Prisons Info on COVID-19

COVID-19 Vaccination Info

1,751Partially Vaccinated Staff
4,623Fully Vaccinated Staff
12,158Partially Vaccinated Offenders
2,884Fully Vaccinated Offenders

Last updated 4/6/2021

Vaccinated Offenders by Race

Vaccinated Offenders by Ethnicity*


Vaccination data is updated as often as possible, but data entry lags behind actual vaccine administration.
Partially Vaccinated -
individuals who have received the initial shot and are waiting the required time before receiving the second dose. Note: Numbers of partially vaccinated offenders and staff have been corrected from initial reports made 3/2/2021.  
Fully Vaccinated -
individuals who have received all required doses of the vaccine.
NOTE on Staff Vaccinations– numbers represent Adult Correction staff who have been vaccinated by NCDPS and who have self-reported if they were vaccinated by an outside provider. Staff vaccination is voluntary. Vaccination information is protected through HIPAA.
NC Prison Demographics – Total offender population as of Feb. 2021 = 50% Black and Brown, 40% White, 5% Hispanic/LantinX; 5% other. Other includes Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander or undisclosed. 
* Vaccinated Offenders by Ethnicity
is reported separately to prevent potential double-counting of Hispanic/Latinx offenders. Both Race and Ethnicity graphs refer to the same group of vaccinated offenders. This reflects federal and state vaccination reporting. 

Percent Positive – represents number of offenders with a current COVID-19 diagnosis out of total number of offenders in a state prison facility. 
Active Cases – number of offenders in a state prison with current COVID-19 diagnosis.
Hospitalized – number of offenders currently being treated for COVID-19 at a community hospital.
Total Tests Administered – cumulative number of tests administered (includes Molecular and Antigen tests) since testing began March 2020.
Total Offenders Tested – represents each distinct individual who has been tested at least once for COVID-19 since testing began March 2020. This number also includes those offenders who have completed their prison sentence and/or those in ELC.
Total Tested Positive – represents the number of distinct individuals who have tested positive at least once for COVID since testing began March 2020. This number also includes those offenders who have completed their prison sentence and/or those in ELC.
Presumed Recovered – represents the number of distinct individuals who have a diagnosis of COVID-19 that is determined resolved by a medical provid

Recent Actions Taken

March 12, 2021
Completed the installation of nearly 4,000 air purifiers in the ductwork of state prisons in efforts to filter out airborne virus particles. Installation began in December.

Feb. 25, 2021
Due to the ongoing global health crisis of COVID-19, DPS will accelerate the transition of approximately 3,500 offenders back into their communities through either: awarding discretionary sentence credits, extending the limits of confinement or reinstating individuals to post-release supervision or granting early release to those participating in the mutual agreement parole program. 

Feb. 10, 2021
An additional 100,000 cloth, three-ply face masks were distributed throughout the prison system as replacements for masks that are no longer usable or to allow staff and offenders to double-mask. The masks were produced by Correction Enterprises. All staff and offenders have at least six cloth three-ply masks, and N95 masks are available for staff who wish to use them.

Previous Actions Taken

COVID-19 Related Offender Deaths

Confirmed COVID-19 Related Offender Deaths By Facility

Albemarle CI 4
Alexander CI 6
Anson CI 3
Caldwell CC 1
Central Prison 5
Craggy CC 1
Franklin CC 2
Greene CI 2
Harnett CI 1
Hyde CI 2
Lumberton CI 1
Mountain View CI 2
Nash CI 4
Neuse CI   4
Pender CI 4
Rutherford CC 3
Southern CI 1
Scotland CI 2
Tabor CI 2

The chart and the total offender COVID deaths numbers were updated on:

  • March 4, 2021, to reflect final determinations of cause of death made in two cases by the North Carolina Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. One offender had been housed at Albemarle Correctional (male in early-60s, death in August 2020), and the other had been housed at Central Prison (male in early-50s, death in September 2020);
  • March 19, 2021, to reflect a reconciliation of data between Prisons and the N.C. Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, which found one previously unreported offender, housed at Hyde Correctional Institution (male in early-70s, death Jan. 16, 2021).


Total Offender Deaths


Lowest offender population since 1995

COVID-19 Offender Testing Data

*This is the number of hospitalized offenders with a COVID-19 diagnosis entered into the Prisons medical database at the time the chart is updated each day.

Offender Population Trends