Teenage Driving Agreement

State Highway Patrol Parent/Teen Driving Agreement

Car crashes are the leading cause of death among North Carolina teenagers.

In North Carolina, a teenager is involved in a crash every 23.6 minutes.

Even after many months of driving practice, when teens move from supervised driving to driving without an adult in the car, their crash rate increases sharply. This reflects the many crash risks that result from poor judgment, dangerous conditions and other things besides technical “driving skill” that are involved in crashes.

Fortunately, even though you are no longer in the car, there is still something parents can do to help protect their teen. This is where the Parent/Teen Driving Agreement comes in. The driving agreement helps make sure the driving conditions are as safe as possible for your teen even when you're not there.

What is a driving agreement?

It's a formal agreement between parents and teens. It includes specific things that both parents and teens agree to do. Parents have found that driving agreements work well to keep teens safe when they first begin to drive on their own by making expectations clear.

Download the Driving Agreement here.