Staff Development & Training

Stephanie Freeman, Director

The Office of Staff Development and Training (OSDT) provides training for employees across the Department of Public Safety.

Employees from entry level to seasoned veterans have found avenues available for increased effectiveness through training.  As an agency, we invite you to examine your career goals and increase your level of effectiveness.

OSDT has a staff of 106 instructors and support personnel who deliver basic training to correction and probation officers, juvenile court counselors and juvenile facility staff.  The office also leads firearms training, leadership education programs, general instructor training and other specialized classes and manages the delivery of the annual in-service training for more than 16,000 certified employees.

Explore the avenues available which add to your expertise and enhance your contributions to the department.  We invite you to apply for training through your supervisor.

Our Mission is to train the North Carolina Department of Public Safety workforce by providing direct or indirect learning experiences of a pragmatic nature which ensures that both entry level and career level employees' training needs are fulfilled.

Staff Development and Training is an integral function within the department. The attainment of excellence in providing professional services to employees by all OSDT staff is encouraged. Toward achieving this purpose, the department seeks to optimize individual self development and life-enrichment through equal opportunity for staff development and training, regardless of job position. The goal of OSDT is to provide training oriented to serving the needs of the overall agency and each of its employees.

The need for staff development and training within the department is recognized as a vital necessity for a staff that totals more than 26,000 employees. With more than 500 different job classifications, mandated training and standards required by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission, a comprehensive training program is required to meet the agency's needs. OSDT strives to address the specialized training needs of all staff from top management officials to first line employees. The agency seeks to employ highly qualified individuals; therefore, it is essential that the abilities of the persons employed be used so they will be of optimum value and effectiveness in their new positions. For this reason, employees are introduced to training opportunities which will continue throughout their careers with the Department of Public Safety.

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