Prisons' Printing Plant Wins Two Quality Awards


RALEIGH — Correction Enterprises’ printing plant today won two quality awards for publications printed on behalf of fellow state agencies. The printing plant is located at Nash Correctional Institution in Nashville.

The printing operation won the following two awards from Printing Industries of the Carolinas Inc., a trade association that held its annual awards ceremony Wednesday::

Competition for the awards included other governmental and institutional printers, as well as commercial operations. Correction Enterprises has won 33 PICA awards since 2007.

“Our team, including our professional staff and the offenders who work with us, should feel very proud of their work in what has been a difficult year,” said John Coleman, director of Correction Enterprises for N.C. Prisons.

“My N.C. from A to Z” is a collection of 14 child-friendly postcards, posters and bookmarks that, in tandem with a picture book of the same title, provide an illustrated introduction to North Carolina’s African-American history, culture and trailblazers.

The WIC guide is a booklet provided to new enrollees in the Special Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC). The tabbed and color-coded nutrition guide assists the 250,000 WIC recipients in North Carolina shop for nutritious food.

Correction Enterprises provides work and rehabilitation opportunities for offenders at dozens of sites across the state. Facilities produce everything from food to janitorial supplies to road signs and license plates.


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