Radiological Emergency Volunteer Corps

The Radiological Emergency Volunteer Corps (REVC) mission is "To respond to radiological emergencies and events in support of local, regional, and state requests for setup and staffing of radiation screening/monitoring stations, in particular at designated reception and congregate care centers."

About REVC

About REVC

The REVC was first established in March of 2014 with funding support from the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, Inc., (CRCPD).  In February of 2016 the organization became part of the US Department of Health and Human Services Medical Reserve Corp.

As the organization for the coordination of radiological response volunteers on the state level, when requested, the REVC is in a unique position to provide people trained in radiological emergency response to assist with operating and staffing population monitoring points at various locations.

North Carolina Emergency Management, through its Radiological Emergency Preparedness (REP) Program provides program management and helps to integrate the REVC with ongoing planning, training, and exercise activities involving the State’s nuclear power facilities. The NC Department of Health and Human ServicesDivision of Public Health and Division of Health Service Regulation, through the Radiation Protection Section, provide operational support, and technical guidance. Additionally, the REVC is supported by a partnership with the North Carolina Chapter of the Health Physics Society, and North Carolina’s eight regional Healthcare Preparedness Coalitions (HPC) administered by the Healthcare Preparedness Program. Volunteers largely consist of radiation safety professionals and health and medical professionals from supporting county-level MRC units, but also includes employees of the divisions listed above and other agencies such as the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Become a REVC Volunteer

Become a REVC Volunteer

To become a REVC Volunteer, you must:

  • Be at least 18 year of age,
  • Have and maintain a valid driver's license or other government issued photo ID,
  • Be interested in supporting local emergency management agencies during the response to a radiological emergency,
  • Be willing to participate in required training.

To apply:

  1. Registration for an account in NC-TERMS
  2. Submit a completed REVC Volunteer Registration Form (the registration form can be found on TERMS)
  3. On TERMS volunteers will sign the REVC MOU, which acknowledges the expectations of REVC volunteers and ensures that employers are aware of their employee’s commitment to the REVC.

New volunteers must complete required REVC training within a year of joining the REVC.

REVC Fact Sheet: Provides basic and succinct information regarding REVC activities and how to become a part of the unit. Currently under revision

Event & Training Calendar

Event & Training Calendar

The following events are open or may be open to participation by the REVC.  Please review the table below, note the status of events provided for REVC volunteers, and mark your calendars accordingly.  For “Scheduled” events, see Event & Training Updates (see below).  For “Pending” training, updates will be sent via NC-TERMS when statuses change to “Scheduled."

Upcoming Events
Date/Time Training Attendees Status Notes
Dec. 1, 2020 Brunswick Exercise Virtual Terms access verification, communications check only – NO DEPLOYMENT
Online Radiation Orientation LZ-5231 Online Training TERMS online training for Radiation Orientation (LZ-5231)
Online Ludlum Model 26: LZ-18757 Online Training TERMS online training for  Ludlum Model 26 (LZ-18757).
April 19-23, 2021 REP Training Week   More information to come.

Event & Training Updates: No Current Updates available.


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