Hazard Mitigation

The threat of hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, snowstorms, wildfires, landslides and even earthquakes are very real in North Carolina. Such events can cause injuries, deaths and damage housing, infrastructure, businesses and the environment. As development continues to increase in high hazard areas, the potential for future damages escalates and the need for mitigation activities increases.  NCEM can help in individuals, local governments and business leaders reduce the impacts of natural hazards on homes, businesses and communities.

Current hazard mitigation efforts include: 

  • the acquisition of more than 5,000 homes located in high hazard areas

  • the elevation of 800 flood-prone properties

  • providing assistance with updating of local hazard mitigation plans

  • the identification of business risk reduction strategies

  • promoting sound development and building practices outside of high hazard areas

What Individuals Can Do

Floods are the most common natural disaster in the U.S. (nearly everybody has some risk of flooding). The best way to recover from a flood is to carry flood insurance (homeowners insurance does not cover flood losses).Homeowners can buy flood insurance no matter where they live. Policies are available for residential buildings and commercial buildings as long as the community participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). There is also separate contents coverage, so renters can get flood insurance too.

When recovering from natural hazards, contact your insurance company first. To mitigate future damage, contact your local Emergency Management Coordinators. They can help you determine what programs may apply to you.