More Than $3.6 Million Approved to Repair Wilmington Drainage Systems


The State of North Carolina and FEMA are announcing more than $3.6 million to reimburse Hurricane Florence-related expenses to the City of Wilmington.

The funds reimburse repairs to various flood control systems including culverts, drainage channels and retention basins across Wilmington.

“We appreciate the support of our federal and state partners as we continue to make the needed repairs to our stormwater drainage system that was overwhelmed by unprecedented rainfall during Hurricane Florence,” Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo said. “This support allows us to make these repairs and maintain a healthy savings account, a key part of our ongoing emergency preparedness strategy.”

FEMA has approved more than $31 million in Hurricane Florence-related expenses for the City of Wilmington.

The Public Assistance program provides grants for state and local governments and certain private nonprofit organizations to reimburse the cost of debris removal, emergency protective measures and permanent repair work.

Public Assistance is a cost-sharing program. FEMA reimburses applicants at least 75 percent of eligible costs, and the remaining amount is covered by the state. The federal share is paid directly to the state, which disburses funds to agencies, local governments and certain private nonprofit organizations that incurred costs.

FEMA’s share for this project is more than $2.7 million and the state’s share is more than $905,000.

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