State of the Section

In November 2015, Deputy Commissioner William L. Lassiter conducted two State of the Section briefings for Juvenile Justice staff, one in Morganton and the other in Rocky Mount, NC. He and his management team communicated JJ unit organizational structure, reporting relationships and responsibilities, the section's Risk Assessment efforts and future direction, the Re-entry Grant project direction, the section's strategic goals and accomplishments, individual unit initiatives, and the basic structure of the JJ staff training plan. Exemplary staff received the Raising the Bar award for outstanding performance and contributions.

In breakout groups, staff identified why they came to work in juvenile justice, and why they stay with JJ. A lot of common themes developed: making a difference, believing in second chances, giving a voice to a child who has no advocate, responding to a calling, and wanting to make a positive difference in the life of a child.  Deputy Commissioner Lassiter plans to conduct similar briefings in the future where Juvenile Justice staff members receive updated information about the JJ strategic plan.


State of the Section PowerPoint (Nov 2015)

Juvenile Justice Orientation Video

Video: State of the Section Meeting  (Nov. 4, 2015) 

  1. Open - TED talk
  2. JJ Org Structure
  3. Commissioner W. David Guice
  4. Re-entry Grant
  5. Sentencing Commission Report
  6. Strategic Plan Update
  7. Court Services Update
  8. Community Programs-Close

Raising the Bar Awards (November 2015)

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