Alexander CI Honors Military Employees, Others with Recognition Boards

Wooden plaques depicting military branches hung on lobby wall
Wednesday, April 3, 2019 - 2:55pm

Alexander Correctional Institution, like most Department of Public Safety entities, honors employees who served in the military during holidays such as Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day or Military Appreciation Week.

However, Alexander CI took it one step further recently. One big step, in fact.

Instead of waiting for special events to recognize staff, Warden Ken Beaver and his management team decided to put the names of staffers with military backgrounds in the front lobby for all visitors to admire. Wooden display plaques showcasing the names of staff members from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard were neatly hung over a row of chairs in the lobby as a way to show appreciation for serving our country. Also, Assistant Superintendent Eric Dye came up with an idea to memorialize staff who worked at the facility and passed away while employed.

“It was discussed in a manager’s meeting,” Beaver said. “We wanted ways to recognize our staff. We have employee recognition, but we wanted more staff recognition. We felt this was he best route to do it from. This is a tribute to honor the members or our staff who are serving or have served in the five branches of the military.”

Beaver said the idea was presented to the group, and he spoke with the woodworking manager at the Correction Enterprises plant at Alexander CI. “We kicked around some ideas and came up with the board,” Beaver said. “Offenders at Correction Enterprises created the boards.”

Beaver said he’s had to create a second board for the Army since so many staff served in that branch. And, as missing names are presented to management, they are added to the appropriate plaque.

And, as for staff response?

“It’s been very good,” Beaver said. “My staff and I have received several emails of appreciation. We didn’t want to wait for Memorial Day to honor our military staff. It’s just a small recognition to show our gratitude to those currently serving and previously served in the armed forces.”

Jerry Higgins, Communications Officer