Disaster Grants

Following Federally declared disasters, North Carolina Emergency Management and FEMA work with communities to reduce or eliminate the impacts to people and property from natural hazards.  FEMA provides designated funds for hazard mitigation projects. Meanwhile, NCEM works with local governments to identify risks and vulnerabilities associated with natural disasters and develop long-term strategies to protect people and property during such events. 

Examples of hazard prevention efforts are:

  • Buying homes found in high hazard areas,
  • Raising up flood-prone properties,
  • Giving help in updating local hazard prevention plans,
  • Showing businesses ways to lower risks, and
  • Promoting good growth and building practices outside of high hazard areas

How To Apply

The process for applying for HMGP funds begins at the county level with each county’s Emergency Manager. The county alone determines which eligible mitigation projects will be placed on their project priority list. They use this list to track and organize projects from across their county that they want to submit for funding consideration for the HMGP. If you would like to request that an eligible mitigation project be added to your county’s project priority list, then please use this county contact information.