Housing Expansion Subcommittee

The primary task of the Housing Expansion subcommittee is to make funding and legislative recommendations to the full JJAC regarding meeting the juvenile detention housing needs of the expanded population (OAAA, MV offenses, etc.) consistent with S419 and JJDPA.

Voting Members Email
Tarrah Callahan tarrah@ccjrnc.com
Michelle Hall  michelle.l.hall@nccourts.org
William L. Lassiter (chair) william.lassiter@ncdps.gov
Marty McGee  judgemcgee@nccourts.org
Carol McManus carol.mcmanus@ncdps.gov
Eric Zogry  eric.j.zogry@nccourts.org
Advisory Members Email
John Madler john.h.madler@nccourts.org
Kimberly Quintus kimberly.quintus@ncdps.gov

Meeting schedule:

  • Feb. 27, 2020