Juvenile Education Services

Juvenile Education Services (JES) provides oversight of the education programming in youth development centers, juvenile detention centers and contracted community-based residential programs, and is charged with fulfilling all state and federal mandates of a traditional school system. JES features a team of qualified professionals assigned to the Central Office that provide the administrative oversight and support to school principals, licensed teachers and other school educational staff to ensure quality educational services and adherence to state and federal guidelines and requirements. Monitored and supported areas include Curriculum and Instruction, Exceptional Children's Services, Student Support Services and Teacher Quality/Professional Development. This team works collaboratively with staff at the youth development centers, juvenile detention centers, and contracted community residential programs to ensure optimal education and re-entry outcomes for youth. The N.C. Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) provides programmatic consultation and guidance to JES Central Office staff.

Departmental resources for JES are supplemented by the following federal education grants administered by NCDPI:

  • Title I, Part D (Neglected and Delinquent)
  • IDEA Title VI-B (Handicapped)
  • Title II, Part A (Improving Teacher Quality)
  • Carl D. Perkins (Vocational Technical Education)

The following education sites are supported by JES:

  • Chatham Youth Development Center
  • Edgecombe Youth Development Center
  • Lenoir Youth Development Center
  • Stonewall Jackson Youth Development Center
  • Alexander Juvenile Detention Center
  • Cumberland Regional Juvenile Detention Center
  • Cabarrus Regional Juvenile Detention Center
  • New Hanover Regional Juvenile Detention Center
  • Pitt Regional Juvenile Detention Center
  • Wake Juvenile Detention Center
  • Eckerd-Candor
  • Eckerd-Boomer
  • WestCare Girls Academy

Director of Juvenile Education Services:  Adam Johnson
Director of Exceptional Children's Program and Student Support Services: Cynthia Trickel, M.Ed.
Director of Accountability: Casey T. Corey, MSA