dugdale Grants  919-324-1029
Saleha Bhatti  Grants  919-324-1012

Systems Support

This section provides support to NCAS users, Core Banking, NCXPTR, and XTND, including setting up security.

Charlotte Maynard  Accountant/Manager       919-324-1053 
Mac Brown  Accountant  919-324-1016 
Lakeisha Collins Accountant 919-324-1020
Sharon Upchurch Tech Support Analyst  919-324-1088

Mail Services

Danny Boykin     Mail Services Supervisor    919-324-1013
Roland Morgan Processing Assistant  919-324-1061
Ronald Carr Processing Assistant 919-324-1061
Roy Ector Processing Assistant 919-324-1061



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Financial Systems Support

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