Frequently Asked Questions

Rape Victim Assistance Program 

1. Does the Rape Victim program cover all of the hospital and physician expenses?

The program is only authorized to cover the expenses related to the forensic exam.

2. Should the hospital bill my insurance for the treatment related to the rape kit?

The provider should not bill the victims, their personal insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, or any other collateral source for the examination.  Providers should not seek payment for the exam except from the program.

3. What can I do about the charges that are not covered by the Rape Victim Program?

Victims may submit an application for reimbursement of medical expenses beyond the forensic exam to the Crime Victims Compensation Commission for consideration of those expenses. 

4.  What crimes are covered by the Rape Victim Program?

  • 1st Degree Rape and 2nd Degree Rape
  • 1st Degree Sex Offense and 2nd Degree Sex Offense
  • Statutory Rape and Statutory Sex Offense