Newly Hired Correctional Officers to Get Training More Quickly to Help Improve Prison Safety Department Implements New Approach to Correctional Officer Training


In an effort to improve safety at state prisons, the Department of Public Safety is launching a new approach to train newly hired correctional officers more quickly. New officers will begin basic correctional officer training at the start of their second week on the job, following one week of orientation at their work location. By attending basic training within the first couple of weeks of employment, correctional officers will learn the policies, procedures, skills and abilities to help them be successful.

“This new approach to training will better equip newly hired correctional officers so they excel at keeping order in the prisons for the safety of staff, inmates and ultimately the public,” said Public Safety Secretary Erik A. Hooks.

Adult Correction has redirected existing resources to immediately provide this training to new hires and is working to make sure that all officers already on the job have attended basic training. In addition, Secretary Hooks said that he and division leaders are working with managers throughout the state to find ways to improve prison operations.

“Redirecting training resources is important to provide the foundation officers need to understand working in a correctional environment,” said W. David Guice, chief deputy secretary of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice. “Well-trained officers who are confident working in this environment will enhance public safety.”

The current basic correctional officer training curriculum is under wholesale review and may be expanded. The leaders of Adult Corrections will take a more hands-on role during training to help emphasize professionalism, ethics and the importance of a public safety career. In addition, supervisory training improvements are also being considered.

“To improve operations, we’re researching and analyzing best practices including in hiring, entry and exit procedures and contraband control, and I am committed to making changes where appropriate,” Secretary Hooks added.

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