Confinement in Response to Violation (CRV)

Confinement in Response to Violation (CRV) centers house and provide intensive behavior modification programs for those who have committed technical violations of probation. CRV centers incarcerate violators for 90-day periods in response to violations of probation, parole or post-release supervision as provided in the Justice Reinvestment Act of 2011.

The CRV centers utilize dormitory style housing similar to a minimum-security prison and offer intensive programming designed to modify behavior of probation violators.  Probation officers and case managers work closely with offenders as they progress through treatment and programming including cognitive behavioral therapy, substance abuse interventions, employment readiness and life skills training.

Under the Justice Reinvestment Act, violations of probation that involve committing new crimes or absconding can still result in revocation of probation, activation of the suspended prison sentence and incarceration in the regular prison population.  Technical violators, including those who miss appointments, curfews or fail drug tests, can serve two 90-day CRV periods before they face probation revocation and return to prison.

Burke CRV Center

248 beds for male offenders

Ben Anderson, Director

5161 Western Ave.

Morganton, NC 

Robeson CRV Center

192 beds for male offenders

Bruce Hodges, Director

803 NC Hwy 711

Lumberton, NC


Female CRV offenders are housed at Eastern Correctional Center
Mike Hardee, Administrator
2821 Hwy 903 
Maury, NC 28554