Adult Correction Info on COVID-19

Staying Safe

During this COVID-19 pandemic, the safety and health of employees, those incarcerated in state prisons, and the general public remains a top priority.

Prisons is actively monitoring the health conditions of the offender population, with specific focus on frequent cleaning, good hygiene practices, medical triage, appropriate testing and tracking.

As the pandemic evolves, NCDPS is implementing necessary measures (see list) to ensure the safety and health of all North Carolinians. The department continues to monitor the constantly changing situation and will update this list as we take additional safety steps to help address impacts from the COVID-19 virus and do our part to protect North Carolinians.

Recent Actions Taken

December 14, 2020
Initiated an aggressive COVID-19 testing plan for all staff who work inside prisons, to test them every two weeks. In addition, 5% of staff who work in other Prisons’ locations that do not house offenders will be tested for the virus on a weekly basis, resulting in at least 20% of the staff at these locations being tested each month.

December 10, 2020
Consolidated additional prison operations to help mitigate impacts from COVID-19 on the prison system. Temporarily suspended operations at the minimum custody camp at Marion Correctional on Dec. 9 and the staff reassigned temporarily to the main prison campus at Marion Correctional. 

Previous Actions Taken

Offender-Related COVID-19 Data - updated daily at 3 p.m.