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Employment in the Juvenile Justice System


Our Needs
The Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice is looking for mature, resourceful, compassionate, strong-minded individuals to work with delinquent young people. We operate four youth development centers (long-term residential treatment) and six detention centers (short-term secure custody) that provide supervision, daily care, education and appropriate treatment. We employ juvenile care workers, psychologists, recreation workers, teachers, chaplains, managers and supervisors. These positions require criminal justice officer certification by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission.

Our Youth
The young people you will be working with have been adjudicated delinquent or have been ordered held in secure custody by a judge until their case is heard in court. They often have emotional and behavioral problems that have developed over a period of time as they have grown from children into adolescents. The average age of the youth in our care is 15 years old.

No matter what your job title or assignment is at our facilities, you will be working in contact with difficult, impulsive, sometimes aggressive young people who have generally not developed adequate social skills, lack conflict resolution ability, and have school failure in their background.

Our Challenge
Research in the field of juvenile justice shows that the single most effective intervention in the lives of even the most troubled young people is interaction with caring, consistent, adult role models. Working with these young people presents daily challenges. For those who stick with it and learn how to meet those daily challenges with energy and resourceful compassion, it becomes more than a job. It can become the most rewarding work you will ever do. We invite you to join us in helping troubled young people turn their lives around!