Tyrrell Associate Warden Boston Honored for Management


RALEIGH — Lucketchia Boston, associate warden for operations at Tyrrell Prison Work Farm in Columbia, won the state prison system’s 2021 Manager Award.

Boston accepted the award May 6 alongside 10 other Prisons honorees in various categories. The ceremony coincided with national Correctional Officers and Correctional Employees Week.

“She represents the best of our best from across the state,” said Commissioner of Prisons Todd Ishee. “Our award winners are hard-working, innovative and deeply committed to their jobs, their colleagues and to the care of the men and women in our custody.”

Boston won the award after handling a no-warden gap last year at Tyrrell. During the vacancy, Warden Tom Brickhouse of Hyde Correctional Institution, about 40 miles away, served both facilities.

“She told me from day one, ‘I got this. I will call you only if I absolutely need to,’” Brickhouse said.

“She managed Tyrrell through two COVID outbreaks with a minimal work force,” he added. “I’ve worked at seven North Carolina state prisons, and I’ve managed three. There has been no one that has shown me any more dedication to our Department than she has.”

A 20-year veteran of N.C. Prisons, Boston began as a correctional officer at Pasquotank Correctional Institution. She worked up through the ranks, advancing through sergeant, lieutenant and captain at Pasquotank and Bertie prisons. She earned a promotion to associate warden at Tyrrell in 2019.

She has already impressed Tyrrell’s new Warden Bruce Hodges, who has been on the job less than two weeks.

“From the short time I have worked with Ms. Boston, she has shown that no matter how good it is, it can always get better,” Hodges said. “She is the type of leader who is great walking in front of staff, beside staff or behind staff.”

The state prison system houses more than 28,000 offenders in 55 facilities with a staff of around 13,500.

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