State Capitol Police

State Capitol Police Chief R.E. "Chip" Hawley

The North Carolina State Capitol Police provides a safe and secure environment for public officials, state employees and visitors within the North Carolina State Government Complex and at state-owned properties throughout Wake County.

The State Capitol Police Dispatch Center monitors emergency alarms at state-owned facilities 24/7 across North Carolina and directs emergency responders as needed.

The men and women of the State Capitol Police administer federal, state, and local laws using ethical and legal standards. 

 Police Services - 919-733-3333  

Tips for handling suspicious packages

Mail Service Center tips for handling suspicious mail or packages

Contact Us

Contact Us

Thank you for visiting our website. Providing excellent customer service is paramount to the State Capitol Police. Please contact us for additional information about the agency or to request and/or schedule services. Thank you for providing us the opportunity to serve.

Physical Address:                      Mailing Address:
417 N. Salisbury St.                    4248 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC  27603                    Raleigh, NC  27699-1312

Police Services:  919-733-3333 
Police Administration: 919-733-4646
Fax: 919-733-2974

Executive Staff
R.E. "Chip" Hawley Chief of Police (919) 890-3935
Terry Green Deputy Chief of Police (919) 890-3931
Pam Maynard Executive Assistant to Chief (919) 890-3934
Thomas Fowler Lieutenant (919) 890-3929
George Tucker Sergeant (919) 818-3933
Everette Johnson   Sergeant (919) 890-3942
Michele Larson Sergeant (919) 807-8973
Patrol - Special Operations
Remi Reed Lieutenant (919) 890-3944
Kevin Bobbitt Sergeant, Firearms Instructor (919) 890-3938
Joe Coley Sergeant (919) 890-3940
Derick Proctor Sergeant (919) 890-3937
Support Services
Edward Farmer Lieutenant (919) 890-3939
Richard Sampson Director of Professional Standards (919) 890-3928
Gene Lambert Director of Professional Development (984) 202-8541
Ben Franklin Sergeant (919) 890-3932
Vacant Telecommunicator Supervisor (919) 890-3936
Nancy Galleo Lead Recruiter (984) 236-5399
Criminal Investigations Unit
Kenny Blackwell Lead Investigator (919) 202-8605
Allyson Priest Evidence Custodian/Investigator (919) 890-3941