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Comments from the Public

April 2017

Trooper N.S. McKee
We had a tire to blow on our trailer and was stuck on the side of the road. Trooper McKee stopped and helped us out! Above and beyond!! What a great gift he is to your team! Thank you!! Crystal C.

Trooper J.A. Renn
I know we did not meet on the best of terms but thank you for your professionalism and your devotion to duty. As fellow member of the blue line and a man I would like to apologize. It's great officers such as yourself who make the biggest differences. If possible I would like to speak to you over the phone or even be able to shake your hand and say thank you. Wish you the best and safe tour in your duties. Marc G. - Havelock

Trooper C. A. Kirby
During the pouring rain, Trooper Kirby was professional, respectful, as well as, sympathetic with me during my accident. I had no idea that I had been hit by a deer or had extensive damage, other than the driver side mirror, until he informed me when he approached my car. His first question to myself and my passenger was to ensure we were unharmed. His demeanor the entire time with me was above and beyond kindness but ensuring that the deer was okay. This demonstrated the type of character that all troopers/law enforcement agents should possess. Trooper Kirby should be commended and the example of all law enforcement agents, especially since being a woman with another young woman in the weather conditions as they were yesterday evening in an unfamiliar territory. Trooper Kirby's calm and respectful demeanor calmed me and my passenger to make us feel safe and at ease. Please thank him and his training officer for being there to assure our safety and wellbeing. Thank you, Tammy D. Wilson

Trooper D.A. Chambers
Outstanding professionalism. I was first on scene of accident and Trooper Chambers was one of the first responders. His courtesy, professionalism and esprit de corps should be commended. Please give Trooper Chambers my sincere thanks. May God Bless him and keep him always safe. (hwy 77) Tom C.

Trooper R.E. Gorham
I am sending an email in regards to my wife. We want to thank Trooper Gorham who helped my wife change her car tire due to a manhole cover that popped up and damaged her rim and gave her a flat tire. Trooper Gorham did not hesitate to ensure my wife was safe and protected from oncoming cars. He took the time, and changed the tire on her car. Please convey our thanks to him. We are proud to support the North Caroline Highway Patrol and others. Clyde G. - Fuquay Varina

On behalf of N.C. Patriot Guard Riders, Triangle District Ride Captain, Charles Bullock, and the entire North Carolina PGR membership, please accept our sincere appreciation for the outstanding job that your folks did on April 13, 2017 during the escort for US Navy veteran William Matthew Wienrich. Both the Communications Center, and the officers conducting the escort, worked seamlessly in getting sixteen bikes, the hearse, and a Navy support vehicle safely to Newton. It is always a pleasure to work with you folks and we appreciate your service! Sincerely, Rick Shinn, State Ride Captain, N.C. Patriot Guard Riders

Troopers William Green, Randy Lankford, Mark Emory and Telecommunicator Valerie Singalevitch
I would like to commend the 4 of them for going above and beyond their MAT (Members Assistance Team) responsibilities and taking care of one our members. They have all driven several hours and donated significant time and money to help one of our members in need! Thank Ya'll for taking your duties so serious and taking care of our own! Fergo F. - Belmont

Len Hopkins and Troop C Garage Staff
I actually wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude to Len and the other members of the Troop C garage. I have been in Raleigh Teaching at the Academy several times lately and they have went way above and beyond to make sure that I had my equipment or overall needs of the Highway Patrol were taken care of. They always have a can do and positive attitude even when a member of another Troop walks in with something needing to be done. Just thought I would take a minute to say thanks and it is very much appreciated! Fergo F. - Belmont

Trooper C.J. Bell
Trooper Bell was very courteous, polite, we were very impressed with his professionalism. Thank you, Denyse & Richard D. - Quebec, Canada

Trooper R.C. Williams
Yesterday, 4/11/17, my car broke down at the intersection of Hwy.401-N & Wake Academy Drive, in the left hand turn lane. All systems in my car were locked, and I was unable to move it to a safe place, or turn on my emergency flasher lights. Trooper Williams assisted me by parking behind my car with his blue lights on to alert drivers who needed to use my blocked lane, until the AAA wrecker arrived. I am elderly, use a cane, and had stood in the sun for a long time, waiting for the wrecker. Trooper Williams asked me if I would like to sit in his air-conditioned car while we waited, which I did. I would like to commend him for his outstanding courtesy, help, and professional attitude. Nancy H. - Fuquay-Varina

Trooper D.R. Ferguson
Trooper Ferguson presented to the Anson CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) training for law enforcement. He discussed topics around officer wellness, including coping with traumatic stress and creating peer support teams. Most of the counties my agency covers do not have peer support teams. Trooper Ferguson's presentation offered great information for the officers in the class. We hope to continue to collaborate to support the law enforcement communities with trainings in the future. THANK YOU! Kellie M. - Greensboro

Sgt. T.L. Greene
Before I leave the beautiful mountains of Cherokee NC, I would like to acknowledge SHP Greene for his exemplary service to me in my time of need. I found myself stranded on US 19N, near Maggie Valley. My car overheated, I had very little cell service if any at all, and because of his presence, personality and overall professional demeanor, I felt SAFE. I want to thank him for staying with my travel partner and myself until AAA arrived. He drove up the mountain a little further so I could try and use my cell and his cell to my colleagues who were trying to find us to take us back to the resort in which we were staying for a conference. Once my attempted calls were made SHP Greene offered to take us back to the resort. My travel partner had tears in her eyes because the location in which he found us was not the greatest place to breakdown and the sun was going down fast. SHP Greene made jokes about bears and other things that could've gotten to us. He made us laugh during our distress...which was a good thing to do. Even though I too was somewhat emotional because as a woman you just don't know who you can trust; I trusted him. He kept us safe. SHP Greene thank you for being an angel in the midst of this situation. I'm sending up many prayers to heaven on your behalf to keep you safe as you continue to kept the community you service safe. Thank you so much! Teresa W. - Snow Hill

Trooper B.C. Peterson
Was blown away to hear such a great pearson died of natural causes on 4/7/2017. He will be missed! Robert H. - Green Mountain

To the men and women of the Onslow Country Highway Patrol
RE: "Fatal Head on Collision Kayla Swindle April 1st." I was visiting my mother who lives in Jacksonville, NC when this horrible accident happened. I cannot begin to imagine the horrible things you folks see on a daily basis. With the Country being so critical of law enforcement, there are still folks that appreciate what you do on a daily basis. Thank you for keeping the roads safe in Onslow County. Ray W. - Chesapeake, VA

March 2017

Trooper E. A. Johnson
On Monday night (3/27) my son was driving from Charlotte to Wilmington on HWY 74. He experienced a serious physical issue and was attempting to pull over to the side of the road. Unfortunately he lost consciousness and ended up continuing off the road into the woods. Miraculously he was unharmed. State Trooper Johnson stayed with my son for quite some time and provided companionship to him as he waited for his vehicle to be extracted and to be picked up. I know my son was very traumatized by this experience even if he did not reveal that but I believe Trooper Johnson knew this and he went the extra mile to make sure he was ok. I just want to say thank you for your service - I know you deal with these things every day and I appreciate your compassion. Monica B.

Trooper J.J. Kiser
I am a North Carolina native. My husband is a US Marine stationed in NJ. I came out to NC due to my grandmother passing. While I was there, my vehicle broke down. Trooper Kiser stopped, made sure my van was off the road, and made sure that myself and my family that was in the vehicle was safe. He was very cordial and professional. There is no question that this fine officer takes his job seriously and that he has his job because he wants to serve and protect. I know to you it might not sound like much, but him stopping to make sure we were ok meant so much. This man is going to go places in your department. Please let him know that him stopping to make sure that we were ok meant the world to me. Melissa S. – N.J.

Trooper A. A. Lucas
He was very professional and very kind to me. He walked me through all the steps I needed to take. He made my experience more bearable and helped to calm me down. He even apologized for the time it took him to get there. Jessica G. - Roxboro

Trooper Unknown
Having driven from Florida and stopped to visit friends in Hampstead on our way home to New jersey I encountered a trooper at about 10:30 AM who stopped to offer assistance as I had overheated due to the water pump pulley and was at the entrance of the National Guard Armory at Elm and US 117 in Goldsboro NC. My wife and I would like to offer our sincere thanks and acknowledge him for his assistance. He remained with us until we made arrangements to have the car towed to Chevrolet of Goldsboro which was about 6 miles away. Thank you again. You make Goldsboro and the State of North Carolina PROUD! Anthony M. - Bayonne N.J.

Trooper D.R. Ferguson
Yesterday, in Haywood County District Court, Trooper David Ferguson appeared to testify at the trial of a DWI defendant that he had arrested almost 14 years ago, on November 16, 2003. Because of the meticulous records that he had kept, and his dedication, the State of North Carolina was able to remove a SIX TIME CONVICTED DWI OFFENDER from the road. The offender was given a prison sentence.

I have represented MADD in WNC for almost 14 years. During that time, I have been assisted, countless times, by the men and women of Troop G, with school presentations, victim services, public education and many other DWI awareness endeavors. These officers are magnificent. Ellen P. - MADD WNC – Maggie Valley

Trooper S.F. Lynch
Trooper Lynch pulled me on my way home from school. He did give me a ticket speeding, he was super nice and offered information to me about driving classes. Trevor S.

Trooper Unknown
G5 area in Western North Carolina
My husband and I greatly appreciate the fine Trooper that immediately pulled over a semi tractor trailer after said truck ran us completely off the road into shoulder up against guard rail. The truck never even attempted to get back in his passing lane. We are very thankful of the watchful eyes of your organization. BZ!! Patricia P. – Knoxville, TN

Troopers - many good people
I travel regularly north and south on I-95 from the Virginia line to South Carolina. I really appreciate seeing the presence of all of the officers on the road keeping us safe. Y'all are doing a great job. Thank you! Peter O. - Virginia Beach, VA

Trooper Unknown
I ran out out of gas on 540 near exit 18 lewisburg rd. I called *hp to ask if there was anything the ho could do the dispatcher sent a trooper out to help us, I just wanted to say the trooper was so nice, respectful and helpful! I actually enjoyed his company as we talked about the NCAA tournament during the ride to the gas station. Whoever hired him kuddos to them and thank you to the trooper once again!! Great job shp. Daniel R. - Greenville

Trooper J. E. Deaton
I recently received a citation for speeding delivered by Trooper J. E. Deaton near Asheville. The stop was completed without incident. First I want to thank Trooper Deaton for being kind, understanding and professional. Next I would like to thank the NCHP for training such officers. Regards...Jeff J. - Raleigh

Trooper J.F. McHan
Thank you for Trooper McHan and another trooper’s assistance today in getting me from hwy 74 to the gas station! Nicole

Trooper C. R. Ransom
About 3 weeks ago, I was stopped by Trooper Ransom, who indicated I was speeding on NC Hwy. 410. I'm from Cary and was on the way to the beach for a few days, There was next to no traffic on the road, and I didn't realize I was driving too fast. It's been a really long time since I've had any contact with a State Trooper; however, I would like to commend Trooper Ransom for his politeness and the professional manner in which he handled this stop. If all Troopers are this polite and professional, I commend the Department. I received a warning ticket and I thank him for getting me to slow down! In fact, my thanks to all police and patrol departments throughout the United States for all they do to protect us. De J. M. - Cary

Trooper R. L. Wallace
I just wanted to take a moment to commend Trooper Wallace for his polite, professional manner this morning. A real gentleman. Alex W. - Atlantic

Trooper R.L. Lankford
After riding over a broom on highway 485, I got a flat. Attempting to change the flat tire, Trooper Lankford pulled up a few seconds later and immediately started assisting me. Without ask, he began removing the flat completely and adding the spare. When that was all completed, he assisted me again by escorting me from 485 to the tire repair shop, as a my spare tire caused me to drive extremely slow. While this is a short summary of the actions taken by Trooper Lankford and the least I can do--I wish I could do more to show my gratitude-- I am thankful for him and the help he provided as an outstanding public servant. To that end, the following quote from one of this country's past heroes sums up my sentiments of Trooper Lankford's actions: "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." Thank you, K. Collins

Trooper B. P. Daniels
I was pulled over by Trooper Daniels on March 1 2017. Little did I know I was about to meet a new friend. After he talked with me about what I done wrong he genuinely got to know me in a matter of minutes. He truly cared about what I had been through and was very thoughtful of me and my family. In today's society we often hear about the bad things law enforcement are involved in but this was different. I felt comfortable talking with Trooper Daniels and not once was I afraid that the situation would turn bad. Actually my brother is a sheriff and I know their job is a constant battle. I just want someone to know that he is truly an amazing person and he represents law enforcement. I pray that God blesses and protects Trooper Daniels and all law enforcement as they don't get the credit they deserve by putting their lives on the line daily. Timothy M.

Trooper N. S. McKee

I was involved in a hit and run accident and trooper McKee was the responding officer. He could not have been any nicer or any more helpful. Just wanted to say thank you ! Cindy R. - Randleman 

Trooper B. S. Wilson
Trooper Wilson met me at the collision site of a double fatality to point out collision related marks he had identified and the results of his findings. He was safety conscious, courteous and extremely professional, exemplifying the high standards expected of law enforcement personnel. Too often in today's society only the negative actions of a few make it into the public's eye. Trooper Wilson is an excellent example of how a law enforcement official should present himself. Well done! Donald R. - Charlotte

Trooper R. Quinones 
I work with Delta V Forensic Engineering in Charlotte, NC. I was hired to investigate an incident that happened in October of 2016. Trooper Quinones met with me at the collision site to assist me with my investigation. His professionalism, courtesy, and willingness to help with this matter are to be commended. I greatly appreciate the time he took out of his day to meet with me. Daniel V.

Trooper Jack Thorpe, Sergeant Doug Bowens, , Major Freddy Johnson, Jr
I am a Paramedic with Duke Life Flight. I wanted to send this message as a praise for the strong work and the gratitude that these Troopers take in their Job!!! I reached out to Major Johnson last week asking him if there was a possibility that I could set up an escort from Duke Hospital to RDU for a New York State Police Officer who was being discharged home and flown back home for recovery with his family after almost 2 months in Duke. Major Johnson did not hesitate to make sure it was taken care. I was contacted by Sgt. Bowens on 3/6 and he told me he would be our escort to the airport for the ill NYSP Trooper. Sgt. Bowens came in today for this escort and it was his day off. He said he would not miss this opportunity for anything to support a fellow brother! Today on 3/7, I met Sgt. Bowens downstairs at our ambulance bay and we had our little briefing, I even showed him some of the behind the scenes work here at Life Flight. While we were getting the patient ready for transport, Sgt. Bowens introduced himself to the ill trooper and reassured him we were all in the fight together and we all support one mission. Sgt. Bowens told us he would follow from behind and that he "has our 6"! While en route to RDU, I looked outside and a second Trooper car fell in behind Sgt. Bowens for the escort. It was Trooper Jack Thorpe. When we got to RDU, both Troopers went out with us to the awaiting aircraft and they stood by with the ill Trooper EVERY step along the way from the time we took him out of the Ambulance and loaded him into the awaiting aircraft!!! I want to personally thank Major Johnson, Sgt Bowens, and Trooper Thorpe for their outpouring of support to make the ill Troopers journey home a memorable one!!! It was a pleasure to work with all of them! Thank you to all who made today possible!!! Chad M. - EMT-Paramedic Duke Life Flight

Major F.L. Johnson Jr.
Dear Major Johnson; I write to express our sincere appreciation for your kind consideration and assistance in helping us resolve the scheduling issues we faced in our project to move an over-dimensional piece of equipment from Newton Grove, NC to Atlanta. You willingness to listen, get involved, and work for the benefit of everyone associated with this project, speaks of your commitment to the people of the state of North Carolina. As I am sure you know, we have spent many hours planning and coordinating the details and arrangements for a project such as this, and without your assistance, much expense, much effort and many dedicated hours might have been lost. Here at Mangum's we pride ourselves in going the extra mile for our customers and in our ability to bring many resources and partners together to provide safe, efficient and professional solutions to their transportation needs. I am grateful that today your chose to partner with us as an integral part of that solution when we really needed help. Your kindness and professionalism will be remembered. And of course if we may ever be of service to you or your colleagues and fellow officers, we will be ready.

Finally, I want to congratulate you on living up to our great state motto: Esse Quam Videri. Today, in our opinion, you set a fine example for all. Thank you again for your service to our state and its citizens and to our company. Yours truly, Hugh B. -- Mangum's Inc., Wilson

North Carolina Highway Patrol Caisson Unit
On 03/15/2017, I attended the funeral of Carroll County, Virginia, Deputy Curtis Bartlett. He became a good friend when we attended Basic Law Enforcement Training together some years ago and remained one of my best. I was very pleased to see that the NC Highway Patrol Caisson Unit assisted with his funeral. I would like to thank the members of that unit for their professionalism and dedication to honoring our fallen law enforcement brothers and sisters throughout the region. Anonymous

February 2017

Trooper B.C. Peterson
My husband and I were stranded on the side of I-26 W just 1 mile from the TN border. We were on the line 20 minutes with AAA, but they did not send any one because they couldn't determine where we were. They recommended we call Highway Patrol. Trooper Peterson was there within 10 minutes of our call and was very considerate. He gave us a ride to the nearest hotel and also showed us where there was a grocery store, a NAPA autoparts, and U-Haul. We really appreciate his timeliness and helping us when we were in need. James and Hannah R. – Harlan, Ky.

Trooper D.A. Williams
My husband, Bill Fincher, left Columbia at 3:30 on Wednesday afternoon to go to Anderson, SC. He got very confused and ended up in or around Hendersonville, NC at 9:00 am after driving all night. Since I can track him by his phone I could see where he was and I was talking to him throughout the night trying to help him get on the right road. I tried to talk him into stopping for the night but he kept assuring me that he found the right road and wasn't at all tired. When I saw that he was headed northeast away from Hendersonville after circling for a while, I called the State Troopers. I was able to give his approximate location and Trooper Williams found him. Trooper Williams stayed with Bill for about 2 hours until someone could come and get him. He was so nice and kind to my husband and to me on the phone. He kept me informed of everything that was going on and assured me that, while my husband was confused and disoriented, he was physically fine. Trooper Williams really went above and beyond the call of duty! I hope that he will be recognized for his kindness and thoughtfulness! Thank you for a job well done! Becky F. - Columbia, S.C.

Trooper Unknown
I wish I had thought to get the name of the trooper who stopped to help us, but did not. This comment is to thank him for his courtesy and helpfulness. We were travelling to Asheville Friday, Feb. 24 and had a tire blow out on Interstate 26 around 3:30 p.m. After my husband changed the tire and put on the "do-nut" tire, the trooper drove up and apologized for not arriving to our aid sooner but he had been responding to an accident nearby (we had not called for help, but assume someone else reported our situation). We asked him where we could buy a new tire and he gave us directions to the Discount Tire store (also the Walmart) located on NC 280, off exit 40 (which was two exits up the road from where we were). We went to the tire store and replaced all four tires (I really needed them). The trooper was young, tall, polite and pleasant. I know law enforcement officers don't get the respect or gratitude they deserve, but we wanted him to know we appreciate his stopping to check on us. I hope the details, sketchy as they may be in this email, are sufficient to determine the trooper's idenity, so our thanks can be passed along. We were able to continue our trip and arrived safely at our destination, enjoyed our weekend at Biltmore, and made it back home to Chesterfield SC today. Thank you again, Mr. NC Trooper! Joye and Rory C. - Chesterfield S.C.

Trooper J.S. Ransom 
I would like to say thank you to Trooper Scott Ransom for his assistance on Tuesday,February 21. I was on my way to work, when my right rear tire blew out. Trooper Ransom assisted me in changing the tire and me getting to work on time. Trooper Ransom was very professional and with safety in mind. Sincerely Yours, FrankB. -- Ocean Isle Beach

Trooper H.Q. Hunt
Trooper Hunt was very curtious when he pulled me. I respect that about him. He did his job as a trooper should and I am thankful that we have men and women patrolling our roadways in the aforementioned manor! As an EMT, I know first hand of the dangers of the roadway and I'm so glad that we have Trooper H.Q. Hunt and others like him helping to make our roadways safer. Jason B.

Trooper B.L. Albert
Catawba County off Highway 321- Exit 37 (Newton)
Wanted to again Thank Trooper Albert for his help in what I felt was above his call of duty. He made me as a woman by my self broke down on the side of the highway, feel very safe. I appreciate the fact that you all put yourselves out there amongst the not so nice things in the world to help and keep citizens safe. Thank all of you for the service your provide! God Bless all in the Law enforcement profession!!!! Suzan - Charlotte

Trooper C.H. Allison
I ran out of gas last night, because my gauge was off. I was stuck on the side of the road with my 8 year old at 7 oclock at night. I had no one that could come help me and I only had $10 with me. I called communications and told them my problem. They said they were sending a car. Even with wrong directions he found me. He went above and beyond. I didnt have a gas can. He went to a nearby house and they had a can with gas in it. He used what they had to give me enough to get to the gas station. He told me to go ahead and he would meet me. We were going to put gas back in the tank for the kind man that helped. I waited at the gas station. He came out and asked if I was ok. I said yes, I was just waiting for him. He said the gentelman said he didnt want any gas and was just glad he could help. He wouldnt give a name. Anyways, I am so appreciative of Trooper Allison. Kate L.

Trooper F.A. McClure
We ran out of gas at I-95 Southbound and Trooper Mc showed up and his friendly demeanor and positive attitude help me make the best of the bad situation. I really appreciate putting his time and effort with the situation . God bless Trooper Mc and the rest of his comrades. Julie H.

Trooper R. E. Summerlin 
Trooper Summerlin was the trooper in charge of an accident scene 8:30 - 10 P.M. involving 2 horses hit by a car, responding NCHP, sheriff, EMS and fire services, distraught owners of horses, unsympathetic neighbors and a restraining order situation. He did an absolutely great job. Well done! Thanks Leonard P. - Elm City

Trooper J. S. Wayne 
I want to commend Trooper Wayne on his professionalism and courtesy shown during our "unfortunate" encounter on 2/12/17. There is often not enough appreciation shown to our Law Enforcement Officers. I want to extend my appreciation and a promise to slow down and not be wool gathering as I drive. Our troopers only want our safety and I know that. Lesson learned. Jean G. - Greenville

Trooper S.T. Hall
Trooper Hall pulled me over in the vicinity of Wilkesboro, NC on the night of 28 January for speeding, in conjunction to G.S. 20-141(B). As a member of the Armed Forces, I find it imperative that men and women of law enforcement uphold in the highest standards the laws of our land. I was clearly in violation of that by doing 15 miles per hour over the speed limit. However innocent my actions were, they needed to be corrected, especially after driving for 11 hours already that day. Trooper Hall's stop was conducted with the utmost professionalism as I have seen from any officer of the law enforcement. I have rarely been pulled over, so my experiences, in this regard, are very elementary (Proud of that fact, of course). As a State Police organization, you should be proud of people like Trooper Hall. You have done well in training your police force, and its upstanding citizens to execute the powers you have entrusted to them. My wish is that Trooper Hall receive these words of encouragement, if you are able to get them to him. Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter. Very respectfully, LT Daniel H., USN- Little Creek Joint Expeditionary Base, Virginia

Trooper R.E. Gorham
On Sunday Jan 29, 2017 my 17 y/o daughter left Dare Co en route back to Boone so she could attend class the next day at App State. She broke down right outside of Knightdale. She handled it much better than I did. I had her describe everything she saw because she wasn't sure exactly where she was. I called *HP and informed them of same. Trooper Gorham was there in about 10 minutes. I had her stay on the phone with me until the Trooper arrived. Needless to say, we were both relieved. He got her off the highway and took her to safety at a nearby shopping center where he turned her over to a friend. I have always thought highly of The Patrol. Trooper Gorham just reinforces this. He certainly put a 17 y/o girl and her more than nervous father at ease on this day. Please see that he and his chain of command get a copy of this. Sincerely, Kevin M. - Manns Harbor

Trooper J.R. Anderson
On 1-28-2017, I had the privilege of meeting Trooper Jeremy Anderson. I have been a police officer in Garland, Texas for 23 years and in my spare time I travel with various Christian Artist and help coordinate security and other needed task. While serving in that segment, I meet many police officers and find myself involved with Law Enforcement from across the United States. I am very partial to the North Carolina State Highway Patrol. I lived in Eastern North Carolina and have the utmost respect for the organization. While transitioning out of the Marine Corps in Jacksonville in the early 90’s, I had the privilege of knowing Trooper Tommy Cheek and considered staying in North Carolina as a Trooper. For me, being a police officer in the city I grew up in was my dream so I came home to Texas. After spending the evening with Trooper Anderson, it reconfirmed my long held belief that the NCSHP is truly head and shoulders above the rest. When you have a trooper such as Jeremy Anderson representing you, it leaves no doubt that the NCSHP continues to produce a great product and that the extreme professionalism I have always experienced with the NCSHP in the past has not been compromised and continues to maintain a high caliber of excellence. I am grateful for solid Christian Troopers such as Jeremy Anderson and I am proud to be part of a brotherhood that allows me to say that the NCSHP is part of my family! Officer Mike Hatfield – Public Information / Community Relations, Garland Police Department – Garland, Texas

Trooper M.G. Adams
I want to personally thank Trooper Adams for his service. He recently responded to an accident in Hudson involving my son. He went above and beyond to accommodate all questions I had for him and on three different occasions met with me to further explain the events that led up to my son's citation. Although Trooper Adams and I didn't see eye to eye on those events, there is no doubt that he is one of the best Troopers I have ever came in contact with. When speaking with him, he showed a great amount of patience, sincerity, and respect. Trooper Adams portrays the overall feeling that he truly cares about the well being of anyone he comes in contact with which was appreciated more than I believe he realizes. Coming across a law enforcement officer that holds all of his qualities is rare and a true blessing. We are very fortunate to have him in this area and hope that he continues his service with North Carolina State Highway Patrol. Jessica S.

Trooper C. T. Walker
I was involved in a hit and run incident this morning at a convenience store. Trooper C. T. Walker responded to my call for assistance. He immediately calmed me down, he was very compassionate and put me at ease. He assured me he would do everything possible to find the man...fortunately I got the license plate number...and bring him to justice. I just wanted to let you know that you have an excellent trooper patrolling the roads. Thank you Trooper Walker for being there for me. Suzanne P. - Mount Pleasant

Trooper K.K. Conner
Trooper Conner, Locklear, McMillan, and Hammonds were conducting a traffic check at the intersection of MM Ray Road and Miller Road in Tabor City in the iron Hill community area. I came thru the road check and was very pleased with the check considering there have been multiple shootings in that particular area where I presently live. I am very proud to knows that my local state highway patrol took the time to check out and helped to secure that area. My Wife is so afraid of this area right now. The fact that she saw those troopers performing that checkpoint gave her great comfort. There is a trailer park in that area known as the "Sandpit" that houses many drug dealers And criminals. Just that fact that these patrolmen are chasing these thugs down and getting them off them of the streets means the world to the great people in this community. Thank your for these great men and their service to us. I love seeing them in our community. you cannot put a price tag on safety and security! Sincerely, Jake F. & Family – Tabor City

January 2017

Trooper C.L. Moore
My future daughter-in-law was involved in a single vehicle crash on I-485 next exit 30 in Charlotte. A vehicle ran her off the interstate onto the shoulder which had a pile of snow from the recent weather event. This was her first face to face interaction with a trooper since she has been driving for six years. As you can imagine, she was very upset and did not know what to expect. Trooper Moore arrived and eased her mind and talked her through the whole process. When my son and I arrived, Trooper Moore took the time to once again explain the process to us. As we pulled away from the crash scene, my future daughter-in-law said she never expected how nice and professional troopers could be. She has a new respect for troopers and sees them in a different light. Please pass along my sincere gratitude to Trooper C.L. Moore and his command team. Be Safe. Tom A. - Hickory

Trooper Thompson - Montgomery County
On Friday, January 27, I traveled from my residence in Sumter, SC to Lynchburg, VA. It was not a trip I wanted to make since it was court-ordered visitation for my granddaughter with her biological "father" whom she's only seen twice in her life - she's 7-1/2 yrs old. About 30 miles north of Rockingham on I-74 (220) north, my car broke down - completely broke down! AAA could send a tow truck but not a rental car so I called my mother. She drove from Lynchburg to mile marker 54 to pick up my granddaughter and me which is a 3-hour drive. Trooper Thompson checked on us about an hour after we broke down. Then, when my mother arrived in Seagrove, he helped her locate me on the side on the highway in the dark. He was the only trooper on duty. He was professional and kind. I tell my granddaughter that the "officers" help us and keep us safe. Trooper Thompson offered a great example of protecting and helping the public. He was a great representative of law enforcement for an impressionable child. I wanted to let him know how much I appreciated his help on that terrible night! Wanda F. - Sumter, S.C.

Trooper D.E. Tew
With festering animosity between citizens and officers, I felt it was important that I bring to Trooper Tew’s commanding officer’s attention my “thank you” for a job well done! Trooper Tew, Thank you for being so kind to me after my accident with the deer. You stayed until the tow truck arrived and even found me a hotel in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night! I sooooo appreciated all you did for me. Thank you for also keeping me safe. Have a blessed and safe new year. Janet C.

Trooper P.E. Ellis
Trooper Ellis responded to my call for help on 1/21/17. I had a flat tire on 52 S outside of Mount Airy, N.C.. It was dark, rainining and I had no cell reception. Hwy 52 was busy and has little to no shoulder to pull over off the road. It was my 2nd flat for the day . I was tired, scared and with no cell service upset. Trooper Ellis was so very kind, helpful and understanding. he assisted with calling AAA and stayed with me until he was called away and told me I could call him again if needed. I just wanted to thank him again. Ellen T.

Trooper J.C. Patawaran, Jr.
Stuck on Rte 95 S at exit 44 with a flat tire, I was trying to find a means to get road side assistance, Trooper J.C. Patawaran Jr. drove up to me and asked if I needed help. Flat tire sir and trying to get roadside assistance. He had me slowly move up the ramp, his lights on to provide safety and got to an area that would make changing the tire easier. He had me cancel the roadside assistance call and he proceeded to change my tire for me. Having a heart condition and bad knees, kneeling and the strength needed to change the tire would be risky for me. Thank you Trooper Patawaran for your kindness, help, caring and taking the time to change my tire. Thank you very much. Trooper Patawaran is and asset to the NC Highway Patrol, he exemplifies the high standards of the NC Highway Patrol, to protect, help and to keep the public safe. Thank you again Trooper J.C.Patawaran Jr. God bless you, your help was greatly appreciated, you make your organization a much better one! Robert P. – Florence, S.C.

Trooper S.B. Marshall
Trooper Marshall pulled me over in Winston-Salem for going over the speed limit. He was a former classmate of mine in high school and he noted that he knew my name from somewhere. He was professional, kind and a stand-up guy serving the North Carolina Highway Patrol. As a teacher and fellow public servant, I thanked Trooper Marshall (despite his giving me a ticket) for his continued work and efforts to help make NC the safest it could be. He, along with all of the men and women serving as officers of the law, are greatly appreciated for the work that they do daily. Trooper Marshall is top-notch in his service- no doubt! Frankie S.

Compliments to I-85 trooper
On my way north on I-85 just south of Lexington today there was a trooper who had stopped in the right lane in an act of absolute caring and sincerity. He was out of his car saving a Bassett Hound from what would have been death by getting him off of the road. Kudos to this officer for showing concern for an animal in duress! Thanks to all for your service but especially the act I witnessed today. That is why I pay taxes. Phillip H. - Charlotte

Trooper J.S. Ratliff
I ran out of gas on I-77 with 3 young girls from Ukraine. We had just adopted our daughter who is 14 and speaks some English. The other 2 girls were being hosted in the U.S. from my daughters orphanage. One is 6 and the other 14, they speak no English. I was driving them between host families, with the back of my van loaded down with all of their Christmas gifts to take back to Ukraine. Needless to say I was a little panicked. Trooper Ratcliff was extremely courteous and gracious in going to get us gas. He even filled up the van for me. I could not have asked for a better guardian angel. I just wanted to thank him again for his help and hope he is recognized for his service. Sincerely, Karen M.

Trooper M. A. Bowers and Fst. Sgt. S.T. Harper 
Trooper Bowers responded to my inquiry regarding a crash investigation. He returned a call in a timely manner and was very patient with my questions. I really appreciated his responsiveness and willingness to assist me. F.S. Harper assisted me when I stopped into the office to obtain a copy of the investigation materials. He was also very patient and his willingness to assist me was much appreciated. Tim C

Trooper M.E. Sellers 
Yesterday evening around 6 pm, I was driving home from work in Four Oaks, NC as I approached the Smithfield exit 319 to get on I-40 I realized I had a flat tire and was riding on the rim of my tire. I immediately pulled into a gas station and was approached by Trooper Sellers. He immediately asked if I needed assistance. After answering yes, he assisted me with removing items out of my trunk to get to my spare tire. Without hesitation, he went to his vehicle and grabbed all of the tools he needed to help me and kindly changed my tire in a matter of minutes. Another officer (whose name I didn't get) also came along to speak to me which was very comforting. After putting my spare tire on Trooper Sellers put air in my spare. I had over 45 minutes left in my commute and I really don't know what I would have done without his assistance. I am very grateful and hope the message of how grateful I am gets over to him. Kind people are rare to come by and he was really a blessing and a direct example of what good law enforcement is to our community. Tia N. 

Trooper S. P. Ziemba
On 12/30/16 I was involved in an accident just outside Greenville NC. My wife and granddaughter were in the car with me. Trooper Ziemba responded to the accident. I just want to say how impressed I was with Trooper Ziemba. He was polite, professional and above all very helpful to all involved. My wife cannot walk well and we had to call a cab to get home. The cab came to pick us up and he could not get close enough to my wife for her to get in. Trooper Ziemba positioned the cab so my wife had very little trouble getting in. We want to give a big shout out to him with a Kudos for a job well done. Thank you Trooper Ziemba. Martin Z. - Williamston 

Trooper J.R Phillips 
First of all I would like to say how patient, professional and helpful Mr. Phillips was this morning on this beautiful NC rainy morning. I was involved in an accident and the other driver was at fault,. It appears the insurance information she gave is expired and expired back in 2010. I have attempted to contact the driver once to get updated information and I also contacted my insurance company to see what they can do. I wanted to let Trooper Phillips know because I am hoping to fix this the quickest and most correct way possible. Thank you for protecting us and please stay safe. Brett P.

Trooper Robinson
We would like to commend and thank Trooper Robinson for the professional way he handled our accident going to the Panther game in the midst of heavy traffic. Very kind and thoughtful and we are proud to have troopers like him. Thank you again. B. Rice

Trooper J.M. Atkins
Yesterday I was traveling home from Mount Airy to Dobson, N.C. I had a tire blowout, which stranded me south of Mount Airy on Highway 601. As I was trying to call AAA to get help, a highway patrol car stopped to aid me. Trooper James Atkins of Dobson pulled over to offer me assistance. He kindly offered to help change my tire and stayed with me until my husband arrived. He called the unit that AAA had contracted to make sure they were on the way before leaving. I greatly appreciate his help and want to commend him as an outstanding officer in your department. He personifies the kindness and expertise of what every citizen hopes to see in our state patrol. My thanks to him for his service and concern in wanting to assist. Sincerely, Patty B.

Trooper A.I. Hughey
Today I had a blow out in Charlotte NC on I85 between Graham St and I77. Traffic was terrible as always and changing a big truck tire with vehicles coming within 1 foot was definitely not safe. Trooper Hughey came and not only kept vehicles a safe distance away she also pitched in and did the majority of the work. I kept telling her how grateful i was all she said was that she was just doing her job. She should be commended. Keeping people safe and helping people. Jeffrey B. - Mocksville

Trooper S. L. Moy
Very helpful, very respectful, was more than happy to help. Abraham F. - Clayton


December 2016

Trooper Name: Unknown, but I wish I did.
I was traveling north on US 1 just before exit 89 today (Dec. 30) at approx 2:00. I had just passed the accident in the south lane or US 1 that had involved the State Trooper. As I was going by, my car developed a problem and I had to pull off the road, not quite at the ramp for exit 89. After a few minutes, a trooper, who could possibly had been responding to the accident I mentioned, stopped and asked me if I was ok and if I needed any assistance. As I began to speak, I almost fell apart because I had just lost my father and was very upset. He showed me the utmost respect and understanding and offered to get me to somewhere I could get assistance. I explained that my wife was already on the way, but due to the accident, traffic was being rerouted at the exit and she would not be able to get to me. Because I also had my dog with me, he said to just sit tight and he went to the ramp where the traffic was being routed and waited for her and then was able to escort her down the ramp to where my car was and helped us transfer my dog and the valuables I was transporting to her truck. He then was able to stop traffic and allow us to get turned around safely to head north. Before we left, I shook his hand and thanked him greatly for what he had done and the kind words he spoke with respect to my father.

All I can say to identify him is, he was a young-ish African American and the vehicle he was driving was one of the Ford SUV marked patrol vehicles and I was driving a maroon colored Mercedes Benz.

 If it is at all possible to identify this trooper, please thank him again for his kindness and a steady hand at a time I was in need of it. He should be commended for his actions. Jim S. - Garner

Trooper J.E. Parton
I did not personally encounter Trooper Parton but, I did see a lot of Facebook posts about this specific situation that she was a part of. A ladies husband had a stroke and was in a ditch outside of his car. Trooper Parton stopped and got out and helped him and called the paramedics and didn't leave him. She didn't assume he was drunk or anything else, just knew that something wasn't right. The doctors told his wife had she been even a few minutes later, he probably wouldn't have made it. This is what Mrs. Brandt put on her Facebook the day it happened: "As I sit here in ICU with Jeff, I am so grateful that he's alive and improving from the stroke. Thank you to NC State Trooper Parton, for finding him and realizing he wasn't drunk in a ditch." A few days later another post is put on there specifically for Trooper Parton: "I don't even know where to begin, to thank you for your part in saving my husband’s life. So many things had to happen right, and it started with  you.  I can't wait to meet you and thank you in person. Haven't called yet, because I'm still emotional. I see you have a beloved as well, that you remember on Dec. 11th . Thank you and hope to meet you before Christmas. Heck, all 17 members of my family that'll be here for the holidays will probably want to come with me!" I think I can speak for all of Haywood County when I say that we are honored to have troopers like Parton helping us. It's actions like these that go un noticed in the world today but to that man's wife, you will forever be her hero. Matt – Haywood County

Trooper Unknown
On November 7, 2016 (about 6:30 or 7 PM) my wife and I had just driven up rt. 601 and were just south of Mt Airy.  I had pulled over onto the paved shoulder under the interstate overpass.  We were lost.  As we were getting the map out a State Trooper turned on his vehicle flashing lights and pulled in behind our Airstream travel trailer.  I, of course thought that I must have done something wrong.  The trooper came up to the passenger window and introduced himself, stating that he was there to see if we were all right.  This officer could not have been more helpful.  He oriented us to our location and (it was dark) showed me where the paved crossover was to get to the south bound lanes.  As he left I could not help but think that if this is the high quality of person that you hire and the obvious high level of training that he has been given, then the people of North Carolina are being well served by their State Police.

     My wife and I are back home in St. Petersburg, Fl. now.  We had made the trip to North Carolina to see our new great grand baby and grandson in that area.   I just wanted  to take a moment to let you know that as a visitor to your state my wife and I appreciated the assistance that we received from one of your troopers.  Sincerely,  Russell A. W. -  St. Petersburg, Fl. 

Trooper M. B. Vick
I just wanted to thank Trooper Vick for his assistance when I hit a deer on the morning of 11/18/16. He was wonderful and brought laughter to an extremely stressful and difficult situation. I was also hoping that he could get a thank you to the man who stopped to help me and let me sit in his car while I waited for Trooper Vick to arrive (they knew each other by name). It was a cold morning and I appreciated it more than I can express. Thank you both so much! Tiffany A. - Raleigh

Trooper H.M. Mungai
On 12-16-2016, I was involved in a rear end collision that occurred on the off ramp of NC-50 at NC-98. Trooper Mungai responded. He was very professional and courteous. Specifically, Trooper Mungai explained the procedures I needed to follow after the collision and also helped to jump start my vehicle after the battery had died. His report was detailed and accurate. I greatly appreciate his responsiveness, understanding, and the care he took to ensure everything was handled properly during the entire process. Leslie U. - Wake Forest

Trooper Steve Brown
My wife and I had a problem at a service station and Trooper Brown helped us out with it.  He was a real pro at what he does and an asset to the NCSHP and his troop.  It’s troopers like Mr. Brown that makes me proud to be an American and I wanted to thank him for his service.  William C. – Grifton

Trooper Phillips
Greetings, My name is Tina N. and I am writing to you about state trooper Phillips in Salisbury, NC. Well, here's the story, I am from Atlanta, Georgia. This is a very overdue message of gratefulness so my apologies. One day, my family got worried because my grandpa went out for about 7 hours now and he usually don't drive far. It was about 8 p.m. at night and there is no one hearing from him as he doesn't have a cellular device on him. We were all freaking out trying to find him and we got a phone call from your state patrol from NC asking if he is our family member. We were relieved yet still worried about his wellbeing because he was gone since 12 p.m. I spoken to state trooper Phillips and he helped with this ordeal and explaining the situation very clearly and professionally. I shared my concerns with him about my grandpa being okay since he hasn't ate or drank anything the whole day. Officer Phillips offered to buy him food and water without any hesitation. This act of care really touched me and family's heart. We like to thank him for both keeping my grandfather safe and keeping us in touch. You really got a great employee!! Please send my regards to him and Merry Christmas to you all. Warmly, Tina N. - Atlanta

Trooper R. L. Lankford (and his partner, name unknown) and Trooper C. L. Moore
Our family of five found ourselves driving through North Caroline on the night of November 12, 2016.  The day prior to that, our brother-in-law, a police officer in Canonsburg, PA had been shot and killed in the line of duty while responding to a domestic violence call.  We live in Florida and had to get to Pennsylvania very quickly to be with our family.  We had secured a hotel reservation in Mooresville, NC and were about 30-40 minutes away when our car ran out of gas.  We were too distracted by the “low air” display on our dash to notice that we were running low on gas as well, and after a long day of travel, we just wanted to get to the hotel.

After calling for roadside assistance, a North Carolina Highway Patrol car pulled behind us. I was only able to read the name on his badge – Lankford.  I don’t know his first name or his partner’s name.  However, Officer Lankford called for additional patrol assistance, and Trooper Caleb Moore arrived shortly thereafter.  Having those three there to help us, made us feel as if our own fallen officer, our brother-in-law, was right there ensuring we were well protected.

The three of those officers truly exemplify the best of the profession; despite this being only a routine, disabled vehicle on the Interstate.  It was cold and dark outside (2330 hours +/-), our three daughters were scared, we were weary and tired from traveling all day.  These gentlemen were our angels that night – kind, considerate and professional.  We were able to get gas, get air in our tires and get to our hotel safely and we cannot thank those men enough as there was no delay in reaching our family the following day.

Naturally, as you can imagine, the funeral for our brother-in-law had police representatives from across the country; there were over 1,000 officers at this funeral.  We told this story, of our car breaking down in NC and how wonderful your Highway Patrol is, to any law enforcement person we encountered over those few days.  In telling the story, you could see how proud each officer was and thankful, that their NC brothers took such good care of us.  We are certain that our brother-in-law Scott Bashioum (Canonsburg PD, E.O.W. 11-10-16) was watching over us that night too, but of course, we want to thank Trooper Lankford, his partner and Trooper Caleb Moore, all a million times over for helping us.  With heartfelt regards, Scott and Melinda T. -  Parkland, FL 

Trooper R.J. Boyes
On Thursday, December 1, 2016, into the early morning of Friday, December 2, I was travelling from Ohio to Raleigh for a soccer event that my daughter was participating in that weekend. I was travelling east on I-74 when a vehicle in front of me struck a deer. The deer was in the roadway and when I came upon it I was unable to avoid running over it. It caused the lining inside my wheel well to come unriveted so that it was dragging on my tire. I had to pull over onto the berm in order to assess what was going on. I was unable to reattach the lining so it became necessary to remove it on order to continue travelling. While I was stopped I had my hazard lights on. Evidently the battery in my car is not in the best condition and pulling to the side while keeping my hazard lights on was enough to drain the battery to the point that my car would not turn over. I called AAA but they informed me that it would take up to an hour to get to me. I was not comfortable with this since we were on the side of the highway and truck traffic was still relatively heavy at that time of night. Also I was with my teenage daughter and the temperatures were in the 30s.  Trooper Robert Boyes stopped and was able to get my car started again with a “jump box.” I was very thankful that Trooper Boyes stopped and helped me out. Also, Trooper Boyes was very polite and courteous at all times. He also filled out an accident report for me in the event that I would need it for insurance purposes. In short, you have a great employee with Trooper Boyes and I would like to thank him again for the aid that he gave us that evening.  Ken P. - Ohio 

Trooper J.C. Lindley (Union County) 
I would like to commend the efforts of Trooper Lindley of Union County on behalf of myself and my family.  My wife was involved in an accident with an impaired driver on December 12, 2014.  Had my wife not been driving a new car with the latest safety technology, she would likely have been severely injured or killed.  This trial for the impaired driver came to Superior Court in Union County this week, exactly 2 years after the accident.  I later learned that Trooper Lindley responded to the accident involving my wife at the very end of his shift on December 12, 2014.  With his training and attention to the situation, he immediately recognized the impaired driver.  He went to all the necessary trouble to arrest her even though he had dinner reservations with his future wife on that evening.  The dinner of course never happened as he was at the Union County Detention Center with the impaired driver.  2 years later, I saw Trooper Lindley again in the courtroom as my wife and I were subpoenaed as witnesses in the DWI charge trial.  The Defense Attorney tried many legal maneuvers to discredit Trooper Lindley's work, and many of the tactics, I thought, were quite personal in nature and very inappropriate.  I understand this defendant has been charged with DWI again subsequent to the incident involving my wife.  I so appreciated Trooper Lindley's dedication both to go to the trouble to work the overtime on December 12, 2014 at great personal cost and his very professional appearance actions in the courtroom.  While I do not know the outcome of this case in court at this time, I am very appreciative to have Trooper Lindley serving on our Highway Patrol.  As a 64-year-old lifelong citizen of North Carolina, I appreciate so much his efforts to keep our roadways as safe as possible.  Please express my appreciation to Trooper Lindley on behalf of myself and my wife.  William G. - Indian Trail 

Trooper J. M. Lee, Troop District C7
I was driving on Carpenter Pond Road around 3:30 today (Dec. 14).  Officer Lee turned around after passing me and stopped me on Tallwood Drive.  He indicated that I was speeding on Carpenter Pond.  I explained that I didn't think I was speeding.  What Trooper Lee did not know and I did not share was that I was very distracted with a sick adult child at home and a sister in law hospitalized yesterday with complications from terminal cancer.  I was not going to make excuses, and while I did not think I was speeding, my distraction obviously played a bigger role than I realized.

Trooper Lee was incredibly polite to me through the entire experience.  He never argued with me when I argued and was friendly and kind throughout.  He told me that his mother had a new car too and that we both needed to watch our speed.  Mini Coopers go fast quickly!   He gave me a warning.  I should not be speeding and he was very patient with me.  Had he given me a ticket, I would have still written this note.  I am glad he is working for your department. Shawn N. - Raleigh

Trooper D.R. Riggins, Pitt County
I am the school resource officer assigned to Wellcome Middle School in Greenville, (Pitt County).  I also service Falkland Elementary and Belvoir Elementary weekly and on an as needed basis.  I don't know many of our troopers here in the county.  I have met some in passing but since I am assigned to the school system any contact has been brief until today.

Today my Principal stuck his head in my office and asked me why a state trooper was parked out in front of his school (like my badge gives me some great magical powers or something).  I looked out and sure enough a state trooper was walking up the sidewalk.  I met him outside where we introduced ourselves.  He said that he likes to stop by schools from time to time to offer a law enforcement presence and to become familiar with them since bad events in such places could warrant his response.  I was quite shocked and very much impressed!  He is welcome on any of my campuses any day!

We went into the school where your trooper sought out my principal and assistant principal to introduce himself.  I gave him a personal tour of our campus at Wellcome Middle.  I had to take a cell phone call when we got down to the cafeteria (work related of course) and instead of just hanging out Trooper Riggins went into the kitchen and introduced himself to the cafeteria workers and chatted them up while I handled business.

Your trooper was very personable and it is a darn shame that he works for you and not for us.  Proactive people with such an outgoing character who carry themselves so well are very hard to find these days.  Thank you for having Trooper Riggins among your ranks and for assigning him to Pitt County.  If today was any indication of who he is then I am proud to serve alongside him!

May God bless you all and keep you safe each and every day.  It is a bit early but Merry Christmas to you and your families! Deputy Lee Darnell, SRO, DARE Officer, Pitt County Sheriff's Office - Greenville

Troopers unknown
I just want to thank the troopers who found my 18 yr old grandson out in the freezing cold on I40 without a jacket after discharge from Durham Holly Hill hospital.  They could not even escort him to the bus station, and he had to get home to Asheville, 250 miles away. His mom was not told to come get him, until he called her freezing cold on the highway, as he was trying to hitch hike, and was effected by the weather. My daughter received prompt attention from the troopers, and they found him, and gave him  blankets and food.  You gave us all a great Christmas gift, and God bless our troopers.  We need you! Shirley S. – Jefferson City, MO (grandmom to Jacob)

Trooper M.T. Bryan
I retired from the Patrol on September 1, 2001 and currently serve as a Chaplain assigned to Troop B District III.  I was recently riding with Trooper Matt Bryan and I want to personally commend Trooper Bryan on his professionalism while dealing with the motoring public and his adherence to traffic laws while on preventative patrol.  During my career as a line supervisor I had the occasion to supervise Trooper Shannon Whaley and I can truthfully say that Trooper Bryan demonstrates many of the same characteristics.  Trooper Bryan is an asset to Troop B District III and I, as a former supervisor and a Chaplain wish to commend him on performing his duties in an exemplary manner. Merry Christmas to all and may God bless each and every one of you! Gene E. - Sneads Ferry

Trooper J. S. Batchelor
I was in Edgecombe County running an errand tonight while my wife (Heather Proctor) was shopping in Wake County.  At about 5:50 PM she called my cell in a panic.  She said that she had hit a dead deer carcass on 264 East bound just East of the Zebulon exit.  She stopped on the side of the road.  She said that it was a hard hit but she didn't know if there had been any damage.  She suspected there was but she was too shaken up to get out and look.  She noted that some of the odd lights on the dashboard were lit up and she didn't know what they meant.  She didn't know what to do.  I asked her to turn off the vehicle, switch on the hazard lights, and just stay in the car for the time being.  I told her that I was headed that way and since I was a good distance away I was going to ask if a Trooper would come to check on her.  I called *HP and asked if someone could ride out there to check on her.  When I arrived I met Trooper Batchelor.  He had already completed the driver's exchange form and was returning the items to my wife.  He walked with me around the car using his flashlight to check it out. Neither of us saw any obvious damage other than a flat tire.  Who knows if anything underneath is messed up but I feel blessed so far.  The Trooper stayed with me and gave me light and assistance while I changed the tire.  He was very personable and professional but aren't all Troopers?  His demeanor put my wife at ease in a situation that had her nerves frayed to say the least. She felt like he was very kind and that she could trust him.  What I didn't tell Trooper Batchelor is that I am a 25 year veteran law enforcement officer currently serving as a Deputy Sheriff and DARE Officer for the Pitt County Sheriff's Office. I have been on the side of the road countless times doing the same thing that he was stuck doing tonight.  I hope that I always seemed as relaxed and competent as he did. No law enforcement gets the kudos that we deserve, especially in these tense political times.  I wanted to tell you my story and highlight another job well done by Trooper Batchelor and your agency as a whole.  Thank you all for what you do.  May God bless you all and keep you safe.  If you ever find yourself in need when in Pitt County I will be at the front of the line in your service! Lee D. - Grimesland

Trooper C.M. Jeffries
I would like to compliment Trooper Jeffries.  He showed great character and thoroughness while helping me.  It is great to have such sincere and honest troopers like him in Hendersonville NC.  Please let him know that his hard work is not going unnoticed and we appreciate it. Michael A. R. - Hendersonville  

Trooper Brian Rakestraw 
I would like to Thank  Troop D, Rockingham County, and Trp. Brian Rakestraw for the wonderful Bridge Dedication of FSGT. John Hackett and Trp. James A Parker. Trp. Rakestraw worked countless hours on this project. Trp. Parker served this County for 19 Years and to be honored by The North Carolina State Highway Patrol is an Honor our family will cherish until the end of time. I can't say enough about the hard work of Trp. Rakestraw and the entire group of Troop D. This proves what we have  known all along, The North Carolina State Highway Patrol is the Best of The Best. Thank You. Bruce G. P. - Florence, South Carolina

Trooper B.T. Rakestraw
Words cannot express the appreciation and respect that I have for Trooper Rakestraw in regards to the bridge dedication in honor of my father James Parker and Sgt. Hackett. Our family will be forever grateful for the endless amount of time it took to accomplish such an outstanding event. We were truly overwhelmed with emotions that day, It was such an honor to have everyone there and to be able to share it with family, friends and Sgt Hackett's family. Trooper Rakestraw's hard work and dedication to the Highway Patrol should be commended to the highest. He is an outstanding gentleman, and it was with great honor and respect to have him accomplish this for our fathers.  Sincerely, Abby S. – Eden

F/Sgt. D. Wright, Sgt. L. Johnson, Trp. B. T. Rakestraw
and all the D-3 troopers, Honor Guard, and the roopers who assisted making the Troop D-3 Bridge Dedication ceremony possible.  On behalf of the Parker family I would like to say thank you for making this day happen 42 yrs. after they made the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you!  James G. P. -Eden

Trooper D. W. Conrad
Two weeks ago today I was involved in a bad accident on I485 and was sent to the hospital. I was terribly upset because I was taken away before I could provide my statement to an officer.  Later on that evening Trooper Conrad showed up in my room at the Emergency Room to take my statement.  He was so nice and very sensitive to the pain I was in and how upset I was.  He took my statement with the help of my husband writing it out for me as I was saying it aloud and me signing it.  I was very upset because the other driver tried to say that I hit them before I was rear-ended and was forced into him and that was just not the case.  He went over and above to call back one of the other victims and clarified that I did not indeed hit him until I was hit and forced to make contact with the driver in front of me. Then Mr. Conrad actually came back to my room at the Emergency Room about a half hour to an hour later to tell me this news to help alleviate my concerns about that so that that was one less thing I needed to worry about.  I feel by Mr. Conrad coming back to see me just to try to provide some emotional comfort was over and above what he had to do.  Also, acting so quickly to follow up with the other victim immediately was impressive to me and my husband.  These actions on his part show the strong character he has taking his job to this level and also compassion for someone who was emotional and physically hurting.  Please extend my gratitude to Trooper Conrad from me. Mary J.N. - Charlotte

Trooper M V Strickland III
I want to compliment Trooper M. V. Strickland III on the professionalism and courtesy he displayed yesterday after stopping me (completing passing a line of trucks passing each other).  I was the blue Toyota sedan with the Beagle.  This was the first time I have been stopped in 47 years of driving and I sincerely appreciate Trooper Strickland's good judgment of a warning in these circumstances. In this age of commonly disparaging law enforcement personnel, Trooper Strickland exemplifies the positive contribution you folks make to society.  Again, I commend Trooper Strickland on his understanding and helpfulness and the Beagle appreciates his suggestion of a nearby rest stop (lots of good smells).  Please pass these comments along to Trooper Strickland's supervisor for a job well done. John C. -  Lake of the Woods, VA

Trooper H.S. Martin
Very professional and friendly. Kathryn W. - Greensboro

November 2016

Trooper C.S. Carter and two others
TRP Carter was at the scene of my ex-husband's accident on October 24 on Hwy 87.  He along with 2 other patrolmen came to my house to tell me the news that Keith had passed away.  I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all 3 men for the kindness they showed delivering such terrible news. Keith was a retired Special Forces soldier, still working as a civilian on Ft. Bragg.  As a military wife to Keith for over 20 years, I understand and deeply respect the difficult job TRP Carter and his teammates have.  And delivering such news is probably one of the worst things they face each day.  These men showed such kindness to me that day, and I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart.  Please also let them know that my son, Connor who is 7, and I are doing okay.  There is no way to go except forward and we have a lot of family and friends that have surrounded us with love.  Even though Keith was my ex-husband, he was still one of my best friend!  We lost a great man, loving Father, and friend.  Please forward this to TRP Carter's and his teammate's supervisors to let them know what outstanding gentlemen they are.  My deepest gratitude, Lori L. - Sanford

Trooper Chad Allison
I wanted to commend Trooper Allison for his help on 11/12/16. My son John Calder P. had a deer hit him when he was going 50 mph on Lake Brandt Rd outside Greensboro. His car was totaled by the insurance company. He stayed with us until the tow truck got there about 45 minutes to an hour later. He was very professional and educated us about all the things he does as a Trooper. He answered a lot of questions from us. He represents the NC Highway Patrol well and I only hope that many of your Troopers are as good as he is. Thank you. Britt P. – Greensboro

Trooper Chad Allison
My daughter Kristin Swindle was in an auto accident last Saturday, Nov 30th. She was not injured, but her car was damaged to the extent that it was undrivable. This happened in Summerfield, NC near Greensboro. Officer Chad Allison was very kind and helpful with everything about the accident. I want to let him know how much Kristin and the whole family appreciate his kindness and support. We support and appreciate all law enforcement officers everywhere, and we thank you for your service. Please let Officer Allison know he is a special person. Carol M. – Outside North Carolina

Trooper M.D. McSwain
I just want to extend a huge Thank You to Trooper Marty McSwain of Rutherford County, NC! I was driving to work north on Hwy 74A this morning, from my home in Bat Cave, when my car just died. I pulled to side of the road, popped my hood, and before I even stepped out of the car, the 2nd car to go by was Trooper McSwain. He asked if I were broke down. He turned his vehicle around, then got right under the hood. With his leatherman, he was able to reconnect the battery cable that had just "snapped," getting me on my way so I could make it to work. Trooper McSwain just so happened to be traveling from Asheville back to his job in Rutherfordton. I was surely blessed! Wow, I am so thankful and impressed by his helpfulness and courtesy! Thank You Trooper Marty McSwain. Teresa R. - Gerton

Troopers M.L.Wilson and R.B.Goodwin
I just wanted to send a positive message about Trooper Wilson and Goodwin. I recently got stuck in a big mud hole in Scotland county on the game reservation and the wrecker service could not find me.  The troopers made sure I was safe and stayed with me helping the wrecker service find its way in to me on these back roads. In my opinion these officers went out of their way to make sure they did their duty to protect and serve. I am greatly thankful for these gentlemen. The world needs more officers like them.  Jesse R. -  Marston

Troopers T.C. Wells and D.R. Oglesby
I would just like to express my thanks to Trooper Wells and Trooper Oglesby for helping my teenage daughter when she had a flat tire on the by-pass in Jacksonville, NC.  I was out of town to coach a football game and she had a blowout on the by-pass and sat on the side of the road not knowing what to do.  As I understand it Trooper Wells found her there and actually put her spare on for her.  Now, it may be the case that the troopers are required to provide this assistance but somehow I doubt that and nonetheless I greatly appreciate it.  As a retired Marine one of the reasons that we decided to stay here in Jacksonville is because of the great people and sense of community.  During my deployments my family knew that they always had people around ready to help and look out for them.  As a Dad, I always try to be there for my daughter but that day I wasn't and these troopers had my back .... thanks alot guys. William A. L. - Jacksonville

Trooper J.L. Dunlap
I would like to thank Officer Dunlap for stopping on I-26 Southeast around 8:25 am this morning to ensure my safety while checking the coolant in my car. Officer Dunlap was extremely professional and gave me a bottle of water to add to my reservoir. Please send a gracious thank you to Officer Dunlap on my behalf and thank him and the entire department for keeping the roadways safe! Paige H. - Asheville

Trooper J. A. McVicker
I would like to send my deepest thanks and appreciation for Trooper James A. McVicker, JR. With all of the negative things we hear about law enforcement, I am blessed to share something positive. I am a nurse and I work at a local army hospital. I finished day 3/3 of my weekend, and started to meet my parents halfway, a 45 minute drive to pick up my son when my tire went flat on the highway. It was dark and raining, and I was a little uneasy being stranded off of highway 87. I called 911 and asked for a police to sit with me until AAA arrived to change my tire. Trooper McVicker changed my tire for me, which was a big help because I would have had to wait about 30 more minutes for AAA to arrive. I am very thankful for this help and selfless act, especially in the cold and the rain. Shareeka B. - Fayetteville

Trooper J.A. McVicker
Professional, kind, knowledgeable in safety, excellent communication skills and a role model - an exemplar of the NC SHP. MIke and Janice R. - Tar Heel

Trooper J.D. Hoover
Trooper J.D. Hoover is the epitome of professionalism. When he responded to a traffic accident I was involved in, a day that could have turned out very bad, his concern and care made all the difference in the world. As a motorcycle enthusiast I've been presented with situations in other States that were abysmally unprofessional and smacked of profiling. Trooper Hoover's conduct has singlehandedly reversed my opinion of the relationship between motorcycle enthusiasts and law enforcement. As far as I'm concerned, he has set the standard for all Troopers. Thank you Trooper Hoover! Respectfully, Jon C. - Fayetteville

Trooper A.S. Collins
I just wanted to express my sincere thanks to Trooper Collins. My car broke down last night at a busy intersection - just as it was getting dark. Trooper Collins stood with me and my car and provided support and guidance on getting it towed to a safe location. He truly understood my frustrations and helped with the situation. I'm sure your day to day job does not provide much gratitude, but I just wanted to say - Thank you Trooper Collins! Robert B. - Greenville

Trooper J.R. Zachary, Troop D
This is a message, didn’t know how to contact the trooper and maybe he can at least get this. Sorry we met on the circumstances we did, but wanted to let you know, that at the moment baby is doing good, the doctors are going to try a procedure to hopefully keep from having to deliver baby early. So for the moment everyone is stable. Once again sorry for yesterday, but thank you for getting me out of there as fast as possible. We are hoping the baby doesn’t have to be delivered but we are now at peace if Baby Mila does. Once again thank you. Justin T. - Gibsonville

Trooper J.J.Saunders
I want to thank officer Saunders this morning! I was headed to work and had a flat tire on interstate 40 near Drexel.  I appreciate him stopping to  change my flat.  He went above and beyond his duty - he followed me off the interstate to make sure I was able to find a tire store.  Thank you again for our men in blue! Cindy W., RN- Hickory

Trooper E.P. Bradley
I wanted to thank Officer Bradley that came to check on my daughter and myself last night. Her car broke down in the edge of Minerals Springs on Western Union School Road and her insurance company called for us to have an office check on us. Office Bradley was very nice and help in finding out how long it would be until the tow truck would arrive. Officer Bradley stayed in the area until the tow truck arrived. I felt safer knowing that an office was in the area if we needed one. I know that officers did not get enough compliments and I wanted to let management for his division know nice and helpful he was last night. We had been there for awhile and his arrival to check on our safety was above and beyond his call of duty! Please let him know that we appreciate all he help during this time. My daughter and I are very thankful for Office Bradley and the NC State Troopers department!  Christine T. - Rock Hill, SC

Trooper Unknown
Hey there! I was on my way home from Raleigh late Thanksgiving night when I ran over something in the middle of the road causing my tire to pop. Soon after pulling over to the shoulder, a state trooper came and helped my brother and I change the tire. He claimed to be the only one working that district that night! It happened in Sampson County. I didn't get a chance to look at the kind young man’s badge name so I was wondering if there was any way I could find out what it was! I'd love to thank him for helping us that night. Regardless, we have NEVER had a bad experience with a highway patrol and appreciate all that you do. Thanks again! Brittany - Hampstead

Trooper K. D. Britt
Trooper Britt recently wrote me a tint ticket and firmly informed me of the dangers of window tint and spoke to us like good people as if we were friends. Ronnie J. - Fayetteville

Trooper R.E. Summerlin
My vehicle broke down on Hwy 264 E on 11/25/16. Shortly after I had stopped, a Patrol officer pulled up behind me. He approached my vehicle and asked if he could be of assistant to me. I explained to him what happened and he asked if I had someone coming and I said yes. We had a pleasant conversation before he had to leave on another call. He also told us he would check back to see if we were still there, however help came before he returned. I just wanted to commend Officer R. E. Summerlin for being very helpful and courteous while assisting us. All officers are not bad. By the way I am an African American. I preferred not to have mentioned it but felt it was necessary that we should not put all in the same category. Thanks again to Officer Summerlin.  Sally M.

SHP Troopers
During the week of October 3, about 1/2 a dozen NC State Troopers helped support the Cycle NC Mountain to Coast Ride.  The Troopers were unbelievably helpful as over 800 cyclist rode from Banner Elk to the coast.  They were all wonderful!!  Thanks to all of those who were there! Cheryl B. S. - Pine Knoll Shores

Sgt T. L. Greene
I want to express my gratitude to Sgt Greene for his faithful service in watching out for safety on the highway. I appreciate his disciplinary actions and especially the polite and respectful manner in which he spoke to me when he stopped me for speeding at 80 mph on I-26 in Henderson County. After Sgt Greene stopped me, I realized that not only was it not necessary to cause such a hazard to myself and others by my recklessness; but that, rather than resolve my anxiety about arriving at my destination on time, in reality it only caused me more anxiousness. I couldn't see this fact fully on my own at the time, but Sgt. Greene's disciplinary action helped me to realize the truth. I maintained the speed limit or less for the remainder of my trip, and have continued to drive with composure at or below the speed limits. I have been enjoying the calmer mental state and the improved ability to make decisions. Therefore I want to thank him for his helpful intervention. I extend my thanks to the whole police force whose aim it is to watch for and to preserve our safety.

Of course I would rather not have to pay the fine and have the violation on my record; it does present a financial burden. As I continued on my journey early that Saturday morning, I felt quite deflated for a bit. But when I consider the losses that Sgt Greene potentially saved me from, not to mention the risk I posed to others as well, I am very thankful that he was positioned to intercept me. Hebrews 12;11 says "No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful." (I imagine you all know this verse well.) "Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it." I have found this to be true.

I am by trade a trainer and manager of a tree service crew, engaged in the third most dangerous profession on the planet, so I myself am the one most often in the position of watching for and stopping other people from proceeding in risky behaviors. Therefore I think I have somewhat of a sense for the demands and seriousness of the job that you all are called to perform. I also humbly conceed, however, that although I watch for others, I in turn need people to watch for me and to hold me accountable for safety. I am truly grateful to Sgt Greene and to all the public safety officers who perform this vital duty.

I pray that all of you be encouraged to keep up your spirits as you engage with the public in the course of your work. I pray for your safety and protection. I also pray that each of you will find a source of motivation from the joy available while engaging in your work, and find yourselves renewed and strengthened by rejoicing in your successes. I ask that you all pray for and watch for each other and love each other. Be strong and very courageous. I promise to do likewise on the civilian side. Thanks again. God bless and keep you all. Sincerely, Dory D. - Spartanburg, SC

October 2016

Trooper Alan Humphries
My husband and I live in North Topsail Beach, NC and decided it was safer to evacuate for Hurricane Matthew.  We spent the weekend camping in Asheville and began our journey home around noon on Monday, October 10th.  We had no idea that North and South Carolina was dealing with massive, historic flooding.  By the time we reaching Lumberton, NC, it was clear that getting home would be difficult, if not impossible. The aftermath of the hurricane left countless roads closed and hotels filled to capacity. Additionally, my husband, a Marine Corps officer, needed to get back to Camp Lejeune for an important ceremony on Tuesday. In the dark, without a place to stay and no major roads to take home, we relied on google maps to guide us on a back-roads route through North and South Carolina. We soon found ourselves on a country road and within seconds, our Jeep's tires were submerged in mud and dirt. We could not get the vehicle unstuck. After hours on the phone with insurance, tow companies,
police departments, and 911 dispatchers, it was clear that no one was going to come help us. Unfortunately, our cell service was so bad that we continually disconnected from emergency services. After three hours in our car on the phone, we were finally transferred to Trooper Humphries.

Trooper Humphries is the only reason we were rescued and able to return home for my husband's ceremony. Sometime after midnight, my husband first spoke with Trooper Humphries to explain the situation. Immediately afterwards, Trooper Humphries took matters into his own hands and contacted a tow company for us. While we waited in the car, in the dark, in the middle of the night, Trooper Humphries called us regularly to make sure we were safe and that the tow company had contacted us. He kept in contact with us until after we were on the road, headed towards home.

We are beyond grateful for Trooper Humphries and his help.  He went beyond the call of duty to reassure us during that stressful night. It is clear that he is a dedicated and thoughtful human being. We would like to thank him and be sure he is commended for his actions. Greg and Sherrill H. – N. Topsail Beach

Trooper Jackie Rogers
While traveling east on US 70 about 50 miles out of New Bern on October 27, 2016, I had a flat tire.  I pulled off on NC 903. Shortly, Trooper Jackie Rogers drove by and, even though he was off duty, stopped to ask if he could help.  He checked my tire.  I had called AAA.  Trooper Rogers informed me that there was a garage in La Grange which could send a person quickly to change my tire. I needed to be in New Bern for a meeting, and I told Trooper Rogers that I wanted to do that.  He proceeded to call the garage and within 10 minutes someone was there to change the tire.  I cancelled the call to AAA. Trooper Rogers had to take some food to his home nearby, and he returned in a very few minutes to be sure everything was OK.  I commend Trooper Rogers for his courtesy, kindness and professionalism and his help to this stranded motorist. Even though he was off duty, he spent about 45 minutes getting me back on the road. Trooper Rogers represents all that is excellent in the NC SHP.  His actions reflected in a very positive manner on the NC SHP.  Thank you Trooper Rogers.  Pender M. -Charlotte

Trooper Pope
My family and I were traveling back north in a rental car to avoid the hurricane in early October when our rental car broke down on I-95 North.  Officer Pope arrived on the scene and my family was very upset and unsure of how to proceed. Officer Pope not only helped get all of us to safety but he also helped calm my very young children who were quite frightened at the time.  As you can imagine, being stuck on the side of a very busy highway late at night in the dark can be very upsetting to small children.  Officer Pope was eager to help, extremely patient, and kind beyond words. He transported my family and our belongings to a nearby hotel, taking several trips back and forth.  Honestly, I don't know what we would have done without him as we had no other options that late at night.  I have continued to share this great story of his kindness to so many and wanted to make sure that I passed along our thanks to him personally as well.  Tracy S. and family - Downingtown, PA

Trooper Bradley Bullard, Trooper Philip Collins and First Sergeant Matt Hardee
My husband and I want to commend the above officers for their dedication and commitment to all those impacted by the recent hurricane and resulting floods especially for the aid and assistance that they afforded our son on the evening of October 14th.  He attends college in South Carolina and after not being able to come home for fall break due to the storm, he attempted to head home that weekend only to find his usual route along 74/76 was closed.  As he tried to find a way around the flooding, he became disoriented and realized that gas stations were closed as he soon ran out of gas.  We were uncertain how to reach him, and AAA said that they could not get to where he was due to flood waters.  In the midst of all that these officers had on their plate, they went out of their way to get him gas and be sure that he got to the right road to head home.  His 8 hour journey, instead of the usual 4, ended with relief that he was heading home and a greater appreciation and respect for law enforcement.  We greatly appreciate their efforts!!  Please extend our deepest thanks to them!! Phillip and Ann D. - Wilmington

Trooper Unknown
I had the privilege of meeting a super nice trooper at the NC HIGHWAY PATROL Exhibition just outside the Kerr Scott Building at the NC State Fair on October 21, 2016, at noon. He was kind enough to take a picture with me. However, I VERY REGRETFULLY forgot to thank him for his dedication, sacrifice, and service to our state and citizens. A huge thanks to each and everyone of you serving with the NC Highway Patrol for your continued outstanding and excellent service! You are in my prayers!  Lisa Johnson K.

Trooper M. Anderson
Last night I had a flat on 540 here in Raleigh about 830ish, Trooper M Anderson, C357 pulled over to check on me. I told him I was fine and thanked him, and said he was ok to go I could change the tire.

He said he would stay behind to alert traffic. I must have been taking a little longer than normal so he came out to check on me again then helped me to lower the spare and to help jack up my truck to get the spare into place.

I just want to say thank you for his assistance, sorry to pull him away from other more important things. Trooper Anderson was extremely polite and helpful. I appreciate his assistance, I thank you for what he does for our citizens. Sincerely, Keith P.

Trooper T.R. Silance and Trooper A.R. Juliano
I encountered a flat tire along Hwy 24 and while I was trying to remove the lug nuts from the wheel, Trooper Silance was the first to show up. He pulled up and asked if everything was ok and I told him I was struggling with getting the wheel off. Without hesitation he offered his assistance. He was able to help get all but one lug nut off. At this time Trooper Juliano had arrived and immediately helped us. After all was said and done I was able change out my flat tire. If it wasn't for Trooper Silance and Trooper Juliano I wouldn't have been able to change my flat tire. These two excellent Troopers are the epitome of what all police officers should be. I hope they are both commended for being so helpful. Evan W. - Camp Lejeune

Trooper Unknown
A few weeks ago I was traveling back to Charlotte from a job in Raleigh.  I was taking the back route 501 to 24 as it was a nice day.  Someplace between Carthage and east Charlotte I had gotten a series of emails and texts from clients, I saw a safe place by the side of the road at the top of a hill to quickly pull over and check my messages and perhaps make a call. I had passed a trooper who was by the side of the road just before I pulled over. I imagine he was checking motorists speed or filing a report.

After a few minutes, he pulled in behind me, came up to my car and asked what I was doing.  Very civil and professional, and I told him why I had pulled over, he had observed me, and asked me why I had so quickly pulled over and I explained.  He thanked me and I thanked him and he went off, after a few minutes, I went on my way.

While I was fine, I totally appreciate that he took the time to do a check on me. I could have been having a heart attack or a stroke, or I could have been a mom with a choking toddler, or a myriad other scenarios.  My point is that he was situationally aware and took the time to check out the situation and make sure I was OK.

When you think about it, it is a really good feeling to know that it is not all about just catching speeders and clearing up accidents, etc., it is being there for John Q Citizen, and this trooper was just being a great professional.  So I just want to say thanks to you all, and stay safe out there. Thanks from, John Q Citizen -  Mark - Charlotte

Trooper T. L. Maness
Trooper Maness was so kind.  He made sure me and my son were okay and that we stayed safe while he took care of the accident. He even made sure we didn't get wet in the downpour that started shortly after the accident.  He was quick and efficient, and did it all with a smile. Ashley Elizabeth J.

Trooper Mann
I had an emergency stop on the side of the road at around 730 pm with a flat tire.  It had just gotten dark and of course my flashlight was in my other vehicle.  I proceeded to pull out the tools to change the tire.  As I was about to loosen the lug nuts Trooper Mann pulled up.  The lights to the patrol car were welcoming.  I explained what had happened and he was very gracious to ask if I needed assistance.  I told him his flash light would be sufficient.  He went beyond just holding the flash light and helped me piece together the stupid newfangled  car jacks they have today (I'm used to the old fashioned ones that are made of steal and there is no question as to what goes where).

Now, I know that my incident was no big deal and I'm quite capable of taking care of myself, but it's simple acts of kindness such as this that I think should be recognized.  I would have gotten my task at hand done eventually, but it sure was nice having the help to get me on my way. Thank you Trooper Mann!  You're awesome and a great asset to your profession. Sincerely, Cheryl G.

Trooper Wilson
In this day in the peak of bad community relations between black men and police, I write about an experience that I had last night that was quite the contrary. On my way home from a computer class last night in Cary, my vehicle malfunctioned on the 540 expressway around 10:00 pm, leaving me stranded in an unlit expressway. My good fortune had me receive an officer from your patrol, Patrolman Wilson, who came to my rescue and was able to get me home safely. In so doing, he displayed immense professionalism, compassion, good judgment and concern. Having an encounter like this, really is faith renewing in many ways. A true embodiment of the motto of serve and protect. Michael I. - Raleigh

Trooper Mitchell
My 19 year old daughter had her first accident today at the Hwy.50 and Old Weaver Trail intersection in Wake County. Thank goodness there was no serious injuries. Trooper Mitchell was the officer at the location. When I arrived at the scene, I had expected my daughter to be terrified but to my surprise she was calm. She said Trooper Mitchell was extremely kind and caring to both her and the other lady. He made sure they were safe, as this is an extremely busy area in the morning, and calmed them down!  As I waited with my daughter, I found Officer Mitchell to be professional, courteous and positive. This was my daughter's first interaction with any type of law enforcement and I could not of asked for a better Police Officer. Trooper Mitchell was the perfect example of what you want dealing with your child in a terrible situation. Thank you Trooper Mitchell for taking care of my daughter, you are one of the many reasons why the Residents of North Carolina are proud of our NC Highway
Patrol! Sincerely, A very grateful Mom, Lisa B.

Trooper B. W. Jones
I sincerely appreciate the manner in which he handled the call. Officer Jones resolved the matter with a professional approach and with compassion. He even added a splash of humour which eased my tension as well. It was truly a good experience although a difficult situation. Thank you again,  Dr. G.S. - Landover, Md

Trooper K.S. Libby
On 02 October 2016, after a long day on the road, my wife and I were almost at our destination when we had a collision with a dog running across the road. Being on vacation from Canada, we were unsure of the North Carolina protocols for accident reporting, when compared to Canadian rules and regulations. After determining the proper agency to report to and overcoming some telephone issues, Trooper Libby was able to attend and speak with us on 03 October 2016.

Trooper Libby was professional in his appearance and conduct. My wife and I were quickly put at ease about our situation and Trooper Libby answered all of our questions, even if they seemed unusual from an American point of view. Having been a municipal and provincial police officer for 20 years, I can honestly say that Trooper Libby set a standard that Canadian officers I have worked with should aspire to!

Being a police officer in this day and age is a thankless job, but I would like to take this opportunity to thank Trooper Libby and the North Carolina Highway Patrol for being out there and doing the job. THANK-YOU AND STAY SAFE!  Michael M. - Coldwater, Ontario

Sgt. Rusty Jones, Trooper Daniel Wakefield, Trooper Jeremy Allen
I am the Principal of JC Draughn High School- in Valdese, NC/Burke County.  On Friday, 7OCT16 one of our students was killed in an early morning traffic accident.  Needless to say this tragedy shook the students and faculty of this school.  Friday was perhaps the most difficult day in the history of Draughn High School.  Sgt. Jones, Trooper Daniel Wakefield, and Trooper Jeremy Allen all came to the school.  Trooper Wakefield had worked the accident.  These three officers spoke with students and staff, and offered comfort to everyone they encountered.  The compassion, kindness, and professionalism they demonstrated was of great assistance to this school and its members. Their performance here on Friday were in keeping with the highest standards of the NC Highway Patrol, and of law enforcement.

I thought it was important to let the Patrol know what a good thing these men did, and how they were a great help to many young people who were in distress and pain. Patrick D. - Morganton

Trooper Brodie Crawford and Trooper Courtney Barker
Trooper Crawford and Trooper Barker were gracious enough to take time out of their busy evening to help me with the Franklin, NC, Lions Club.
We have launched a campaign to raise awareness to the escalating numbers of children in WNC who are riding with impaired drivers.  These Troopers are experts at recruiting the public to help save lives. Thank all of you for your steadfast support of MADD. Ellen P., MADD WNC, Maggie Valley

First Sergeant Matt Wike
Sergeant Wike was so helpful.  I had a blowout on NC107 before 7am on Saturday morning.  I was alone with my 7 and 2-year olds.  I was so worried we were going to be hit on the side of the road waiting for help.  He came and quickly changed my tire, and then escorted me to Sylva to get a new tire.  He was so calm and helpful.  He clearly knew I was in distress and worried without my husband there to help.  I was from out of town, and as soon as he realized all of this, he immediately answered my questions and got me where I needed to be. I am truly grateful for his assistance and calm demeanor. He is a true hero!  Please forward this to Sergeant Wike and his supervisor. I would like for him to get recognition for a job well done and for him to know what a positive impact he had on my life that day!  :) Laura D. - Alexandria, VA

Trooper N.S. McKee
Trooper McKee did an awesome job investigating this questionable accident.  We were able to proceed with a claim denial based on evidence of a staged accident. Claim was referred to NC DOI and NICB.  He cooperation with my investigation greatly affected the outcome.  We appreciated the partnership with the NC SHP and the great job they do!
Tim L. – Special Insurance Investigator

Trooper High and his partner
I was at the corner of Trinity and Blue Ridge during the NC State tailgate event and waiting for an escape via my husband who was coming to get me with his car on a very busy corner.  I'm 79 and my husband is 82 and we were having trouble making it happen. Your two men were so kind and helpful.  Way above what I thought I had a right to expect.  I'll remember that event with appreciation for a long time. Sincere thanks, Laura M. - Charlotte

Trooper C.H. Allison
My 16 year old daughter was involved in a (thankfully) fairly minor traffic accident yesterday, However, it was her first accident and she was extremely upset and distraught. Trooper Allison was the responding officer and I just wanted to let someone in the agency know how impressed I was with how he handled the situation.

I had arrived a few minutes after the accident and was there when he arrived on the scene. Trooper Allison handled the report and citation very professionally, as one would expect of a NC State Trooper, and he could have left the situation at that and went on his way, But instead, he took the time to talk to her, calming her down, reassuring her, showing compassion and empathy, and continued to the point where he had actually began to help her build back her confidence. I think he knew he had finally reached her and made her feel somewhat better about the situation when he made her laugh.

I think being in law enforcement is one of the most trying and toughest of professions, I can't imagine what a State Trooper must deal with on a daily or weekly basis, or have dealt with over the course of their career. But I do know that as one father of a daughter who was going through one of the worst experiences in her young life, to another father of a daughter, who was the trooper that was helping her through the situation, I have to say I appreciate what you did and say thank you, Trooper Allison. Sincerely, Tom F.

Trooper Rodd Gorham
On 27 September 2016, at or about 1900 hours, as I was leaving Raleigh, heading back to Rocky Mount, from class I attend bi-daily, I have the misfortune of having a full-blown blow out on (busy) 64 East; There was already a Deputy from Wake County behind my vehicle trying intensely for roughly an hour to change a tire without a proper jack for the vehicle I was driving that night.  Trooper Gorham pulled up and retrieved a suitable jack from his vehicle.  He began to assist Deputy Carroll in the grueling task of getting an SUV off the ground with what seemed like an tireless effort of energy. 

 I am at 60's door, have spent 25 years and 7 months in the United States Army, been in four different conflicts, Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom and Noble Eagle;  Travelled all over the world during my tenure in the Uniform, supervised over 400 people any given day for over 23 of the 25 plus years, and NEVER in my entire existence, have I been as fascinated about anything (that I can recall) in years, as I was about Trooper Rodd Gorham and Deputy Travis Carroll's energy and assertiveness in getting me off that road. 

 I did not have funds to pay for a tow, nor a phone to call anyone, and as previously stated, my jack was (jacked) so they were a GOD-send.  I could not have maintained my sanity out there at that time of night without any way to get through to anyone.  I omitted one major factor, I am not comfortable being approached by strangers so I would have had a moment if, the law Enforcement Officers hadn't been the ones that pulled up behind me with the professional demeanor they exhibited.  I commend Trooper Gorham and everyone with the zeal and enthusiasm he has for his profession and above all else, the compassion he has for people.  I truly wish that I had my phone at that momentous moment, they were literally on their knees changing my tire (I am still elated).  I was on that road for nearly 1.5 hours and they were there until I could resume my trip home. Thank GOD for Trooper Rodd Gorham, and your entire agency.   "Be Blessed".   Raemilla H. - Rocky Mount

Trooper Chris Wooten
I would like to personally thank State Trooper Chris Wooten for all his support on our CNC Mountains to Coast fall ride. With the impending storm approaching we were all very nervous about the hurricanes path especially me living on the coast of SC. Everyday he ask me about my travel plans and made sure we arrived safe at our hotel destination. Traveling alone it was a comfort to know he made the extra effort to check on our safety. A big thank you to all the troopers escorting us across your beautiful state. It is such a comfort to know we are lead by such a fine group of men. I look forward to next year. Grace K. - Pawleys Island, SC

Motorcycle patrol
I recently participated in the CycleNC mountains to the coast bike ride. I just wanted to take a moment and thank the State Highway Patrol Troopers that escorted us on our ride. They provided safe escort through some dangerous traffic. As we all know, car drivers don't always give cyclists respect on the road, but having the trooper there really encouraged them to do so! All the troopers were professional and polite, and it was great getting to know them throughout the week. They provided a needed service or this event. Thanks for your support of CycleNC, and hopefully we will enjoy their company next year! CC. W - Goldsboro

Troopers who supported the CNC Mountains to Coast Bicycle Ride
You guys rocked!  It was amazing and comforting to see you every day partrolling the routes each day. You made the ride so much safer for the bicyclists and we greatly appreciated not only your presence, but also your camraderie, friendship and professionalism. A HUGE THANK-YOU!!!! And hope to see you again next year :-) Kathy N.

All NC State Highway Patrol Officers on motorcycle that rode with the 2016 Cycle NC Mountains to Coast Event
I wish to send a huge "Thank You" to all of the NC State Highway Patrol Officers on motorcycle that rode with us cyclists on the 2016 Cycle NC Mountains to Coast Event.  The help they provided with traffic control at various intersections holding back traffic to allow us cyclists to pass was very valuable to our safety and greatly appreciated.  It was very comforting to know that they were patrolling the routes to provide assistance to any of us needing help.  What a great service to this event!!! THANK YOU!!!  THANK YOU!!!  THANK YOU!!! Danny F. -Athens, WV 

All troopers who followed CycleNC bike ride this year.
For the second year bike riders on the CycleNC ride across the state had an escort of NC State Troopers on motorcycles. You have no idea how much safer this made us all feel.  While helping the bikers "stay safe" each one of these men was a great example the type of recruit I am sure the state is searching for. I stay at hotels on the ride and had the good fortune of seeing the troopers both "on and off duty".  They were great role models for the state whether they were on during the day or relaxing in civilian clothes at night.  I hope the NC Highway Patrol will continue to provide troopers as escorts for all future CycleNC rides. This is really a win-win for all concerned.  Keep it up. Michael T. - Emerald Isle

Entire Group of Troopers that participated in Cycle North Carolina 2016
As a participant in this year's CNC and a member of the American Children's Home Team, I want to extend my appreciation for the assistance and professionalism of all the NCHP Motorcycle Officers as we traveled from Banner Elk in route to Atlantic Beach. The officer representation we received exceeded all expectations and was decisive in our safe travels and crucial when aid was needed.  THANK YOU for all you do every day and prayers for your safety on and off the road! Randy P. -Thomasville

Troopers on the motorcycle unit
 I was a Cyclists on the NC mt. to coast Bicycle ride across our great state I appreciate the motorcycle trooper and their efforts to us safe. They demonstrated a high level of professionalism as well as being personable and approachable.  Lynn S. - Thomasville

Many thanks to the SHP.
They were a joy to ride with during CNC C-toC. They provided extra safety coverage along the way, very professional and friendly, too. I was signed up for the last 3 days which was shortened to a 1 day ride due to "Matthew." But that one day was worth it. I loved seeing them on their BMWs...but somehow they would not trade their bikes for my bike. Hope to see them on future CNC events. Thanks SHP. MaryDavis R.

Trooper Unknown
Thank you for keeping my husband and daughter safe on this years ride! I am grateful for all you did and what you do for the public every day! I appreciate you! Brandynn L. -Sugar Hill, Ga

All the fine men and women who provided help and support.
I participated in the 2016 Cycle NC Mountains to Coast Ride and wish to send the NC State Highway Patrol Officers a BIG Thank You, I am so thankful to have the friendly troopers along with us and I sincerely hope they continue to come back year after year. A huge "THANK YOU" for all your help and support in getting us cyclists across the state safely. Rana D.

All Troopers
Just a note to let all Troopers know they are truly NC's Finest! Everyone I know deeply respects and are proud you all! Thank you very much! Walt M. - Elm City


September 2016

Trooper unknown
Me and my 8 year old  daughter had broke down in Burlington NC last week on Hatchary st, { A silver Jaguar xj8}. When the officer 1st approach my car i had my 8 year old baby girl in the back seat sleep under a small blanket i keep the a/c on high all the time.and i was so afraid because she was moving and you could not see who was under the blanket. and i am a black male....1st i never in my 30 years of driving had a police to come to my car with a smile on his/her took the tow truck about a hour to come and it was hot. Within that hour or so the officer came to my car about 3 time to see if we needed anything, when the traffic would let up because he had to direct the traffic in the sun in 95 degree temperature. We chatted a few times and after the tow truck got my car up on the tow truck and we was leaving he reach out 1st to shake my hand. I am from Baltimore Md and in 30 years of driving. i never felt so safe around a police in my life, i never been treated like this by a police....Now my entire outlook on police officers has completely changed..Though you may read this letter and say so what not a big deal, i assure you that as a black man this is a really big deal.

And not just this...i have been at a red light setting next to your state police, on 3 different occasion and your officers speak to me with a wave of the hand. Lastly i work for Burlington sanitation department with 18 other black men in there 40's and not one of them ever told me about a bad experience with the state police assigned to Burlington NC...I will never leave this state just because of the way state police officers treat me and my kids..I truly hope this letter reach this outstanding police officer. Terry C. - Burlington

Trooper C.J. Durham and Trooper P.J. Ramos
I would like to take a moment to acknowledge two of your Representatives.  On Saturday, 9/24/16 Trooper Charles Durham took the time to assist when my vehicle tire was punctured on Highway I-40 West, near exit 285.  He was truly an “Angel”.   He was the “calm”, in a high-anxiety situation.  Without hesitation, he assessed the situation and immediately took action to help me. Trooper Phil Ramos eventually arrived on the scene and joined the effort.  They were both kind, respectful and empathetic during my time of need.  As heavy traffic zoomed by, not always changing lanes for their consideration, these young men took the time to help replace my damaged tire and make sure I was safe.  (Unfortunately, my Roadside Assistance did not arrive until later.) So often, we hear of the “negatives” in the world.  It’s refreshing to know that there “are” people in the world who care.  I hope to never face another situation like this, however if I do, I pray that I am met with the same type of compassion and concern that Trooper Durham and Trooper Ramos shared.  My situation could have been more severe that day – I know that I am ‘Blessed’ and I am grateful. If possible, “Please” Thank Trooper Durham and Trooper Ramos for me.  Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy message and Thank You for having such great Representatives in your Department.  Have a Nice Day! Dawn S.

Trooper F.E. Odell
I just received a citation from trooper FE Odell (9/28/2016).  First of all, Mr. Odell was very professional and polite.  He was patient and fully explained the reason I was being pull over and cited.  I Completely deserved this citation!!!  At a time when our society shows very little respect for law enforcement it was refreshing to see that our public atmosphere of disrespect has not effected Mr. Odell's disposition. I feel that there is a distinct possibility that receiving this citation may save my life in the future.  I hope my comments reach Mr. Odell's supervisor so he can be aware and take pride in the type of officers that represent his division.  Thank you Mr. Odell for what you do to keep us all safe and secure each and every day. God Bless you all. William M. - Mount Holly

Trooper T.K. Pounds
I wanted to extend my sincere thanks and how much I appreciated Trooper Pounds' professionism and helpfulness with my JCS bus 232 breakdown on Covered Bridge Rd yesterday. Trooper Pounds has restored my faith in a good working relationship with the NC SHP. His customer service to myself and the passing motorists was above and beyond! He was most patient and did not raise his voice to me as other Troopers have done in the past, his take charge and ask what I needed kept the stress off me as I had to coordinate a spare bus to take the loaded middle school students from the mechanical broken bus, AND he stayed to help with traffic control while our JCS wrecker was in operation!  KUDOS!! Marge M. – Johnston County

Master Trooper K.D. Ivey
Thank you to Master Trooper Ivey. He was very helpful and willing to assist in our needed tire change on the side of hwy 74 near hwy 242. We greatly appreciated the assistance. Amber C. - Whiteville

Trooper S.L. Staley
Please express my sincere appreciation to Trooper Staley in Ashe County for his valued assistance in helping me remain safe on Highway 16 near the Ashe / Wilkes County line during my vehicle breakdown last Friday afternoon, September 16th. Despite the idiots who kept running over his flares (2 times), he and another Trooper persisted in ensuring me and my vehicle remained safe in a precarious location, until roadside assistance arrived. Trooper Staley exhibits the finest qualities of the men and women of North Carolina Highway Patrol. May the best of fortune always attend those who serve the citizens of North Carolina and keep them safe.  Regards, Jim M. - West Jefferson

Trooper J.D.Allred
My wife called from the Grays Chapel School yesterday with a flat tire and I was on the way with a 20 minute eta to help her out, by the time I arrived Danny had the tire off and changed and was wrapping up everything. He was not on duty at the time but I think his conduct off duty as much as on duty exemplifies what a Trooper should be. He also stands out every day he can directing traffic for the families to drop off their children in a safe manner at Grays Chapel School. I've seen the man standing out in rain and lightning and never complain once or ask for any reimbursement. With so many negative lights being shined on our LEO now I wanted to make sure a positive vibe went out and hopefully Danny will get a much deserved 'at a boy' from his superiors. Greg C. - Randleman

All troopers
I just wanted you to know that we are praying for you all.   Your safety, your skills and your spiritual strength are extremely important to us and we will keep you in our prayers. I hope whoever reads this will pass it on. Pastor Todd E. - Greenfield, OH

Trooper D.K. Ayers
I was stranded on the side of Hwy 77 with a flat tire around midnight. Trooper Ayers arrived on the scene and helped me start changing my tire until AAA arrived 45 minutes later. I thought with everything going on in the world today, it is important to thank Trooper Ayers for helping me get home safely and express how thankful my family and I are to have state troopers who protect us on the roads. Chris H. - Cornelius

Trooper Sellers
On Friday, 2 Sep. 2016, my family and I were on our way to Greensboro to visit family. At about 4:30PM, my left front tire went flat. Shortly after I pulled off to the side of the road, Trooper Sellers pulled up behind and asked what the problem was and if offered assistance in changing the tire. Due the storm that was coming through the area at the time, it was raining. After the tire was changed, Trooper Sellers gave us directions to the nearest Sam's Club. Trooper Sellers was on his way home as his shift was over. Niels S. - Jacksonville

Trooper E.J. Phillips
I experienced a tire blow out going south on I-85 the evening of 9/10/16. I was near exit 94 I believe.  Trooper Phillips stopped to assist me, changed my tire, spare was dry rotted, He then escorted me to a nearby gas station and made sure I had made contact with a reputable tow service before leaving me.  I was incredibly thankful for his assistance, his professional courtesy and kind attitude.  Nowadays I feel kindness too often goes unnoticed, so I wanted to make sure and let the powers that be commend him! Donna F. - Rock Hill, SC

Trooper D. P. Barnes
Trooper Barnes was very courteous, professional, and helpful. I appreciate everything he did in handling the incident in Buncombe county on 9/15/16. He is a professional through and through. Ira P., Jr.

Trooper G. S. Mitchell
Trooper Mitchell was very professional but not cold.  He was very willing to answer any questions he could and was very polite and helpful.  When your son has a wreck it is very stressful, when you lose a lot of sleep it compounds the stress and Trooper Mitchell did not make it worse at all.  I appreciated his professionalism with politeness. Anna V.

Sgt. M.A.Coyle
I was having vehicle trouble this morning, and Sgt Coyle stopped to assist.  He was off-duty running errands but saw me in uniform and went out of his way to help me.  I am very appreciative of his assistance. Andy T.

Trooper C.J. Pogue
My wife and I had a major car problem the night of 9/6/2016, and the car was totally out of commission at the entrance to Walmart in Pisgah Forest. Trooper Chris Pogue arrived within minutes offering his help in calling for a tow service and staying with us until tow truck arrived.  He then offered to drive us home.  His care and concern were much appreciated. John C.

Trooper C.A. Taylor
Officer Taylor stopped me for not having my head lights. He was very professional and I thank him for making me aware because I had forgot to turn them on. I was stopped in Morehead City and I cannot remember the exact date. Amanda  B. - Morehead City

Trooper K.L. Starkloff
Thank you so much to Trooper Starkloff for the assistance given to my family and I when our van broke down on Hwy. 87 last Sunday, August 28.  We were traveling to Fayetteville from visiting my sister in the hospital at New Hanover in Wilmington. Your assistance went above and beyond and was much appreciated.  It turned a difficult situation into an enjoyable event for my children and it was definitely a positive experience with law enforcement. William L. - Fayetteville

Trooper unknown
I want to thank the Capitol Police officer who, in the middle of morning rush hour traffic waved a hello to me and my husband.  Our son was killed in the line of duty in Virginia Beach and we honor him with a bumper sticker and our license plate.  I don't know which one the officer noticed, but we thank him for taking a moment to recognize a fallen officers family.  To the men and women who walk the Thin Blue Line every day, stay safe and thank you for your service. Beverly P. - Henderson

Trooper Charles Bowen
I was travelling west on 70 (Glenwood Ave) in Wake County about 12:30 in the afternoon; I stopped at the traffic light at T.W. Alexander and the car just died and wouldn't start.  I was in the right lane (thank goodness), the car would not go into neutral so some helpful passers-by could not push to a safe spot on the shoulder.  After about 10 minutes Officer Bowen pulled behind me with his blue lights flashing so the drivers in the right hand lane would not crash into my car.  He called for a wrecker and helped turn a bad situation into a positive one.  He is to be complimented on his demeanor and his professionalism.  Thank you Officer Bowen for serving the people of North Carolina.  (Sorry about the huge backup on Glenwood Avenue yesterday afternoon; I hope that does not happen again). Marilyn V. - Durham

Trooper J. K. Locklear
On July 23 I was pulled over for speeding in Laurel Hill by Trooper J. K. Locklear.  While that is not a pleasant situation under any circumstances, I appreciated Trooper Locklear’s courtesy and the utmost respect with which I was treated. Within the context of all the negativity surrounding law enforcement, I feel it is more important than ever to recognize the men and women, of whom there are many, who remain dedicated to serving the people of North Carolina in a manner consistent with the highest standards of law enforcement.  I would like to thank Trooper Locklear for his professionalism. Cheryl B.

Sgt. Matt Howell
I just wanted to say that today I had a encounter with Sgt Howell and never have I had an experience with an officer like this one. Sgt Howell was very knowledgeable and informative with the information he shared with me about my truck. He was very polite and genuine. I can tell he loves his job. It's one think to just work a job it's another thing to be passionate about it and Sgt Howell is passionate. Keep up the good work in keep our road safe. #teamSgtHowell. Sam

August 2016

Trooper Brandon Copeland
Trooper Brandon Copeland assisted us after a major blow out of a tire as we crossed the Wright Memorial Bridge.  Emergency 911 had been contacted by a couple behind us and saw it happen.  Trooper Copeland saw that 2 senior citizens were quite shaken up after the blowout.  He was extremely kind to us, especially me....I was visibly shook up, shaking and crying.  He had heard me talking on my cell phone to my son who is a Police Sergeant and 24 year veteran with the Newport News Police Department.  He started talking to me about law enforcement and got my mind off of the incident that had just happened.  He was very professional and caring.  My husband and I will forever be grateful to this Trooper for his caring heart and helping to calm me down.  I have sent an email to his supervisor, First Sgt. William Crane.  Thank you very much. Dr. & Mrs. Thomas A. S. Newport News, VA 

F/Sgt. Matt Wike, Sgt. Tracy Greene, Sgt. Scott Smith, Trp. Hunter Hooper, Trp. Luke Pate, Trp. Steve Allen
My 4 year old daughter and I we're involved in an accident on Father's Day 2016. The men that I have named above went absolutely above and beyond their duty to make a pretty scary situation so much easier to deal with. Both my daughter & I were treated with concern, kindness, & respect. Thanks for what you all do. May God bless, watch over you, & keep you safe.  Brody P.

Trooper Randall Neal
On July 12, our staff from Woodridge Assisted Living in Monroe was in route to Clemmons, N.C. for a day-long training when the bus mal-functioned just after exiting 1-77 onto 1-40 at Statesville. This was close to Exit 154. While we were making arrangements from our end to get a rental vehicle to pick up the eight stranded ladies, Officer Neal stopped to check on them.  He checked on them and also returned bringing refreshments. They had been stranded on the side of the Interstate for several hours. It meant so much to me, my company and the ladies that Officer Neal took the time and funds to help our stranded staff in time of need.  We truly cannot say thank you enough times for this act of kindness and consideration.  May God bless and keep you and your entire staff safe. Thank you all for what you do to keep us safe and for all of your families that sacrifice as well.  Janice C., Administrator, Monroe

Trooper Bridges
Yesterday I had a flat tire at exit 127 near Nashville and simply couldn't get the lug nut off due to it being partially stripped. Trooper Bridges stopped and we used his lug wrench to finally get the lug nut off so I could change the tire, and he also directed me to a tire shop where I could buy a replacement tire and be on my way. Trooper Bridges, thank you so much for your help and professionalism. Awesome job sir. Peace. Dave D., Alexandria, Virginia.

State Trooper Driving E551
This morning a little after 8 am I was driving back to Charlotte from Lincolnton after meeting my kids and their mom at Lincoln Charter for their first day of school,  and a state trooper was behind me E551 was in the back window. We came across a road block where construction was being done where we had to detour and once we turned I didn't have a clue where to go. I flagged him down to tell him I was not sure where I was going. He replied follow me. The detour took us about 15 minutes out of the way. I was not able to get his tag number but noticed E551 but I just wanted to report this and to get the message to him I said THANK YOU for going over and beyond this morning. I would have been totally lost trying to figure my way back.  Mario B., Lincolnton

Trooper Unknown
I am not sure of the officer's name, but I would like to say how greatful I am to the officer who helped my daughter on Saturday, August 20. She had a blowout and was stranded on an exit off of I-95 between Lumberton and Fayetteville. She is a student at UNC Pembroke and we are 3 hours away from her. He helped put on her spare and even took her to a nearby gas station to put air in the spare. She did not get his name but I do hope this officer somehow still receives this message and knows just how appreciative her parents are that he helped her. Tanya M., Newport

Trooper Marr
My daughter and niece were going to Charlotte and they got a flat tire. They were in the side of I40 and I was extremely concerned for their safety. Trooper Marr was on the scene in just a few minutes. He changed their tire and took them to a tire repair shop. I am extremely grateful for Trooper Marr helping them! Thank you! Stay safe!  George H., Winston Salem

Trooper CJ Bell #1800
With all the tension going on around the country with law enforcement and minorities, I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize Patrolman CJ Bell. On 8/1/2016 I was returning to Virginia from North Carolina after a vacation, and in my desire to beat the traffic congestion I was speeding. Patrolman Bell pulled me over, and as an African-American male, I was a feeling a bit anxious all things considered. Patrolman Bell approached my vehicle and engaged me in a very professional way and immediately alleviated my anxiety. It was comforting as he seemed to be more concerned about my safety than anything else. I just wanted to share this experience to let you know that you are appreciated. Gregory P. - Brunswick County

Trooper Hargrove 
This was my second encounter with Officer Hargrove. The first being late 2015 when I had broken down on 85S & was super pregnant. It was cold & he took me to meet my mom a few exits up. Told me he'd go back & secure my vehicle..he just wanted me out of the cold. He was amazing!!!!!! Fast forward to July 2016-I witnessed a rollover, again on 85S, being an ER nurse & EMT, I stopped of course. Low & behold Officer Hargrove showed up. We took one look at each other & remembered one another. He was amazing that day too!!!!  He said, "I helped you out now you're out here helping me out." I responded with, "It came full circle my friend." I do not live anywhere near his patrol area, just happened to be in the area those few days. He is a black officer, I am a white woman. With such craziness going on with 'Race issues' with LEO, I just want to say, he is AMAZING.  Thank you Officer Hargrove!!!!!!!!!   Elizabeth C., Rock Hill.

Trooper Davis
Last night around 11:00 pm my teenage daughters and I were driving eastbound on I-40 mm374. Officer Davis pulled up to check on us. He offered to assist us but we had already called for assistance. He stayed with to make sure we were safe. Officer Davis really impressed me and my daughters with his pleasant demeanor and professionalism. He was an excellent ambassador for SHP. Please let him know that he did a great job! Ed T., Hampstead

Troopers:  All of them
The Goldsboro NC office is filled full of professionals.  Very nice people if you’re a law obiding citizen of course! Joyce

Trooper Cribb and Trooper Smith
We had an accident right in front of the Weigh Station approximately mile maker 24 on I-95 north bound. Troopers Smith and Cribb were on the scene and called for backup EMT, Fire Dept.  I was driving my SUV towing a travel trailer when I was cut off by another vehicle causing me to jackknife and roll both vehicle and trailer. Troopers Smith and Cribb showed outstanding professionalism and courtesy to me and my family.  They made sure that we were comfortable in the weigh station building and provided us with water and a cool place to stay before we could get going again.  It is a fresh of breath air to see how the people of North Carolina responded to us. Living in the hustle bustle of NJ it is a relief to know that Troopers such as these two exist.  NC should be proud of them.  I hope this little recognition by me does not go unnoticed.  God bless. Mr. & Mrs. Stanley S. and family - Lanoka Harbor, NJ

Trooper M W Coley
I am a driver for YRC Freight out of Charlotte. I was stopped by Trooper Coley on northbound I-85 at exit 54 about 1:00 pm on 08-04-16. Trooper Coley did a level 2 inspection on my truck and trailer, checked my logbook, physical card and CDL driver's license. There were no violations of any kind. Trooper Coley was very professional and courteous during the entire process. This man is indeed a credit to the North Carolina Highway Patrol and he should be told so, as should his superior officers. I have almost 38 years of truck driving experience and believe me I have had dealings with several other Troopers in this time and I would say 90% of them have been men like Trooper Coley. Well done Trooper Coley. Take care and be safe. Thank You.   Wayne S., Kannapolis

Trooper M. B. Lowry
Trooper Lowry came to our aid after a three car accident on I-26. I just want to comment positively on his professional manner, his kindness and his concern for our well being. Though no one was injured, we were a bit shaken up and he kept us calm and at ease. Please let him know he is appreciated. - Thanks, James B., Asheville

Trooper Eric Schaberg
Trooper Schaberg volunteered today to assist the Governor Morehead School Alumni Association at their reunion luncheon. Members of this group come together every year for a reunion bringing together former minority students of the Governor Morehead School on Ashe Ave and the NC School for the Deaf Dumb and Blind on Garner Rd, the segregated campus for minorities. Trooper Schaberg helped out everywhere he was needed today. My sister and another lady needed a strong arm to get into the cafeteria which is not handicap accessible. We didn't even know he was there as he quietly reached out and provided his help. He set up the room for diners, served hush puppies with a big smile, greeted, cleaned and helped again with getting out of the cafeteria. Trooper Schaberg was still around at 4:00 pm at the close of the activities and jumped right in helping a gentleman who was having difficulty getting into the van.

I want to say thank you to him for his cheerful and selfless sharing. At a time when there is so much conflict between community members and our public safety officers I want to express my appreciation for his volunteerism. Visually impaired adults, especially those with no eyesight, are often isolated from the community. This yearly activity strengthens the bonds of friendships forged many years ago and facilitates the formation of new ones as we meet family, friends and others who take part in the activities. Trooper Schaberg gave of himself to further the ties that binds this community and became one of our friends. I offer this letter commending him on his act of care and respect from me, my visually and physically impaired sister Leola D. and the GMSAA. Thank you so much Trooper Schaberg. You're the best of the best! Rhonda R., Durham

Trooper D B Lewis
I got pulled over for a traffic citation by Trooper D B Lewis. Of course, my initial reaction was ugh! However, I am glad that Trooper D B Lewis was the one to pull me over. He was very nice and professional.  I wanted to say thank you for reminding me to drive safe. It was a wake up call for sure. In addition, thank you for all you do and keeping the roads safe. Iris P., Wake Forest

Trooper Hipp and Trooper Cochran
 I wanted to thank the two Troopers that saved my dog on a major highway (441-S) from being run over after she got frightened and ran away from home when I wasn't home. Trooper Hipp was very compassionate and was able to get Juno, my 18 month old Border Collie/Great Pyrenese mix, out of the road at a busy time. They were able to get a frightened dog out of the road and out of harm and waited with her until family were able to get to her and pick her up and take her home. I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am to these two men because Juno is basically like my own child. I wanted to let them know that they are very appreciated and I am very grateful they were able to get to her, save her, and keep her out of harms way. Thank you so much for all you do! D.Danner, Sylva

Trooper Owens
Our family was traveling from Richmond to Emerald Isle this afternoon when we had a flat tire on 70 East in Kinston. We had pulled to the right shoulder, traffic was very heavy.  Thankfully, within moments Trooper Owens arrived.  He escorted us off the highway to an adjacent lot where with his assistance we were able to safely change the tire. We are truly grateful to Trooper Owens for his assistance and his efforts to ensure our safety.  Please share this note of gratitude with him. Sincerely, Everett A. F., III, Richmond, VA

Trooper Chris Kase, Greene County
I would like to thank you for having trooper Kase in your organization. Trooper Kase assisted Snow Hill Police Department in recovering my Honda farm vehicle after a chase and collision was involved. I was very pleased in knowing that a North Carolina State Trooper was involved. Trooper Kase was calm, made himself clear when speaking, very helpful on all counts. Kase showed a high level of professionalism, not seen in the Snow Hill Police, not to be disrespectful. Kase was showing concern for the safety all the people involved, Kase was the main reason there were no deaths or injuries.You should be proud to have such a person working for you. Michael E., La Grange

Trooper J. M. Greer
On the morning of July 25th, I was pulled over and issued a ticket by Trp. Greer for speeding. I had not been paying attention, and I know the ticket was justified. The reason I wanted to write was to comment on Officer Greer's demeanor.  He was very courteous and respectful, and maintained a sense of calm throughout our encounter, which my wife and I both noticed and commented on.  I know you hear a lot of negative comments on police officers, so we just wanted to send a note with some good news.  We really appreciate the work that the police and state troopers do, and Officer Greer represented you all very well. Russell W. T., Fort Mill, SC

Trooper Andrew Biddix
God Bless and praises to Mr. Andrew Biddix. He went WAY above the call of duty on I-40 early in the AM to assist my elderly mother. She was traveling from Bakersville to Garland NC, and had flat tire immediatly after entering the interstate. This man went above the call of duty, and changed my mothers tire in pouring rain. My mother says his uniform and shoes were completely ruined. My mother had traveled on her own due to her oldest daughter being sick and needing some help. We have tried to contact the HP office without luck. I hope and pray this finds Mr. Andrew Biddix and his command. A sincere thank you and God Bless you for all that you do. Sincerly, Emily P., Autryville

Trooper Eric Mellott
Trooper Mellott gave a DWI presentation to my group of 23 perspective Driver Education Instructors.  We all enjoyed him being part of this class and he shared so much as it pertains to DWI and distracted driving.  I plan to invite him again next summer to the 2017 class of Driver Education Instructors. Greg W., Fayetteville

July 2016

Trooper C Johnson
I was present for a trial yesterday in Haywood County District Court. The defendant had been stopped for a seatbelt violation. During the encounter, he repeatedly used racial slurs, and other extremely offensive language, toward Trooper Johnson. He eventually threw a cup of coffee on the officer, and was subsequently arrested for assault on a government official, resisting, and damage to personal property. The defendant represented himself and contradicted every statement offered by the officer, and even the photographs. I am sorry to say that one of our famous judges found the defendant "not guilty" of the assault, despite all the evidence presented and a stellar prosecution. Trooper Johnson maintained his composure throughout the arrest, and throughout the defendant's ridiculous "cross-examination". His training and his integrity were shining like an American star in the courtroom. I worry about the message sent by this judge yesterday, that it is all right to throw anything on an officer, that it is all right to use violent language and racial slurs against an officer and that it is all right to accuse an officer of dishonesty under oath. Please let ALL your Troopers know that there are people who support them and who do not accept this kind of conduct toward them, and who will expose these kind of rulings to the public. Thank you. Ellen P. - Maggie Valley

Trooper B. K. Covington
A very special thank you to Trooper Covington of Robeson County for his assistance in the investigation of an accident involving our son Jeffery. Trooper Covington was friendly and very professional at the scene and has been more than helpful as we deal with the insurance company in repairing Jeff's truck. We can't express our gratitude enough to the Highway Patrol and Trooper Covington for his help in making a difficult situation much easier. Thank you, John N. - Lumber Bridge

Trooper E.M. Watkins
On Monday, July 18 at 4:10 in the afternoon , Sgt. Max Watkins, while off duty, encountered a tiny little girl running down the middle of the travel lane on a rural highway with a line of vehicles behind her. At the time a thunderstorm was producing a torrential rain and visibility was poor at best. Sgt Watkins immediately stopped and carefully backed his car in order to assess the situation and intercept the little girl who appeared to be approximately 4 years old. Sgt Watkins got out of his car in the driving rain and escorted the little girl onto the shoulder. Max then placed the little girl in the car of another passerby who had stopped on the shoulder. The whole while traffic was flowing and numerous impatient drivers simply drove around the entire situation. Max called Polk County 911 Communications and I was dispatched to the scene. Upon arrival Sgt. Watkins turned the little girl over to me and continued on his way to the grocery store. Sgt Watkins should be commended for taking the time and having the concern for his fellow man and community to stop, get out, and take action in such potentially dangerous situation all while not even on duty. We as a community are very grateful for his actions.  Captain BJ Bayne - Columbus

Trooper A.W. Nance
Today my van had a flat tire on I26 Trooper Andy Nance stopped an helped me an my 18 month old son. My son crying in the back an plus I had never changed a van flat tire before so this was such a blessing. I offered him money to say thank you but he wouldn't even take it. He was very sweet. THANK YOU SO MUCH! It was a blessing an I pray for you and your family.  God bless! Gwen - Lynn (N.C.)

Trooper Davis
Your State Trooper Mr. Davis was traveling along Highway 87 in one direction and I was traveling in the other direction going toward 95 when I had a flat tire. I got out of my car and started getting the spare out of the trunk, he saw me and turned around to help me, just ahead of him were three guys from Sepi Engineering and Construction they had come to help me.  want to thank again Trooper Davis for stopping, because up until no one had stopped. The three men changed my tire and were gentlemen. the trooper had to leave because someone on I-95 had a flat tire.  Give Him a good handshake and a raise in pay He deserves it. Sincerely, Nancy P. -  Garland

Trooper W.A. Hook
My name is Shereal Smoot. Me and my 3 children were on our way home to SC when we found ourselves stranded on I-85 South in Gaston, NC. I Had already contacted Progressive for roadside assistance but it was already an hour into our wait and nobody had arrived yet. A NC state trooper car pulled in front of us and out came Officer Hook. He came and asked what was wrong and if me and the kids were ok. He also asked if we needed anything to drink. He called the tow company to make sure they were on their way. We had to wait about 2 1/2 hours before the tow truck arrived. Officer Hook escorted us to Pep Boys and made sure we were ok and were able to get the tire replaced before he left. I would like to commend him on being such a caring and genuinely kind officer! Please tell him that my husband and i appreciate him. May God bless him. NC is lucky to have him! Shereal S. - Clinton, S.C. 

Trooper J.T. Prescott 
On Wednesday, July 20, 2016 my daughter's vehicle hit a piece of steel on I-26 at approximately 11:00 AM.  The steel fell from a passing truck and resulted in an instant blow out of a back tire.  After a delay from AAA, Officer Prescott stopped and offered assistance in changing the tire.  His professionalism was simply outstanding!!!  With his tremendous help and caring attitude she was able to continue with her business day.   Officer Prescot is a tremendous representative of the NC Highway Patrol and we are thankful for his assistance and courtesy.  Again, he was TREMENDOUS! Michael K. - Arden

Trooper Richard Hendrickson
Today, our 22-year-old daughter, Elizabeth Reeves, a student at UNCW, was driving west on Hwy 40, on her way home to Cary, from Wilmington.  In the midst of driving in highway traffic, her car suddenly cut off completely and she had to make an emergency stop on the roadside.  Of course the sudden emergency and the circumstances frightened her.  But even without a 911 call from her or us, Trooper Hendrickson arrived within moments of her stop.  His professional competence and his behavior and kindness were remarkable.  He reassured Elizabeth and helped her remain calm, while making sure, of course, that the car was in a place where it wouldn't be a hazard for other drivers.  He also spoke to my husband on the phone and gave him practical suggestions about arrangements we should make for the car being towed by AAA.  Furthermore, he then drove Elizabeth to a safe place at a nearby exit where a friend could pick her up.  And finally, when he discovered that in all her confusion she had absent-mindedly left the car key in his patrol car, he went out of his way again and returned it!  Over the phone, we have already thanked Trooper Hendrickson for helping our daughter in a difficult, frightening situation.  In light of recent events in our country though, we also want to express to his supervisors that we are grateful for his exemplary conduct. Thank you for everything all of you do to keep us safe. Diane R.

Trooper Unknown
Subject: A cold drink and kindness on a hot day.
I recently visited friends in North Carolina and I was stranded on the highway with my friends car that had broken down about 1 week ago near Pilot Mountain.  A highway patrol officer came up behind the stalled car and asked if I needed AC or to go to the nearby convenience store to cool off and offered water too.  I explained that my friends were on the way and I was okay but he kept insisting so I said I could use some water.  He returned with not only a big bottle of water but a banana and some crackers too.  He also told me how to contact the Highway Patrol if me or my friends needed and he doubled checked again to see if I wanted and or needed to some AC.  My friends came about 15 minutes later and all was well going home - they were appreciative too.  I didn't get his name but I truly appreciated the officers' kindness in not only stopping and checking on me but also getting water for me for nothing more than a "thank you."  So again, thank you.  Cindy J., Wichita, Kansas 

Captain J.O. Holmes, Troop C
I am writing today in order to share with your organization a positive in relation to my recent communication and in-person meeting with Captain J.O. Holmes, Troop C Commander of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol.  Too often, negatives are reported, whether via internet complaints or through the media and the positives remain silently overshadowed.  Therefore, I wanted to inform your organization of the valuable help, suggestions, and guidance that Captain Holms provided to me based upon my initial contact made on July 5th, 2016.

Being a recent Cum Laude graduate of Campbell University, BS in Social Science with a Homeland Security concentration, I reached out to Captain Holmes by requesting an in-person meeting.  He was able to clear his calendar to meet with me on July 20th, 2016.  Spending well over an hour and a half with me, he was able to discuss my current career goals.  It is my desire to begin serving my home State, North Carolina, in a lifetime career track.  My top three interests are intelligence analysis, forensics, and financial crimes.  Furthermore, I believe my extensive Office Management experience when paired with the top three interests would make me a valuable asset to the State of NC Department of Public Safety.

Captain Holmes provided me the requested help, suggestions, and guidance as requested in relation to my career search.  His suggestions proved valuable and I intend to follow his instructions in the coming weeks by applying for open positions online found within the DPS, CCBI, and SBI (locally) and plan on reviewing, then applying for similar openings in the Wilmington/New Hanover and Charlotte/Mecklenburg areas.  His time, attention, explanation of the various organizations, and guidance is greatly appreciated. I felt someone out there should know that Captain Holmes is available to the public, provides excellent guidance, and in my opinion, is a great asset to the State of North Carolina. Shelley Anne H. - Cary 

Trooper Unknown
Please thank the trooper who pulled over the lunatic in the maroon SUV on the outer of 485 as they swerved across 3 lanes of 485 and almost took out the front end of my white mini cooper to exit at Mallard Creek Church.  This happened about 7 am.  Thank you all for serving and protecting. Denise O. - Concord

Trooper J.T. Prescott
I was driving along highway 26 east bound today and was behind a large truck when a piece of sheet metal flew out and I couldn't avoid driving over it.  This resulted in me blowing my tire out.  I had to pull off the side of the highway and called for Triple A.  I had already waited 45 minutes when State Trooper Office Prescott stopped to see if I was ok.  Triple A had stated that they would be another 60-90 minutes.  Officer Prescott changed my tired for me.  I want to say thank you to him and for his great service.  It is 95 degrees today and he went above and beyond with his service.  He ensured I was safe and got me off the side of the road quickly.  This was such a generous and kind act that I do not want to go unrecognized.  Thank you Officer Prescott! Emily C. - Asheville 

Trooper B. A. Crawford
My son hydroplaned and wrecked his truck last Wednesday (July 13) and Trooper Crawford worked the accident. He was very kind and pleasant to work with. My son, Zebulun, has had his license less than two months and the accident was very frightening for all of us and we are thankful his injuries were minor. I just wanted to take the time to say that Trooper Crawford was nice to work with and very compassionate since the world is full of such animosity toward law enforcement. I am thankful for him and all the law officers who risk their lives to protect myself and my children.  Dawn E.  

Trooper S.L. Herrin
I work in law enforcement. I just wanted to praise this trooper who responded with me to an accident. I pulled a man from his truck who was unresponsive. A nurse and Trooper Herrin were there. Please take this as an outstanding appreciation too Shane. The accident was on long ferry Rd at I-85. Please let him know you appreciate him as much as I do. Thank you NCHP. Patrick J. - Rowan County 

Trooper J.O. Melton
My 83 year old Mother and I were returning home from visiting her sister on July 13, 2016.  Our car had mechanical problems about 15 miles from home and we were stuck beside US 1 and it was about 95 degrees outside.  I had assistance on the way but I was worried about my mom in the heat.  Trooper Melton stopped and took us into his vehicle until help arrived.  I am so grateful that he came along and stayed with us.  It was so refreshing and heart warming to talk with him.  Please pass along our appreciation again.  May God richly bless Trooper Melton and the entire NCHP team.  You guys are AWESOME!!!! Kathy C. - Sanford

Trooper T. G. Elliott (Troop G)
On Thursday afternoon I sustained a flat tire while traveling west on I-26. I was in a bad spot while trying to change the tire on the driver's side of my car. Trooper Elliott stopped and helped me get my tire changed. He was extremely helpful and professional. As a former Georgia State Trooper, I think that Trooper Elliott certainly represents the North Carolina Highway Patrol in a positive way.  Aaron H. - Atlanta, GA

Trooper C.J. Hipp
Colonel Grey:
I have just left the courtroom after observing a DWI trial in Haywood County. The verdict was "GUILTY", based on the testimony of Trooper Hipp. That Trooper Hipp is able to perform a complex investigation, from expert opinions and, articulate them to the court in this professional way, is a testament to his dedication and to the training and leadership of the NC SHP. Please thank this Trooper and all of those who serve under your command. Ellen  P. - Maggie Valley, MADD WNC

Trooper D.W. Conrad
Our church bus with 22 passengers (14 of them middle school to high school aged kids) blew a tire on I77N in the Charlotte area around 11:00 PM. Trooper D.W. Conrad responded for assistance. His professionalism and level of service was top notch. His immediate concern was coordinating a vehicle to transport the kids to a safe location and get them off the side of I77. His superior level of service and interaction with us helped keep a very tired group of kids/adults calm. He quickly coordinated with CATS to provided transportation to their uptown facility to keep everyone safe while waiting for the bus tire to be replaced. Thank you again to Trooper Conrad and NC State Highway Patrol and CATS for outstanding service. Michael M. - Trinity

Lt. Jeff Gordon
I would like to commend Lt. Gordon in the assistance he provided to Office of State Human Resources in identifying State Highway Patrol personnel to feature in videos our team was producing for the NCVIP Statewide Core Values. It was very important to our team that we feature someone from SHP. Lt. Gordon provided prompt assistance, and as a result of his responsiveness and assistance, I am happy to report that we have featured a State Highway Patrolman in our videos. Thank you, Lt. Gordon! Jenn M. 

Trooper D.M. Key
Yesterday, 7/7/2016, I was pulled over on Hwy 220 by a young, white, NC State Trooper for allegedly speeding.  I was treated with the up most respect and was given my citation in under 3 minutes.  To Trooper David Key, thank you for being professional, courteous and respectful during that exchange.  I know that it is strange to say, but he actually brightened up my day with his smile and wonderful disposition.  #NCStateTrooper #TheWayThePoPoShouldBe - Michael A. - Greensboro

Trooper N.S. Hankins
I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Officer Hankins who assisted my daughter, Hannah, when her tire blew out on a long, dark stretch of I40 on her way home from Raleigh last evening. He tried to assist in changing the tire and when the tire wouldn't release from her vehicle, he stayed with her until we arrived. I am so very grateful. In a world that seems to have gone mad right now, please know that you guys are appreciated!! Many blessings. Sarah W. - Shallotte 

Lt. P.D. Autry Jr.  
Well, you always hear all the "bad" things that law enforcement officers do all the time in the news. You don't to many times all the "good" things they do. I recently had the opportunity to witness someone take the time to stop and not only make sure I was ok but willing to do what ever it took to help me get off the road.

It was hot on July 5, 2016. Extremely hot in Jacksonville. My granddaughter and I were going to my friends house in Hubert, NC. My car overheated and we found ourselves on the side of the road. My husband passed away 3 years ago and even though he taught me a lot I wasn't prepared to deal with this. He did teach me to pull over and not ruin the motor. I called my friend to bring me some water to get me at least to her house. As we sat there waiting, a NC Highway Patrolman came up beside me. It scared me at first. You automatically thing you did something wrong when an LEO shows up.

I was surprised when the first thing he said after I told him my car ran hot and I was waiting on my friend was. "do you want me to take you to your friends". I said "no I'll wait because I don't want to leave my car". He responded "well at least come sit in the car where it is cool until they get here". Me and my granddaughter sat in his car until help arrived. He was so nice and polite. He could have say ok and driven off and left us in the heat. Instead he stayed right there until my friend arrived to help. He offered to give me and ride and do whatever it took to make sure I was staying in the heat and staying on the side of the road.

I would like for you to tell Lt. Paul Autry Jr., that I thank him for taking the time to stop and help me. I know some would say that is what they get paid for but he didn't have to stay. He didn't have to take the time to even stop. I would have never known he even saw me. BUT HE DID!!! Please give him some kind of recognition for this. I took the time to find out his first name and how to contact someone to let them know how much I appreciate what he did. I don't want it to go unnoticed. If it meant nothing to me I surely wouldn't have taken the time to write this to you. Sandra R. - Jacksonville

Trooper A.B. Duff 
Good Evening, I would like to express my thanks to Trooper Duff for the prompt and courteous response this morning when my wife had the misfortune of putting her car into a ditch avoiding a deer collision. She was able to call me after it happened and I was able to be there within 10 minutes of the call to help direct traffic (onlookers) to proceed along or wait while traffic was approaching around the bend, in hopes of preventing a "spectator crash." I didn't want to have the vehicle moved from the spot where she finally stopped in order to preserve any road measurements he may have needed for his report. She actually slid on wet grass while attempting to stop (in the event there were more deer coming across the roadway (Bill Sutton Rd. / Duplin Co.) and came to a stop in a ditch that is approx. 6' deep. When Trooper Duff arrived on scene we exchanged our normal info, liscence, owner of the operator, insurance, address, etc., filled out the report, and had the Trooper call Woody Sumner from Woodys' Garage in Pink Hill to come tow the vehicle out for us. He was also kind enough to follow us back to our home where I did an inspection of the under-carriage of the vehicle and determined that there was basically zero damage to her new Nissan. We exchanged a few pleasantries, he was satisfied we were both ok, and the vehicle was "as new" with the exception of some mud, weeds, and dirt the car picked up entering the ditch. I would like to express our gratitude for the exemplary and professional manner in which he handled this "call-out", and the interest he displayed in assuring in his mind that my wife was in good condition with no injuries sustained in her "adventure." Best Wishes and Continued Safe Service to ALL our "Men in Blue." Respectfully Submitted, William B., Sr. – Pink Hill

Trooper M. G. Adams
This trooper acted with the professionalism and courtesy that the Highway Patrol is known for. Even though I received a traffic citation, he was obviously well trained, efficient, and polite. Baxter W. - Fayetteville

Trooper J.D. Postell
I would like to say TRP. Postell  has got to be one of the most professional and outstanding troopers anywhere. I have had some bad experinces with troopers before intimadated  and made to feel like some type of lowlife criminal. but Trp. Postell  was so professional he showed me total respect explained everything before he did it and answered all my questions making me aware of laws i was not clear on. I hope he gets rewarded somehow for his outstanding work which has got to be 110 %. I must say getting a ticket from him was one of the most learning and pleasant things ever. You should  be very thankful to have such a fine member of the NC. State Highway Patrol    Thank You,  David M.

Trooper K.S. Isley
Trooper Isley was very professional to all people involved in an accident. He was in a good mood, patient, and helpful for all the questions he was being asked.  A very nice person to work with when people were stressed. Paul T. 

Trooper E. Radford
on june 11th , three friends & I were coming back home from a fishing trip @ the beach . we had a blow out on one of my trailer tires . my friend towed my boat for me w / his truck . of coarse my spare & all my tools were in my truck , in rocky mount ( did us a lot of good there !! ) . trooper RADFORD happened by . he not only lent us his jack , but he drove me to the neuse sport shop , called ahead to ensure that they would be open for us ( it was scarring 9:00 pm to death ) . they close @ 9:00 pm . he could easily have told us to call a wrecker , but obviously he went WELL above his duty !!!!! he turned a pain in the ass situation into a minor inconvenience . I have known a few troopers in my time , & am pleased to say that this not a rarity within your organization !!!!!   I'm embarrassed that it took me so long to write you . however , I work for barnhill contracting company , out of the rocky mount PAVING division . up until the week of the 4th , we've been out on hwy 95 @ nite . I & my fellow workers appreciate the protection ya'll afford us on a regular basis !!!  most sincerely, Don E. - Rocky Mount  

Trooper T. Z. Bedgood
I would like to thank this officer for his kindness and professional attitude with my daughter during her accident. She was coming back home on hwy 49 to surprise us for the holiday and a deer spoiled the surprise. She called me to say surprise two times. She was ok and I told her to call 911 to report it. I headed out to meet her to see if the vehicle was able to get home on its own. This was a 70 mile trip for me. Meanwhile Trooper Bedgood arrived at her location to start the report. She told me that his attitude eased her and made her feel better. He continued to stay there since she out in the country by herself. i arrived within the next 15 or 20 minutes and he also treated me very well. I was able to get the vehicle back driveable and he finally departed us, His attitude made things so much better and so glad there are state troopers out there like him. Again Thank You Trooper Bedgood.  Danny R.

Troopers B.A. Davis and P.A.Logsdon
We were in an accident on Rte 17 south of Elizabeth City on our way to an Outer Banks vacation.  Both officers went out of their way to assist us in every way possible; transporting us to a nearby rest stop; assisting us in arranging a rental car and in communicating with insurance reps.  They were kind, polite, well trained and just generally exceptional people,   All encounters with public safety personnel should be so positive!  Thank you for taking care of our family at a difficult time. Carol R.

Trooper J.K. Jackson
I called to obtain some follow up information on the crash investigation. Trooper Jackson promptly returned my call and was very courteous in assisting me with information for which I am thankful. Tim C. 

Trooper Williamson
I, would like to publicly commend Trooper Williamson in his offering of roadside assistance during the wee hours on a holiday weekend. Trooper Williamson came to the rescue to two young women on I-95 near exit 22. I, was the passenger and both me and the driver were an hour away from home with no one to call for assistance. He arrived promptly, quickly assessed the situation, was courteous the entire time while he assisted us, "the stranded motorists" by changing the tire for us. Due to area and destination, he offered the safer route of travel, recommended a safe speed to use as a result of having a "donut" being placed on vehicle and asked for us to call him in case we had any issues. We greatly appreciate Trooper Williamson and everything he did for us. M. P.

Trooper B.A. Hilton
I have worked with the Caldwell County Clerk of Court for 4 years. I deal with hand written citations daily. Trooper Hilton has the BEST handwriting I have ever seen. I how this may sound like a small thing but in my job it is HUGE. Angela A.

June 2016

Trooper J.R. Alexander
Yesterday my 18 year old son was in a motor vehicle collision on Barber Mill Rd. in Clayton (Johnston County).  Unfortunately, I was out of town working and my wife was the only family member that responded to the scene.  Naturally, her and my son were emotional wrecks but thankfully nobody was seriously injured.  I would like to commend Trooper Alexander for the professionalism and caring attention that she provided once she arrived at the scene.  My wife told me Trooper Alexander was very patient and calming to all parties involved during the investigation.  She explained step by step to my wife about the report process.  I know that you guys and ladies do not get recognized enough and I just wanted to take a minute to comment on how much you are appreciated by the majority of the residents of our state.  Thanks again to Trooper Alexander for her professionalism and hard work. James T.M. – Clayton

Trooper B. Wilson
My 16 year old son and I were driving on 540 to a dentist appointment this morning when I got a flat tire.  I pulled off on the shoulder of 540 and called AAA, who offered to call the police since we were not in a particularly safe situation as drivers on 540 continued to drive in the right lane.  Trooper B. Wilson of Wake County responded by stopping behind us with lights on and his car positioned such that cars would start avoiding the right lane.  Rather than let us wait for AAA to change the tire, Trooper Wilson very kindly offered to show my son how to change the tire.  My son Daniel gladly took part in the tire change and enjoyed the adventure!

What started as a very stressful situation for me was completely transformed by Trooper Wilson's kindness and respect for both me and my son. In these days where law enforcement receive many criticisms, I want to express my appreciation and admiration for the way Trooper Wilson came to our assistance this morning.  It's not very often in our world that people will go out of their way for others--or try to teach others how to do something for themselves when it's easier to take another route.  Trooper Wilson did both of these things and this made such a wonderful difference in our day.  May God bless him and all of the NC officers each and every day as they serve the citizens of our state. Best wishes, Lori Z. – Raleigh

Trooper Haywood Miller
Today (Saturday 11 June 2016 at about 11:41am) my granddaughter was traveling from Spruce Pine NC to Myrtle Beach SC and while on US Hwy 321 near Gaston College developed car trouble. She pulled to the side of the roadway and attempted to reach her mother and father (Both in Mitchell and Avery Counties), neither was immediately available to get to her soon. I was eventually called (about 45 minutes after her trouble developed, I was cutting wood for the upcoming US Army Special Forces Robin Sage Exercise) and then called her. She was crying and very distraught, scared and confused. I called the (800) number to reached the Monroe Dispatch Center. I explained the situation requesting a Trooper check on her occasionally until I could get from Aquadale, NC to her.

She called me when Trooper Miller arrived and took her to a local McDonald's (her choice) to wait until I could get to her. She explained she was very scared and didn't know what to do. Trooper Miller took the time to consoler her and explain things like this happen all the time. He told her about the (800) number (she then programmed it into her cell phone) and helped her make a priorities list for emergency situations.

Listening to her, Trooper Miller took the time to alleviate her fears and restore her self-confidence, instruct her on what to do in the future, carried her to a café (a safe and secure location), made sure she would be comfortable until we could arrive.

Knowing my granddaughter I know he took care of her as if it was a daughter of his own. I, being a retired paramedic with 48 years on the street, know Trooper Miller went well above and beyond what I would have expected. He showed a true concern compassion for my granddaughter. His display extended even further because when she called me to tell me a Trooper had arrived, He spoke with me giving me specific instruction and how to get from where I was to where he was taking her and from there to her car.

I have worked with Troopers (and other Law Enforcement Officers) my entire career and have always had the greatest respect for their jobs, but Trooper Miller exemplifies what I would expect from a public servant, especially in the environment to in which Law Enforcement officers have to work today. He is a credit to your agency and as a citizen of North Carolina it makes me proud to know we have Troopers like Trooper Miller serving us.

I will do my best to meet him one day and personally express my gratitude for what did for me, my entire family and a very special little girl to this grandpa. Please pass onto Trooper Miller my heart felt appreciation, he is truly a guardian angel for those who he serves. Sincerely, Richard M. – Monroe

Trooper A.C. Holcomb
Trooper Holcomb issued me a speeding citation on 6/15/16 on US 29. He cited me for going 76 in a 55 MPH zone. I was pretty adamant that I was not going that fast and I stated more than once that I thought he was "wrong", had "made a mistake", and had identified the "wrong car". He was professional but basically said I could argue in court. We were on our way to a 4 day baseball tournament with my son and needless to say it was upsetting and clouded my enjoyment of those days. The thought of having to hire and pay an attorney, pay a fine, and deal with a potential insurance rate increase was not a pleasant thought.

I returned home this past Monday from another out of state trip and received a letter from Trooper Holcomb. Trooper Holcomb simply told me he had made a mistake. He had in fact identified the wrong car and was able to confirm this by looking at his onboard video. The citation was never filed with the court.

Obviously receiving the letter was a huge relief. Trooper Holcomb was sincere in his apology and he couldn't have been nicer. I am sure even after realizing his mistake, he could have simply swept it under the rug without ever having to admit his mistake. He chose the path of integrity and I wanted to make sure his superiors were aware of his honorable actions.

I hope to never have to see Trooper Holcomb again (obviously) but I wanted to let whoever know that he is a good man. Sincerely, Gene W. – Charlotte

Trooper Jordan Parton  
About two years ago, my mother was pulled over on the side of the road, and trooper Parton stopped to check and make sure she was ok. Today, Trooper Parton passed my mother on the road, and waved to her. My mother called me and said, "most of the time, they only pull you over, but she just grinned and waved and that made me feel good knowing someone that nice is out there protecting us." My mother will be 86 next week, and we know her driving days are limited. This friendliness from trooper Parton made my mother's day, and I just wanted to say thank you to her for her
small act of kindness.  Lynn M. - Waynesville

Trooper Jordan Parton 
Traveling from Murfreesboro NC to Nashville TN we spent the night in Asheville then proceeded the next day to Nashville.  Driving a rental vehicle, it broke down on Highway 40 West in an area we learned was called "the Gorge."  It was raining, we were on unfamiliar road and driving an unfamiliar vehicle that was now not accelerating.   Our cell phone service was sporadic and our calls to 911, roadside assistance and the rental agency kept dropping.

Officer Jordan Parton responded.  She was professional yet personable.  She was swift to act.  Knowing the region and the residents, she called the tow company to find out why it was taking so long to respond.  She let me use her cell to call roadside assistance and a local car rental agency.  We were nervous as traffic seemed heavy and the large trucks were whizzing by.  Officer Parton remained with us (in her vehicle, behind ours, lights flashing) until the tow truck arrived.  Her presence seemed to cause the traffic to slow down and some approaching vehicles even changed lanes.  All in all, we were on the road side about 4 hours.

I would also like to offer appreciation to Officer Weaver.  She telephoned to check on us while we were awaiting for assistance and before Officer Parton arrived. Thanks to both of these ladies for representing NC State Department of Public Safety, their fellow troopers and women so positively. Dr. Debbie H.R. - Murfreesboro

Trooper High
Good Evening, On Friday, June 17th around 1-2pm, there was an Officer High along the Goldsboro border, near the Wayne Community College 70 bypass who was extremely helpful when my car was having issues. He came and talked to me while waiting on my dad since my radiator was acting up. He helped me move it to the side of the road while I waited. About a half hour later, he came by with a nice cold bottle of water to cool me off while I waited. The temperature was in the 90's and that was a nice gesture on his part. Just wanted to give him some acknowledgement and thanks for helping. Sincerely, Jonathan B. - Goldsboro

Trooper M.W. Chavis
I'm taking time to fill this out thanking you for having a officer that gives his job 100%. He does great things in our community. Officers like this need to be rewarded. Please pass this along to him and as citizens of Pembroke again we thank you. James - Pembroke

Trooper Terry
Officer Terry who works the Randolph County area went above and beyond the call of duty to help me when I was stranded on the side of the road after my car gave out.  His exemplary service should be commended as a model of leadership for all highway patrol to follow.
Aaron D.

Trooper Chris Smith
He was such a gracious man. He was patient and caring at a time where my family and I were under stress. he cheered up my kids while my husband and I were trying to get our car towed and taken care of. They will have such a happy memory of our time stranded on US-1 North. THANK YOU and give him a raise. Sandra C-M.

Trooper Chris Smith
I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful young man this trooper is. Yesterday he saw a disabled vehicle on US 1 North across from the Vass exit 20 min south of Sanford and came to the rescue. He entertained and kept safe three young children while friends were coming to pick them and their mother up. Their car had to be towed for repairs. I have never been more impressed with any civil servant. What a hero! Barbara K. - Cary

Trooper Eric Mellott 
As always, we appreciate Trooper Mellotts expertise in the subject matter of General Traffic Safety and Comercial Motor Vehicle Safety/FMCSA.  He has never failed to respond to our questions in a timely manner nor has he ever declined an invitation from South River Electric to speak during safety week.  Trooper Mellotts presentation skills enable him to maintain a high level of engagement/participation from his audience.  When a survey was submitted to our drivers about guest speakers,  Trooper Mellotts name was mentioned by many, as they have participated in his classes before, therefore, they respect his knowledge and wanted him back this year.  We consider it an honor to work with and know people of his caliber.  We appreciate all that the NCSHP patrol does to keep us safe!  If we can ever be of assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kevin H. 

Trooper Talley and unknown name of first trooper to respond to my assistance
I was traveling home from the beach with my two young granddaughters. We got stranded on the roadside between Hwy 109, near Davidson County, and Hwy 8 due to car troubles.  It was very hot and no one around to help us.  I called home which was 45 minutes away and my family left to come get us.  I called the Highway Patrol to see if they could come and within approximately 5 minutes the first trooper arrived.  I don't know his name, but he was very courteous to us and called backup since he needed to go to an appointment.  The other trooper, Mr. Talley, came and stayed the remainder of the time and was also very courteous. I can't express my gratitude for these two guys helping me out.  Just offering a cool place to wait and helping us feel safe was worth more than I can express. Thank you so much.  Joanie B.

Sgt. Mike Warren
I like to thank Sgt. Mike Warren and his team for a great job on keeping us safe on our roadways every day in our area 24/7.  Anthony F. - Eure

Trooper Silver
We had the pleasure of meeting trooper Silver during a DOT roadside inspection. We often hear a lot of bad publicity in the media about Officers. We do not believe the media when we meet officers like Trooper Silver. He was professional, courteous, and respectful. He should be commended on his community outreach efforts. We have sent his name to @patmcrory for recognition. It is not everyday you get to meet a Trooper so nice. Respect should be given to our Troopers in NC and not criticized by the media. Sincerely, Michael P. - Sanford

Trooper Britt
I was pulled over and issued a moving violation on 02/06/2016 on U.S. 74 by Trooper Britt.  I had just moved here from San Diego and was not aware of how dangerous these two lane roads can be and I have a good driving record.  Now, I have lived here in Wilmington five months and I see how deadly these roads are and the needless carnage. I am writing to THANK Trooper Britt!  He was professional, efficient and not happy with me.  Trooper Britt must see so much needless death on our roads.   It was an expensive reminder  that speed kills and to slow down.  I plan on never earning another ticket and want to extend my deep gratitude for pulling me over and maybe keeping me or someone else alive. Keep up the great work and stay safe. Quentin P. - Wilmington

Trooper M.E. Sellerd
Thanks to Trooper Sellers in helping us with a flat tire and helping us find replacement tires.  He went beyond the call of duty to help us and get us on our way to our 50th Anniversary vacation with our family. Pat B. - Moberly, MO

Trooper K.G. Barringer
I just want to take time and give high commendation to (trooper k g barringer) ,I know that as officer you guys do not get the recognition you deserve. But I want this troop superior to know that he went above and beyond his duties never meet him before, but the service he provided to me and my family the day of may 12th 2016 was very professional, kind and very understanding wish every officer would take there jobs as serious as this troop. You really have a people person, for him to deal with different type of people everyday and still do his job respectfully and positive in today time is really rear but to actually experience good mannerism feels very good. Thank you once again for your service (Trooper K. G Barringer) Have a nice day. Abigail J. - Salisbury

Trooper B. E. Fisher
I just want to send a huge thank you to Trooper Fisher.  On June 1, 2016 he pulled me over for speeding.  During the traffic stop, he was professional, yet personable.  He showed he was a normal person, and actually had compassion.  I still got the ticket, but because of his actions during the stop, it was all ok! I would love for him to know that he made a positive impact on me and my impression of troopers! Stacey T. H. - Sanford

Trooper E.S.Wyrick, Jr
Trooper Wyrick was very kind and courteous after the crash had occurred. He helped the other driver remove part of his bumper so he could drive his vehicle and helped me change my tire that was destroyed during the crash so I could get my vehicle home. I think Trooper Wyrick did an outstanding job above and beyond of what is expected of law enforcement. I think he should be commended for going that extra mile to serve the citizens of North Carolina. Thanks.  Garland C. - Hampstead

Sgt. Forbes 
I would like for your troop headquarters and personnel to be aware of what a quality, fine, understanding trooper you have on your team. On June 1, 2016, our business received a call from Sgt. Forbes from Williamston Troop regarding a couple both in their 80s being involved in a single car accident on Hwy 17 Bypass NC mile marker #262. They hydroplaned and ended up in a medium against a guardrail with their vehicle and trailer. Sgt. Forbes went out of his way and above the call of duty to assist and comfort Mr. Benny Guin and Mrs. Barefoot until my towing service could get there. His care and dedication not only saved someone who was on a fixed income some money but kept them safe and secure for some time! Such action only manifests what his oath is and was at the time of need to serve and protect citizens of North Carolina. Again my sincerest Thanks, Lloyd C. - Smithfield

Trooper Richard Hester 
On May 31,2016, First Sergeant Richard Hester ( Troop D,District IV) stopped to help us a few miles north of Reidsville, NC on Hwy. 29 when we had a flat tire.  I called AAA twice and he called them once-none of these calls resulted in needed assistance to us or even noting our phone numbers so they could return calls.  The Sergeant then suggested he call a local wrecker to help us.  They came right away, put our donut on & suggested we drive to Walmart in Reidsville to get the further assistance.  Sergeant Hester was most helpful and stayed with us until we were on the road.  Outstanding service-KUDOS to NC Highway Patrol.  We felt very safe while he was there!  THANKS SO MUCH! Mary Pat H. - Greensboro

Trooper Name Unknown
Around 1 PM my husband and I were traveling eastbound on interstate 40 in a motorhome towing a car.  A dark colored truck almost clipped our motorhome while passing us.  We observed him weaving in and out of his lane over eight times.  We then noticed a trooper sitting at the side of the freeway.  We pointed to the vehicle as we passed by.  The trooper noticed us and followed in the driver's mirror the for several miles.   However, no other erratic driving took place.  We were extremely impressed at the alertness of this fine officer.    This kind of attention to duty should not go unnoticed. Unfortunately, I do not know the officers name or vehicle number. Pamela S. - Robstown, TX

Trooper A.S. Godwin
I would like to thank the officer for his professionalism during a very difficult time in my life. Thomas F.O. - Calabash

Trooper G.L. Hammonds
On May 27 about 7:35 am I was involved with a minor motor vehicle incident on Route 50 north in Johnston County. Trooper Hammonds responded and took my information and interviewed the other party. Later, there were more problems with the other party. Trooper Hammonds conducted himself professionally and with integrity even though I was aggravated by the circumstances. He listened to my concerns and resolved the issues beyond my expectations. I could not be more satisfied. Trooper Hammonds did an exceptional job and should be recognized for it. Alan B. -Willow Spring

Trooper J.A. Spence - Rutherfordton
We had a flat tire on Hwy. 74 and he stopped and helped us. He was exceptionally nice and helpful and my wife and I really appreciated his expert service. Wanted to say thank you again to him as he is a great representative to the N.C. Highway Patrol !!!!  Doug M. - Collierville, Tn.

Trooper J.L. Morton
 My son was involved in an accident Monday May 23, 2016 which trooper Morton responded to. At the same time I was in a job interview when they contacted me. I just want to Thank Trooper Morton for being patient and going beyond the call of duty to sort everything out. Trooper Morton did more than he had to make sure everything was understood even though I was able to stay in contact! Thank you again! Thomas A.T. - Jacksonville

May 2016

Sgt. K.G. Brown
I had a flat tire tonight, was all by myself and it was starting to get dark. She pulled over and was so very helpful and so sweet! She and another officer (sheriff departments officer Carter) completely took care of it and I felt safe. Which is not easy to do when you're standing on the side of a highway as cars speed by at 70. Your jobs are not easy and you never know who you're about to meet out there on duty. Even though a flat tire is not a big problem for you guys it can easily affect how we feel about our day and this officer truly was helpful and really stepped in and saved me and my day. I never knew officers stopped for cars broken down and it made all the difference. Thank you so much for the help, not a big deal for you but a day maker for me. Jessica N. -Winston Salem

Trooper C.D. Cheeks
My husband had a car accident in early spring on highway 64w.  Officer Cheeks responded.   I arrived a short time after the accident.   Officer Cheeks was very kind, patient and professional. I was so impressed with this young man's attitude. My husband was very rattled and he handled the situation perfectly.  He is such an asset to The Highway Patrol.  Thank you, Officer Cheeks. Joy P.G.

Trooper M.A Lindsey
My name is Richard Powell. On the evening of Monday, May 9th, my son Nathan was involved in a wreck between Norman and Ellerbe on old 220 in Richmond County. He ran his Jeep Cherokee off the right side of the road, hitting two trees which totaled his vehicle. Fortunately he was OK. We live in Troy, Montgomery County, so it took us thirty minutes to get to the wreck site. The VFD's on the scene said that SHP had been dispatched and was en route. From that point we waited quite a while for the Trooper to arrive. Finally, Trooper M.A Lindsey arrived at the scene. The first thing Trooper Lindsey did was to ask Nathan if he was OK. He seemed truly concerned for the well-being of our son. This impressed myself, and my wife very much. In fact, he asked Nathan several times if he was OK. The second thing Trooper Lindsey did, was to approach myself and my wife, and apologized to us for the for long response time to the scene. Again this impressed the both of us very much. 

Not only was he concerned about our son, he was also concerned about us as parents. He told us that as a State Trooper, he was held to a higher standard in the public eye and did not like being late. I told him that we fully understood because we knew he was working another wreck prior to getting to us. Yet he still apologized for something that was beyond his control. Trooper Lindsey was courteous, respectful, caring, and professional. He is a credit to the North Carolina State Troopers, and the high standards which they represent. From my family, thank you Trooper Lindsey, and thanks to all of you for what you do each and every day. Richard P. - Troy

Trooper Rodney Sawyer
I caught a flat tire and Trooper Sawyer stopped to assist without me even asking for his assistance while it was raining. Not once did he complain about the rain, he acted like he was used to it. I ask could I take a pic so I could shout him out on FB, he really didn't want me too but he did. Mr Sawyer thank you so much for your services. It might be nothing to some but it meant alot to me. May God continue to bless u. Your were truly heaven sent. Tina B.

Trooper Mark Samosky
I would like to extend a very public and heartfelt sense of thanks to Trooper Mark Samosky, the North Carolina State Police and the Great State of North Carolina. Trooper Samosky was of great assistance to me this afternoon when my tire blew out on I-40. He went well beyond what I expected in his demeanor, selflessness, professionalism and desire to serve. His actions during that incident are a great reflection on him, the North Carolina State Police and on the great state of North Carolina as a whole. I can not express enough gratitude to him or the North Carolina State Police. Thank you again to

Trooper Mark Samosky, the North Carolina State Police, and the Great State of North Carolina for being there for me.  Michael B.

Trooper M.J. Goudelock
I had a flat tire heading north on US 321 about three miles south of the I-40 exit. Trooper Goudelock was heading south on US321, went to the next exit, and came back north to see if I needed assistance (not sure how far out of his way he had to travel, but I am sure it was a distance). I explained that I was able to remove two of the lug nuts, but not the other three and was waiting for a repair service. He offered to provide assistance, but I told him it was not necessary since I expected the repair service to arrive within the next five minutes or so. Nevertheless, he proceeded to remove the three lug nuts and was in the process of helping me jack the car when the repair service arrived. He stayed with us until the spare tire was mounted. He was very personable and professional at all times and clearly went out of his way to provide assistance to a stranded motorist. I want to thank him and hope you will commend him for his actions. Don H. - Selbyville, DE

Trooper J. K. Jackson
I just want to compliment Trooper Jackson on his courtesy, friendliness and professionalism in doing his job.  He represents his profession admirably.  For all of Law Enforcement:  Thank you for keeping us safe!! Melissa M, - Charlotte

Trooper C.L. Herring
I am a Lieutenant with New Bern Police Department and was involved with a vehicle crash 4-28-2016 while traveling on Hwy I40 east wake county in route to New Bern. I want the thank him for being professional while dealing with the situation. I was a victim along with another vehicle and person. Thank you so much. Ronnie L.  - New Bern

Trooper W. P Efird
I appreciate the kindness and help he gave to me after my wreck. Ronnie K.

Trooper Danny Burgess
It was approaching dark, and I had run out of gas on Hwy 29 near Eden. After walking to the next exit then realizing there was no store or gas station close by, I called 911. Five minutes later, Trooper Burgess arrived. He then took me to buy a gas can, took me to get gas, and returned me to my vehicle. After I asked him to follow me a quarter mile or so, he was good enough to follow me the 5 or 6 miles to the next gas station. Trooper Burgess could not have been more helpful or professional. He is a credit to the NC Highway Patrol. Thomas P. - Kernersville

Trooper M. A. Samosky
Even though i was issued a speeding ticket from Trooper Samosky, I would like to say he was extremely professional and courteous. I can only imagine how difficult his job can be and to remain as humble and professional as he was is a testament to his character and is very much appreciated. If possible i would like to either speak or email Trooper Samosky and thank him for his positive attitude and I would like to ask him a couple questions about the circumstances of my ticket.  Perhaps this is not allowed. If not, can someone please at least thank him for me?  Jacob L. - Lincolnton

Trooper Nance and Trooper Ivey
Trooper Nance and Trooper Ivey was dispatched to a Mr. Hunt who suffered a cognitive medical impairment along with the Columbus County Sheriffs Office. The Deputy left to take an additional call. Troopers called EMS to assess Mr. Hunt. Mr Hunt refused medical. Mr. Hunt family was coming to get him. Troopers notified the family they would transport him to the furtherest part of their district

which would be the closest to the family to get him in their care sooner. These troopers direct action in securing Mr. Hunt and identifying something was not exactly right may have very well saved his life. Mr. Hunt had no idea where he was located and appeared very grateful for EMS and the troopers professionalism and compassion displayed on this night. Who knows we could be searching for Mr Hunt if it want for the quick thinking and sound actions of these two troopers. V.Q. J. - Bolton

Trooper Talley
Very nice and polite young trooper. Came to my assistance for roadside break down on i74 exit 52 south. Stayed and talked with my family until tow vehicle came. Just wanted to give him another big thank you. Charles P. - Lugoff, SC

First Sergeant David Clifton
First Sergeant Clifton presented to a group of 30 paralegals a very informative and interesting perspective of the DUI/DWI process.  Very dynamic speaker and everyone was very receptive to his information.  Great job and thank you! Donna B. - Winston Salem

Trooper Smith
I teach a one semester Health class to the 6th graders at The O'Neal School.  Trooper Smith was kind enough to come to my class yesterday, and also in December, to talk to my students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  He does a great job and keeps the students engaged during an entire class period.  This adds so much to my class.  I am grateful that he is willing to do this.  Thank you, Trooper Smith! Susan G., RN, Southern Pines

Trooper David B. Finch
I had the pleasure of listening to Sgt. Finch speak at the Coastal Plain Law Enforcement Training Center's BLET graduation on May 19, 2016.  Sgt. Finch was selected by the BLET class to speak at their graduation.  His presentation was excellent and on point for new officers entering the field to the current political climate.   Sgt. Finch was an excellent  model of professionalism, ethics and integrity during the seventeen weeks as the physical fitness instructor.  He led by example. His presentation, last week made me proud to be a member of the law enforcement community. Darlene W. H. - Wilson

As the owner of Charlotte HERO Patrol Roadside Assistance I routinely encounter NCSHP troopers while patrolling interstates or assisting motorists with vehicle issues throughout the Charlotte area. EACH and EVERY trooper I have encountered has been extremely nice and exemplify excellent customer service skills to me and the motorists I assist.  They often stay on scene to assist with traffic while I complete a tire change or other work on a customer’s vehicle.  I truly appreciate and value their dedication of serving the citizens  of North Carolina. Nick B. - Huntersville

Trooper K.L. Leonard
I work with North Chatham Fire Dept in Chatham County NC and my team with me driving were headed to Marion NC for Swiftwater Rescue Training. We were on I40. We were pulling a mil spec 470 boat with gear in it. While traveling down the road a piece of gear came out of the boat and landed in the roadway westbound. My crew immediately tried to recover the gear before anyone hit it. Unfortunately we weren't fast enough. A car hit the bag and created minor damage to the persons vehicle. Trooper Leonard arrived to investigate. He arrived with a smile and very caring attitude along with a very professional gesture. I would say that he is a great representation of the men and women of the NCSHP. I have many friends who are NC Highway Patrolman and also work with many in conjunction with my job on a daily basis. But none have come close to his genuine happy personality but also professional attitude. He smiled and was gladly there to help. Please let him know that he is a great asset to the State of North Carolina and the NCSHP. I've never been so happy to talk with Trooper. He even thanked everyone of the fireman with me for the job we do. Please let his superiors know about his great actions and kindness because in this day and time he is one in a thousand to come by.  Please send him my regards and appreciation for his willingness and honor to serve NC. Also, I believe he is a character model of what values the NCSHP instill in every individual that is brought into the NCSHP. Thank you for everything. Joshua S. - Sanford

First Sargent Troy Pope - New Hanover County
Trooper Jason Moore - New Hanover County
Trooper David Morgan - New Hanover County
Trooper Kevin Conner - Columbus County
Trooper Atlas McVicker - Bladen County
Trooper Kate Freeman - Bladen County
Trooper Aaron Russ - Bladen County

On May 13, 2016, there was a presentation at both East Bladen and West Bladen High Schools about the dangers and consequences of impaired driving. This program was put together by Trooper Atlas McVicker with the cooperation of the NCHP, Elizabethtown PD, Bladen County Sherriff's Office, other local law enforcement agencies and several local Fire/Rescue agencies and EMS first responders.

 I was asked several weeks earlier by First Sargent Troy Pope if my wife and I would be interested in speaking to the students on the dangers and consequences of impaired driving. Our son, John was killed as a passenger in an alcohol related crash in 2010, and we speak at many schools and events in New Hanover County and other areas. We agreed to do this as The NCHP here in Wilmington have become family to us since losing John and their support and compassion are second to none.

 On the day of this event, we were transported from New Hanover County to Columbus County by Trooper Moore. We had never met him before, but he was nothing short of courteous, professional, and personable and we were pleased to meet and talk with him.

  We were met in Columbus County by Trooper Conner. We were very impressed with not only his professionalism, but his personality and his complete dedication to his service. He told us he had always wanted to be a Trooper as far back as he could remember.

 Upon arriving at East Bladen, we met Troopers McVicker, Freeman and Russ along with several other local and county law enforcement and first responders. Trooper McVicker was featured in the video presentation and he and Trooper Russ were in the crash site presentation while Trooper Freeman worked coordinating the events. They ALL did an OUTSTANDING job with this presentation which was called B.O.S.S or Bladen Operation Safe Summer.

 Troopers Conner and Russ transported us to lunch and then to West Bladen for the 2nd presentation.

 After the 2nd presentation, Trooper Conner drove us back to Columbus County where we were met by Trooper Morgan, who drove us back to New Hanover. We had met him several times before and he is also very professional.

  All of these Troopers who we had not met previously are now part of our family of NCHP personnel.

We were honored to have been asked to speak and are proud of everyone involved in this program. I have no doubt this program will save many lives for years to come  The NCHP can certainly be very proud to have ALL of these fine ladies and gentlemen as part of their team. Mike R. - Wilmington

April 2016

Trooper Darryl R. Ford
I would like to thank and commend Trooper Darryl R. Ford, Officer Number 1118, for his courtesy, kindness and professionalism during a difficult time for the family of Mrs. Tina Joy Cochran after her tragic vehicular death on 11 April 2016 in Scotland County, NC. Trooper Ford went well above and beyond the necessary call of duty to work with me and assist me in recovering essential documents, possessions, access and information our family needed to move forward with Tina’s funeral arrangements and disposition of property.  His suggestions for preferred actions and his continued presence throughout the days following were greatly valued by us and, without a doubt, helped to calm and defuse any potential disagreements with locally interested parties.  With our familial parties scattered across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania, his patience and kindness toward Tina’s daughter, Ms. Amanda Prorok, Tina’s mother, Mrs. Twi la Best, and me, Tina’s uncle, during this emotional and confusing time greatly served to provide some measure of comfort and stability to a very chaotic situation.  We are deeply appreciative of Trooper Ford’s efforts and see in him the kind of person we should all aspire to be.  Trooper Ford’s actions reflect great credit on himself, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, and the great State of North Carolina.  Respectfully, Alan P., Lt Col, USAF (Ret), Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Trooper Mike Chavis 
This Trooper called me on my phone and stated he would take care of the 4 wheeler going up and down my road. It about 30 min the Trooper Mike Chavis called me and stated he got him and he was going to tow the 4 wheeler in. He did a great job and I thank him for the job he done for me and other. Michael S. - Lumber Bridge

Trooper Marty McSwain 
We would like to thank you for the excellent and caring service offered by Trp. McSwain.  He helped us after our car struck a deer on Rte 221.  He was professional, personable and helped us to feel reassured that things would be OK.  He is a tremendous representative of your patrol team. Alyson T. -  Westmont Quebec Canada

Trooper M. R. Whitley and 1st Sgt Mark Leach
About 10:45am on April 29, 2016, my son's car was hit from behind (probably 5-10mph) while sitting at a light in Weddington, N.C. (NC-84 and NC-16). The car then drove past him north on NC-16 without stopping. My son followed the car up NC-16, but had to abandon the pursuit because he would soon be late for work. He is 19, and didn't yet know that he should have called 911 and followed the car until a trooper could intervene. In any case, he took several photos of the car (to get the license number) and called me. The only damage on my son's car was a deep scratch on the bumper, but he was irritated by the irresponsibility of the other car owner. I didn't know what to do in this case, so I made a number of calls for advice (the Weddington Township office, 911, State Highway Patrol and Union County Highway Patrol) until I encountered Trooper M. R. Whitley. At his request I texted him my son's photo of the license plate (which was a hand-written 30-day dealer tag), Trooper Whitley adopted my issue as his own, even though the damage was probably less than the $1000 limit. He contacted the dealer, acquired the offending driver's name, address, insurance info, phone number and even email address. He phoned the offender and left a message, and also texted me on his progress. He did all this in and around his other calls, which included a fatal ultralight aircraft crash. Even after the end of his shift, he called the offender back to get her story, and then called me back with all the information. His primary concern was that I get everything I might need to pursue a just settlement should I decide it was needed. My last contact with Trooper Whitley occurred when he called me AFTER 6PM ON HIS WAY TO HIS SON'S BASEBALL GAME to which he was already a bit late.

1st Sgt Mark Leach called me about 6:30pm because somebody left a message for him while I was calling all over the state looking for advice. Sgt Leach had been unavailable earlier BECAUSE HE WAS ATTENDING HIS RETIREMENT CELEBRATION on his last day in the force after 30 years of service. He was still in the office, on his last day, well after quittin' time, yet it was still crucial to him that he return all his calls. I told him that Trooper Whitley had already resolved my issue, but he still wanted to hear my story. We had a very pleasant conversation. He told me the long story of a fatal hit-and-run case that he solved by nothing other than old-fashioned perseverence, over-the-top personal commitment and dogged police investigation. He wasn't bragging, but the story of his faithfulness to bring justice to a grieving mother seemed to not be out of character for Sgt Leach. I felt honored that he shared his tale with me during the last hour of his law enforcement career.

The bottom line is that both of these men exhibited to me the exemplary personal character and devotion oriented not just to duty but to righteousness. My son's little fender-bumper incident is really a very small thing compared to the disasters our public protectors encounter every day, but because they were so faithful in a small thing today I am greatly assured that they are solid in big things as well. These men remind me of Luke 16:10 -- "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much..." and Luke 19:17 -- "'Well done, my good servant!' his master replied. 'Because you have been trustworthy in a very small matter, take charge of ten cities.'"

I commend these two men, and trust that they will receive the honors they are due. Thank you for the opportunity through this web page to make this commendation.  Kenneth W. - Monroe

Trooper K. D. Bissette 
I would just like to thank Trooper Bissette for his quick response to my hit-and-run case this past weekend.  Randall M. - Grimesland

Trooper Lindsey H244 -  Trooper Troy 
I was in 1993 Ford Club Wagon and it just cut off at a stop and then started  and stopped again and rode until we got to Laurinburg and Hamlet.  Trooper took us on to Hardees in Hamlet. Corner of 220 & 74.  Got a wrecker and my  son came with us at 6:30 and went to take key back to car where wrecker driver told us to put it and my daughter tried to start it and it started and came all the way home to Greensboro.  Just wanted to thank the troopers.  Polly P. - Greensboro

Trooper Robert E Mellott
During our monthly Safety Meeting; Trooper Mellott did a Safety Presentation to all my Drivers (60+) at our facility in Brunswick County.  He is a great presenter, had the drivers attention and was great with answering questions. He represents the SHP very well.  Greg B. Waste Industries - Bolivia, NC

Trooper Mark Nails- Guilford County
I would be remiss if I didn't write to let you know that Trooper Nails lent invaluable roadside assistance to me a couple of weeks ago.   After exiting I-85 in Greensboro and heading south on US 220,  my left front tire blew out on my Mustang around 810pm.  Darkness was falling fast and traffic was zipping by me as I tried to change the tire.  Needless to say this was quite nerve wracking;  about 15 minutes later Trooper Nails pulled in behind me and left his blue lights flashing to alert traffic and immediately assessed the situation and offered tips and support-even holding his flashlight so that I could see to tighten the lug nuts.   Throughout the ordeal he was courteous, friendly, and very supportive.   Please thank him again for me for his help. As a state employee myself, I recognize the importance of such service and that excellence should be recognized. N.C. is lucky to have Trooper Nails.  James M. - Asheboro

Trooper W. Williamson, Jr.
I was in a car accident merging onto I-77 on March 15. I was shaken-up and very upset. When Trooper Williamson arrived on the scene, he was very calming, and reassuring, like an old friend. I asked many questions and he was very patient with me. The back hatch on my vehicle would not latch, so he rigged it with a wire hanger in order for it to stay closed. We laughed together when I called him "MacGyver". Since it was rush hour, I was fearful of crossing the many lanes of heavy traffic on I-485, and Trooper Williamson walked from one lane to the next and stopped all oncoming traffic. I was more fearful for his safety in that exercise than I previously experienced. I hurried across the highway when he assured me that it was safe. 

Trooper Williamson took a bad situation, and really made it ok. I was thankful to have him there.  It was important to me that I send this email. I am not sure how often you receive compliments, but Trooper Williamson made a difference on that morning, and I wanted to share my feelings. Andrea S. - Fort Mill

Trooper J. C Bunce
I just wanted to say thanks to Trooper Bunce for stopping to ask my husband and brother if they needed any help as they were on the side of the road on Hwy 421 close to Buies Creek, NC  My sister in laws car had broke down and they were there to help her get her car started.  My husband was impressed that he offered assistance.  Michelle M. - Erwin

Trooper names unknown
My husband and I were driving back two cars we bought at the Dealer's Car Auction in VA. Suddenly the tire blew on the 2003 Silver Kia Sedona minivan I was driving. The previous owner had taken the jack handle we needed to operate the jack and remove the spare tire. A very tall large Trooper came gave us his own jack to use while another Trooper kept an eye on the oncoming traffic keeping us safe while we were stranded. The taller Trooper helped my husband change the flat tire. They arrived quickly and very friendly and helpful. They were shining stars in our time of need. THANK YOU NC TROOPERS!!!!  Regina O. - Irmo, SC

Trooper Travis Cochrane
I would like to think trooper Cochrane for all he has done my daughter was bad hurt in a car crash on march the 11 2016 he came to the hospital to see her not many would have done that my daughter Abigail fie would like to meet him one day. Tracy T. - Canton

Trooper M. E. White
Trooper White arrived at my accident scene in extremely short order. I had been in an accident that landed me under an 18-wheeler, then across two lanes to the median. Despite my initial jumpiness, Trooper White handled me professionally, calming me down, and giving me two very fair citations, She explained what actions I should take next, and she even helped me carry things from the car that I couldn't lift.  All this while dealing with a persistent second person who appeared in the scene, out of nowhere. This second person had artificially modified her consciousness, and bothered Trooper White, the other accident-involved people, a witness, the EMS, and me. Trooper White managed the entire scene beautifully, and by herself.  Bravo, Trooper White. Très bien faite.  Lee C.

Trooper Kevin Parker
Trooper Kevin Parker is an outstanding member of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, and he has my greatest respect and gratitude. Trooper Parker replied to the scene of our horrific accident on I-40 West before dawn last Wednesday morning, April 6. His compassion, professionalism, respect, calm demeanor, and reassuring presence supported and comforted my wife and me at a time when we were most vulnerable and experiencing the worst nightmare of our lives.

Over the course of the next 48 hours following the accident, he stayed in contact with us to give us updates, during which he showed patience, empathy, and understanding. His presence and reassurance was a significant factor in me starting to recover and heal from the traumatic experience. He followed up multiple times to provide advice on some health precautions we should pursue. Just today, he called to see how we were doing and to follow up on some medical questions.

When he shared with me that he had encountered something like this only two other times in his 20 year career, I realized that not only was this a (thankfully) rare event, but he also had the experience to know how to handle it. We feel fortunate that Trooper Parker was on duty that morning and have the utmost respect for him.

He is an exemplar among Troopers and stands out as a law enforcement officer who is not only excellent at what he does, but he also represents and demonstrates the high standards for the entire NC Highway Patrol. His actions and presence speak well for your entire organization.  Dana D. – Fairfax, Va.

Trooper J. R. Zachary
I want to thank the NC State Police Trooper J R Zachary for his assistance in filing a vehicle incident report on I-40W. He responded in a timely manner, and was very helpful and courteous during our interaction. Trooper J R Zachary demonstrated the level of concern, respect and professionalism that I appreciate as a citizen. Thank you.  Robert C. - Wilson

Trooper M. A. Bowers
 My son was in a very bad car accident on April 6th 2016, Trooper M A Bowers was the one on site of accident-I just wanted to thank him for being so nice, understanding, supportive, and concerned. I was very upset & emotional and he handled the situation very concerning & professional. AGAIN THANK YOU MR. BOWERS (my son was the one who filpped the VW GTI 5 times and walked away unharmed).  Jennifer P. - Lexington

Trooper Name unknown
I just wanted to thank the officer who helped us on Saturday. My tire blew out on highway 485 at Exit 65A. It was just my 4 month old daughter and I, needless to say we were scared to death. The officer was so incredibly kind, changing my tire while he made sure my daughter and I were safe and warm. I'm kicking myself for not getting his name and wanted to just thank him so much for his kindness and help.  Brittany S. – Lenoir

Trooper Mike Leggette, RE 2 Trp A radio.
I would just like to show appreciation to Mr. Leggette for all of his hard work and dedication ensuring all of our patrol cars and equipment are operating properly. Even on a Sunday, he's always there to help.  Trooper W.C. Wheeler - Roanoke Rapids NC.  C/8

Trooper Brian Wyatt
Trooper Wyatt came to my rescue on Hwy 19E just outside of Spruce Pine, NC.  My clutch had just broken and my car was smoking.  I managed to coast to the side of the road.  Trooper Wyatt was on his way home after completing his shift.  He circled around to assist me.  He was extremely polite, concerned, and helpful.  Not only did he let me use his personal cell phone to call AAA, but he stayed with me until I made contact with a towing service. He spoke with the tow truck driver to encourage him to come to my aid quickly.  He pushed my car further off the road into a position which would facilitate its loading onto the tow truck.  

I want to commend Trooper Wyatt for his sunny demeanor and generous help.  He is a gracious, helpful public servant!  Ronald R. - Burnsville

Trooper C. Hipp
I cannot say Thank you enough for the help that Trooper Hipp provided to myself and my 73 year old mother on Friday evening,  April 1st. We were traveling to GA and had a tire blow-out. Mom was nervous about what to do so when I called 911 and the female dispatcher (who was very kind and understanding) told me that she would send a trooper to us and to call back if we needed eased her nerves. Trooper Hipp arrived about 30 minutes later and pulled his patrol car behind our car, so traffic would slow down. He immediately wanted to know where the jack was and proceeded to change the tire for us. Words just cannot express how grateful I am for his assistance,  as well as his kindness and caring during a stressful time. Please be sure to express my sincerest gratitude to Trooper Hipp.  Leslie W. - Johnson City,  TN 

Trooper Ryan Riley
I had reported an accident and when this officer came to the scene he was very professional, polite, and helpful. He took care of everything in a timely manner and went beyond his call of duty to ensure my safety. I believe I was exceptionally blessed to work with such an outstanding officer and believe he should be recognized for his performance. Tayler

Trooper Kirk Hensley
I attended a conference for the North Carolina Judicial Support System in Kitty Hawk last week, where Trooper Kirk Hensley gave a presentation on "The first 3 Seconds."  This was the 25th NCJSS conference that I have attended and I have to say that Trooper Hensley was one of the most passionate and knowledgeable presenters we have had.  It was obvious that he cares a great deal for his fellow law enforcement officers.  Even though his presentation and training material is not necessarily designed for courthouse personnel, he presented it in such a way that it was very beneficial to us.

On a more personal note, a member of our association had to be hospitalized during the conference and Trooper Hensley prayed with us at the beginning and end of his presentation.

As I stated, I have attended a number of conferences and sat through many presentations and typically people are making a beeline for the exits as soon as, or even before, the presentations are concluded.  This was not the case with Trooper Hensley's presentation.  In fact, quite the opposite -- many members stood in line to speak with him at the conclusion of his presentation.  It was a pleasure and honor to have Trooper Hensley speak at our conference.  Lynn C. - Albemarle

Trooper A.R. Juliano
I would like to take time to recognize trooper Juliano for his exemplary professionalism, tact and upholding the traditions of the NC Highway Patrol. Trooper Juliano took the time to explain every part of my citation clearly and efficently. I furthermore would like to thank him for his support for the Military. In a time where the limelight is on law enforcement personell doing bad, I hope this comment finds its way to his supervisor to show that his or her troopers are doing the right thing even when no one is looking. That takes a special type of person to do so. I would like to say I look forward to more encounters with trooper Juliano but I think one citation is enough!  Dakota J. - Sergeant USMC

Trooper S. B. Jones, 1694
Please pass along how grateful I am to Trooper S B Jones, 1694.  On April 7 my wife was on her way to work and was involved in a wreck on 485.  She told me how kind he was to her.  I am an officer with CMPD and know sometimes we don’t come off as the nicest people.  Thank you and stay safe.  Travis C. - Monroe

Trooper Joshua Maynor
Thank you to Trooper Maynor for changing my flat tire last Thursday. I was traveling alone and was stranded on the side of Highway 421, without knowing how to change a tire. I had simply requested that an officer pull behind me with his lights on, for my safety, while I tried to figure it out. Trooper Maynor arrived and quickly started changing it himself. He went way beyond his job description and I am grateful for his service. Denise J.

Troopers Russell Walker F-240,  Jeb Belcher F-243, Zack Jennings F-233, Scott Ratiff F-242 
NCSHP, My name is Steve Bullins and I am Lieutenant with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission.    I moved back to my home county (Wilkes) in 2015.  There is a small country store within a mile of my residence that I buy from and I would consider the owner as a friend and I have know him for 30 plus years.  While at this store off duty on several occasions I noticed individuals that would enter his business that I thought to be impaired.  I started watching closer and noticed these people operating motor vehicles as they left.

 In late January or early February 2016, a female wrecked on my property and while I was working on my fence that she tore down, Trooper Russell Walker worked that wreck.  She was impaired and he arrested her and called me with insurance information.  I said all that so you could understand better what I am going say.  I talked with Trooper Walker and I told him all my concerns.  I told him from my experience as an officer and a supervisor that I felt like this area has been neglected over the years and the reason was because it is in a area where three counties join and I know when writing tickets I would always stay where the most activity was as an officer.  I ask Russell if he could help clean this mess up and he said absolutely.  I told him what I was witnessing and I told him that the store closed at 21:00 and if he had an opportunity to do a road check in a certain location from 19:00 to 21:00 it may be very productive.

I know Russell Walker and Jeb Belcher better than I do Zack and Scott and I hope that I haven't left any officer out.  Since that wreck that I mentioned, these Troopers have arrested a total of 6 or 7 DWI's, a convicted felon with a firearm on federal probation with all types of drugs, and I have no idea what other charges have been made.

While in that store the other day the owner made a comment to me: those road checks are killing my business.  I ask him if he was directing that at me and he stated again that those road checks was killing his business.  I ask him if he had a clue of many DWI arrest had been made from a few road checks.  He stated that he hated to see good people get arrested.  I said: so to you those are good people.  I also said that my family along with other families drive up and down this road and it sounds to me like those Troopers are doing a good job!!!!

There is nothing in this comment section that I have written that is a complaint from me.  I supervise 11 counties in District 7 and I would not have a clue of issues in certain locations until someone reports it.

Your Troopers have made a huge impact in this community and no telling how many lives may have been saved from Trooper Russell Walker listening to what I had to say and from his dedication to his job and to your agency in saving lives.  These troopers have also been the talk of this community for the last few months in very positive way.  Russell Walker, Jeb Belcher, Zack Jennings, and Scott Ratliff represent the NCSHP very well and whoever their supervisors are should be proud, they have done a great job in developing these men.  I have worked around Russell and Jeb at different times, they are leaders.

I do ask that the troopers mentioned and the chain of command receive this letter of accommodation.  Thank You for what you do. Sincerely, Steve B. - Elkin

March 2015

Trooper J.L. Thorpe
He responded to an accident this afternoon at the intersection of Stewart St. and James Slaughter Road, in Fuquay Varina, NC.  I was not involved in the wreck, but my daughter's friend was.  She (17 years old) was totally shaken up and distraught.  Her 1998 Honda Civic sat totaled in the middle of the intersection.  Visibly shaking when he arrived and asked for her driver's license, he told her to calm down and everything would be ok.  As a mother of a new teen driver myself, I would like to commend Officer Thorpe for his calm, cool demeanor as he handled himself very professionally and with sincere kindness toward this newly licensed driver.  I know these acts of kindness and professionalism often go unnoticed, but I certainly was sure to read his name badge and was able to find his first name from WRAL, when I learned he'd been involved in wreck himself a few years back while pursuing reckless drivers.  Thank you Officer Thorpe for your kindness today.  It sure means a lot to those of us that value life and not take a minute for granted.  I know you put your life on the line daily and I appreciate your service! Lisa K. -- Fuquay Varina

Trooper M.D. McSwain
On January 22, 2016 while driving home from a late night shift at Rutherfordton Regional Medical Center, I encountered severe weather conditions. On approaching the hill on Bills Creek road, my truck started to slide down the hill sideways and ended up blocking the road. Someone coming over the hill would not have seen the truck until impact.

I would like to commend Marty McSwain on a job well done. I was really impressed and grateful for the display of professionalism, quick thinking and the skills he displayed one the scene. Working on ice and it had begin to sleet. Marty McSwain moved the truck off the road and to the side by himself.

I would like to thank Marty for going above and beyond in helping to prevent and accident and for keeping me from becoming a casualty. Anyone who's willing to put their life on the line for mine without knowing me is all together a different kind of human being.

Thanks for all you do! Respectfully, Cheryl R. -- Lake Lure

Trooper S.J. Boyles
I have been a professional truck driver for some 20+ years and probably have over two-million accident-free miles.  I must say that during the few times I have had contact with NCHP I have always been treated professionally and fairly.

This week I had the occasion to have a random CMV inspection performed by Trooper S.J. Boyles.  Once again, I was not disappointed.  He conducted a safe, thorough, and efficient inspection.  While some drivers may consider these inspections a hassle, I think of them as an extra set of skilled eyes which may discover safety issues that I missed.  Fortunately, my eyes were good that day and my inspection was clear.

You see, there was nothing heroic or exceptional in this tale.  No news story will be written about it.  But rather there is one trooper of many doing the day in and day out job of public service.  He was a nice guy and made the experience a positive one and for that I thank him.B.D. K. --Murfreesboro, TN

1st Sergeant M. S. Whaley and Trooper Ben Wallace
I was traveling eastbound on Interstate 40 heading from Benson (Where I was working that day) to Southport. I was plugging along when my truck's engine died at exit 364. Frantically, I started calling my friends and relatives for assistance. They're located in the Garner/Clayton area, so I was unsure as to how I should go about getting my truck off of the shoulder of the road and back to somewhere that was familiar. As with almost all automotive breakdowns, it was in an inconvenient location. I was also dangerously close to the highway on the shoulder. There was a guardrail that prevented me from getting over further, there was an exit with motorists exiting from the highway, and there was a curve in the interstate, which made it difficult for approaching motorists to see me until they were almost upon me. To add to my dilemma, it was getting dark. I was frustrated, concerned, and, quite frankly, in a bad way. I was far from home and my destination wasn't any closer.

As I exited my vehicle to assure that at least I could get away from my vehicle (I was afraid someone might strike me from behind), I noticed that a Highway Patrol car had pulled up behind my truck. The Trooper got out and asked if I was OK. I explained my situation to him and he assisted me by attempting to find a wrecker to tow my vehicle for me, as all of my work equipment was in the truck, making me reluctant to leave it unattended.

The Trooper was 1st Sergeant M. Shannon Whaley. Evidently, he was on his way home from his post in Raleigh when he saw my disabled vehicle.

I am at a loss to describe the professional and caring that Trooper Whaly exhibited to me. This man is a gem and, as a taxpayer, it makes me very happy that someone had the wherewithal to hire this man to serve the motorists of our state. His professionalism was surpassed only by his kindness and concern for me. He helped me to feel so much better about my predicament by expressing a genuine concern for my safety and the well-being of my vehicle and my equipment, all the while attempting to do his best to protect the motoring public by using the resources at his disposal to remove my truck from the shoulder of I-40.

I was glad he was there. However, he had to eventually leave me. He contacted another Trooper to wait with me since he couldn't stay. I hated to see this fine man leave. He was so reassuring and professional that he'd gained my confidence. When the next Trooper arrived, he wished me well and said goodbye.

I met the next Trooper to arrive. His name was Ben Wallace. He was also very professional, understanding, and kind. He waited with me into the darkness and was most helpful while my uncle and I got the vehicle onto a trailer. However, his number one priority was the safety of both me and the motorists using the highway. He assisted us in getting the vehicle from the roadway as soon as it was safe to do so in a manner of professionalism that I'd assumed was reserved for Sergeant Whaley alone.

The funny thing was that while we were moving my vehicle from the roadway to the exit, I looked into the rear view mirror. Not only was Trooper Wallace behind us protecting us and the other travelers, there was also another Trooper behind him! When we reached the light at the end of the exit, I looked back again to see that there were additional law enforcement vehicles present (I'm assuming that they were also Troopers). They made sure that we were safe and sound before driving away.

The only bad experience I had with Trooper Wallace and the other, unknown officers is that I didn't have the opportunity to properly thank them for their assistance. This is why I decided to write to you with my experience.

I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with these fine individuals that serve our state. During a time when almost everyone wants to complain when something goes wrong or when someone has a bad day, I want to express my appreciation when someone does something right. Based on my experience, one can only assume that the NC Highway Patrol only hires the best.I am both thankful and impressed. If these are the kind of people that serve the citizens of North Carolina we're all in very good hands.

I wish I knew the names and agencies of the other officers that assisted Trooper Wallace. Please express my gratitude to them for me if you can identify them.  Sorry for the book. I just wanted to thank everyone involved and let the NC Highway Patrol know that they have some real keepers in their ranks. Gary J. -- Louisburg

Trooper Unknown
Good Morning,  Yesterday afternoon at about 1:30 in the afternoon I was on  my way to Wilmington on I-40 right before I-40 turned in to college road I noticed that on the opposite side of the road it looked like a trooper had a car pulled over but as I came closer I noticed that the trooper was actually helping a lady change the tire on her van. I know to some this might not have been a big deal but I am sure it was to the lady he was helping. Even though I was not involved I feel very appreciative for what he did.  Nicholas H.

Trooper J. S. Swagger
I would like to commend Trooper J. S. Swagger on the professionalism he displayed when explaining my seat belt violation over the weekend.  He not only explained what I did wrong but took the time to explain the possible injuries a driver can sustain and why it's important to wear it properly. He could have easily handed me a ticket and walked away. Public Safety at is Finest.  John E.

Trooper G.D. York
My mom and dad were on their way back from Myrtle Beach to Princeton WV yesterday, when they were stopped in a line of traffic due to a bad accident on 77 North near the VA line.  My dad is a diabetic and his blood sugar started to drop while they were stopped in traffic.  As the time went on, his symptoms worsened to the point where he was a tad confused and hallucinating some.  Mom got dad to pull over while she frantically searched for some food and sugar containing drinks in the car.  Mr. York, in all of that traffic, happened to see what was going on and stopped to assist my parents.  He made a path thru the stopped traffic so my mom could drive to the rest area where he helped them purchase snacks so my dad could get his blood sugar back up.  Even though this sounds minimal, I feel that Mr York went above and beyond his duty and was a true God send to my parents and to me and my sister.  Most police may not have even noticed an elderly couple pulled off in all that mayhem and not have checked on them, but he did, and we are forever grateful for that.  Thank you Mr. York.  May God Bless you and your family.  Stay safe out there and there are people out here that do appreciate all that law enforcement does for us.  Thank you again,  Robert B. – McDowell County

Trooper Sanders
The drive train dropped down from the bottom of the car on Hwy226/221 in Marion, NC.  My 2 young children were traveling with us.  We were barely able to get off the road and were in a really dangerous place.  Trooper Sanders provided us with protection from on-coming traffic until the tow truck arrived.  Trooper Sanders helped to protect my husband from on-coming traffic while we transferred the car seats for my children.  He helped us to get to a safe location to wait for our taxi and ensured that we were all ok and safe before leaving us.  We really appreciated his support!  We wanted to pass along our gratitude and let his supervisor know what an excellent job he did! Janet P.T. – Cedar Point

Trooper P.A. Edwards
While awaiting a tow truck to assist my vehicle just north of Highway 41 on 13 February 2016, I had the pleasure of acquainting and dealing with Officer Edwards. He responded to a call placed on my behalf at approximately 0100 that morning. From the moment he arrived on scene, Officer Edwards carried himself with a distinct level of professionalism. Balancing the often difficult task of civility and command presence, Officer Edwards is an example that these two traits are not exclusive in his line of work. Providing careful over watch of the scene, he was forced to interrupt our conversation in order to pursue a vehicle who had failed to slow down and move over as it passed our location. Officer Edwards' presence provided a much needed sense of protection and care in an otherwise inconvenient situation. Throughout our encounter, I felt not only his devotion to work, but to the area in which he serves. It is apparent to me that he has a heart for his job and the people in whom he serves because of it.  Officer Edwards, thank you for your all of your help. And thank you, Kinston Highway Patrol for such an outstanding Officer!  Andrew V. – Templeton, CA.

Trooper R.E. Mellott
Trooper Mellott should be applauded for his educational effort by providing an excellent outreach program for farmers and other agricultural interests in Robeson County. He communicated very clearly and appropriately to those in attendance.  He also gave special attention to each participant's questions.  He presented himself very professionally and as being knowledgeable in the area of highway laws and exemptions for agricultural interests. Mac M. – Lumberton

Trooper R.E. Mellott 
Trooper Eric Mellott, did an excellent job at our Rules of the Road meeting. I was impressed with his knowledge of the Law and how he related it to the farmers. Several farmers provided positive comments on his presentation. We hope to have him come back again with more information. Again he did an excellent job.  Dalton D. -- Whiteville

Trooper J.S. Martin
I would like to Thank Trooper Jody Martin for the very informative presentation Saturday 2/27 at the Penske Annual Driver Safety Meeting in Mooresville NC. .  You can tell Trooper Martin truly cares about the safety of commercial vehicles and the drivers as well. Please let him know as a Transportation Manager I greatly appreciate  him helping me and my drivers stay up to date on the laws and regulations of this state and for his willingness to keep North Carolina roads safe for all of us. Thanks Again for a job well done. Richard P. -- Matthews

Major G.M.McNeill and many others
I am forever grateful to the many members of the Patrol who came to pay their respects after the death of my mother.  Just the presence of the Black and Silver was such an overwhelming show of support to me and my family during one of the darkest times of our lives.  My mom loved the Highway Patrol as do I.  She was very proud of the fact that her son belonged to such a wonderful, caring, and supportive family.  I will never forget the many of you who came to that small country church to remember a very special lady.  I will always be proud to proclaim that I am a retired North Carolina State Trooper! God bless you all and please be safe. Best, Richard M. - Whispering Pines

February 2016

Trooper B. D. Marr
I want to thank Trooper Marr for his service to all of us. My personal experience with him was due to a terrible automobile accident. I was thankful he was the trooper I dealt with in this. His professionalism as an officer of the law as well as the way he handled himself personally in this situation were nothing less than admirable and respected. He was very helpful and showed a willingness to answer questions and offer suggestions where they were proper and within his line of duty. He made us feel confident in him doing what he needed to do and offered some comfort and even a smile in a difficult time. Thank you Trooper Marr. Your efforts overall and help with a special request to keep my firearm safe are very much appreciated. Police lives matter. Geoff D.

Trooper J.L. Elledge
I had an incident Friday night 02/19/16 where I hit a truck retread and damaged the front end of my car. Trooper Elledge came to my aid and was very professional and patient. He helped me fill out my report and gave me instructions on what I needed to do. I am grateful for his help. Carolyn M. - Linwood

Trooper T.L. Hunt
Thank you Trooper Hunt for your calmness and your professionalism on Wednesday. Thanks for waiting to see me at the emergency department and for making sure I understood everything clearly. I can not say that I truly know how difficult your job is but I appreciate you and the job that you do to protect and serve all of us. Best wishes! Manya L.

Troopers Names: unknown
I just wanted to thank the two highway patrolmen that helped my husband today. Unfortunately, I do not know either of their names. My husband had a tire blow out on his van this afternoon on Hwy 903 between Kenansville and Magnolia in Duplin Co. The weather was bad and I wanted to call someone to help him but he wanted to try and do it himself first. Just over a year ago, Ray (my husband), had two brain aneurysms (one ruptured) and two major brain surgeries that followed. I was very nervous about him trying to change his tire. Almost immediately, a trooper arrived, stopped and helped him. Ray said this trooper was very friendly and Ray was so appreciate. Not too long after, another trooper stopped and assisted as well. This was such a relief to me as I was praying someone would stop and help. I know that it is such a bad weather day and they are so busy, but thank you so much to those two troopers. It is more appreciated than you will ever know! Ray is a Pastor and he prays for our law enforcement every week. Thank you for all that you do. Jackie K.  

Trooper S.O. Moncus 
Trooper Moncus stopped to assist us when I had a blow out on the Interstate. When I emptied the trunk and discovered the spare was flat we called out to AAA but they couldn't give us a timeline. Trooper Moncus took me to the next exit to get air for my spare even after I had forgotten money for the pump Trooper Moncus took me back to my car to get money for the pump then when I returned with tire stayed with us so I could put the tire on and reload my trunk with our things and start out on the Interstate once more en route to our hotel that evening. My family and I are very thankful for the assistance Trooper Moncus provided to us, myself, my son, my wife and our yet to be born daughter. Andy S.

Trooper Daniel Edwards
I reached out to Trooper Edwards a few weeks back regarding a issue I was having with someone riding their dirt bike through their neighborhood at excessive speeds, popping wheelies, and threatening the lives of other children. After weeks of reaching out to the Harnett County sheriffs office and no luck I gave him a call. He took care of the matter and hopefully now the individual will not continue to do what he was doing. It is a pleasure to see that there are people like Mr. Edwards still around and it is a pleasure to have someone like him on the North Carolina State Highway Patrol. He truly does care about the lives and safety of others and he certainly enforces the law. Because of him now our neighborhood is safer and children can play outside without being scared of getting ran over. He did a fantastic job on this case. Samantha G. - Hope Mills

Trooper Unkown - Sorry I cant remember his name now.
I am Type 2 and have short term memory problems. I pulled over on the side of road today to use my phone. As I was leaning over to one side in my Tahoe a Trooper pulled in behind me and he ask if I needed help -- was I okay. It must have looked like I was in trouble. He is what makes all Law officers great. Had I been having a diabetic problem he was ready to get me help. I was lost so he told me how to get over to I 77. Thank you all for your service. the trooper was a white male in a charger. It was around 1:30 maybe 2:00 today. Phillip M. D. - Lancaster, S.C

Trooper Thorpe
My vehicle died in rush hour traffic today (2_16_16) on Rock Quarry Road just after the Correctional Center and before the hill overpass for 1-40. Officer Thorpe came over to help me and pushed the vehicle, assisted by a passer-by, to the side of the road. I was calling AAA but he called DOT and they gave me a jump start and off I went. I have never had a state police officer be so helpful and concerned about my safety. Thank you State Troopers! Gratefully, Consuelo M. - Raleigh

Trooper Nash
On Saturday, I was experiencing car trouble and had to pull over on the side of the road. I had the pleasure of receiving help from Officer Nash. He assisted me with calling my husband, made sure that we were able to jump the car safely and even assure that we got to the repair place without incident. I have to say, that officer Nash was the BEST officer I have ever met and had to deal with. He restored my faith that there are truly good men who serve our community. My son is pursuing a career as a LEO and I am so hoping that he has the character, integrity and kind heart of Trooper Nash. I wish there was some way I could repay him because he has no idea how his kindness touched me (I recently lost my mother, so I've been very sad most of the time) but Officer Nash really touched my heart. Thank you so much! Officer Nash kindness made my week! Yolanda T.B. - Charlotte

Trooper A.T. Doss
I was stopped on I-40 for a headlight out which I didn't realize. This Trooper could not have been more professional and courteous to this tired commuter, People are quick to criticize but often forget to say thank you for a positive experience. Brenda B.

Sgt K .E. Moore 
Sgt Moore was very professional in his handling of my concerns about the accident report. He returned my phone call promptly. He is a credit to the NC Highway Patrol. Barry E.N.

Trooper Sanford 
I just wanted you to know that Mr Sanford is top notch. He was very professional and super informative during our meeting on Lake Wheeler Road. I came away from the experience as if I had been to a class on towing! He is a very good example of how we can be professional and courteous and the same time. Thanks for your time and good job on training these young men. Edward H. -  Benson

Trooper C.J.Lewis 
Thank you once again for being so polite and professional. You were extremely helpful by thoroughly explaining what all i needed to do. Thank you for being so kind and I'll be keeping you in my prayers. Laura B. - Candler

Trooper Ford 
I would like to thank Trooper Ford for his assistance. I hit a pothole wile returning home from Wilmington, and the two right tires of my car went flat. His knowledge of the Laurinburg area and his willingness to assist me in my time of need, were greatly appreciated. He helped me change a tire and took me over to the Wal-Mart to get a second tire. His Courtesy and Professionalism exemplify the meaning State Trooper. Tommie C. -   Salisbury

Trooper M. G. Adams 
I received a citation today for speeding, which I deserved. And I wanted someone to know how nice and polite trooper Adams was. I used to be a police officer and know how negative the job can be. I'm just writing this hoping to let you know how good a job your trooper is doing. As I'm sure you already know. Marvin W. -  Newport Beach

Trooper Anthony Barnes
Mr Barnes was called to a deadly accident which involved a woman whom was like a mother to me. A lot of personal items were found in her vehicle and with much experience and gut feelings that were correct, Mr Barnes did not leave the items at her home address or give any information to her boyfriend which I am very greatful. He has also been very informative and very caring during this tragic time. This was a very unusual case given she had no immediate family and Mr Barnes did not have to be as caring, trusting or patient as he was in helping me. He has been very sweet in rechecking the accident scene for personal belongings, checking back through her vehicle so that I did not have to see it and just checking on me to see how things were going and if I needed anything. He says it is his job but I do believe he has went above and beyond his call of duty and I am very thankful for that and it is comforting to know that he was the one that found her. I wanted to recognize him for his big heart and all that he has done that he didn't have to do!!!! The accident was devastating but it was comforting to know that she was taken care of during this time. Thanks again to Mr Barnes for all that he does! !Christie W. -  Matthews

Trooper J.D. Davis 
I'm an officer in south carolina. My mother in law and father in law were traveling in the area near Fayetteville and had a tire blow out. Trooper davis assisted fix their tire, point out a safe area with good hotels, and made sure they got there safe. The trooper stayed with them over a hour and was super kind and gracious. If you could please try to hunt him down and thank him or pass my information along to him, he deserves a pat on the bank. James G.

Trooper K.L. Hall
Trooper Hall was very professional and courteous. Very pleasant experience with Trooper Hall. He shows pride in his job and carries himself with the upmost professionalism. Lee K.

Trooper Heath 
i am a citizen with disabilities deaf. trooper heath was a great help to me. i"m a farmer and was not paying enough attention. he was kind and very professional clean and neat. being a senior citizen he realized i needed a little help. i remember everything he told me and im grateful and a better driver thank you.  Michael E. - La Grange

Trooper Robinson 
My friend Lynn Altonen and I were southbound on Interstate 77 on January 30th just North of Charlotte. We were on our way to Florida for vacation. I was driving a pick up truck pulling a boat on a trailer and Lynn was following in his car when I had a flat tire on the truck. We pulled as far away from traffic as was possible and were attempting to change the tire on the truck. We weren't having much luck. We couldn't get the spare tire to descend from beneath the truck. We had been working on solving the problem for several minutes when Officer Robinson of the North Carolina Highway Patrol came up behind us and surprised us saying, "Good afternoon gentlemen. Do you have a problem here?" We did indeed! Officer Robinson, whose badge number I believe is 1997, although I'm not sure about that, did everything he possibly could have done to help us with the dilemma of dislodging the spare tire from beneath the truck. The first thing he did was show us how to properly engage the crank, which was somewhat embarrassing. Against my advice, citing the fact that he was going to get his immaculate uniform dirty, he was down on the ground kicking the spare and trying everything he could think of to help us get back on the road. We finally resolved the problem thanks in no small part to Officer Robinson's help. I just want to say how impressed my friend and I were with Officer Robinson and the North Carolina Highway Patrol. One cannot buy that kind of public relations. I feel Officer Robinson went way beyond the call of duty in helping out two old men (I'm 66, Lynn is 68) who happened to be passing through the state of North Carolina. You should be very proud of Officer Robinson and I want you to know that if he should want to become a member of the Ohio Highway Patrol, and I can't imagine why he would, Ohio would be all the better for it. With highest regards, Thomas R. L., Outside North Carolina

Lt. Andreas Dietrich, FSgt. Michael Marshburn
As the wife of a former law enforcement officer, who is still part of the brotherhood, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the support shown by troopers from Troop H and other districts, during the visitation and funeral for my grandmother. A grandson is a current trooper, Jake McDonald. The show of loyalty and support for the brotherhood of law enforcement was so evident. Often, Law enforcement does not receive the credit they deserve. We are taking this opportunity to simply say..... thank you, for what you did for our family, and what you do EVERY DAY. On behalf of Mike and Cyndi H., and the family of Emma T. -  Albemarle

Trooper John Whitehurst 
I just wanted to comment how helpful Mr. Whitehurst was in regards to our companies DOT information. As I told Mr. Whitehurst on the phone when we applied for our DOT number a year ago we were sort of shooting in the dark as we had never filed for this before and couldn't get much help on the website or by calling in. Mr. Whitehurst explained why we were still getting calls and letters and assisted in getting our DOT status correct and updated. He explained everything on the phone and followed up with quick responses to emails. I am sure you receive a lot of negative feedback so I wanted to make sure you are also aware you do have some good people working for you. Thanks. Dan M. - Washington, NC

Trooper Corey Smithey and Trooper Verlin Vinson F-9 
Cargo Transporters had these two troopers for a TSI program on Pre & Post Trip Inspections. These Troopers showed there Professionalism, There Knowledge of the Trucking Industry. Thanks for Sgt Michael Rogers in his help for getting them to speak. Could you see that they get recognize for this. Thanks, Les M.


January 2016

Trooper J.F. McHan 
My boyfriend, Jonathan Aubuchont, was involved in a car accident on Christmas Day in Union County. He was badly hurt, requiring transport to CMC Main to treat a head injury. Trooper Mchan was one of the first responders, and contacted me from the scene of the accident. Jonathan was unable to provide emergency contact info, so Trooper McHan thought to check our dog's collar for phone numbers, which put him in touch with me. He met our family at the hospital in Charlotte, and was extremely courteous and kind. He continued to check in with us over the next several days, simply to make sure that Jonathan was ok. At a time in our nation when law enforcement officers are so closely scrutinized and often criticized, this Trooper's actions reminded our family that there are still really good people out there, serving our community. We appreciate all he did for our family when we were dealing with a major crisis, and hope that he will receive the recognition he deserves from the State Highway Patrol for his combination of professionalism and compassion. Jessica H. --Charleston, S.C.

Trooper J.F. McHan
Trooper McHan met us at the hospital after responding to a bad accident involving our son. He was so kind and caring. Our son is still on the mend and should recover fully. We are so thankful for the compassion Trooper Mchan showed and all the follow up calls days after the accident. He went beyond what was expected and we can not express our gratitude to him! John and Nancy A. --Monroe

Trooper A.W. Cutler 
I had a what I considered a bad wreck on NC 210. The Trooper showed up and was professional courteous and concerned. Very few things in my life have made me scared. But I was shaken up and his calmness and professionalism made a lot of differenence for me. Ya'll have a tough job and I'm sure not always the best people to deal with these days. But as for me and my family Thank You and God Bless you Trooper Cutler. May his angels always watch out over you and your car. Arthur S. – Rocky Point

Trooper A.M. Autry 
In January, I had a traffic accident on 264 W. in Washington. Trooper Autry arrived on scene and immediately displayed extreme professionalism as he worked the scene. He came over to my vehicle to check on my passenger and I, and when he realized the seriousness of our injuries, he then stayed by and waited with us until EMS and fire officials arrived on scene. I have witnessed Trooper Autry on several other occasions at other accident scenes and he always show tremendous courage and always has a positive attitude and displays what I think are the qualities that a law enforcement officer should have at all times. Thank you for assigning him to our county and district, because he is an example to all law enforcement officers everywhere. Julius O. – Washington, N.C.

Trooper Stevenson
I was in my car following a erratic driver that was running red lights off the road on the left and right driving through the intersections while in the left turn lanes then driving on the wrong side of the road. Trooper Stevenson called me on my cell and calmly got my location and was very efficient at arriving to apprehend the bad driver. He was very respectful of my effort and myself and even shook my hand and thanked for my help in this incidence. He did a follow up call later in the day and with the utmost professional courtesy to tell me the first court date for me to appear as a witness. A very good and dedicated officer. Frank L. - Taylorsville 

Trooper J. C Bunce 
I was involved in a car accident in which I was rear ended on I-95 and was obviously quite shaken up. Trooper Bunce arrived to the scene and was extremely pleasant to deal with. Especially being shaken up, he provided a sense of comfort on the busy highway and made sure everyone was safe and taken care of. It says a lot that he was easy to talk to and inform what happened without being intimidating or making me feel like an inconvenience. He definitely eased my chaotic mind at the time and gave me a sense of relief that I haven't quite experienced in an accident before. I wanted to make it known that he did a phenomenal job of handling the accident and it is very much appreciated. Amanda R. -- Hope Mills 

Trooper M.A. Coyle 

This morning my son was playing in his room when he fell off of his bed and hurt his arm. I picked him up and left to get him looked at. As I was driving down 85, I got stopped by Trooper Coyle. I want to give my background before I go further. I am covered in tattoos from my head to my fingernails. I look like the term "thug life" and the reason is because I lived that way most of my life. My first arrest came when I was 12 years old and my first felony came at 14. I left the gang life 11 years ago and have given my life over to God.

What struck me so much about Trooper Coyle is how he handled the entire situation, how he related to my son and how he handled me. I have encountered so many officers in the past and use to hate them. That is no longer the case but with all of the recent events occurring in our country, I wanted to tell his superiors what a special person they have here. After he told me his name and why he stopped me I told him yes sir. He stopped me right then and there, put a big smile on his face and told me to please call him Mark. I would continue to call him sir and each time he said please call him Mark.

While sitting in the waiting room I had time to reflect on this stop. What an impression he made on me and my son. Tomorrow when I go to church, I will be sharing this story with all of them. When I get back to my hometown, I will do the same there as well. It is not the point that he let me go with a warning, it is how he handled himself from the beginning to the end. He didn't treat me like a criminal, actually quite the opposite . I have the feeling that if I were a criminal he would have treated me the same way unless I gave him a reason not to. I have graduated from college and provide a good living for my family and turned my life around. What a great person you have in Trooper Coyle. If you all don't have him speak to your young officers in school, then that is a mistake that you should rectify because every officer should strive to be like him. GOD BLESS YOU, MARK!  Eric T.

Trooper R.B. Huffstickler
On Sunday, 01-17-2016, I was traveling northbound on 85 North when I hit a rock causing my tire go flat and I had no choice but to pull over onto the left shoulder beside the wall. I called 911 and requested an officer to sit behind me while I waited to be towed. Trooper Huffstickler showed up shortly after and I have never been happier to see blue lights in my rear view. When he approached my vehicle I told him i was so happy to see him, and he asked if I was okay and asked if I had a spare tire that he could help me with. His demeanor was so gentle and kind towards me, but more importantly 100% genuine. He told me not to worry and that I was safe because if a car was gonna hit anyone it was going to be him. It was humbling I felt so incredibly selfish because he was honestly okay knowing thay he had erased my anxiety and calmed my fears and I felt so safe knowing he was behind me. He told me not to worry about how long it took for the tow company to get there he wasn't going to leave me. What he didn't know was that although I was worried about being hit by a car while on the side of the road, I was more worried about a person with bad intentions taking advantage of a situation in which I was defenseless. 

In 2009 I was involved in a violent crime and in that moment I realized anyone could have easily taken advantage of me. Trooper Huffstickler is a shining example of what a trooper should be. He was so kind to me and made me feel protected. He deserves to be recognized for his selflessness and his desire to serve his community. When I asked him for the information to pass on how much I appreciated him his response was he was just happy to make feel better and that my kind words were enough. This trooper has a heart of gold, it is so nice to see how sincere he truly is. Trooper Huffstickler thank you so much. You set a high bar for other troopers to follow. Thank you for just being happy to help me and being able to see the panic on my face and comfort me the entire time. You made such a difference in how I handled the situation. Thank you for all you do and every selfless act you make everyday. You may think you are just doing your job but you are also affecting people in ways you could never imagine. Please go above and beyond to give him some praise he deserves. One small act of kindness does so much and I am overwhelmed by my interaction with NC state patrol. Thank you for all you do each and every day! Anna M.

Trooper W.Y. Kessler 
I was in need of some information on a commercial driver's license. I met Trooper Kessler on the side of a road after a traffic stop. She answered my questions in a most professional way and was an excellent example of the high standards expected of troopers. This was in spite of poor weather and rain, and her professionalism shined as bright as her smile. She is an excellent representative for your agency. Joel B. - Monroe

Trooper B.M. Jolly and Trooper J. Jones 
While traveling West bound I-40 on Wed evening I had a flat tire in an area that had very little room on the shoulder. I pulled over and started preparing to install my spare. I was very nervous with traffic flying by and was relieved when 2 troopers pulled behind me and commenced to helping me change my flat tire. When we got the spare tire on and released the jack the spare was flat as well. Not sure what to do next Trooper Jones suggested we jack it back up and remove the spare and he would take it and air it up. While Trooper Jones took my tire, Trooper Jolly stayed behind me with the lights on to help traffic move over. Trooper Jones arrived back shortly with my spare pumped up and we re-installed the tire and I safely went on my way. This in my opinion is an example of going way beyond the call of duty. Their actions on this night may have saved my life and I really appreciate what they did. Mike E. – Conover

Trooper J. L. Alphin 
In todays society, I believe law enforcement is complimented enough on a job well done. With that being said the above named trooper deserves recognition for his professionalism and attention to detail. He was very helpful in explaining what I needed to do in order to fix the issue with my vehicle's insurance. I've had this same issue before in the past but the Trooper then couldn't hold a candle to Mr. Alphin's integrity and professionalism. He deserves recognition. William W. -- Washington N.C.

Trooper C.M. Anderson 
In just a bit of an odd twist, I wanted to commend Trooper C.M. Anderson for GIVING ME A TICKET! I was travelling in a loaned car from Statesville to Boone on 12/30/15 around 2:45pm. I really thought the speed limit was 65 and was travelling 70 mph. Trooper Anderson pulled me over, informed me of my error and proceeded to write me a well deserved ticket. In an age in which those that are charged with patrolling our streets/roads/highways are getting such bad press, I simply wanted to tell you that I found Trooper Anderson to be very cordial, very professional and an incredible representative for law enforcement in NC. You all deserve to be told when you do the right thing, the right way - I believe that is almost all the time. It was certainly that way in this instance. E-mail correspondence sent to and from this address may be subject to the provisions of G.S. 132-1, the North Carolina Public Records Law, and may be subject to monitoring and disclosed to third parties, including law enforcement personnel, by an authorized state official. David B. - Statesville

Trooper B. D. Phillips
Trooper Phillips responded to a small 10-50 in a store parking lot it was very cold and Trooper Phillips was very pleasant and at no point did he seem irritated over such a small event. I know that all Troopers are busy as I work for Law Enforcement myself. I just wanted to say Thank you. Amy W. -- Vass

Trooper Hunt 
I want to acknowledge Officer Hunt for his kindness and assistance today. I had a flat and had to pull off to the side (with my 3 kids in tow). While I was waiting officer Hunt stopped by to check on me twice, and then came back a third time when my husband arrived and helped him change the tire. I also observed him helping another family who had car trouble. He totally acted like this was just part of his job and exemplified "to protect and serve". It meant a lot to me and my family. Thank you for your service Officer Hunt, God Bless you as you protect and serve every day. Robin L. -- Raleigh

Trooper J. L. Seagle
Trooper Seagle was very prompt, professional and courteous. His investigation of the incident was quick but efficient and there was little delay in my day. I just hope my insurance company can be as efficient, and prompt. David C. -- Winston-Salem

Trooper E.L. Deans
Trooper Dean's is a wonderful man very highly respected in our community I'd just like to say trooper deans is one of the best if not the best on the road...anytime we need anything he's right there on or off duty he will do anything for anyone he's just awesome thanks for all you do and he always has a smile on his face. Julian P. -- Greenville

Master Trooper Chad Allison
Master Trooper Chad Allison, after performing a traffic stop, approached a disabled boat/trailer at 1300 09 Jan 2016 on 17 north bound. The trailer had not experienced a flat tire but a blown bearing which left its owners (of about 20 minutes at that time) without the proper knowledge or equipment to remedy in a safe manner let alone an efficient one that lead to a fix before nightfall. Officer Allison was able to survey the scene, educate, calm, and offer solutions to a seemly helpless situation. His willingness to ensure our safety while roadside (informing a fellow Senior Trooper patrolling that day) while using personal mechanical knowledge that lead to the trailer being returned to safe duty makes me wish he could be recognized for work that, I believe, went above and beyond. I served 4 tours in the military and appreciate service. Please let him know how much we appreciate him, what he does for the public in uniform, and in his personal life. Best regards, Joseph B and Emily C, Portsmouth, VA.

Lt. Col. B.T. Clayton
Please advise Col. Grey how much my family and I appreciate the support of the Highway Patrol at the funeral of my father, Mac Mills, in Pinehurst on Thursday. This was very heartwarming due to the fact that I have been retired for nearly ten years. I have received numerous comments from the public about the number of SHP staff that were there. Please let Lt. Col. Clayton and the other patrol members present know that we appreciate them for this. Malcolm M.-- Southern Pines 

August/September 2015

Trooper J.H. Shaw 
Thank you Trooper Shaw! You were objective and very professional through out your conversation with me. Although I ended up getting a minor infraction ticket that I was not pleased about, I felt you were helpful and constructive in your lecture to me. I will be more aware of my surroundings and definately pay closer attention to things. I liked how you explained things to me with your southern style and charm. It also made the whole experience more pleasant having you as the offier who stopped me. Melissa O. - Wilmington 

Trooper Andrew Davies 
I was traveling back home to Fayetteville, NC from Waxhaw, NC and I was on 485 (Outer). Not too long after I got on the highway, I ran out of gas, something I've never done! First time for everything. It was dark and I needed to get back to the gas station, but couldn't see. The gas station was only 0.4 miles away from where I was, but I didn't want to risk it. My roadside assistance customer service couldn't find my information in their system, I called the rental car agency, they couldn't get anyone out for another 2 hours and I was tired, and ready to get home. I called the dispatcher, and she got me Trooper Davies quickly! He came, took me to the gas station and brought me back and even helped me put the gas in my car. I know this is a very small gesture, however I feel like he went out of his way to make sure that I was taken care of! I really appreciate him and his act of kindness to make sure I got home safe and sound! Kudos! Andre M.H. - Fayetteville

Trooper B E Fisher
I got rear ended on 85 on the 20th of September. Trooper Fisher was very professional and very helpful. Keep up the good work guys! Andrew H. - High Point

Trooper B. C. Baxley
I apologize for not having the reference available, and for this taking soooo long to write to you. Trooper Baxley helped me so much with the incident that took place around May 20th. He was forthcoming with the information I needed and was patient and made sure the information was available to me. He was thorough, responsible, professional and efficient. An excellent demonstration of our NC troopers shown by his courtesy and intelligence. Thank you. Carol R. - Wilmington

Trooper Joe Bright 
Trooper Bright accompanied the NC Sate Football team to the ODU football game on 9/19/15. During my interaction with him however brief I must commend him on his military bearing and professional demeanor his positive attitude was beyond reproach.C.D.U. - Norfolk VA

Trooper Ashley 
Hello - a friend of mine was on the side of highway 11 close to North Pitt high school in Beathel NC and trooper Ashley pulled over and turned his lites on. I pulled up right after he did and I told him that he was out of gas. Once we put the gas in the car trooper Ashley notice the battery was dead so he let us use his jumper cables. Trooper Ashley had great conversation and made me feel safe. Thank you Trooper Ashlee. Ceairra D.

Trooper J.L.Gallimore
I am the wife of trooper Justin Lee Gallimore and I just wanted to share some positive feedback in what seems like mostly negative in the law enforcement world. My husband and I have a 9 month old daughter and a goldendoodle pup, every time he puts his uniform on and leaves for a shift he kisses my daughter and I, tells us he loves us and rubs ace our dog on the head. He stays over alot of nights due to DWI cases or things of that matter that have to be taken care of before returning home to us. My husband is a very kind hearted man and he strives to help others the best that he can while doing his job and keeping the roads safe. The other night my husband worked a pretty gruesome wreak causing 1 death, 1 in ICU and 2 walking alway with minor injuries. The driver was drunk. He stayed out way past time to be home and he answered calls for the next 2 days off to try and help the family of the lady who passed away. I say all of this not to brag but to add yet another real life case of these men and women who go above and beyond, see things many wouldn't be able to stomach and leave their family's to go out into a cruel world to protect and serve. A family member posted a really nice post on my Facebook telling the world how sweet my husband was. Thanks! And be safe!Chancey G. - King

Trooper A. D. Davies
I was coming from Huntersville on yesterday on 77 south and as I was entering the 485 inner loop my back passenger rear tire blew out. I was on the bridge on the right shoulder, it was raining and cars were coming really fast. I was scared and didn't know what to do. Everyone I called couldn't come and help me. They told me that if I called The Highway Patrol that they wouldn't help me change my tire. They were wrong! Officer Andrew Davies responded and without hesitation he went right to work and changed my tire and had me back on the road. Officer Davies is a very humble Officer who deserves to be commended for his act of kindness. Thank you Officer Davies, you saved me and I want the world to know how great you are! Again thank you from the bottom of my heart. May God continue to bless you. Yours in Christ, Charlotta G. – Charlotte

Trooper D. H. Inman 
Trp. Inman saw my car stopped on the side of the road and stopped to see if everything was okay. Unfortunately, I had just hit two dogs and was not sure what to do and was very glad to see him stop to help. Trp. Inman was very professional and courteous as he handled what best to do given the situation. Christina H.

Trooper C. D. Cheeks 
We wanted someone to know what a fantastic, helpful, respectful, and humanitarian Trooper you have working for the State Patrol. We hit a deer or it hit us either way he responded in an expedient fashion, and stayed with us during the towing of our vehicle, and took us to a safe haven the Waffle House to wait for our towing company to come and take our car and us home to Chattanooga. We truly appreciate him for all his help, and turning our horrible experience into a blessed wonderful experience. We want to truly thank him for his kindness. Cindy and George C. - Broomfield, CO

Trooper Name: Unknown 
Dear Sir: I am a CPL for a contracted Special Police company at GE-Hitachi in Castle Hayne, NC. We had a motor vehicle collision on site but didn't have any DMV-349 forms. One of my officers works for another agency but was already on his way to work and didn't have any forms with him. He noticed a Highway Patrolman at the I- 40 Eastbound side in a dark blue dodge charger and pulled up behind him and honked the horn. The Patrolman approached my officer and he and my officer talked and my officer advised him about the need for the DMV-349 form. He asked the Patrolman if he had any DMV-349s that he could spare. The Patrolman advised that he would be happy to help and gave my officer the DMV-349 forms. The Patrolman was very polite and helpful. I just wanted to tell you how appreciative I am for his assistance in giving us the DMV-349 forms when we really needed them. My officer didn't get the Patrolman's name but I just wanted to express our appreciation for his kindness and assistance. May God bless all of you and keep you safe during your shifts. CPL M. Watts

Matthew 5:9 - "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God."

Trooper K. E. Travis
Very professional and caring during our car accident. Helped make sure we where taken care of. Thanks. Danny L – Spartanburg, S.C. 

Trooper J. Chavez
I want to point out the true professionalism and real courteousness this officer exhibited after I was correctly pulled over for excessive speed. I actually apologized to him not only for speeding, but for wasting his time and taxpayer money in this way. The trooper impressed me so much in the way that he handled all aspects of the situation that I felt compelled to provide feedback and trust that he will have a long, safe and rewarding career in law enforcement. - David C. J. - Charlotte

Sergeant R. W. Goswick 
My wife & I (age 89 & 86 in a couple weeks) were returning from a funeral in TN. About 10 pm one of my tires blew into shreds. After about 20 cars passed, two African ladies with 5 youngsters finally stopped. They called for help and Sgt Goswick arrived shortly thereafter. Noting our age, he proceeded to see that we were safe and comfortable; he then proceeded to change the tire. Considering the time of night and the location, I consider Sgt Goswick demeanor, efficiency and the way he treated a couple old folks above and beyond the call of duty.

Not being acquainted with the State Trooper's awards system, I am able to make a specific recommendation; however, I hope that the highest possible recognition can be awarded Sgt Goswick. He is an outstanding example for the state highway patrol. Eugene B. - Roanoke Rapids, Capt USN Ret

Sgt. M.A. Coyle H5
I would like to commend Sgt. Coyle for assisting me in changing a flat tire on Monday, August 31, 2015 11:30 am on Mt. Holly- Huntersville Rd in Huntersville. Sgt. Coyle went an extra mile to be of help. A special thanks to Sgt. Coyle. Frederick C. - Huntersville

Trooper B. C. Peterson, Troop G, District 1
I blew a tire on 26 late last night and called to request an officer just to have some blue lights behind my vehicle for safety while I changed the tire. I was very lucky to get Trooper B. C. Peterson. He and his peer not only ensured I was safe, they also went above and beyond to ensure I had everything I needed to change my tire and that my family knew I was safe. Unfortunately I did not have the tool I needed to retrieve my spare from underneath my old chevy. Trooper Peterson not only took me to safety while I awaited my family to bring the tools I need, he went WAY ABOVE THE CALL OF DUTY and found a tool that would work. They got me on my way safely and with a smile. THANK YOU TROOPER PETERSON for your professional and kind assistance! Gary B. H. - Spruce Pine

Trooper R. D. Hendrickson 
I just wanted to take a moment and give credit where credit is due. I was stopped by officer Hendrickson this morning while on my way to work. He was both polite and professional while performing his duty. I had three young men with me who were able to witness what should be a standard from our law enforcement officers. Unfortunately people are more willing to share a bad experience than a good one. Thanks. Henry J.F. - Rocky Point, Pender County NC 

Trooper C. T. Walker
He was the trooper that came to my fiancée wreck tonight. He was a very nice, polite police officer. Very understanding and did what was right! Kacie

Trooper Revels 
On 9/2 my in-laws were traveling north from FL to NY and were having car trouble. They had already stopped once and called AAA, who came and told them everything was fine and to drive on. At exit 33/Lumberton they pulled over again when ALL the lights in the car suddenly came on. Trooper Revels pulled up behind them and when he came to the car my mother-in-law burst into tears at the sight of him. They explained to him why they pulled over and he was able to give them directions to the nearest Chrysler dealership, but as he did he could tell my mother-in-law was too overwhelmed to remember how to get there. So he went above the all of duty and escorted them to the dealership which was Fayetteville Dodge. Trooper Revels was kind, caring, and patient in a way that impressed my in-laws greatly, and he should be commended for his positive, professional attitude. Thank you, Kaete N. - Nyack, NY

Trooper J. A. Renn 
Trooper Renn was the trooper who handled my crash on Hwy. 58 when the motorcycle hit my car. I appreciate his professionalism, his courtesy and efficiency in the handling of this investigation. For me, it was a pretty dramatic event, but he made me feel at ease. Thank you very much. Kelly B. - Powell WY

Trpr. Palmeder Trpr. Albertson (Chatham County)
Yesterday evening I experienced a flat tire on 15/501 in Chatham County. Within minutes trooper Palmeder had stopped to check on me and proceeded to change the tire. Trpr Albertson came to assist him. Their teamwork, courtesy and professionalism were exemplary. I thanked each of them but wanted to make sure to share my gratitude. LaBreeska S. - Randleman

Trooper H.S. Martin 
With all the problems and safety issues you face, I wanted to say thank you to Trooper H.S. Martin. While at the Farmer's Market (Sandy Ridge Rd.), Sat. someone hit my car. The driver left a msg., but I didn't notice the damage or the note tucked well under my wiper blades. When I next went to use my car (Mon.), I did see the note and damage and I called to report the issue. Trooper Martin called me back and followed up with the other driver. He advised we meet at the location of the accident and wrote up a report. I'm pretty sure he was not required to do this, but he did. He was very polite and explained everything to both of us. He waited until we both discussed our issue and departed before he departed. I cannot thank him enough for his professionalism and courtesy. I'm sure it was a dull routine thing for him, but he went out of his way to help us (for whom it was anything but routine). Thank you and please stay safe out there. Lori M.

Trooper P. D. Edwards
On 9/28 I had a flat tire on my way home from work. Lt. Edwards stopped and positioned his patrol car to safeguard us from traffic and helped me change the tire in the rain.  Thank you for your assistance in safely getting me back on the road in only 5 minutes.M. McLeod - Raleigh

Trooper R.B. Maynard 
My family was headed home from a week at Topsail Beach on Friday, August 14, 2015 when we got a flat tire on Rt. 40 W, 8.5 miles from 95N. We immediately called AAA. An hour and a half after we called AAA, Trooper R.B. Maynard stopped to see if we were okay. He saw we had young girls in the car and wanted to know how he could help. We explained that we had called for help quite some time ago and that help never showed up. He suggested we call them back again and ask where the help is and when it would be here since it was going on 2 hours. He offered to dispatch a tow truck for us, after a final call to AAA told us "they had no idea where the help was, why they weren't there, or when they were coming."

Trooper R.B. Maynard waited on the side of the road with his lights and flashers on behind our van for over an hour and a half, waiting for the tow truck he dispatched to come help us change our tire. Thankfully he waited with us because the tow truck drivers were unable to get the tire off our van and the van had to be towed to the nearest garage that was located next to a hotel we could spend the night at. Trooper R.B. Maynard coaxed our two little girls into his trooper car with me, as my husband rode with the tow truck drivers to drop our van off. He made sure we were all comfortable and more importantly safe. He gave us his card and direct number to reach him if we needed anything while still in the state of N. Carolina. Our family can't thank him enough for stopping that night and not leaving until we had a place to sleep until morning. Just wanted to share how much his kind actions meant to our family. Our little girls still talk about being able to ride in the trooper car...even the front seat for one of them!! Please thank him once again for his thoughtfulness and kindness. It is more appreciated than you will ever know. Tom and Maribeth L. - Auburn NY

Trooper Parker
Sending appreciation for Trooper Parker's assistance when a tire on my Ford lift van blew. I was on John J. Burney highway when this occurred. It was 90 degrees +. Thank-you Trooper Parker. Mary S. – Wilmington

Trooper J.H. Shaw 
I was accused of hitting a man on my way to work. The man had me pulled over by 5 different police officers. I was terrified since I did nothing wrong. Trooper Shaw was one of the only ones who spoke to me objectively and with dignity. He was able to make a fair assessment of the situation and helped to put me at ease. Once it was determined that I might have accidentally caused a tiny baby scratch and that there was no need for 5 other agencies to be involved I was relieved. He made an assessment that if I had caused a scratch like the man said the damage might be at the most $50.00 it made me very relieved. The man was trying to tell me that I owed him around 200.00 but Trooper Shaw set the record straight with his honesty and intelligence. Although the situation was terrifying for me over a misunderstanding and being chased down by 5 different agencies, Trooper Shaw made me feel at ease in the end. I could not have gotten a more compasionate and fair Trooper than he and am thankful he handled this silly situation.Melissa O. – Wilmington

Trooper Hugh Cannady
I am grateful and thankful for Trooper Cannady who helped me remove my flat tire (maroon Honda) and replacing it with the spare. I had blown a tire on my way from Michigan to Jacksonville. We were on our way to move our daughter who will marry her Marine soon! I will always remember his kindness and caring. Excellent representation of professionalism and NC state officers! Vicki H. - Adrian MI

Trooper C.J. Carroll 
I was involved in a Hit and Run on Sept 1, 2015 on Friendship Patterson Mill Rd. Trooper Carroll was the officer who took care of the accident. He was very professional. I would like to thank him for being a gentleman and taking care of the issue the way that he did. Job well done. Melody M. - Burlington

Trooper R.E. Rudisill 
Just wanted to say that trooper Rudisill handled my teenage daughters wreck. We were both nervous upset and he calmed us both down and stayed till everything was cleared away. He was a gentleman and showed caring and that meant the world to me as well as my daughter. My brother is retired after 30 years and I understand dealing with people day in and day out can make you cold. But he is professional yet caring and that is a wonderful quality to have as a trooper. You need more like Trooper Rudisill....Michelle K - Sherrills Ford

Trooper Miller
With all the negativity surrounding law enforcement, we wanted to share a positive story. Trooper Miller is one of the many law enforcement officers that risks his life daily to protect & serve. Endless thanks to NC State Trooper Miller for keeping our family safe on the side of a busy highway for close to 2 hours while we waited for a tow truck due to a tire blow out (and no spare on a new car?!?!).

We were traveling from Atlanta GA to Fancy Gap VA for a family camping trip and found ourselves in what could have been a terrible situation with our two young children (4 & 6 years old). We were nervous that another car could hit us (we were pulled off onto the side of the highway) and then came the dilemma of how to get to the tire shop once the tow truck arrived? The tow truck holds 2 people, we are a family of 4. Our options: leave one of us on the side of the road with a child, call Uber, call a taxi...none are desirable options while on the side of a busy highway. Not only did Trooper Miller wait the entire time with us (his cruiser lights were on to warn passers by), he offered to drive 2 of our family of 4 in his patrol car (even helped us move car seats). May sound minor to some, however what would we have done without him? We are forever grateful for your kindness, patience, and genuine care to serve and protect in what could have otherwise been a terrible situation. With sincere gratitude Trooper Miller! Pamela S. - Smyrna, GA

Trooper Unknown
On 13 or 20 August I drove past a trooper on the shoulder of southbound Highway 87 under the Highway 24 or 27 overpass. His car was stopped behind another vehicle apparently owned by two older african- american men and the officer was on the ground changing their tire for them. Given the disproportionate publicity a tiny percentage of controversial LE actions have had in the past year or two, I was really impressed to see an officer going so far to be of service in any way he could. It was a demonstration, for all that noticed, of the spirit of service which seems the main motivation of most LEOs I've met. Thanks. Parker - Sanford

Trooper R. B. Maynard
Dear sir, I was pulled over on I-40 highway near Benson. I felt sorry about my over speed. I had an appoint with my professor in NCSU and about to be late. This is my first time to over speed and if possible, I would like to ask for forgiveness. Thank you for your effort on protecting traffic safety. Sincerely Pei H.L. - Raleigh

Trooper Lankford 
A little over a week back I received a call from my daughter Nisha saying that she had a flat tire near exit 47 on I-485. My wife and I were worried because it was dark (late evening) and my daughter was alone with her 2 year old son on a highway that was busy. Nisha said she had called a towing company but it would be a while before they would get to her. To provide her with help and emotional support my wife and I drove to the site where my daughter was, which was a 40 minutes drive. We were relieved to see that there was a police car behind her vehicle with flashing lights alerting drivers to stay away.

When we met Trooper Lankford we quickly learned that he was a man of action and sound judgment. He stayed with Nisha and helped her to get to a Firestone station that was nearby. I believe he replaced the flat tire with a barely functioning spare but just enough to drive a short distance, moved the baby seat from Nisha ' s car to ours so that our grandson could be in a car that was safe and escorted us safely to the Firestone station. When we thanked the officer he said humbly that he was just doing his job. Sometimes it is difficult to find words to thank a person enough for helping and steering us to the simplest and safest solution. Am unsure how we would have managed without the officer's help.

Thank you Trooper Lankford and all the police officers like you for doing a great job and keeping people like us safe! Raj G. - Fort Mill SC

Trooper: Unknown
I wanted to thank the wonderful North Carolina Highway Patrolmen who were on their Motorcycles at The Grocery Bag store on Hwy 42 east at Buffalo Rd in Johnston County around 7:10 am, I had my 7-year old nephew with me who has asburgers syndrome and I told the Patrolman that he loved Policeman and he Immediately took the time to interact with him even letting him sit on his Motorcycle and activating the Blue lights, The smile and happiness on my nephew Sean-Riley was absolutely PRICELESS!! Thank you so much for Your Sincere Kindness and Dedication to Your Extremely Hard Job, Thank You Sirs!! I wish I had a way to e-mail you the picture of him on the Motorcycle for you to add to your Facebook page. Randall G. E. - Selma

Trooper Cherry 
I just wanted to take the time to send a huge compliment to Trooper Cherry (I hope thats the correct name) in the Cumberland Co area. On Sunday, 8/30/15 my family and I stopped at the Kangaroo gas station on the corner of business 301 and Murphy Rd in Eastover. While we were inside, my 5 yr old son was watching Trooper Cherry and a fellow trooper. Trooper Cherry came up, spoke to my son, and shook his hand. When we walked outside to leave, Trooper Cherry went to his vehicle (a black dodge charger) to get my son a "badge" sticker. He walked backed over to him, and told him to make sure that he did a good job in school. I have never had any officer of the law make an attempt to do that (including the ones that my son waves at), so it was refreshing to see a trooper go above and beyond to make a little guy feel so special! I just want you to know what a wonderful, caring guy that you have working with our state troopers. With the recent events involving officers, I wish more stories like this were made news so people could see and understand what great officers and troopers we have looking out for us! Again, thank you to Trooper Cherry for making my son feel so special! You made his entire day!! Randi C.

July 2015

Trooper R. E. Rudisill 
My son was killed on June 8th, 2015 in Catawba County. Trooper Rudisill was the investigating trooper. Trooper Rudisill treated myself and my wife with the upmost respect and dignity over our loss. Trooper Rudisill kept us informed during the entire investigation of everything. Trooper Rudisill came to our house once the investigation was completed and took the time to sit down with me and my wife and explain everything to us. On July 14th, 2015, I requested Trooper Rudisill to come back to my house because myself and my wife had some additional questions and concerns. Trooper Rudisill came by today and spent time with us and answer all of our questions. He made us a priority and took his time to answer all our questions. Trooper Rudisill is in our opinion a valuable asset to the NC HIghway Patrol & should be awarded for his outstanding compassion in such a horrible time that we had to experience and still experiencing. Trooper Rudisill told us that even if we needed him 5 years from now to call and he would be here for us. Please recognize this Trooper. He is a great State Trooper. Sincerely David L. S. - Hickory

Trooper Glenn Lewis
I was on my way back to Wilmington after visiting my family in Greensboro when my car stalled out, due to a bad alternator. I had just passed the Burgaw exit when my car started jerking and I was forced to pull over on the side of the road. After contacting my family and insurance company, I had to sit and wait for my boyfriend to come pick me up and the towing company to tow my car. The temperature was in the upper 90s and around rush hour when all of this was going on, so it took over an hour for both of them to get to me.

I was getting anxious and nervous from being on the side of the road by myself and it was so incredibly hot out. That and having had just had an amazing weekend with family, knowing that the cost to fix my car was going to be enormous, and other stressors, I was beginning to get emotional. I couldn't believe that I was only 30 miles away from home when all of this happened. Then all of a sudden, I look in my rear-view mirror and see a State Trooper behind me. At first, I was thinking maybe I hadn't pulled over far enough or my hazard lights weren't working, but Trooper Lewis was just stopping by to check on me. He wanted to make sure that I was alright and let me know that he would be back to check on me. It gave me a sense of security that someone was looking out for me while I was there alone. I had had a few random people beep at me as they drove by. Luckily, my boyfriend and the towing company came about 20 minutes later, so Trooper Lewis didn't have to stop by again. Yes, that might be his job to ensure people's safety, but I wanted to let him know how much I appreciated the simple act of kindness. Thank you so much, Trooper Lewis. Samantha T.

Trooper M.S. Rakestraw
I came into contact with Trooper Rakestraw during a traffic stop on July 28. During the traffic stop, Trooper Rakestraw was very courteous and polite. His demeanor throughout the traffic stop was very professional and reflects highly upon your organization. I did not like receiving a speeding citation and will like paying it even less. However, several of my co-workers and family members had commented on me traveling over the posted speed limit over the past several months. Hopefully, this incident will cause me to slow down. I was planning on thanking Trooper Rakestraw for his professionalism during court, but it appears I will have the matter taken care of prior to adjudication. That being said, if someone could pass along to him that he is doing an outstanding job, I would be grateful. Respectfully, Ronnie W. - Collinsville, VA

Trooper K. L. Leonard
While returning from Lake Norman yesterday evening I was pulled over for speeding by Trooper Leonard on I-40 in Davie County. As he approached the vehicle I had my drivers license and CCW Permit ready for him and immediately told him that I was in fact carrying a pistol. He took the time to thank me for having my drivers license and CCW Permit Ready and immediately telling him I was carrying a pistol. I rolled down all 4 windows and kept my hands on the steering wheel while he checked my license and tag. When he returned to my vehicle he gave me my documents back and again thanked me for giving him the required permit and letting him know that I was carrying a pistol. His level of professionalism and respect needs to be commended. Kevin B. – Walkertown

Trooper S.T. Hurley 
On 24 July, Friday afternoon, just before 4 PM in rush hour traffic, my wife sustained two flat tires in heavy traffic on Charlotte Outerloop 485. Obviously she was unable to do anything to help herself except to get as far out of traffic as possible. Officer Hurley was the only person to stop and offer assistance. He stayed with her for well over an hour with his lights on to warn traffic of the potential hazard. He also summoned a tow truck in so far as our road side assistance program was of no help whatsoever. He stayed there until the tow truck had loaded our vehicle and was on the way to a local tire store. The safety and peace of mind he provided my wife was very much appreciated and we would like to somehow recognize him for his kind attention and assistance in such an unpleasant and stressful situation. Joseph K. – Cheraw, S.C.

Trooper J.D. Edwards
On July 22, my car hit a large tire tread from a semi trailer just south of Wilson on I-95 North. I pulled off the road and my wife and pet dog were uninjured. We called 911 and very shortly afterwards, a Sheriff's officer offered assistance. Minutes later, Trooper Jason Edwards pulled over and was very professional and calming. My wife and I were scared. Trooper Edwards stayed with us after the Sheriff's officer had left. When he learned the tow truck driver would not drop me off at the hotel, he offered me a ride there and even took some of my luggage I needed for the night even though he was very busy patrolling with little help. My wife and pet dog got a ride from the Sheriff's office Pet Control. We owe a big thank you to Trooper Jason Edwards for going above and beyond in providing a ride and information on our auto insurance and auto shops. I will never forget his kindness and compassion. Donald D. - Westfield, NJ

Trooper J.F. Rogers
I had a flat  on side of road in unfamiliar territory, waiting on AAA, Trooper Rogers came, kept me safe by being there and then changing my tire . I must admit I was scared , but him showing up and doing this act of kindness is above & beyond the call of duty . THANK YOU Trooper J.F. Rogers for making everything ok for me . You truly are my angel . Rose R.- Richlands

Trooper A.F. Ahlmark
I want to commend and thank Trooper Ahlmark for his help last Tuesday evening, July 21. While I was driving in I- 540 S around 9:00 PM, the drive shaft (and several other parts) fell off my SUV. Even though AAA was sending a tow truck, I was quite apprehensive. Troop Ahlmark responded quickly to my call to *47, reassured me, helped me figure out what had happened and how to stop the SUV from creeping forward (slight downhill) when I took my foot off the brake. He remained parked behind me, lights flashing, for over an hour. I cannot overstate how reassuring his professional, helpful, patient and cordial manner was. He was great. I was – and – am very grateful for his help I keeping me safe and helping me feel secure. Elizabeth M.

Trooper J.F. Rogers
I was on the way to work this morning heading south on Hwy 11 when my tire blew. While sitting at the side of the road waiting for help, Trooper J Rogers stopped to check on me. He directed me to a safe stop where I could have my tire changed. Once there, with no hesitation what so ever, he got out of his vehicle and proceeded to change the tire for me. This morning was a very hot morning and he did not have to do that. I wanted to thank him so very much for his help . He was kind and very professional. It make me feel very safe to know that these troopers that work the roads every day are more than willing to stop and help us out. Once again trooper Rogers THANK YOU. Dolores C. – Greenville

Trooper C.E. Butler
Trooper Butler investigated an accident where I was hit from behind on I-40 east of Raleigh 7/23/15. No injuries thankfully. Trooper Butler was very professional, courteous and in comfortable control during the investigation. Our wonderful state should be proud to have this type of dedicated public servant representing North Carolina. Robbie D. – Wilmington

Trooper D.E. Raynor
Trooper Raynor helped my family of 5 with young children when we were stranded with vehicle issues on I95. Not only did he keep me from having to leave my wife and kids and walk to a service station, but most likely prevented traffic back-ups and possibly worse by calling a wrecker service and letting us hang out in his cruizer with a/c until the service arrived. Trooper Raynor, as I'm sure you know, is definitely an asset! Jamie H. - Durham

Trooper B. M. Bush
I would like to commend Trooper Bush for the way he handled an accident that one of my co-workers was involved in. He was very professional and courteous and a valuable asset to the Highway Patrol. We need more like him. Darrell F.

Trooper B. A Thompson
My daughter, Stephanie Johnson, was involved in a head on collision on July 6th, where the individual that hit her, fled on foot. Trooper Thompson was on the scene. My daughter was transported to Wake Medical and went through 2 surgeries (where she is now in rehab there). Trooper Thompson came to the hospital to follow up the day of and after the accident to collect any information to help with the investigation. He was very professional as well as caring for the wellness of my daughter. Days later he called to inform us that the suspect had been arrested. Thank you Trooper Thompson, and ALL, for all you do! Barbara M.

Trooper  R.J. Absher 
Trooper Absher responded to my incident on 6/6/15. I am extremely appreciative for the way he responded to my call. He took the time to talk to me and listen to my concerns without judging or being in a hurry to leave. He went above and beyond in trying to track down the driver of the tracker trailer and even contacted me after we left to provide me with the contact information of the driver's company. I am so grateful that Trp Absher responded. Because of his manner, he was able to keep me calm and send me on my way with the thought that he was doing whatever he could possible do to find the driver. He is certainly an asset to the SHP and this community for his professionalism and his drive to support our community. Thank you Trooper Absher! Christy R.

Trooper. J S Partin, II
I had an accident on Saturday and Trooper Partin was awesome!! His first question was whether or not I was alright. Trp. Partin was professional, fair, and efficient. We are blessed to have him in our county. Jo S. L. - Clayton

First Sgt. J.L. Gaskins
Outstanding officer of the law. Extremely competent in his field. Grateful to have him as Trooper in my hometown. Fine example of a law enforcement officer. Robert C. 

Trooper Peele and 2 unidentified other SHP.
I would like to express my appreciation for the assistance the local SHP has provided with school bus safety. On two occasions near the end of school, SHP observed and stopped motorists who had violated a stopped school bus. Trooper Peele actually came on campus to notify the driver and myself that she had observed the violation and responded accordingly.

The second incident was conducted by an unmarked SHP and I am unaware of the name of the trooper. The third and latest incident of thanks deals with a personal incident late afternoon on Sunday, July 5, 2015. On NC Hwy 92, 1 mile west of Bath, yard debris being carried to the local landfill blew out of the truck I was driving. The truck following me pulled over to assist and I backed up to begin picking up the trimmings. A SHP pulled up behind us and activated his lights to ensure safety and actually assisted us put the trimmings back in the truck. We were in such a hurry that I did not catch his name (young Caucasian, dark close cut hair) but his service was greatly appreciated. I have also reported my thanks to First Sergeant Craft because of his emphasis on school transportation safety. Thanks, Bubs C. –Bath

Trooper M.D. McSwain
My husband and I took our kayaks into the Broad River for a trip. Unfortunately we dropped into the river below Lake Lure and thought we were above. Four hours later, tired and worn out we pulled out and called our daughters. As we are not familiar with the area and our cell phones died, approaching dusk and they could not find us. Our two adult daughters approached a house in which his vehicle was in the driveway. Marty recognized our predicament as dusk was approaching and the rumbling of thunder in the background plus two young ladies looking for their parents got into his patrol car and lead our daughters directly to us. All went home safely due to his safety conscious approach and our vacation continued without a hitch. Thank you for your service and dedication to people in need of assistance. We had a glorious time at Rumbling Bald and hope to return. Thank You. Mary D. - Wheeling WV

Trooper N. A. Troutman
This gentleman was the calm in the storm! Nice, polite and assuring. We were very shaken and upset and he was patient with us during this event. Very grateful for his kindness and respect. Sheila H.

Trooper J. B. Montgomery
I would like to report a compliment on Trp Montgomery. When he got on the scene, he was real courteous and professional. Me and another car was in a rear end collision. The 3rd car rear ended me and left the scene. Trp Montgomery was determine to try and find the other driver who left the scene if I could get him the information to look up in his system. I was able to do that to identify the guy who rear ended me. I really appreciate his willingness to help identify this guy. Thanks for making a incident situation run smooth and calm. Keep doing what you do and be safe out there. Bruce W.

Trooper R.E. Mellott
Tropper Mellott conducted a safety class for Cumberland County Solid Waste and did an exceptional job. He stayed on site until all questions were answered and represented the Highway Patrol in a positive manner. I would recommend him to any organization that needed any assistance with questions related to CDL drivers issues. Donald - Fayetteville 

Trooper A.B. Alderman
So often people complain about our law enforcement. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you! Today I called 911 to report what I'm almost certain was an intoxicated driver who nearly ran me off the road before striking a few things and running off the road herself. She was persistent and continued to drive. The officer I spoke with, Officer Alderman I believe, was very calm and collected, got the information needed, and dispatched assistance. Somehow his remaining calm and his confident tone made me feel at ease. I'm not sure if this lady was apprehended but I'm certain that if she was not, it wasn't for lack of trying. Thanks ncshp for all you do! Lora K. - Bladenboro

Trooper Hipp
On the morning of July 16th, as I was traveling to work, I must have hit something in the road that caused one of my tires to go flat. As I was waiting for someone to come help me, because I was afraid of changing the tire myself with all of the fast traffic passing by, as I was on 19/23 Westbound. Trooper Hipp pulled in behind me and waited with me until my dad and brother could get there to assist me. Please pass this message of thanks along to Trooper Hipp for me. Courtney M. - Waynesville

Trooper Sellers
Just to let you know that Trooper Sellers investigated a hit and run accident on July 4th when my wife, mother in law, sister in law and I came very close to a head on collision with another vehicle on the Cape Fear River bridge in Tarheel. He was a complete gentleman and did a great job in explaining what I needed to do and how to go about doing it. I don't know him personally, but he was impressive enough that I felt that I should let you know that he represents NCSHP with class and respect. I hope he is a reflection of what the rest of the staff is like. Thanks. Sidney R. - Tar Heel

Trooper Joe Keen
Joe Keen is a great Trooper. He is a role model, an inspiration, and has a kind heart. I met Joe Keen on a ride along I did with a different agency. He is a knowledgeable, kind, and respectful young trooper . The badge is proud to have itself upon his chest/ belt. John E.


June 2015

Trooper J.B. McMurray
Trooper McMurray was one of three troopers to help my family and I last Saturday night. We were coming home from a vacation at Myrtle Beach when the motor in our SUV locked up, stranding us with our camper on the shoulder of I-26 at mile marker 60, over three hours from home. A family member was on his way to help us get everything home. In the meantime, Trooper McMurray stopped by to check on us twice before finally convincing me that we would be safer off the road, at a store off a nearby exit. He asked another Trooper to help, so together they could take us all five at the same time. I don't know the second trooper's name, but he was as friendly and helpful to my family as Trooper McMurray. I thanked them both before they left. When my cousin showed up with a car hauling trailer, we discovered that we (my cousin and I, and two other family members) couldn't get the SUV pushed onto it. At that point, a different trooper arrived and offered to assist. I don't know the third trooper's name either, but with his help, we were able to load it and finally made it home early Sunday morning. I'm certain Trooper McMurray can help identify the other two men who helped keep my family safe and get us home. I just wanted to take the time to say how professional and very helpful these men were, and how much I appreciate them and the work they do everyday. You guys wear the white hats. I can't thank you enough. Kevin E. - Rogersville, TN

Sgt. Tucker
We were waiting on a tow truck on Hwy. 70 between Weaverville and Hot Springs, when Sgt. Tucker stopped to check on us. He was very courteous, professional and offered assistance. He was very informed on the activities in the area and made sure we knew we could call *HP if we needed any help after he left. Charles & Wanda B.

Trooper M.W. Long
On June 27, 2015 my car hydroplaned during heavy rain on Hwy 421 South just inside the Yadkin County line. The car had to be towed and is probably a total loss. Thankfully, I had no serious injuries. But, being from Boone, I was going to have to wait for more than an hour in order for friends to reach me and take me home. Trooper M.W. Long was concerned about more impending rain during my wait and offered to take me back into Wilkes County and drop me off at a restaurant where my friends could find me and where I could wait inside from the weather. This ride was more than twenty miles from the scene of the crash, so I feel that Trooper Long demonstrated care and concern for me that was considerably above normal levels of service. Therefore, I would like for my comments to be included in his personnel file in order that reviewers can be aware of Trooper Long's exemplary willingness to go beyond normal levels of care and concern for the public who have been traumatized by accidents on North Carolina highways. I feel that Trooper Long demonstrated professionalism that the State of North Carolina can be proud of! J. Barry T. - Boone

Trooper R N Cook
Trooper Cook was very kind and helpful when he responded to my accident. I really appreciate his thoughtfulness. Thanks for your service. Jennifer G. - Fuquay-Varina

Trooper C. D. Cheeks
On May 14, 2015, I was involved in a traffic crash in Clay County, North Carolina. Trooper Cheeks was the responding Trooper. His actions represented the highest standards of law enforcement. He was courteous and professional. Truly the NCHP employes the finest. Please include this to his personal file. Bob M.

Sgt. J.B. Davis
We would like to thank Sgt. J.B.Davis for assisting at Vass- Lakevew Elementary during our end of grade tests. He served as a proctor for a fourth grade class on Tues. June 2nd. We appreciate his and support of our school. Margot B. – Vass

Trooper R.J. Boyes
I want to personally thank Officer Boyes and let his superiors know what a professional and helpful person he was to me last Sunday, 6/21. I was traveling south on I-77, left lane when I hit something in the road. It made my airbag open & was a very loud noice underneath my car. It was a scary situation and I was lucky not to have hit another car. I was able to get off the road and to the next exit. I called 911 and asked them to make sure whatever I hit was not in the road and to please send a troooper. Office Boyes responded in what I consider a very quick time frame. His first question was "are you ok?", then he asked what happened. He checked my car throughly, including getting on the ground and crawling under the car. It was at least 95 degrees, so I can't imagine what the asphalt temperature was. He was dressed in his complete uniform w/ bullet proof vest. He had to be extremely hot, and never even made a face. After checking the car, we noticed a huge chunk out of the front right tire. He changed the tire for me as he didn't want me to wait for Triple A. He was right, it only took him a few minutes. He told me several times he was just doing his job, but I am SURE he didn't have to do the extra's of checking my car and changing that tire. He also had the best attitude and definitely made me feel better after a very scary incident. He sent me on my way home, another 2 hours, but not before assuring me he would come a little further down the interstate to the county line in case I needed him. Fortunately I did not, but I have no doubt that he would have been more than helpful if I had. Thankfully this wasn't a major accident (over $5000 worth of damage to the car.) with many worse things happening, but this officer deserves to be recognized for "doing his job" above and beyond what I expected. I have a feeling this type of help is what he would give in any situation. Warm Regards and please be safe. Susan S. B. - Spartanburg, SC

Trooper K.L. Cornwell, Troop H District 1
I wanted to take this time to thank officer K.L. Cornell for some outstanding service. Upon leaving Charlotte and heading South on 85 to Greenville SC my wife's brand new Volvo began having engine issues. We were stranded and it was 98 degrees. We hadn't run out of gas but it was low and I proceeded to run to the nearest gas station. Officer Kornwell was heading northbound and turned around to give us a ride to the gas station and allowed us to cool off. We got back to our car and was able to get it started. It may have been a small thing for the officer but it was huge for us. We made it back to Simpsonville and I had a great Fathers Day with my 3 boys. S. Kenneth C. - Simpsonville SC

Trooper (Didn't know the name)
Good Morning, I know this seems rather vague, but about 20:30 on the night of the 23, an officer had set up for traffic watch just in front of my driveway. There has been construction there for moths and a barricade was set up. I have hated the way people ran the stop signs and drove through my yard when they realized the road was truly closed. The officer had got a couple when I decided to offer him a drink or a place to use the facilities, and thank him for being there. I guess I should have presented myself a little better, as when he was returning and I was waiting there he turned and left. I never got to thank him. If you would, or if you know who this might be, please pass this on to him. And if they ever want to sit there, help yourself. They can sit in the driveway if they want, I got another one I could use. They can knock on the door and come on in to use the facilities if they need it. I am truly grateful for all each and everyone of the officers do everyday. I thank them all. Bobby G. P. - Charlotte

Trooper S.E. McHenry
VERY polite and professional. Extremely helpful. Made sure my questions were answered to my satisfaction. Janet K. – Lexington

Trooper Baxley
My vehicle became disabled on Sidbury Rd, Castle Hayne. Trooper Baxley stopped to assist me . It was 95+ degrees and he offered for me to sit in his car. He assisted in securing a faster response for my AAA tow. I am a retired cop from NY and know that he is an asset to your department as shown thru his professionalism and friendliness at all times. I request a copy of this email to be placed in his employment file. Thank you. Tina S. – Hampstead

Trooper Walter Williamson Jr.
I wanted to write to express my appreciation to Officer Williamson who so kindly came to the rescue last Sunday. I was traveling from Charlotte to Greenville, SC, when I had a tire blowout on I85 S in the middle of busy Charlotte. I was stuck on the left shoulder, in a dangerous corner. Officer Williamson arrived quickly, and helped move me across to the other side of the interstate. Then, when my road side assistance would not come for inexplicable reasons, Officer Williamson refused to leave me or take the easy way out (call a tow truck). Instead, he creatively used his car jack and propped it up on a spare tire (my car was too high for the normal jack to work). Then, in the 95 degree heat he changed the tire and replaced it with my spare! In les than 30 minutes I was back on the road and safely home. I am forever thankful for his kindness on Sunday, his positive attitude, and his helpfulness when I needed it most! Thank you so much to all our State Troopers for their daily service - I couldn't have had a better experience thanks to Officer Williamson. Melissa T.

Trooper Ethan Bradshaw
I would like to express my gratitude and sincere thanks to Trooper Ethan Bradshaw for his assistance during a fire at 17 Memorial Park Dr. Thomasville. Trooper Bradshaw was instrumental in reporting this fire and staying throughout the event to help us with this event. I want to commend Trooper Bradshaw for his dedication and his professionalism. On behalf of the Thomasville Fire Department and many other agencies I want to thank the North Carolina State Highway Patrol for having such outstanding troopers protecting our communities. Sincerely, Martin S. Dailey Fire Chief Thomasville Fire Department

Trooper B. A. Ketner
Trooper Ketner was outstanding in assisting us after a very scary accident on Saturday June 20. He handled the situation with such class and upheld the high standards implemented by the NCSHP. His Troop is lucky to have him by their side. Thank you for the good work. Be safe, it was very scary standing there with 65mph traffic passing by! Mark M. - Kings Mountain

Trooper B.P. Potts
Trp B Potts was excellant. Working in as timely a manner as possible, listening to each involved party and collecting all information. He also throughly answered all questions related to the accident. The NCSHP needs more Troopers like him! Anna L. B. - Mount Pleasant

Trooper J.D. Kirk
I would like to commend Trooper Kirk for his professional and timely actions today. Trooper Kirk assisted me when my motorcycle had a flat tire. Not only did Trooper Kirk respond to my emergency, his attitude during a very hot and humid day was refreshing and inspiring. As a native North Carolinian, I am proud to have Trooper Kirk protecting and representing the state. He is a true gentleman and should be commended for his service. J.D. M. - Snead Ferry

Trooper S.S. Allred
I received a speeding ticket from Trp Allred in Waynesville on 6/20. It was when he asked for license and registration, that I realized I left my wallet on the roof of my car at a gas station in Candler. I went back and found the wallet in the middle of I-40, and was able to recover everything, but, my license and cash. Had I not gotten a ticket, I would be canceling and closing all kinds of accounts today. I want to thank Off. Allred for believing my story and stopping me. The fine is worth having my credit cards and checkbook in my possession. Thank you!! Holly S. - Alexandria, Va.

Trooper Kiser
Trooper Kiser has to be one of your most energetic and dedicated troopers. He helped me today with an accident but I see him almost every day patrolling and making the roads safe in and around Hampstead. I wish we had more troopers like Kiser patrolling the roads. Trooper Kiser is a credit to his department and all with whom he serves. Jim W. – Hampstead

Trooper J.F. Smith
My compliments to Trooper Smith for his professionalism and kindness to me at my motorcycle accident and after at the hospital. Wish there were more troopers like him. I wish him the best in his endeavors in life and once again thank him very much for the respect he showed me. Respect given earns respect and he has mine. Steve S. - Newbury, N.H.

Trooper C.R. Thompson
Trooper Thompson was very professional, considerate, and courteous at all times while investigating the incident, and handled the situation with proficiency. We pray for his continued safety as well as for all of NCSHP as they perform their respective duties on the highways of my home state. Ronald J. - Knightdale

Trooper J. L. Arnette
Trooper Arnette was wonderful. After my collision the insurance company and tow truck took forever. He made sure I got out of the heat and was taken care of. I was far from home, and very shaken--and he was a kind and generous help from the moment of his arrival to the end of my ordeal on the side of the road. Thank you so much for employing such a wonderful person. He stayed calm and knew exactly how to help. It was the best experience I've had at such a horrible time. Thanks again! Taunja R. - Durham

Trooper G.D. Steffens
I am a Police Officer in North Adams, Massachusetts. Trooper Steffens of Highway Patrol assisted my 21 year old daughter and her friend yesterday, when their vehicle broke down on the side of Interstate 40, just outside of Warsaw. Trooper Steffens went out of his way to help my daughter and her friend. He helped diagnose their car problem, took them to get oil, helped them put it in the car, and even gave them a jump start to make sure that they were back on the road again. In the midst of all of this negative publicity for Police lately, my daughter would like to tag him in a post on Facebook giving him thanks, but doesn't know how to do that. I am trying to reach out to Trooper Steffens to give him a sincere thank you. Erik T. - North Adams, MA

Trooper G.D. Steffens
A big thank you to Trooper Steffens today for going above and beyond. As if being stuck on the side of the highway isn't frightening enough plus the overwhelming weather, Trooper Steffens helped us through our car troubles and got us on our merry way with no hesitation. Greatly appreciate his help and he is a positive image to have on the force. Stay safe!! Casey T. - North Adams, MA

Trooper G.D. Steffens
I am beyond grateful for officer Steffens' help today. After having my car break down on I-40, in 100 ° weather, and not even being able to pop the hood, Officer Steffens saw my vehicle pulled over on the side of the road and immediately made sure I was okay. Being a young female, I was beyond relief when I saw him, expecially since I had no idea of my location to help identify to the communications department where I was. Not only did he help me pop my hood to find the problem, he drove me and my passenger to the nearest gas station to buy the proper fluids needed, and help depense them into my car. After finding out my battery had also died, he even helped jump start it! I am so thankful Officer Steffens happen to be passing by today and took the time to help and make sure I was fully taken care of before driving away. He even gave me good driving and car advice for a young driver like myself. If this comment happens to be forwarded on to him, I would like him to know that he saved my day today and that I hope all officers I encounter in the future are as nice and helpful as he was. Cassandra D. - Wilmington

Trooper J.R. High
Today at 4:15 pm, I witnessed Trooper High stop on Highway 73 East at City Lake Drive in Albemarle to change a blown tire for a young mother and her 10 year old son. A storm was bearing down on the area, and he wanted to get the family off the side of the road and on their way. This was not the first time Trooper High has done this because he carried a small floor jack with him. In a time when many police are often in the news for negative reasons, Trooper High went beyond his duty in this situation. I am sure the young boy now has an image of law enforcement that he may have never seen without Trooper High's willingness to stop and help. His character stood out to me, and I am sure to the young mother and son that he helped in their time of need. Chris L.

Trooper (Didn't know the name)
My daughter was in a car accident on May 7, 2015. She was on her way home on interstate 95, when she lost control of her car and flipped into a tree. I live in Maryland and got the call that afternoon that my daughter was in a bad accident. I had no information. My co-worker got a hold of the state police and they called me back and informed me of what was going on that my daughter, that she was conscious and alert. Between the police and emergency personnel they kept me the loop and took outstanding care of my daughter and for that I am truly grateful. The trooper and emergency personnel were compassionate, professional and went above the call of duty. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. May God continue to bless you and keep you safe. Laurie M. - Hagerstown, MD

Trooper C.J. Carroll
Trooper Carroll was very helpful at my accident and even spoke with me days later to update me on his investigation into my accident. Mr. Carroll was very helpful and professional. William S. Jr.

Trooper R.L. Neal
Last week I got in my first accident off of Highway 321. A rainstorm caused my car to hydroplane, leaving me stranded. Trooper Neal arrived and was so awesome. He gave me advice on what to do, helped get my car unstuck, and was just an overall nice guy. This was my first experience with any law enforcement, and his professionalism and kindness left me with an even greater respect for all the work they do. I just wanted to say thankyou Trooper Neal for being so great and making my horrible day not so horrible! Sydney J. – Wilmington

Trooper Brown
I couldn't wait to compliment and thank Trooper Brown for the outstanding job he did speaking to our sixth graders today at Western Rockingham Middle School about water safety. Even though the students were quite wound up due to the rapidly approaching last day of school, he held their attention and interest like a pro, providing much useful information, answering all questions thoroughly, and even taking the time to speak one on one with those requesting his attention. He even agreed to one particular student's request to visit a classroom to see some newly hatched chicks. I am very much aware that many students have unfortunately already had, or will have negative experiences with police because of certain events regarding family members, so the positive impact that Trooper Brown made on these children today should go a long way in countering that. Thank you again for donating your time. The students, Mrs. B., and I greatly appreciated you. Shannon B.

Trooper (Didn't know the name)
I had a blow out on west bound I-40 last night around 5:30 near exit 130 and a very nice trooper came to my aid while I waited for roadside assistance. He greatly relieved my fear of being hurt while I waited. In my distraction, I didn't get his name, but hopefully you can figure it out from the location and time. Please let him know how much I appreciated it. Sue L. - Ooltewah, TN.

Trooper T.M. Conway
Trooper Conway was very poliete.  My daughter was involved in an accident and he was pleasant and very understanding.  He callmed me all the way down as the parent he shed light on his own personal experiences. Denean J.

Trooper Barbaur
To whom this may concern, My name is Fannie R. and I feel compelled to tell about my experience, or should I say ordeal, on Sunday June 14, 2015 while traveling to New York to my granddaughter's graduation, our car stopped on I-95 in Benson, North Carolina. I didn't know what to do. My son and I both have health issues. It was hot and I didn't feel well. I called the state police and explained my situation. The responding officer was Officer Barbour. He was truly a man sent by God to our rescue. In today's environment where there is so much negativity surrounding law enforcement, I wish I could shout my experience with Officer Barbour from the roof top. From the moment he arrived on the scene, his main concern was for our safety and well-being. It was extremely hot and I was not feeling well. The first thing he did was tell me to get into his air conditioned car and offered to get me some cold water.

When I had trouble getting through to the insurance company in reference to my towing options, he made the phone call for me. Also, when the insurance company informed us that the towing company would only be able to transport one additional person, he offered to take the other two of us to the repair shop where the car was being towed. At this point I advised him that my son also had some health Issues and I was concerned about leaving him by himself to wait for the tow truck. He said he had another call to respond to. However, after he transported us to the repair shop, he would stop back by and check on my son, which he did. During all of the above he showed patience and concern as if we were family and not strangers. He was professional, yet kind and caring.

There is a saying that goes, “What comes from the heart touches the heart!” I can truly say that I felt the genuine concern that was displayed by Officer Barbour and it truly touched our hearts. We have been singing his praises since this encounter. I just want to say we need more officers like Mr Barbour.

Officer Barbour will be in our prayers as we ask God to protect and keep him safe at all times in the daily performance of his duties. Thank God there are still people like Officer Barbour who are others- centered and not just self- centered. We will be eternally grateful to Officer Barbour for his assistance during this very trying time. May God continually bless him for his kindness toward stranded travelers! Sincerely, Fannie R. - Columbia, SC

Trooper R. D. Hendrickson
I have to take this opportunity to give all due credit and respect to Officer Hendrickson. My grandson and I were on the side of the road with a blown out tire in 98 to 100 degrees weather. Not only did Officer Hendrickson stop and ensure our safety, he went on to assist in getting the tire repaired and getting us back on the road. He took the tire and got it repaired himself! Enough of law enforcement and racial stereotypes. I am an African American male. My grandson had on "hip hop" attire. We needed help, and that was all that Officer Hendrickson saw. I am a former service member and I say "Officer Hendrickson's professionalism, concern, and assistance, reflect great credit upon himself, the badge he wears, and all the people he serves and protects. I was honored to shake his grease-filled hands after he put the tire back on my rim. He, my friends is a TROOPER! Carlton D. - Durham

Trooper R. D. Hendrickson 
I have a continuation to my comments on Officer Hendrickson. I forgot to mention where his super service took place. I think I was near marker 398 on I 40 going west. I was near Burgaw heading towards Wallace and then Warsaw. I think it was also near route 53 where the tire shop was where Officer Hendrickson found assistance for us. Amazing! He cared enough not to separate my grandson and myself and took the tire for repair himself! I am proud to know him! He is a man of White color, and he only knows it when he looks in the mirror. I don't want to hear about Black and White. I want to hear about Men. I want to hear about people like Officer Hendrickson! Carlton D. - Durham

Trooper Chris Rizzuto
I am writing to you in our correspondence about trooper Chris Rizzuto. On June14th myself, my wife and our dog were driving up from Florida going to Connecticut to vacation pulling a 34 foot travel trailer when we had a tire blow out. We pulled over on the break down lane on I-95. For 2.5 hours trying to get a wrecker to come out and help was unsuccessful. Finally I dialed 911 and was able to get some help. We were at mile marker 156.5. I didn't have a 4 wat tire iron and jack which I told the dispatcher. She said a trooper was about a half mile away. As soon as I hung up with her trooper Rizzuto pulled up lights flashing got out of his car and said," looks like u need some help. And help he did. He went to his cruiser and took out a 4 way tire iron and scissor jack. Helping in 106 degree heat we changed it and I thanked him numerous times. Being that my father was a state trooper in connecticut for 25 years many years ago he always said if you need help on the thru-way get a hold of a state trooper. Again trooper was a life saver. Thank you for taking the time out to read this. Sincerely, Bill W. and family

Trooper Bradshaw
Can you please pass on to F/Sgt. Harper on exemplary actions of Trooper Bradshaw? Trooper Bradshaw had conducted a traffic stop on East Guilford near Memorial Park Drive on Wednesday, June 17, 2015. While dealing with the occupants of the vehicle, Trooper Bradshaw observed smoke coming from the windows and roof of 17 Memorial Park Drive. Trooper Bradshaw immediately cancelled his traffic stop and began assisting residents away from the structure fire.

Trooper Bradshaw then took it upon himself to start brining cases of water to the scene for emergency personnel. Trooper Bradshaw was active, helpful, professional and displayed a strong image of the North Carolina Highway Patrol.  A BIG great thanks to Trooper Bradshaw and the actions he performed on this date with assisting with this incident. Sergeant John W. Elgin - Thomasville Police Department


May 2015

Trooper J.H. Shaw
My daughter was involved in a 3 car accident in Brunswick County on May 29th, 2015. Trooper Shaw was the responding officer. He showed absolute professionalism and courtesy as well as compassion while investigating this accident both at the scene and at the hospital. We greatly appreciate his actions. Cindy S. - Shallotte

Trooper Best
I am writing to commend Officer Best of the Highway Patrol. I believe he said he had only worked with the HP for a few months and had been or was currently working in Rowan Co. I am a 62 year old retired school teacher with Forsyth Co. My 2013 car broke down on I-40 between 174 and 170 in Davie Co on Fri, May 15, 2015 during rush hour traffic. I barely made it to the side of the road before it stopped completely. I felt frightened and vulnerable with cars and trucks speeding by. And then a patrol car pulled in behind me with his flashing lights on. I was never so happy to see a HP car pull up behind me. Officer Best was very professional and caring as he waited (about 2 hours) until the tow truck finally arrived. He did not leave until he was sure I was safely out of danger. I cannot praise him enough for the remarkable kindness and professionalism he showed. He probably saved my life. Officer Best truly was the best!! Thank you and and all the hard working officers who put their own lives on the line everyday to help others. Sincerely, Genny F. - Advance

Trooper R. E. Rudisill
Unfortunately the reason for coming into contact with Trooper Rudisill was because of being in an accident; however he was very professional, courteous and helpful. I do appreciate him being a good example of what I would expect a Law Enforcement Officer to be. Philip R.

Trooper M.A. Grogan 
Trooper Grogan responded to my son, daughter-in-law and grandchild's motor vehicle accident on 5/16/15 in Watauga County. We would like to thank Trooper Grogan for everything he did for our family. He went above and beyond the call of duty. Trooper Grogan even attended their funeral services. We are grateful and blessed for his actions. Thank you. Rosemary - Blackwell Mountain City, TN

Sgt. D.L. Clifton
Sgt. Clifton presented a continuing legal educational seminar to a group of paralegals in Atlantic Beach, NC. He did an outstanding job informing them about the focus of the HP. Superb speaking skills and very informative while keeping it a relaxes environment. On a scale of 1-10, he received all 10's with an 11 and a 25 on there. Thank you so much Sgt. Clifton. You are an awesome educator!!! Donna B. - Winston Salem

Trooper P. E. Ellis
Thank you again Sir. You were very helpful, courteous and calm. You allowed me to focus on what needed to be done , as I knew you were collecting the information and making sure others were looked after. Knowing you were on the job made a huge difference, Thank you. John L. - King

Trooper C.F.  Newbern
On May 18, 2015 approximately 5:00 to 5:45 pm Trooper C. Newbern stopped me as soon as I had turned onto the trucker's route between Rt. 17 and the bridge in downtown Elizabeth City on Elizabeth Street heading east towards the bridge. He had begun to follow me approximately two miles back. I knew that I had not violated any laws, or I thought I hadn't. It should be noted that I was driving a truck pulling a trailer (tractor trailer). The trailer is used to haul fertilizer to the fields in this area. He waited until I had turned onto Elizabeth Street where the traffic volume is a lot less to pull me. As soon as Trooper Newbern was out of his car coming towards me, the first thing he said was this, “You haven't done anything wrong this is just a routine check of your tractor and trailer.”

Two things happened that exhibited common sense and professionalism. First, he waited until he could safely stop me as I had been coming from the south through town where traffic is heavy on Rt. 17 that time of day (common sense). Secondly, he immediately stated why he stopped me which I liked (professionalism). As he was asking for my driver's license in a very friendly and professional manner I had already had it in my hand to give to him. He checked my truck/trailer out, there was one thing that he found with my trailer that was very small and minor. He asked me to get it fixed which I did the next morning at the plant where I work.

I appreciate professionalism, as I am a retired Fire Lieutenant who spent 37 years on a fire engine with the City of Chesapeake in Virginia. I now work for a local company in Shawboro part time delivering fertilizer to the farmers. Trooper Newbern had no idea who I was or what I might say just by him stopping me. But, in using common sense and automatically saying I had done nothing wrong, he indirectly defused a potential conflict. He was very friendly and helpful while still maintaining that degree of professionalism that is hard to do on any given day in his line of work. I also know that law enforcement has got a much harder job then they had a few years ago. That's what has prompted me to let you know what a good job Trooper Newbern did on the afternoon that he stopped me. Please convey to him my appreciation for his professionalism and the way he conducted himself when he stopped me. Thank you, Patrick B. - Chesapeake, Virginia

Trooper Nash County district can't remember officer's name
I would like to thank the young trooper working on 95 N in Nashville on the day before Memorial day. we had a blow out on our boat trailer and he pulled over with his lights to make sure other cars saw us and we were safe. he even helped my husband change the tire. I wish I could remember his name and thank him with a nice gift certificate. If you can tell me who was working that stretch of highway, I would deeply appreciate it. Tammy H. - Nashville, NC

Trooper B.D. Sudduth
My fiance and I were traveling back to Surry County NC from Florida. We ran out of gas on Hwy 311/74 by pass close to hwy 62 in high point. I called the NCSHP and they sent Trooper Sudduth out. Trooper Sudduth was extremely professional, courteous, and a true representative of why the NCSHP is one of the best agencies in the nation! He transported me to a nearby gas station and brought me back to my vehicle. He didn't just stop there. He followed us back to the gas station to make sure we made it safely. I appreciate Trooper Sudduth and the NCSHP and everything they do!  Jason N. - Pilot Mountain

Trooper Barker
Thank you Trooper Barker for coming out to our neighborhood to present a safety program on the laws concerning under age driving. Golf carts have been quite a problem. You enlightened us on the fact this area is considered a PVA and the way this affects our community. You answered numerous questions from the floor & gave good sound professional advise. Thank you for your professionalism and for keeping our roads & children safe - Sincere Thanks, Board Director, Jean T. - Mt. Gilead


April 2015

Trooper Crawford 2864
When the trooper pulled me over, I was already having a rough day and even worse month leading up to that day. I was visibly upset for reasons other than the obvious infraction for which he stopped me. Trooper Crawford recognized that and treated me with compassion. Although it wasn't a major infraction, and there are many other officers who likely would do the same, I felt it was worthy to note the good nature behind the uniform. Despite all the bad reports about law enforcement recently, I believe that the majority of you guys are more like Trooper Crawford than those few bad apples we see on the news. Thank you all for all you do for us. Blessings, Carrie P. - Franklin

All the Troopers patrolling the Sherrills Ford area.
Thanks to all the troopers who have been partrolling the Sherrills Ford area. For some time the area has had a tremendous problem with speeding motorcycles and drunk drivers. Drunk drivers seem to be coming from the Twin Oaks Bar and the Landing especially on week ends. Motorcycles race up and down Slanting Bridge Road especially the stretch near the bridge. Since the Troopers patrol step up there has been a marked reduction of these activities. With the summer season Memorial Day kickoff we look forward to a more peaceful and safe year with the continued superb efforts of the Troopers. Thanks guys, well done! Barry S. - Sherrills Ford

Not sure of Trooper's name
I would like to commend Trooper Sgt that was on I40 patrol duty between exits 162 & 168 for help with a dog along the highway. He was extremely patient and helpful. He showed troopers to be caring professionals there to help. My thanks Brian C. - Advance

Trooper T.E. Hussey, III
Trooper Hussey responded to a very minor accident I was involved in this morning, and I just wanted to let you know I appreciate his professionalism. I was rear- ended taking my son to school, and the very first thing he did when he arrived was ask my son if he was OK. He was very efficient and professional (as was another Trooper who came to the scene - and I'm sorry I didn't get his name). This was such a routine call that they'd probably be surprised I'm even commenting on it, but I did want them to know their services were appreciated and to say thank you! Brandon T. - Hillsborough

Trooper  D.M. Key
Trooper Key was very kind and cordial in assisting me with my accident this morning at 4 am. I appreciate his service. Carlos Parker

Trooper S.D. Hurley
This accident was quite a while back, but I just found this section to comment on SHP and wanted to extend my gratitude to Trooper Hurley that responded to the accident that I was in early last year. I totaled my vehicle and had several non- emergency injuries and caused the other driver to total their vehicle as well. The accident was completely my fault and Trooper Hurley treated me with absolute respect and showed extreme professionalism throughout the entire process even before he knew that I also worked in law enforcement. I have never forgotten his kindness during what felt like a nightmare at the time. Thanks again Trooper Hurley!! Abby H. – Chatham County

Trooper L. Alvarado, Jr.
Trooper Alvarado was great in dealing with the accident and reporting. He handled every aspect with dignity, clarity, and precision. You guys are lucky to have him with your organization! Jeffrey H. - La Grange

Trooper K. D. Mills
Trooper Mills conducted himself in a very professional and courteous manner. The accident was very traumatic and his demeanor helped me to relax. Trooper Mills also provided information to help with accident safety. I was pleased to have had him as the on-scene officer. Dennis M. - Holly Springs

Trooper T. R. Day
Hi, I wanted to start with how very nice and professional Trooper Day was with me after my car accident. Overall our experience was as good as it could be under the interaction was extremely positive and Trooper Day was excellent.  Thank you, Sarah M.

Trooper K.A. Lee
Yesterday I was in a car accident, Officer Keith Lee went out of his way many times to help me with my situation. He would not leave me alone with the towing man, helped changed & inflate my tires, escorted me to a Walmart where I could purchase new tires, called ahead to said Walmart to find out what time they closed & opened the next day, drove me to a hotel (I am not from NC), and stayed outside the hotel until I came out to confirm I had a room. Traveling by myself I did not have anyone else to lean on for support after my crash. Office Lee kept me calm and collected and help me make decisions that I am not sure I would have made correctly on my own. I am sure your office receives more complaints than compliments, so I wanted to make sure that the office of Highway Patrol and Officer Lee receive my most sincere thank you. Caitlyn L. - Charleston, SC (Citadel class of 2012)

Fst. Sgt. T.W. Pope, Trooper H.N. Middleton
On 4/17/2015 My wife and I presented the 6th John Edward Rossi Scholarship to a Senior Baseball Player at E A Laney High School. There to escort us onto the field to make the presentation were 1st Seargent Pope and Trooper Middleton. Trooper Middleton was called away to respond to an emergency before the presentation. I commend 1st Seargent Pope and Trooper Middleton for being there. The men and women of Troop B6 have been by my family's side since the day our son John, was killed as a passenger in a DWI collision. These fine men and women are among the best in law enforcement, ANYWHERE! I am proud to call them friends, but more importantly, consider them as family! Mike R. - Wilmington

Trooper McClure
I want to thank this trooper for taking his time to teach me about child safety seats and instructing me on the type I need for my son. I was pulled for speeding and after checking my information and letting me know I was being warned. He then taught me proper use and size of seat I need for my son who is 3. That means a lot to me. So thank you trooper McClure. Jennifer B. - Nashville

Trooper W.A. Richardson
Very nice and helpful when my husband was in an accident this day. Personable but professional. I wish all law enforcement was like this! Cindy T.

Trooper S.B. Marshall
He was very professional and helpful. After this accident, my daughters and myself were scared,shaken and somewhat confused. Trooper Marshall calmed my daughters and explained very clearly what was needed now and also provided additional help by jump-starting our dead battery after it died. We are most grateful and wish to thank him again. He is an amazing NC Trooper! Marie W. - New Baltimore, Michigan

Don't know Trooper's name
I was in a restaurant to speak to the manager about something today in Kinston. While I was waiting I saw about 4 state troopers getting ready to eat lunch. To my surprise they all bowed their heads and said grace. That small gesture may be trivial to others but it was significant to me. It made me began to think about state troopers. With all the negative behaviors of some of the police in this country who seem to be expressing their hatred for African American males by shooting them down ever chance they get, I cannot think of a single report where a state trooper has done this. When I see them in public they are polite. They are professional. They appear to be approachable although I never see anyone talking to them.

For the last 20 years my job involves a lot of commuting. I have had quite a few tickets. Mostly by state troopers. I was angry at one of them a couple of years back because it appeared he let the fast driver ahead of me go and turned around and pulled me over. I questioned his judgment. We had a disagreement and I made a complaint, but I forgive him now. It would be different if I wasn't speeding, but I was. So my hats are off to our state troopers. I even saw one coming out from under a stranded driver's vehicle once. Trying to see what was wrong. Whoever gets a call to make a donation to the state trooper fund I would recommend they make the donation. I thank God for our state troopers. They put themselves in harm's way everyday for our safety. May God continue to bless them and protect them. Debra Kay P. - Winterville

Trooper W.C. Townsend
My husband was in a multiple vehicle accident. Despite my husband being one of the people at fault, this officer was an absolute pleasure to encounter. The poor officer had just cleaned an accident 100 yards from my husband accident site. Though he had just come from a accident the officer was very courteous, respectful, patient and just extremely helpful. I have had my fair share of encounters with state troopers and they've done nothing but leave a bad taste in my mouth. I would love to see this officer recognized for his professionalism. Please on my behalf again thank the officer for all his hard work and for making a stressful situation much easier to handle. Hanah H. -Fayetteville

Trooper B.D Sudduth 
Trp. Sudduth responded to my accident and I did not come into contact with him at the scene, but he did meet me at the hospital since I was transported by ambulance. He was very respectful and very nice. Also he knew I am wanting to become a trooper myself and he informed me that the ticket would not disqualify me from becoming one and kinda joked with me. Thank you very much Trp Sudduth for your service! Btw it would be nice if I could do a ride along with a trooper! Cody K.

Sgt. J.W. Bright Jr. and Fst. Sgt. M.S. Whaley 
had a great conversation today and had lunch with me today at the general assembly - nice men - i would love to train with them im coming up to the state highway partol academy in june when i get out of school. they also gave me some encuraging words. Princeton - Jacksonville

March 2015

Trooper Robinson
My 5-year-old son Jack asked about the badge that the 'man in gray' was wearing in our local Whole Foods store. I said he could go and ask him. So Jack interrupted the officer's supper to ask about his badge, and the officer could not have been nicer. He talked with Jack, who wants to be a police officer (or a fireman, or an EMT, or a soldier -- anything with a uniform), and was so kind and polite that I was truly moved. What a wonderful impression that State Trooper made on that little boy. And on his dad! Landen B – Winston-Salem

Trooper B.E. Livingston
As former K-9 officer originally from the state of Maryland, I wish to commend Trp. Livingston in his handling of an accident I was involved in on 03-12-2015. He responded to the report of an accident involving 2 vehicles. I was operating veh 2, the one struck in the rear by veh 1. He was both professional and courteous. Thank you Trp. Livingston. Be careful and stay safe out there! Keith R- Hickory

Trooper Wheeler
We had a 18 wheeler who was very very lost, try to turn around in the gate to our property in Halifax County on Ventosa Road. The truck ended up stuck and with his trailer hanging out into the road. Trooper Wheeler showed up and was trying to help get the guy a tow truck. I had a group of father/daughters down to my camp to stay the night and we road out to our gate with all the girls and dads and got to meet Trooper Wheeler who was super nice to the girls and my 4-year-old son. He did a great Question and Answer, let them get a neat picture beside his patrol car, and was overall great with the kids. I just wanted someone to know that Trooper Wheeler is doing a great job! Paul H. - Goldsboro

Trooper K.B Heath
This state trooper was a life saver - my car broke down on hwy 264 and he stopped and help me - also gave me a ride to my house - very outstanding state trooper - would like to say thank you again. Dawn B. - Zebulon

Trooper Haskins
My vehicle broke down on the side of Highway 264 West bound on Wednesday. The officer arrived within minutes of my breakdown. The officer offered the best customer service imaginable. First he was there very quickly and spontaneously. He checked on the car and gave me an idea what the problem may be. Meanwhile he lets me sit in the car to avoid the cooler weather and he waited with me approximately 30 minutes until I got a ride. I know he had other duties and responsibilities because he worked in Henderson NC, but in the moment he was a great citizens and he stayed with me. We talked and shared stories about our families. It was great to see the human side of the man in the uniform. I just want to say THANK YOU officer Haskins for being there for a girl. I pray God's protection for you and your family. I won't soon forget. Corinna

Troopers T.Z. Bedgood, Paige and A. T. Bost
These 3 gentlemen investigated an accident involving my wife, Jill on 3/22/15. I realize that each of them have a dangerous and often thankless job, but I just want to say thank you for what they did for my wife, how they treated her, protected her, and took care of her during this stressful time. Their compassion and care went way above the call of duty. Each of them were extremely professional in doing their jobs, but their kindness, respect, and patience stand above all else. I will never forget how these three gentlemen treated my wife and daughter. When Trooper Bost took the time to assure me over the phone that things were fine. I told Trooper Bost as I was talking with him that I loved him for taking care of Jill and Allison. I will repeat those words in this commentary. I will never forget how these gentlemen did their jobs, while keeping the compassion in it. My family and I wish these three gentlemen safety and the very best that life has to offer them and their families. May God bless each of them, and thank you for allowing the avenue to express these thoughts. Stan & Jill G.

Fst Sgt. K.D.  Bell and Trooper S. Herrin
I work for a state agency that assist people with disabilities to go to work. Our agency along with Rowan Salisbury School system organized a transition day for exceptional children. I contacted 1st Sergeant Bell and explained what we were doing and that we would like NCSHP to be a part of it. It was a two fold mission, one was to show students that each agency has different areas of employment and also to bring awareness and respect for what our LEO do on the roads everyday. To show students with disabilities that with respect and politeness that they can approach LEO.

I was assigned Trooper Herrin to attend the conference. He arrived and brought some handouts including pencils, rulers, key chains, etc. The students raved about meeting him, they couldn't believe a Trooper had come to meet them. Not only did Trooper Herrin meet our expectations of meeting the students, shaking hands and answering every question under the sun, he went way beyond that. When our lunches arrived he came into the kitchen and offered to help hand out lunches to the students. Once again, they were so excited for his interaction!! After lunch we had our last session of door prizes. Once again Trooper Herrin offered to help by taking them to the students whose name had been drawn and shook their hands. I cannot say enough not just about his presence of being there, but of his attitude and friendliness. Thank you Trooper Herrin for going ABOVE and BEYOND duty and making a difference in the lives of those young adults. You served 1st Sergeant Bell and NCSHP very well that day. Thank you 1st Sergeant Bell for coming by and allowing Trooper Herrin to educate some of our youth with disabilities. You were the highlight of the day. Thank you again for all your help. Respectfully, Cindy B. - Salisbury

Trooper M.O. Silveri
I live in Arkansas and work for a company with (2) sawmills in NC and flew into Wilmington today, but had to drive to a company function in Roanoke Rapids this evening. I passed a couple of elderly ladies on I95 with a flat tire on a full crew size van and stopped to help. As it turned out, they'd been there for some time already and one person had stopped to help but discovered their jack wouldn't work properly so he left. I grew up on a farm and am a Mechanical Engineer with extensive machine design experience and also maintenance of heavy industrial equipment; so changing flats is like taking candy from babies for me ...... except this time it wasn't because of the faulty jack and the fact that I was in a small rental w/o my normal complement of tools. I was on the verge of giving up when Officer Silveri stopped. I won't go into details, but he went waaay above and beyond the call of duty in my opinion and I just thought someone should know. Trust me, this wasn't in any way, just a change the tire and go kind of deal. In fact he impressed me so much, that I jokingly told him I wanted to hire him and make a sawmiller out of him.

Anyway he's a fine person and a credit to the NC State Troopers and I think Troopers everywhere, and it makes me proud as a citizen to know we have people like him out there every day trying to keep us safe. Keith B. - Arkansas

Trooper B. Wilson Troop B
Trooper Wilson responded to the scene of a single vehicle motor collision on Interstate 40 in Pender County on Sat., March 14. When Trooper Wilson arrived on scene and began his investigation it was clear he was inspired to serve the community. His presence was professional, yet humbling. Trooper Wilson modeled a high standard of professionalism, honor, and courage. It was an honor to see such a respectable man represent our North Carolina Highway Patrol in the finest light. I wanted to say thank you Trooper Wilson for representing law enforcement and North Carolina in such a positive light. Thank you for your service and keep up the great work. Jesse P. - Burgaw


December 2014

Sgt. W.M. Vickers
After being hit on I-85, I waited for a trooper so we could file a police report. I was very shook up and sore and worried about my daughter. I just wanted to let SGT Vickers know how much I appreciate him being so pleasant and kind. I expected the arriving trooper to be "all business" and very serious, but he was gentle and sweet and really put me at ease. He even gave me advice on my current job search as an RN. I know troopers must get a lot of complaints so I wanted to be sure to send a compliment because although it may have seemed minor to onlookers, the incident really scared me and I appreciate his friendliness and kindness. Please tell him thank you for me and my daughter. Amanda J.

Trooper R.E. Baker
Mr. Baker worked an accident that my daughter was involved in. It was a rainy, cold night to be out, but he took the time to listen to everyone to discover for sure what happened. He was very thorough and professional. It was an accident that would have been easy to make assumptions but he pressed through to the truth. He even revisited the site to do a thorough reconstruction and then filed a detailed report. Mr. Baker was kind, professional, and detailed. A fine example of a law enforcement officer. Burt M. - Weaverville

Trooper E.B. Miller
Trooper Ben Miller is an amazing gentleman and as asset to your force. He is courteous, professional and a value to our community. Early this morning he was kind enough to wait with me and then help me and my husband change a tire on 485. His job is in no way to be a roadside assistant, yet he did it with a smile on his face and a really positive demeanor. What could have been a really difficult situation, he made very easy and painless. Again, Trooper Miller reminds us of the "protect and serve" aspect of enforcement that so many people forget today. Thank you for having people like him in our community and on our roadways. Laura G. - Huntersville

Trooper Quinton Stanton
This trooper helped me after I ran out of gas on I440 marker 14.8 on Monday afternoon. He is a consumate professional in every way and my life is better for having been assisted by him. Ralph T.

Trooper J.C. Lindley
I would like to offer my commendation to Trooper J.C. Lindley for the professional manner in which in handled the traffic accident that my wife experienced on December 12, 2014 in Lake Park, NC. Trooper Lindley was very professional and efficient and helpful to my family. Most importantly, he immediately recognized that the driver of the other vehicle was intoxicated. This driver, who was intoxicated at 4 p.m. in in the afternoon was sadly going to pick up her children at a day care center in said condition. She made a left turn directly in front of my wife's oncoming vehicle and there was a rather violent collision. Thanks to the airbag and the seat belt, my wife was not injured. Most importantly, Trooper Lindley removed this motorist from our streets before she could harm someone else or even her own children. Trooper Lindley exhibited exceptional professionalism and did his job to protect the citizens of our state. Thank you, William G.- Indian Trail

Trooper - Did not get his name
Me and another driver were on 903 near Highway 70 around 0845, in Lenoir County, when I pulled off the road so the other driver could check his load. Due to the rain my truck got stuck in the mud on the shoulder. Thankfully the other driver did not pull off, so he did not get stuck. I got out to check on my truck when a trooper pulled up to see if we had a chain so the other driver could pull me out of the mud. When we told him we did not have a chain he went home and got one for us. Thanks to him going above and beyond the other driver was able to pull me out of the mud without having to call a wrecker. Keep up the excellent work. Peter M. - Kenly

Trooper Eddie Seddle, Rowan County
I was having a problem with the insurance company and contacted Eddie Seddle. Within minutes the insurance company contacted me to resolve the problem. I really appreciate the help of Eddie. Thank you again so very much. Hope you guys have a great holiday. Ken O.

Trooper Sellers
I missed a turn off of Route 41 at the Robeson/Bladen County line. It's really dark and I always miss Marsh Road. I pulled over, backed up and tried to perform a U-turn. My back tires ended up in a ditch and my front wheel drive vehicle was stuck. Two very nice volunteer firefightrs from the Pine Terrace Volunteer Fire Department stopped to assist me.They tried and tried but couldn't dislodge my vehicle. They called in to dispatch and asked for a tow vehicle. An hour later, no tow truck. Trooper Sellard drove up, surveyed the situation and decided that he could help engage the drive wheels. With the firefighters help, and following the Troopers instructions; I was able to drive my car right out of the ditch. I told Trooper Sellars that it's not very often that one man makes a difference. He was the one man and I really appreciate his help. Just wanted y'all to know. Paul C. D. - Lumberton

Trooper J. M. Doston
My husband and I would like to thank Trooper Doston and the other Trooper involved in our accident for their assistance. They we able to track down the individual who committed a hit and run. We appreciate their effort and effectiveness in serving justice. - Tara K.


October 2014

Trooper J. J. Saunders
Trooper Saunders's handling of an accident on I-77 N in Charlotte, NC involving my vehicle and four others was very professional. He took control, worked well with his colleagues, processed the scene very efficiently and communicated clearly with everyone involved. His management of this situation lessen the frustration and stress levels. Thank you Officer Saunders. Brian F. – Clover, S.C.

Trooper K.L. Leonard
Trooper Leonard changed a flat tire on my car on Interstate 40. It may have been a routine day of doing his job, but he and his fellow troopers are selfless heros in my eyes. It is terrifying to be against a guard rail with traffic speeding by. His was friendly, professional and genuinely concerned. THANK YOU. Gail M.

Trooper E.B. Perdue
I wanted to compliment Trooper Perdue on his kindness, professionalism and courtesy he showed after my traffic accident on October 16 @ exit 77. He helped to keep me calm, explained everything clearly and was kind enough to escort me to a hotel in Salisbury. I am so thankful that no one was injured and was fortunate to have Trooper Perdue on the job that night. John G. - Duluth, GA.

Trooper C.P. Harris
I would like to commend the officer driving SHP 749. During my morning commute on 10/21/2014, I found myself positioned behind this officer as we traveled the inside loop of 440 through the construction zone. This is the FIRST SHP patrol car I have ever seen doing the actual speed limit. He held the limit and was a good example to other drivers. He made to pull off at the Rock Quarry road exit when a speeding car coming from the south 40 at the merge sped by, noticed him, and immediately slowed down. This officer did not let this driver get a "pass" and even though I am sure he had every intention of heading off for his end of shift, he pulled the offender over. Please send my thanks to this officer for "doing his job". Cynthia B. - Wake Forest

Trooper C.D. Cheeks
I am writing this on behalf of my Father-in-Law, Mr. Dewitt McLamb. On Sunday October 12th, Mr. McLamb was told his wife of forty years was dying, he approached Trooper Cheeks in Hayesville and requested an escort to the local hospital in Murphy. Trooper Cheeks refused to provide an escort, directing Mr. McLamb to park his vehicle and get in his cruiser. Trooper Cheeks then proceeded to transport Mr. McLamb to the hospital as quickly as possible. Instead of dropping Mr. McLamb off and returning to his duties, Trooper Cheeks went above and beyond the call of duty by parking his cruiser and accompanied Mr. McLamb into the hospital where he remained until Mr. McLamb completed necessary paperwork and saw his wife. Trooper Cheeks also assisted Mr. McLamb with phone calls to family and returned him to his vehicle in Hayesville. Unfortunately Mrs. McLamb passed away later that day, but Trooper Cheeks' efforts ensured Mr. McLamb was afforded the opportunity to see his wife one last time. Again demonstrating concern for the community, Trooper Cheeks visited the home of Mr. McLamb to offer his condolences after seeing Mrs. McLamb's obituary in the local paper. The compassion, dedication, and professionalism demonstrated by Trooper Cheeks during this difficult time is without a doubt the most extreme case of going above and beyond the call of duty ever witnessed. I want to thank him for being there when family could not and ensure Trooper Cheeks is recognized for the selfless service he provided to my family that day. Geoffrey S. - Pembroke Pines, FL

Trooper T.C. High
Trooper High was the responding Trooper to a MVA that I was involved in. He was very professional and courteous throughout my interaction with him. My wife (whose car I was driving but was not involved in the accident) arrived on-scene and was irate that her car had been totalled. Trooper High dealt with her in an appropriate and professional manner, letting her know that he could not allow her to remain there if she was going to continue her current behavior. I would like to thank Trooper High for his firm yet understanding approach to a situation that could have easily escalated had he not acted swiftly and firmly. Jason S.

Trooper W.H. Singleton, II
My vehicle was hit by a deer last night. Trooper Singleton responded to my call. He was very professional, courteous, as well as personable. I commend him and thank him. Stephen T. - Robersonville

Trooper D.S. Gould - Troop B District 4
The North Carolina Highway Patrol (NCHP) should fill honored to have Trooper Gould as part of their team. Trooper Gould sets the highest possible standard of professionalism in his uniform. I witnessed Trooper Gould testify in court on October 1, 2014. When Trooper Gould took the stand he represented the NCHP in the finest light. Trooper Gould's professionalism extends far beyond presence, it was his character. His posture set the tone for rest of the trial. During his testimony, he displayed honesty, loyalty, devotion, ambition, experience, and compassion. These characteristics are what make law enforcement personnel unique from the rest of society. In my opinion, it is rare to have someone like Trooper Gould. The honesty he shared was not to sway the judge in any direction for a verdict yet, it was simply to paint a picture of the incident. His loyalty to the NCHP was displayed by the way he carried himself and took pride in his uniform. His uniform was clean and pressed and everything in order on his person. His devotion to the purpose of the NCHP was heard through his testimony of how he keeps the highways safe. The ambition he has is apparent at first glance when you look in his eyes. He is part of the best and represents himself as one of the best. You heard his experience through his testimony and realized he is skilled in his job. The compassion Trooper Gould has may be difficult to see threw certain frames. However, he displays compassion by the acts of protecting his community and assisting those in distress. The NCHP should take pride in having Trooper Gould as a highway patrolman the same way Trooper Gould takes pride in being a NCHP. I will close this with Trooper Gould sets the highest standard of professionalism and ethics. He wears his badge with pride, protects the highways of North Carolina with bravery, and serves his state with honor. Jesse P.

Trooper B Joyner
Courteous and professional. I appreciate the warning and feel it was fair based on my record. I appreciate what you folks do for the public. Stay safe. Greg L. - Loganville, GA

Trooper Manning
In our society people are quick to complain when they are mistreated but when some one is extremely polite and professional it is ignored. Officer Manning was extremely polite, respectful and helpful. He showed concern about something that in the big picture of all the issues he will deal with tonight would more than likely rate low on his priority scale. At no point in time did he make me feel as if my problem was not important to him. Thank you Officer Manning. Benny M. - Garner

Trooper G.H.Fryar
He was very professional and polite. He knew he had to get a job done but also seemed totally concerned about my well-being as well as the two passengers in my car. I could tell he is very dedicated in what he does! Martha D. - Benson  

Trooper B.S. Parker
My husband and I were involved in a single-vehicle accident on 10/7 on US 19, just before the entrance to the Nantahala Gorge. We hydroplaned during the heavy rain and ended up down a ravine. Trooper Parker responded. He was extremely helpful and comforting during our contact with him. VERY nice officer, and having worked in law enforcement myself, I appreciate a good attitude like his. Jana B. - Murphy

Trooper I. J. Cooper
Today my son was in an accident 10-14-2014 which Trooper Cooper handled! Trooper Cooper was very professional and polite! He has made a great impact on my son by the way he handled the scene! I just wanted to thank him for making a positive impact on a young teen that was in an accident! Kevin H. - Willow Springs

Trooper S. K. Bowers
My husband and I were involved in an accident in Jackson County on 10/06/2014. Trooper Bowers came and was so good to everyone there. I was scared to death and Trooper Bowers was so nice, I felt better. Even though he gave my husband a ticket, I am glad he is the officer that came. Thank you for having such a professional trooper. Crystal W. - Whittier

Trooper J.R. Deardorf
Trp Deardorf responded to a collision in involving my son and exhibited a command presence while professionally investigating the scene and lodging the appropriate charge and causative factors. I reviewed the collision report and found no errors or omissions. Trp Deardorf is a credit to his profession and a product of his training. Tom W. - Mebane

Trooper Ratliff - Troop E, District VII - Davie and Yadkin counties
Dear Sir, On behalf of the Boonville Volunteer Fire Department I would like to thank you for allowing Trooper Ratliff to participate with us at Boonville Elementary School on October 10, 2014 for their Fire Safety Week. The children were introduced to not only fire safety but public safety as well. Trooper Ratliff professional conduct with the staff and children should be recognized with high accreditation. As always your Trooper showed a great interest to the children's questions with professionalism that is highly recognized. Thank you again and we hope to continue this endeavor in the coming years and look forward to working with all your Troopers in the future. Thank you, Danny Smith, Fire Chief, Boonville 

Trooper L. J. Bunn
My son, Jacob, was the cause of a wreck outside of Pikeville. I want to express how professional and kind Trooper Bunn was to my very frightened son and the others involved. His calming voice and kindness during such a stressful event was appreciated and noted. He took time afterward to talk with us as a family and my son directly about this accident. He explained to my son (who is 17) how very lucky he was without preaching or talking down to him. I appreciate his "road-side" manner. While I wish this had never happened, I am grateful my son's first experience with an officer of the law was with Trooper Bunn. He is a fine example of what it means to be a public servant and a credit to the uniform of NC troopers across the state. I pray for his continued dedication and safety. Sincerely, Jennifer B. - Fremont

Trooper R.E. Cook
Trooper Cook was very professional, pleasant, polite, and considerate. Angela H. Roanoke, VA

Trooper Justice
We were returning from a camping trip and had a blow- out on our fifth wheel and had to pull over off the interstate. Trooper Justice came and the traffic slowed down making us safer. He asked my husband a few questions. Then he started to help change the tire! He used his own jack. He was very kind and helpful! He protected and served. Thank you very much Trooper Justice. God Bless YOU! William & Alene T. - Oxford

Trooper Inman
I just wanted to say that Trooper Inman was more than helpful and the level of courtesy was off the charts. Professionalism personified. Rob S. - Myrtle Beach S.C.

Trooper Landon Schertzinger
I am an active duty Airman stationed at Seymour Johnson in Goldsboro, NC. I am also a part time security officer and on Saturday October 4, 2014 I had an encounter with Trooper Landon Schertzinger. I would like to commend Trooper Schertzinger on his service. At approximately 4:30 PM I received a call for service from a loss prevention associate from Sears at the Berkeley Mall in Goldsboro, NC. The LP stated they were currently chasing two larceny suspects. I was on the other side of the mall at the time and sprinted to their location. Upon arrival the LP's had one suspect in custody and informed me the other one had made it to the parking lot. I ran outside in an attempt to locate the suspect. Bystanders pointed me in the last known direction he had fled. I then observed Trooper Schertzinger walking the suspect back through the parking lot and I assisted in apprehending and escorting him to the Sears detention office. Trooper Schertzinger's quick and decisive actions resulted in the recovery of stolen property as well the arrest of the suspect. Without Trooper Schertzinger this would not have been possible. Shayn S. - La Grange

Trooper Leonard
Today at 1231hrs I was heading west on I40 when my little blue truck died at mm 172. I sat there for a few moments and within a few minutes there were blue lights behind me. Trooper Leonard came up to my passenger side. Not know what was wrong with my vehicle I told him it just stop. My gas gage was reading 1/4 so he told me to try to start the vehicle. When I did the gage dropped down. He immediately informed me I was out of gas. The first thing I said was, "I can't be the light didn't come on". Even as the words were coming out of my mouth I was already feeling like an idiot. First for running out of gas and second for what I just said! My reason for writing this is the kindness in which Trooper Leonard extended to me. Not only in his actions of taking me to get gas, or insisting on fueling my vehicle once we got back because he didn't want me being so close to the traffic. But the manner in which he spoke to me. His tone was kind, our short conversation was pleasant. Even when I kept apologizing for my stupidity for running out of gas and the light thing he never once made me feel worse. I know it's his job to help stranded motorists but he made me feel better about my lapse in judgement and my words. My point is not only did he help me he was genuinely happy to do it. So long story short he actually made me feel like I wasn't an idiot at all. So that's my story. I just wanted to share it. Thank you Trooper Leonard you will forever be in my prayers. Diana L. - Mooresville


March 2014

Troopers T.L. Garner and Sgt. M. E. White
First of I'd like to say most troopers probably do not get many compliments but I feel these two deserve one. My daughter, Lanie Bizzell, lost her life in an auto accident that Sunday morning on her way to church. We left for church shortly after she did but did not know of the accident until after we returned home. Troopers Garner and White came to our house to do a very difficult part of their job, informing parents that their child had been killed. They were very professional and sympathetic. My wife and I would like to thank them for doing their best under very difficult circumstances. I do not envy them at all for this part of their job as it must be one of, if not the hardest and saddest part of their job. Please let them know that we appreciate their kindness and professionalism at the most difficult time in my family's lives. Greg B. - Selma

Sgt. G.E. Rheu
I would like to thank the sergeant for all his professionalism and help during the recent accident (2/13/2014) in which my son, Nathaniel, was killed. In difficult times such as these, it is a comfort to know our lord and savior Jesus is near and men such as the Sgt are on the watch. God Bless you all. Chip W. – Cabool, MO

Trooper S. K. Bowers
As I was on my way to work this morning, I was lied to. My gas gauge on my truck said I had a quarter of a tank of fuel left. More than plenty to get to work and back home. As I sit on the side of US 74 west in Jackson County, I looked up to see blue lights in my rear view mirror. Generally, this invokes a feeling of anxiety and dread, but this morning, It was a feeling of relief. Trp. Bowers approached the window with a smile and asked what was going on and if there was anything he could do. He gave me a ride to the gas station, where I filled his can with fuel, then took me back to my truck. After thanking and leaving to go put more liquid gold in my tank, he pulled in behind me and handed me the 1-800 number, in case I had another incident and needed assistance. Trp. Bowers was kind, courteous, and a generally good human being, going out of his way to assist me when he could have easily kept driving and not given me a second thought. He is an asset to the force and I feel better knowing that he is on my roads. Great job and Thank You Trooper Bowers. Justin M.

Trooper R.C. Broadway
I was involved in an accident on I85 on 9 Mar 2014. Trooper R.C. Broadway was the responding officer. I want to commend Trooper Broadway for his professional actions and appearance. I was quite upset at the accident but he was very calm and kept assuring me that he would make sure that a wrecker came to the scene and he would arrange for transportation for myself and my three grandchild to a car rental facility. He stayed on scene until all of that happened. His actions were the only bright stop in an otherwise terrible day. Please pass on my thanks and "Job Well Done" to Trooper Broadway. He is a credit to the NC Highway Patrol. Richard R., Major USAF (Ret) – Mount Airy

Trooper M.D. Marshall
I would like to personally thank and commend Trooper Marshall for the professional way he handled my daughter's accident. She is only 16, and this was her first accident. Needless to say, she was extremely upset and crying. Trooper Marshall was professional, empathetic and reassuring to her. He is an asset to the SHP and I hope you also take the time to recognize his dedication to helping citizens. He represents the SHP in the highest professional manner, and we appreciate his service! Sincerely, Mr. Keith B. – - Lewisville

Trooper T. M. Crisp
Trooper Crisp stopped our son, Grayson Mitchell Morgan for speeding on Saturday afternoon. We wanted to thank Trooper Crisp for being so professional with Grayson. When he called to tell us what had happened, he seemed very surprised that Trooper Crisp was nice to him and took the time to explain what he needed to do to take care of this violation. This was Grayson's first (and hopefully last) traffic violation. We believe Grayson has learned his lesson and want to thank Trooper Crisp for possibly saving his life. Thank you so much! Mitchell and Robyn M. - Etowah

Trooper J. W. Baity 
On 2/13/14, My son, Bryant, 22, had an incident on I40 wheras he slid off into the median due to snow. Trooper Baity, "One of NC's Finest." responded and assisted him until a wrecker arrived. He followed him to the next exit to make sure the vehicle was safe to continue and help make the decision the car was not safe. He stayed with him for approx. 2 hrs. It was very comforting for a parent to know some one was concerned in taking care and keeping their child safe. May God richly bless and keep him and his fellow troopers safe. Sincerely, Steven W. - Dunn

Master Trooper G. Harrison
Dare County Master Trooper Harrison investigated a minor traffic crash at Midway intersection today. The Master Trooper did a very thorough job and followed through to find the vehicle that had left the scene. Those efforts exemplify the work ethic of the North Carolina Highway Patrol. I sincerely thank Master Trooper Harrison for the excellent investigation he conducted. Jeff D. Manns Harbor

Trooper J. R. Devaughn
I was riding home in a cab and had a tire blowout. Officer Devaughn stopped to assist us on I540 and was kind enough to get me home safely after the cab was no longer able to continue. He went above and beyond the call of duty, helped me get home safely after a night out, and I greatly appreciate it! Tom H. - Apex

Trooper M. A. Bethea
Having not had flashing lights pull me over in 40 years, it was not comfortable being appropriately stopped for speed on our trip home to NH from FL while the car's owner/friend rested. Warning or ticket, i would still contact you regarding Trooper Bethea's strong but professional demeanor throughout the stop. If everyone, in all fields, did their job with his professional attitude, we'd all be in a better place. thank you. Mike O. – NH

Trooper T. L. Maness
I was involved in a car accident on Friday, and it was pretty shocking- no one very expects to be in one. Trooper Maness was so nice, and made sure I understood everything that was going on. He was willing to answer ALL the questions that I asked. Thanks again! Jackie


January 2014

Trooper B.P. Potts
Trooper Potts is amazing. I had a flat tire January 18th at 8 am. I was on my way to an early class and was stuck on the side of the freeway. He pulled over, got the spare from my trunk and began assisting me. When he did not have all tools he needed, he then offered to drive me to my class. A trucker pulled up who had all the tools necessary and got me back on the road within 10 minutes. Trooper Potts was kind, friendly and caring. The first question was not "License and registration", but "Are you ok?". He went above and beyond. He deserves kudos and a raise or promotion. Ida R. – Charlotte

Trooper M.G. Stuart
This morning at 9:10-ish my tire broke on highway I-40 while I was driving to work. I panicked, and pulled my car at the Exit 261. While I was panicking and wondering, officer Stuart pulled his car over. He was very nice. With much understanding voice and soothing tone, he offered to install the spare tire for me! I was so surprised that he actually pulled out his tool box from his car and put on the spare tire for me in just five minutes! Unbelievable! I feel so thankful, and the whole day turns bright on me. At the end, he also pointed out a few nearby places that I could get new tires. He also reminded to change the tire as soon as I can. He should be recognized by our community. Thank you so much, Officer Stuart! Liping L.

Trooper B.C Porter
I would like to commend Trooper Porter for his impressive professionalism, nice demeanor and polite interaction. My son Jack Morris ran into the back of a small pickup truck on Highway 24 on 9 Jan 2013. He was not paying attention to a driver in front who slammed on brakes to avoid passing a slowing school bus. Trooper Porter treated Jack with meaningful advice, guidance and respect in all aspects of this investigation. He is a tribute to outstanding training within the NCHP and I wanted his supervisors to know that I appreciated his help in dealing with this unfortunate situation. He calmed the scenario in a very professional manner and displayed a welcome sense of humor. His actions are a tribute to and should make us all proud of the NCHP force and I wish that all Troopers and other police officers were as good as Trooper Porter. Bravo Zulu to you and your team! Paul F. - Newport

Trooper T.S. Buie
I just want to commend this Trooper on both the professionalism and compassion he exhibited while investigating my accident late Jan. 23/early Jan. 24. I felt like he GENUINELY cared for my well being and was very kind and courteous throughout the whole encounter. We need more OFFICERS from ALL agencies like Trooper Buie. Please tell him THANK YOU for me! Tracey C. - Lexington

Trooper J.A. Edwards  Troop H
Unfortunately my company was involved in a CMV crash near Maxton, NC on 1/22/14 and on behalf of Edwards Wood Products Inc. Transportation, I would to send a note of Thank You to your Troopers who handled the scene, they performed their job in a professional manner… Best regards, Tim B. -- Marshville

Trooper T. D. Darnell Jr.
Mr Darnell went above the call of duty to ensure my wife and daughter were safe and warm that we were taken somewhere safe to await a ride home. I know some of these things are his job but I felt his true concern for our well being. This trooper represents what a trooper should be. Thank you, Don C. - Charlotte

Sgt. M.L. Hahn in King, NC & Trooper
Re:  Stopping a white SUV between 3:30-4:00 on Maple Hollow or Red Brush Road.
Sgt. Hahn helped me realize that a trooper was just doing his duty in my parking lot earlier today. What I interpreted as rudeness was simply in the interest of all concerned. Yet, in my defense, I was worried about my elderly customers since about 75% of them use the entrance he was blocking. I do apologize to Sgt. Hahn & the trooper in question. With the accident out here last week and with losing 1/4 of my family in accidents, I anticipate them too much now. I do apologize for overreacting. I commend you both for the job that you do in keeping our roads safe. Dena D. – Mount Airy

Trooper J.D Nobles
I had a head on car wreck on this day a lady passed away I fell asleep at the wheel but the Trooper Nobles was a very courteous respectful easy to talk to trooper where as other one's I have talked to wasn't so easy to be that way with. he is a very good asset to the NCHP IF he still works for them. Joshua K

Troopers: C.J. Lewis, B.R. Philips, T.L. Maness, E.S. Wyrick, J.A. Miller, A.M. Smith, A.J. Smith, First Seargent T.W. Pope, Administrative Assistant Nancy Collins
Once again I would like to commend members of the Highway Patrol in Wilmington. The men and women under Troy Pope's leadership are among the best ANYWHERE. Each year on the anniversary of my son's death as a result of a DWI accident I hold a vigil at the crash site. Members of this troop have been there for my family from the very beginning of this tragedy and their unwavering support has been an enormous part of getting through this nightmare. The above mentioned personnel attended the vigil this year not only to support me and my family, but provided safe passage for all of the attendees. I can't say enough about these fine individuals and as a group. I commend these fine ladies and gentlemen. Mike R. -- Wilmington

December 2013

Trooper R. J. Absher
Yesterday I had a diabetic episode while driving on 540E. Though my driving reflected that of an intoxicated driver, Officer Absher approached my vehicle in a professional manner and immediately summoned medical help as well as retrieving personal cookies from his patrol car to help me till medics arrive. My blood sugar levels were approaching coma stage. I would like to thank Officer Absher for all his assistance and professional actions. If at his convenience if he could call me at cell number so that I may personally thank this young man is a true credit to the State Police force. Gerard W. -- Cary

Trooper Name: Don't know
I was driving an old military (5-ton) truck newly purchased from Fayetteville home to VA and blew a tire at mile marker 99 on highway 95 north. The state trooper stopped within 5 min and was VERY helpful. He did not leave until a repair truck was on the way. Please thank him for us. David T. -- Yale, VA

Trooper D.C. Justice
This is both an apology and a thank you. Officer Justice stopped me pulling into my yard for a failure to yield. When he told me I disagreed with him and asked him to save the video. My daughter (13) was in the yard at the time. At the time I said "I think I had plenty of room" After Officer Justice left with giving me a warning I went into the house and that's when I realized a number of things. What if my truck had stalled or any number of other issues had occurred? I do not have the right to take other peoples safety for granted. I have always preached to my children things like leave room for errors, situational awareness and other things that a good parent should. Now I am going to teach them another lesson that is when you are wrong make amends. To which I would sincerely like to apologize to Officer Justice for disagreeing with him. The second part is to also thank him for caring enough about others to do the thankless job he does and for having the patience to deal with people like me. This is the second time in my life where I have learned something valuable from a NC State Trooper the first was Trooper Williams who asked me to promise to wear my seat belt almost 15 yrs ago and to this day I do faithfully and the second is Officer Justice with being more cautious when turning and being more considerate of others safety . Again Thank you both. Earl K. -- Burlington

Trooper T.C. Hamby
I'd like to personally thank trooper for assisting me early this morning as I was transiting towards home after a full 10-hr shift at a.p.d. As I exited off I-40 to Sugar Hill Rd, my van was running out of gas and I was trying to make the Murphy lube & express for a fill up! As I rolled out down the exit ramp, the light, which had changed from red to green with 1 vehicle ahead changed as I was 15 - ft from the intersection of the ramp and sugar hill. I braked to make the turn and that braking resulted in the light changing to red right as I reached the ramps end! Had I tried to brake abruptly to stop, I would have skidded into the intersection as well as scattered all my gear throughout the interior of my vehicle. I proceeded through the light and was stopped by Trooper Hamby who was totally professional and understanding that I was low on fuel and trying to avoid getting stuck on the ramp and sputtering out with a killed engine!

He checked my credentials and verified my story and viewed my fuel gauge which was extremely below the red line! He allowed me to proceed to the station for gas without further delay, and with only a aoc- Cr500w. I appreciate his reasoning, understanding of the situation, and discretion in utilizing his own judgement to evaluate the action and my determination to try and make the short timed light without placing any one or any other vehicle in any potential danger. Trooper Hamby is to be commended for his assistance in this matter! Keith W. -- Marion

Trooper B.K. Wyatt and Sergeant M.P. Henley
I just wanted to tell someone in Raleigh what two of your troopers did for the 24th district. We had our annual Shop with a Cop and the listed troopers made us so proud. They were awesome. And showed so much compassion in helping us with the kids. I hope that Raleigh keeps turning out Troopers like these guys. Thank you!!! Chief Bill Summerlin -- Spruce Pine

Trooper M.L. Denny
On the evening of December 7th, I was driving home from Virginia International Raceway to the Camp Lejeune area. I was with three friends, driving on Efland Cedar Grove Rd at the intersection of SR 86 when we struck a deer. The deer did extensive damage to the vehicle, to the point where it was obviously not in any sort of condition to make the 200 mile trek back to Onslow County. Trooper Denny was the officer that responded, and I am very proud to say that I have never had an experience with a public safety officer like I had with Trooper Denny. I have worked in public safety as a firefighter for 17 years, and currently work on a federal installation as a Firefighter/EMT.

I hope to have the compassion and willingness to help someday that Trooper Denny displayed on this night. His professionalism and courtesy were well above and beyond the call of his duty. We had no points of contact within several hours that could help us as we were stranded on the side of the road in 30 degree weather. Trooper Denny stood by and ensured that the vehicle was towed. He then ensured that the tow truck could take two of the occupants to a warm place in town to get out of the cold. He then gave myself and the other occupant a ride to RDU which was well out of his way, so that we could obtain a rental car and make the trek home. This was very courteous of him, and all four of us are very grateful for his help. WIthout him we could not have made it home last night. From two Gunnery Sergeants and a retired Sergeant, we thank him for his help, and Semper Fidelis. Jeremy T. -- Hubert

Trooper W.B. Vaughan
I just wanted to take a moment to thank Trooper Vaughan for being so nice when helping my husband and I deal with an accident last night. I was really shaken up at the time, but thanks to his calm demeanor, everything was taken care of smoothly. I especially appreciate his taking the time out to make sure we got home safely, by driving us. Jennifer G. -- Raleigh

Trooper S.D. Vaughn
On this date, (Dec. 4) my wife and I were stranded on US 64, five miles east of Asheboro. My pickup broke down and we had waited on a tow truck for over an hour. We watched several deputies and one police car drive by without looking back. Trooper Vaughn pulled up and checked on our well-being, then waited with us until the tow truck arrived, loaded our truck and carried us to the Chevy dealer. When my wife travels alone, I'll feel much better knowing SHP will look out for her or any stranded motorist. Please thank him for being on the job last Wednesday. Dennis P. -- Raleigh

Trooper R.E. Bowen (unsure of rank or first name, told my mom he had 25 years in)
This trooper stopped to assist my 82-year-old mother today (Dec. 4) when she had a flat tire on Hwy 17 between Edenton and Hertford (northbound), on the way back from Kinston. After changing the tire, he followed her to the VA line to ensure that she would be okay. Since she lives in Chesapeake, that was practically all the way home. I would like to send my thanks to him for his help. If it is possible to get an address for him, she would like to send him a Christmas card. Best Regards, Nancy S. -- Seguin, TX

Trooper R.D. Terry
On 11-27-2013 I was traveling on HWY 74 through Robeson Co with my wife when I experienced some mechanical issues with my vehicle. I was stranded over an hour away from my destination and the place my vehicle decided to fail was basically in the middle of nowhere. Not having any idea of where I was, I dialed *HP and connected with SHP communications. I advised the tele-communicator of my situation and was able to give him an idea of my location. He said he would have a Trooper out shortly to assist.  My wife was able to contact her father (our final destination) to come and get us. There we were sitting in complete darkness except for the occasional passing car, I then received a phone call from Trp. Terry advising he was in the area and was attempting to locate us. He was able to do so while on the phone with me, and even as a fellow LEO it was quite re-assuring to see those familiar blue lights pulling up behind our vehicle. Even for my wife it was a relief that we had some assistance there with us while we waited for her father to arrive to take us to his house.

Trp. Terry was very polite and very helpful as we were able to contact a tow company to come get our vehicle. Even after our ride arrived he was able to stand by for the tow company to ensure both my vehicle and my wife and I, were safely on our way. I just wanted to pass along my sincere thanks for his professionalism and courtesy he showed both my wife and myself during this memorable thanksgiving trip! Its not very often LEO's get the appreciation they so often deserve, but from one LEO to hats off to you Trp. Terry. Stay safe brother.... C. Stamper

Trooper M.S. McGaugh E231
Trooper McGaugh assisted us when a deer crashed into our vehicle. He was extremely professional and showed concern for our safety. He remained with us until the vehicle was towed and someone arrived to take us home. He may have just been "doing his job," but his demeanor and attitude made the situation much easier to handle. He is to be commended for ensuring our safety and helping alleviate a frightening situation. He is an asset to the NC Highway Patrol. Mary & Boon C. -- Troy

Trooper L.T. Randall
I would like to thank trooper Lance Randall for his help this past Sunday (Dec. 1) when my daughter and I had mechanical problems with the car and were stranded in Gastonia. He went far above and beyond the call of duty to help us with the car and help us get back home. Sometimes problems that arise are actually worth it in the end just so one can experience the kindness of strangers. This was certainly one of those occasions. Thank you to him for his help and to the highway patrol for the services you perform every day. Jane L. -- Taylorsville


November 2013

Colonel William J. Grey
On the way home from Alabama on November 4, my tire blew up by mile marker 16. I freaked out and pulled over to the left side shoulder next to the concrete dividers. It had been a long day and I was on the verge of tears. Colonel Grey pulled up behind me and told me he would help. He contacted another officer and had him slow down traffic at the 14 mile marker and then guided me and my car across the interstate to the right side shoulder. Then he and the other officer put on my spare tire and found a tire shop that was open at 6:30 pm and didn't close till 8 pm. They advised me on how fast I should drive on my sad looking spare and then wished me luck and a safe trip.

I never caught the name of the other officer who helped me but I am sure Colonel Grey knows. I want them both to be recognized in this comment. I was barely holding on when they showed up and I feel they went above and beyond in helping me get home safely. Thank you both so much for your help and kindness! I really feel like God sent you my way in my moment of need. I am grateful to you both.  Amanda B. - Kernersville

Sgt. J.L. Gaskin
I was broken down on the side of the Hammond Road in Raleigh the morning of the 6th. Trooper Gaskin, I believe his name was, pulled up and helped me out. He was very nice and helpful. Just wanted to extend my thanks and say keep up the good work!  Andrew H.

Trooper S. Stevenson
Hello, early this morning, l received the call every parent dreads- my 21-year-old son had been arrested for DWI at a checkpoint in Farmville. My son, Samuel, put the Trooper, S. Stevenson, on the phone with me. The Trooper was very helpful and patient with me as l tried to make sense of the process. He used a very kind and respectful tone of voice with me and l just want his commanding officer to know that. This was devastating news, as our son has never given us any trouble and we are heartbroken by his actions. However, this would have been much harder news to hear had the Trooper not been as nice as he was. We appreciate him. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts.  Beth C.

Trooper M. L. Morrison
I was wrong. He was right. Trooper Morrison was also a HP Angel. He inspired & motivated me when it was most needed. I have already tried one of his suggestions. We need more individuals like him. Thank you!  Beverly N. -- Greensboro

Trooper Blakely
I wish to commend Trooper Blakely concerning the part that he played in returning my household goods to me and my husband. Pursuant to a report from Ms. Smith of the NC Public Safety Utilities Comm. he was able to track down exactly where my goods were being held. Uncle Sam's Moving company had stored them in storage units and would not disclose where they were. Trooper Blakely was able to track down the owner and persuade him to turn over ownership of the storage units to us. Without his help, this matter may have had a different outcome. I applaud his professionalism and manner in which he handled this situation. He is an asset to the NC Highway Patrol and we will forever be grateful to him.  Derita K. -- North Las Vegas, Nevada

Trooper G.A. Tupper
Officer Tupper was very efficient and got me back on the road by helping me tie up my bumper. I felt he went far beyond his duties in doing this. I wanted to express my sincere thanks for all of his help.  Elisa P. -- Charlotte

Trooper M. F. Loukos
Trooper Loukas was on I-77 South, followed a gray SUV to the dead-end of 150 Iverify Drive, Charlotte after the driver drove recklessly, struck another vehicle (with several passengers) and arrested the driver following a foot-chase into a thicket. Trooper Loukos was timely and professional in every observed aspect of the performance of his duty. Please thank and commend Trooper Loukas for the caring public he served.  Franklin C.

Trooper C. T. Griffin
On April 11, 2013, on our way to Williamsburg, our car broke down on Highway, near Windsor. We had been stranded on the side of the road for quite some time waiting for help from the CAA/AAA when State Trooper Tom Griffin stopped by to offer us help.

He was most efficient in speeding things up for us, and since we were not familiar with the region, directed us to an excellent garage. State Trooper Griffin was very professional and helpful, and his presence and effective management of the situation were most comforting. We were very impressed by his politeness, professionalism and efficiency and came back to Canada with an excellent opinion of the North Carolina State Troopers. We would like to reiterate our sincere thanks to State Trooper Griffin. Bravo to you on the quality of your Highway Patrol.  Happy Thanksgiving Mr.Griffin -- Jackie C.

Trooper S.F. Lynch
I just want to say thanks to Officer Lynch for his professionalism and obvious concern for citizens. Please pass this on to him. You need more troopers like him.  -- James B.

Trooper D.C. Pridgen
I wanted to let someone know how very polite and respectful Mr. Pridgen was when he stopped me for speeding on 9/29/13. I was really impressed with his attitude! He did his job but he was polite and professional.  Julie H. -- Winnabow

Trooper E.C. Roten
This message is to commend and thank so much for his assistance today, Nov. 14. Trooper Roten was extremely helpful and super nice ! While traveling back from a business trip from TN home to Greensboro, I suffered a catastrophic front tire blow out on east bound I-40 at exit 180. I was able to steer the car off the highway onto the shoulder. Late afternoon and dresses in a business suit, I called a wrecker service out of WS, would have been an hour wait. Trooper Roten just seemed to appear in a few minutes out of nowhere to assist in the tire change.

It was truly scary being outside the car with traffic flying by within feet of us. He changed the spare in a matter of minutes and got me on my way. I can't thank Trooper Roten enough for coming to my rescue and being so attentive. I definitely have a greater appreciation for the SHP and so thankful for their service. I asked if I could tell my story somehow and let Trooper Roten's superiors know they have a very quality individual representing the great state of NC, and the NCSHP ! Thank you very much and sincerely, Jim R.-- Greensboro

Trooper Watts
I would just like to say that Tpr. Watts represented the North Carolina State Patrol in outstanding manner in handling the accident that we were involved with on Nov. 15. Tpr. Watts was sharply dressed and look very professional especially with the campaign hat. Tpr. Watts did issue me a citation as a result of the accident. 

As a retired Michigan Trooper I am well aware of the demands that Tpr. Watts has with respect to traffic enforcement and I was clearly at fault. I certainly did not want to put Tpr. Watts in a position to have to explain to his superior why he didn't issue a citation on that accident under the circumstances. It was the very first at fault two car crash I have ever been involved in with a personal vehicle. Not exactly so with patrol cars. Mostly with deer though. However, I can remember two at faults with a patrol car.

As I told Tpr. Watts at the scene, I always had a personal policy when it came to traffic crashes-If you screwed up so bad as to cause an accident you have one coming. I lived by that rule for 25 yrs as a trooper and I would expect nothing less when I am at fault. Please tell Tpr. Watts to stay safe out there. I certainly don't want to read his name in the "End of Watch" column in the Michigan Trooper Magazine.  Kevin A. -- Iron River, MI

Trooper D. F. Pressley
I was pulled over by the Trooper Pressley this morning. However unpleasant the idea of being blue-lighted on the side of the highway may sound, I was surprised to find that I am no worse for wear after the experience. Trooper Pressley was very professional and polite. I am very pleased to find our Highway Patrol still operates with respect and a great sense of service, even in light of budget cuts and EXTREMELY limited resources. The level of service and commitment these Troopers provide to our region, no matter how spread thin they truly are, speaks volumes about the caliber of their character.  -- Lisa

Trooper D. S. Gould
Trooper Gould stopped while a roadside assistance company was changing a tire on my car on Interstate 40, mile marker 416. I had my infant granddaughter with me and the fact that he stayed on site until the tire was changed, all items were put back in my car and I was safely on the road again was truly appreciated.  Mary T. -- Rocky Point

SGT. J. B. Gardner
Sgt Gardner stopped me early Saturday morning to inform me that my registration had expired. I explained that I hadn't received any notice in the mail (as I usually do) but that we had just moved and maybe it hadn't reached me. Sgt. Gardner gave me a warning ticket. Very professional and courteous. And he alerted me to a problem I have since corrected. Thanks!  Matt M. --Wake Forest

Trooper M.D. Garrard
On 11/08/2013, my brother was lost on the road in Greenboro, N.C. He had given out of gas on I 85 N. He suffers from dementia and early Alzeimer's disease. He was confused and desperately needed help. Trooper Garrard saw his needs, took him to the E.R. at Moses Cone Hosp., where my brother rec'd outstanding care. Trooper Garrard made sure that my bro's car was safe at a fire station so we did not have to pay a tow fee. Thanks is extended to Trooper Garrard for saving my bro's life. God is going to bless him in ways that he will never expect. From the entire TROUTMAN family thanks again to Trooper Garrard.  Mattye G. -- Reynolds, Ga.

Trooper M.D. Garrard
I would like to thank Mr. Garrard for helping my uncle, on Friday afternoon. Because of his actions, my uncle was saved off of Interstate 85 and taken to the hospital when he was in distress. My uncle has early dementia that took a turn for the worse and he drove 6 hours away from the his home. I currently live in SC and it was thought that he was trying to come see me and my family. Thank you for your service and here are your roses while you yet live.  Tawanna G., MD -- Summerville, S.C. October

Trooper A.B. Alcorn
Very professional. Made a stressful situation for both parties involved in an accident much easier to deal with.  Robert T. -- Stokesdale

October 2013

Trooper J. R. Pierce
Trooper Pierce handled my crash report with admirable professionalism. He was very polite, thorough, and I feel confident that he got the story of this incident out of me and the evidence accurately. William K., - Leland

Trooper B. K. Perkins
Trp. Perkins was very courteous, professional and patient when he stopped us. We were returning from vacation, all talking/not paying attention to speed. Trp. Perkins took time to caution us on having a safe trip home. Cruise control was then used for remainder of trip. Thank you for doing your difficult & dangerous job. Mr. & Mrs. Wayland W. - Washington, N.C.

Trooper V.T. Lee 
I had the honor of meeting one of your troopers today. I had just got off duty at Cherry Point, and was extremely tired. I was driving towards New Bern on Highway 70, and did not realize how fast I was going. Trooper Lee pulled me over and I did not get the chance to thank him for doing so. I was too tired to be driving and if he had not pulled me over, I may have inadvertently caused an accident. Being a law enforcement officer I should have know better, but I was pushing myself too hard. Trooper Lee was one of the most professional and polite law enforcement officers that I have ever met. He exemplified the reputation of your organization and because of his actions, I made it home safely to my family. It is an honor to be a law enforcement officer in the same state as this individual and he should be commended for his outstanding devotion to his duties. Officer David Jeffers - New Bern

Trooper T. E. Hussey III- Troop D
Today I saw this Trooper display an act of kindness that was above and beyond the scope of his normal duty. This man should be commended for his act of kindness. Trooper Hussey was stationed at the State Fair when he noticed an elderly lady who needed a wheelchair. Trooper Hussey went into the fairgrounds and obtained a wheelchair for this lady and wheeled it out to her. In addition he also wheeled the lady back into the fair. Trooper Hussey obtained the wheelchair from a rental place at gate 8. Trooper Hussey left his personal drivers license as collateral for the wheelchair. I am a retired Raleigh Police Officer and I can say that I have never seen an act of compassion as heart warming as I saw today. Please pass this on to Trooper Hussey and his commanding officers. Trooper Hussey's professionalism Is a credit to the entire Highway patrol. Thank you in advance. Ret. Raleigh P.D. Master Officer/FTO Mark Capparelli - Garner

Sgt. G. E. Rhew - Troop D, District 7
On the evening of the 20th, my daughter was driving back to school and hit a box in the roadway. There was minimal damage to her vehicle and she was not injured, but she was shaken up and afraid to drive the car without having me look at it. I was an hour away in Clayton. Sgt. Rhew stopped for her and calmed her down. He had her follow him to a nearby McDonald's where she was safer than sitting on the side of the interstate. She told me that he was very kind to her and I just wanted to pass along my thanks for looking out for my daughter. Scott C. - Clayton

Trooper R. D. Crabtree, Jr.
On Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2013 I was stopped by Trp. Crabtree while driving on I-40 and was cited for speeding 80mph in a 65mph zone. I was guilty , but I failed to apologize to the officer for breaking the law. Trp. Crabtree was very courteous, professional, efficient and well trained and, by all observations, an asset to the NCSHP. I'm sorry I was speeding on his highway and want to thank him for saving my life and/ or another's by reminding me of my carelessness. Blessings and thanks for all you do . Keep up the good work and be safe. Dorothy R. - Raleigh

Trooper R.N. Cook
I was stopped for exceeding the posted speed limit and Trp.Cook was very understanding and very polite towards me even though i had broken the law. He explained the law to me very well in a way I could understand. I appreciate his work ethic and the service that he gives to this state. Thanks again Daniel D.

Trooper Creed
At approximately 3 PM I had a flat tire on I-85 North near Mallard Creek Church Road. Within just a few minutes Trooper Creed stopped to provide assistance. He blocked the interstate lane next to my car with his cruiser and used the spare tire and jack in the trunk of my car to change my left front tire. I was able to proceed on my way within just a few minutes due to his help. I just wanted to thank him for stopping to help me very quickly and volunteering to change my tire. Beth W. - Concord

Trooper B932 (K.L. Starkloff)
I want to commend B932. I did not encounter him personally. I observed him traveling on I-40 near the Johnston County line about 2:50 p.m. He stopped to assist a disabled motorist. Even though he was not assigned to Wake County, he took the time and stopped. He could have easily kept traveling, but he did not. Thanks again to B932, who ever you are. That could have been me traveling and in need of help. Keep doing the right thing. Emerson C. - Williamston

Trooper R.E. Baker in Buncombe County
Trooper Baker was very helpful and returned my call promptly. He provided good information and counsel on how to proceed with the accident and I just wanted to complement his service. Shane G.

Trooper J.L. Thorpe 
I just wanted to thank Trooper Thorpe for his professionalism and resourcefulness while investigating my hit and run accident. He was courteous and efficient. Werner M. - Raleigh

Trooper B.E. Freeze
Although Trooper Freeze had been working a 3rd shift, his conduct was very professional and representative of the high standards that the NC State Trooper's are regarded for. Brandon P. - Charlotte

Sergeant J.H. Hipp, Trooper K. N. Thach and Trooper H.B. Hoxit  
On Saturday, October 5, 2013, I was traveling south on US 129 on my motor cycle along with my best friend and his brother. It was sometime around 11:45 a.m. when a motorist came around a curve and lost control of his vehicle, fishtailing into our lane of traffic instantly killing my best friend and his brother. I just wanted to praise these officers for their professionalism, thoughtfullnes and caring. It was amazing to watch these heroes work the scene and all the while checking on me to see if i was okay. They took the time to contact my wife and advise her that i had been involved in a wreck but that i was okay. These men are a true credit to their profession and i hail them as heroes. These troopers certainly deserve a, job well done. James S. - Bristol, TN

Trooper J.P. Page
I was very impressed with Trooper Jason Page at an accident today. He was very professional and helpful. He has represented his department well! Thank you!! Kathy A.

Trooper B. Michael
I just want to give a special thank you to B. Michael for his hard work in changing a tire for me... when me, my grandma, and my 5 month old son, was stranded on I-85 yesterday, I had ran over something that punctured my tire, and we were a long way from home and our family, we were an hour and a half away... we were headed to a dr appt for my son in Charlotte...Its nice to know there are still good people out there willing to help a person in need. I just want to say me and my family are very appreciative of what he did. Thanks so much.  Elizabeth D. - Granite Falls

Trooper G.M. White 2958 Sampson County
My family was struck by a drunk driver last Friday night in Sampson Co. Trp White responded to the scene and conducted the investigation. I was impressed with the professionalism and attention to details displayed by Trp White. Trp White seemed genuinely concerned about the situation and handled the case with a keen sense of urgency, showing a passion for results. Although he impressed me with the investigation, White seemed disappointed that he had not prevented the crash with his routine patrol. I know it's impossible to stop everything but I feel safer knowing this Trp is working in my county. I think Trp Whites actions show great credit to his character and the reputation of the NCHP. Norman S. - Roseboro

Trooper S.E. McHenry (Davidson County)
Around 9 am on October 10th, as I was driving down interstate 52 South in rush hour traffic, I spotted a German Shepherd dog (with a collar and tags on) walking across the interstate. My heart hurt for this poor, defenseless animal in harm's way. So I pulled over and tried to get him out of the interstate.

After not much luck, Trooper McHenry arrived on scene and in my opinion helped to save the dog's life. He blocked traffic to allow the dog's owner to coax him to safety. He spent his time helped to calm me and the dog's owner down. He also gave me a ride back to my car. He was a true gentleman.

It is refreshing that there are still good people in this world. People, who slowed down when they spotted a dog in distress; people who pulled over to try and help, and ultimately Trooper McHenry who put his life on the line to save a member of someone's family. Thank you! Kelly C. - Winston Salem


September 2013

Sergeant J.A. Williams
I am writing to express my gratitude to Sergeant J.A. Williams for his professionalism and willingness to help me and my family during our time of need. My wife and I were involved in an accident on June 23rd in which my wife did not survive. My compliments to Sergeant Williams on the way he conducted himself by waiting for my family to travel to the hospital and by informing them of the circumstances of the accident in such a comforting manner. It takes a very special person to attend to a family dealing with loss and he did so with such a graceful demeanor. It especially touched our hearts that he took the time to travel to Kings Mountain to attend my wife's funeral service. Sergeant Williams is a fine example of a public servant and should be commended for excellent service. Donald G. - Kings Mountain

Trooper J. W. Scott 
I commute to Fayetteville weekly. On Monday, Sep 23rd, Trooper Scott pick me up after I had run out of gas just 0.5 mile short of the first Lumberton exit on I-95. He took me to the nearest gas station and returned me to my vehicle. He provided a safety shield with his vehicle while I poured in the gas and diverted traffic until I was up to speed on I-95. So a big thank you to Trooper Scott who went out of his way to help me. He is a credit to the NC Highway Patrol and a role model for Troop B headquartered in Fayetteville. Bill M. - Columbia, S.C.

Troopers  R.J. Absher and G.N. Taylor
I had a bumper stuck under my car at MM 22.8. These two officers worked hard to remove this so I could drive. Finally they jacked up my car and removed it. They were so helpful, polite, good natured, any other positive characteristics one could think of. Recruitment did an outstanding job the day they signed on these two fine representatives of the NCHP!!  Carole T. - Greenville

SHP Secretary Wendy Stancil
I would like very much if Secretary Wendy Stancil could be in some way recognized for her diligence today in helping us investigate the location of a collision report from 9/16/13. We currently cannot drive our vehicle and cannot get it repaired until the other drivers insurance gets the report. She was professional, kind, caring, and helpful. What a wonderful encounter. I have been on the other end of the phone when people were quite desperate to find someone to at least listen for a moment. It can be difficult dealing with the public with compassion she is an asset to your staff. A testament to the entire department. Our sincere thanks to all of you for all of the long hours dedication and commitment with which our State is being cared for. Lastly, it should be noted that this is no way intended to insult the Trooper who responded when my husband was hit in a mv accident on the 16th. He said that he arrived quickly and were professional and courteous. I am sure that the reporting is everyone's favorite thing at the end of a long shift. Thank you for putting yourself at risk everyday you go out and protect us. Humbly, Jessie H. - Wendell

Trooper F.A. McClure
While I was driving home from taking my children to school, I was mentally making my "to do" list for the day and apparently didn't notice how fast I was driving.... until Trooper F.A. McClure pulled me over. I wasn't paying attention and I was clearly in the wrong so I was prepared for the worst. But to my surprise, not only was Trooper F.A. McClure, the most polite Trooper I have ever dealt with, he was one of the most courteous people I've ever dealt with. 

As he approached my car, he clearly introduced himself to me, which I had never heard a Trooper do before today. He was extremely respectful and patient while I gathered my license and registration for him. I simply can not say enough about the quality of this man and I really wish all Troopers were held to his standards. So many people are quick to criticize authority, especially law enforcement officers so I wanted to take a second to compliment McClure. No doubt about it, I made a mistake and I really appreciate his tone, patience and respectful attitude throughout the entire stop. I know his job is extremely stressful and for him to be able to give citizens the level of respect he gave me today, proves he is a model Trooper. Applause to him for being so kind and applause to his parents for teaching him to respect others, even when it doesn't benefit him. Thank you Trooper McClure! Paige A

Trooper C.A. Carter 
On the night of 9/4/13 I was involved in a vechical vs pedestrian accident. I was the driver of the car. Trooper Carter was professional and kind. Making sure I understood what needed to be done. He also made sure my nerves were calmed down to be able to drive home safely. I wanted to be able to say thank you to him again for making an ugly situation more bearable. Jill D. - Mount Gilead

Johnston County Trooper
i have been out of work this week due to leg problems, my son had to go to duke for his treatment and we had just bought an suv surburban friday. as we were coming from the hospital i lost air pressure in a tire on back drivers side, the tire went flat. i pulled off on i-40 close to exit 312, my son called my husband in clinton north carolina to come change the tire and gave him exit 321 instead of 312, i was in tears. the state trooper on the suv was the first to arrive and then the other state trooper, they got under my suv and got the tire off and changed it and sent me on my way, i thank god we still have law enforcement that will lend a helping hand. i tried to get their names but was unable to move fast enough to get it. thanks for all ya do. jennifer h - clinton

Trooper Mark Smith
While traveling I-95 near Dunn, NC, we had a flat tire. AAA was non-responsive but Trooper Smith stopped, waited with us, changed the tire and got us help for the spare which did not have enough air. We are senior citizens and my husband is blind so the help was needed and deeply appreciated! Jim and Connie T. - Mechanicsville, Va

Trooper S. A. Parker
On Friday, September 13, 2013, I was driving to Denver, N.C. when I had a flat tire in a remote location and Trooper S. A. Parker responded after I called AAA. He waited with me for over an hour for AAA to respond. I want to send this note to say thank you and that I truly appreciated his assistance. Denicee B. - Fort Mill, S.C.

Trooper H.C. Ellefson
Trooper Ellefson responded quickly, handled my minor fender bender efficiently and was very polite and professional. I appreciate Trooper Ellefson and all the other troopers who are out there to assist us. Phillip M. - Zebulon

Trooper A.M. Russ
I would like to thank Trooper Russ and the other two troopers from Sampson county that worked the motorcycle accident that I was involved in on 9-12-13. All Troopers were very professional, yet they were friendly, I just experienced a very life altering event and they were there as if they knew me and had been my friend for years. Thanks Guys for the support in helping me maintain my sense. I m sore, very sore, but no broken bones. mentally I'm a little off it seems. just glad you treated me as your friend. THANKS AGAIN, Retired Firefighter Richard M. - Fayetteville 

Trooper T.G. Wilson
We would like to commend the assistance we were given on the evening of Aug. 30th. While in route along Interstate 40, we experience a tire blowout. Trp. Wilson went above and beyond to assist us and get us back on the road safely. He is a true professional and represents the Highway Patrol of this state proudly. Thank you! Tom & Mary-Ellen N. - Hampstead

Trooper M.T. Strawbridge
Officer Strawbridge was courteous and respectful and made the whole experience less stressful. He and supporting officers were professional and diligent without being rude and impersonal as some law enforcement may tend to be. I appreciate what Officer Strawbridge has done for me and would like to thank him personally should the chance arise. Charles S. -  Inman S.C.

Trooper M. L. Trooper
Lindsey was the responding trooper when my sister had her car accident. After the accident Trooper Lindsey made sure that we had all of the proper paperwork that we needed and he assisted us with several contact numbers and important persons inwhich we needed to contact. I thank Trooper Lindsey for his professionalism and his concern for my sister and my family. He definately went over and beyond the call of duty. Krystie I. - Ellerbe

Western Troopers
I am a motorcoach operator for Young Transportation here in Asheville.... transferring the public from the Asheville airport to the WNC State Fair, all day on Saturday. In spite of overwhelming numbers of idiot drivers and pedestrians, all troopers I saw looked and acted professionally, and with a great deal of restraint! The officers manning the traffic lights at 280 and Fanning Bridge were especially helpful. Thanks guys, I'll see you out there several more days...John L. - Horse Shoe

Trooper A.A. Lucas
My wife and I thank you for your help.  You were a God Send. Thanks if in M.D. and you need help, you call me. I will get U help.    Ret.Sgt. J.

Trooper  Richardson 
Mr Richardson was very prompt in his response, he was very polite and helpful with the accident report, he made the accident less stressful than it could have been. Edd N.

Trooper J. M. Greer
I would like to thank the trooper for his concern of my daughter Justine and ensure she was respectful. Thank you, Steve H. - Fort Mill, S.C.


August 2013

Trooper K.L. Leonard
I want to thank Trooper Leonard for coming to my rescue last Sunday. I was on my way home on I40 in my mom's car and had a flat tire in the middle of what seemed like nowhere. While I was trying to determine my location Trooper Leonard appeared. He offered assistance and quickly changed my tire after checking the pressure in my spare. Thank you for being my hero!
Rebecca G.

Trooper J.E. Coltraine and Trooper Maness
As our family was driving through Jamesville, NC toward our vacation destination, our camper had a tire blowout on the side of 64 with no stores or houses in sight. While trying to change it, my husband was injured and ended up leaving the scene in a rescue squad vehicle leaving me and our three kids (age 9,3 &1) on the side of the road still with a flat tire. Trooper Coltraine stopped and upon assessing the situation tried to help by calling a wrecker service. After an hour of waiting for the wrecker, Trooper Coltraine went above and beyond the call of duty and decided to change the tire himself. Two other troopers came to the scene. One of those troopers was Trooper Maness. After struggling with the blown tire, too-small jack and even going to get air in a tank, Coltraine & Maness were able to get the flat off and the spare on the camper. After so long on the side of the road, the battery in our truck had been drained by the camper. Troopers Coltraine & Maness helped jump our battery and Trooper Maness then escorted my kids and me to the hospital where my husband was taken. He even took it upon himself to stop at a tire store to see if they would stay open to replace our tire after we got my husband from the emergency room. This was definately NOT how we wanted to start our family vacation! However, if we had to have a tire blow-out, I cannot imagine it happening in a better place.

NEVER in my life have I experienced such kindness and compassion from any law enforcement. Honestly, I was grateful that Trooper Coltraine was kind enough to call a wrecker service because I was not familiar with the area at all. But my husband and I were completely shocked by the willingness of Troopers Coltraine and Maness to take the time and effort in the blazing heat to help our family in such a way. In a completely unfamiliar place with my husband in the emergency room, I have no idea how long my kids and I would have been on the side of the road with the flat. These two Troopers went far above the regular call of duty, and our family is very grateful! If there is any type of 'good samaritan award' that we can nominate these troopers to receive, please email us the information.  The Amos-Wall Family – Ft. Bragg

Trooper A.M. Bowen
Trooper Bowen has responded to calls with our fire department a few times this year and I just have to say he is the nicest and fastest trooper I have ever seen! He is on scene soon after the call comes out and is so very nice! Today we had a wreck and he was there fast and instead of avoiding us he stayed with us the whole time. I would like to say a huge thank you to him! Jordan A - Ayden

Trooper D.N. Pope
On July 31 2013, my 17y/o son received a citation for not wearing his seatbelt. I just wanted to say how grateful I am because on Aug 21, Austin was involved in a rollover mvc when he hydroplaned down a 15 ft embankment. Deputy Whitaker was the first responder and noted that if he had not been wearing his seatbelt, he may have ended up in the morgue. He total lost his F150 truck and had abrasions from the glass. Thank God he is alive and well and willing to tell other teenagers to "wear seatbelts and slow down while driving in the rain." I appreciate Officer Pope for caring and making a difference in my son's life. Sincerely, Austin's Mom- Denise H. RN - Fuquay Varina

Trooper: unknown
I was hauling my horse from the vet school @ NC State when my truck broke down on 64W. A trooper stopped to help, got me in contact with a wrecker company, waited to make sure they were on the way, and even checked on my horse. I didn't get his name - but wanted to thank him for his help and let him know we got home safely - he was AWESOME. Denise O.- Concord

Trooper R.A. Grogan
On Thursday, August 22, 2013 I was stopped by Trooper R.A. Grogan at the intersection of NC163 and NC16 in Ashe County. Trooper Grogan conducted a Level 2 Inspection of the commercial vehicle that I was operating. During the whole process Trooper Grogan was professional and courteous. He is a great asset to the State of North Carolina and we are fortunate to have him. Thank you. John G., Jr. – Piney Creek

Trooper Jackson
Trooper Jackson was very professional in his actions at the scene of my accident. His arrival was quick and he was very courteous with myself and the other driver. Although new at his job, he appears to be an asset to the SHP and certainly represents them well. Ray G. - Charlotte

Trooper J.R. Phillips
Please pass along to Trooper Phillips the gratitude of Jonesville United Methodist Church in Trooper Phillips role in the location of Faye Boles after a Silver Alert was issued. Faye is a beloved member of our church and we are so grateful to Trooper Phillips. I hope that Trooper Phillips receives an accommodation of some type for his alertness in locating Faye. Thank you to the men and women of the NC Highway Patrol who serve our communities each day. John H. – Jonesville

Trooper B.J. Morgan
I was traveling West on I40 ,and was admiring a new Dodge charger, and not looking that I had went from a 70mph to a 60mph, and was stopped by Trooper B,J Morgan. He was very well dressed, and very nice. He did give me a warning, but if it had been a citation, I would have deserved it. Thanks for all the hard work from all NC Troopers. Jerry W.  Jr. - Gastonia

Trooper S.P. Ziemba
I just want to say that this morning I had to pull over on rte 264 w headed to Raleigh from Greenville. I was about 30 miles from Raleigh when my tire went flat. Trooper Ziemba stopped to help me, as he was on his way to Raleigh (out of his county). He changed my tire for me, which was not easy because of the angle of the car, but he did not give up. I would just like to say thank you again. He said he was just doing his job, but he was a Godsend to me, as I informed him I do not know how to change a tire. Great Job Troop A, District 5 Brenda P. - Knightdale

Trooper C.B. Kase
On behalf of my father, Irvin Carsten, I would like to send a heartfelt thank you. On July 28th my father was traveling on HWY 264 when one of the tires on his truck went flat. He was having difficulty contacting roadside assistance due to a stroke he suffered years before, when Trooper Kase arrived. He kindly told whomever my father was talking to that he would help with the tire himself and proceeded to do so. My father was extremely grateful for his help and offered the trooper a gratuity but was graciously refused. My father and I are truly grateful to Trooper Kase for his kindness and assistance, he is certainly a great asset to our state and the department he serves. Aimee C. - Stantonsburg

Trooper J. Daniel - C8  
I want to commend Trooper Daniel for his court demeanor and testimony. As a 23 year law enforcement officer, it is refreshing to observe good testimony from officers. Trooper Daniel's testimony was crisp and truthful. He kept.his composure during the questioning of the defense attorney. Emerson C. - Williamston

Trooper Doug Coley
Trooper Coley made a presentation to the Craven County Fireman's Association on Distracted Driving, at our August 14 meeting. The target group consisted of firemen from 18 to 70+ years old. His presentation was very informative and right on target for our group. He was very easy to work with when I was scheduling this meeting. I have heard nothing but good comments from those that attended. Great Job! We will be asking him back for future meetings. Thanks, Rodney Bell, Fire Chief West of New Bern Vol.FD

Trooper G.D. Steffens
Trooper Steffens gave a highway safety and alcohol briefing to the Corps of Cadets at the United States Military Academy. I just wanted to take a moment to relate how impactful his brief was on me personally and on my classmates. Trooper Steffens is a born leader of men, and he did not hesitate to give his brief in its most raw form. Thanks again for allowing Trooper Steffens to come to West Point to give his brief. He made a huge impact, and he will be remembered with the highest regard. Michael A. 

Trooper D.K. Hensley
Trooper Hensley attended the National DRE Conference in Oklahoma City, OK. I was an attendee there also. I am a DRE Instructor. I have taught at the collegiate level and I have trained many officers. In my career I have never seen a better instructor. Trooper Hensley was well trained and had such a unique way of delivering his knowledge. I can not express how amazing he was. All of us were blown away and so grateful for his presentation. Officer Jonathan Fried - Lexington 

First sergeants P.D. Autry and J.K. Rock, and Sgt. D.L. Clifton  Carteret/Craven Troopers
On behalf of our Brazelton family, we would like to express our deepest appreciation to 1st Sgt. David Autry, 1st Sgt. Kevin Rock, and our NC Highway Patrol “family” for your support following the death of Kim Brazelton, beloved wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, and aunt. Words can never express how touched we were to see our “trooper family” as all of you arrived at Kim's memorial service. We equally appreciate Sgt. David Clifton's visit to the hospital. Your acts of support and sympathy continue to be a great comfort to us in our time of sorrow. Please pass our gratitude to all your troopers. May God Bless All of You and keep you in his heart always as we do. Stay safe. You are the BEST!!! Wesley, Curly, Ophelia  and  Gloria – New Bern

Trooper B. M. Jolly  
update: Jolly did go back and charge the other driver with hit and run on 7/9/2013. After i left my last update comment I was called with the ticket number and was able to see the information. I was looking under the false name that the other person gave me at the scene. I was not looking in the system under her real name. Thanks to all the upper management for following up with my request to make sure the right thing was done in the end. Tiffany R.

Trooper T.F. Langley
Thank You for your Help. Clayton  H. - Charlotte


July 2013

Troop B District 7
I am a US Navy veteran of 7 years of service and served in the first Persian Gulf War. I would like to thank Troop B, District 7 and everyone involved with making Rivers Malcolm of Pembroke, NC an Honorary member of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol. I know this young man personally and it deeply warms my heart that this was done for him. You have done something that is very honorable and should be proud of it. I applaud you. I am including a link to the news story from WRAL TV. John S. of Pembroke

Trooper J.L. Seagle
I was in a wreck this morning, and Trooper Seagle was the responding officer, and after my experience with him I coudn't have asked for a more polite and courteous man. He was very thoughtful and helpful. We need more officers like him to patrol. Christina B. of Walkertown

Trooper C.S. Grainger
I truly want commend and more importantly thank NCHP Charles Grainger for helping me out today with a busted tire. I hit a large piece of metal in the road and it slit my tire immediately. I was with my 2 daughters and niece on the side of the road for 1/2 hr trying to contact Roadside asst when Tooper Grainger pulled up and immediately pulled out the tire and fixed it for me. It was horribly hot today with rain on and off. He never complained and was so kind! My husband was out of town and was most appreciative of having him to stay with us. After the tire was on, Trooper Grainger followed me to WCC to make sure I got there safely. Once again... I truly am grateful for having so a true, kind and caring public servant that did not think twice about stopping and helping me. Please extend my gratefulness to Trooper Grainger and please let his superiors know what a valuable employee they have working for our state. Sincerely, Paula B. of Goldsboro

Troopers S.F. Brown and J.D. Leitschuh, and the A6 Troopers
Thank you to the Troopers who patrol the Spring Garden area. After hearing my mother, daughter, and some other family members complain of speeders and careless drivers, I asked for patrols to be stepped up to keep my community safe. Due to the presence of Trooper S.F. Brown, Trooper J.D. Leitschuh, and the rest of the A6 members, their efforts the past several months have not gone unnoticed. We have seen a reduction of speeders and feel more safe driving within our community. My mother and daughter have commented on the noticeable change as well. Thank you so much to them and the other Troopers who keep us safe on a daily basis. Adrian W. of New Bern

Trooper J L Craig
I was involved in an accident in Denver, NC, today. Trooper Craig responded. I just wanted to say he was very professional and polite and provided me with all the information I needed. I think he was awesome. After just having been rear-ended, I was a little upset and confused and he was extremely helpful. Please pass my thanks along to him. Perry H., Cornelius

Troopers J.D. Boone G-138 L.C. Hughes G-975 K.R. Bray G-111
Col. Grey, Sir please take time to commend these fine men for their community involvement.They gave assitance and kept a little home town safe for a parade. Their actions exemplifies the meaning of protecting and serving! The community of Minneapolis N.C. is thankful. R.B. Griffith Minneapolis, N.C.

Troopers T.L. Osteen and C.E. Justice
I was arrested for DUI. They were so nice to me. It's a long story and eventually I was found not guilty but I sure was. It was a technicality. Since then I only drink at home or with a designated driver when out. I never realized I was so drunk; .14. I am now trying to reach out to people thru a program and try to tell people that you may not think you're drunk when you are, and DO NOT DRIVE!! I got lucky and REALLY learned my lesson and so I am trying to prevent drunk driving. Thank you Troopers Osteen and Justice. I got a well-needed wake-up call, and thank God I didn't hurt or kill anyone. Kudos to them for doing their jobs well and teaching me a real lesson. Rest assured this driver is ALWAYS sober behind the wheel. Never again will this happen. Bless them both! Joyce R. of Hendersonville

Trooper Jorge T. Brewer
I would like to commend one of the few Puerto Rican Hispanics Troopers representing our state of NC with an unquestionable duty to Honor, Integrity and mission to educating the community. V/r James  K. of Newport, Gunnery Sergeant Of Marines Veteran

Trooper M.R. Coffey
A very awesome person, extremely professional and helpful.  His integrity is far above to be expected.  I hope all the best for him and his friends and family.  I hope he excels in everything he pursues.  God's peace of mind and protection over his mind, body and soul "be" on Trooper Coffey in Jesus name, so be it!!!! Leffage C. of Charlotte

Trooper H.F. Gladden
I was visiting my family in North Carolina for Easter holiday and as I was traveling in the middle of the night on highway 40 West to a friends house the tire on my mother's car blew out. As soon as I stopped to assess the damage Trooper Gladden pulled up behind me and was immediately kind, warm, comforting and VERY helpful. He changed the tire completely himself and assessed my spare tire for proper safety to ride. He was so nice and truly an exemplary officer to represent North Carolina law enforcement. I was so happy to encounter such a professional and hospitable person in such a dramatic situation. Ri'za S. of Florida

Trooper H.W. Usrey 
My wife and 14 year old daughter were traveling from Winston-Salem to Greensboro when they experienced a blow out just shy of the Union Cross exit on Interstate 40 Eastbound. This was the 2nd time in about 6 weeks that my wife experienced a flat on Interstate 40 and she was quite upset. Trooper Usery stopped to assist but went beyond the call of duty by putting on the spare for them. I am truly grateful to Trooper Usery for his kindness shown toward my family and his willingness to go the extra mile for them. As a husband and father in this day and age, you never know who might stop to help and what their intentions are. Knowing that Troopers such as Hank Usery are traveling the roads assisting when necessary is a blessing. Mark J. of Winston-Salem

Trooper T.L. Hunt
I had car trouble on US 1 near Henderson. Trooper Hunt was there to help me. He made sure I was ok before he left, he also called a tow truck for me. Trooper Hunt was very professional and polite. he was the kind of trooper to make the state proud. John J. of Goldsboro


June 2013

Trooper Steven Wilson
A week ago today my wife and I were returning from a District Court Judges Conference and and turned off of I-40 onto NC53 toward Jacksonville. We pulled onto the gravel shoulder to make a phone call. I looked at my instrument panel and saw a message indicating a serious loss of air pressure in one tire. I got out and the right front tire was already on its rim.

A trooper passed by a couple of times and came back to see if we needed help - Yes we did ! Our car and trunk were full. Trooper Wilson parked behind us , got his jack out and started getting the tire off. We finally got enough stuff out of the trunk to get the 50 MPH spare out. It was HOT ! but Trooper Wilson worked 20-30 minutes and got the spare on.

Our next problem was that I thought it would be too dangerous to drive from Burgaw to Raleigh on I-40 with a 50 MPH tire. Trooper Wilson recalled a tire store about a half mile down the road and we went there and got two new front tires.

Trooper Wilson's kindness and professionalism exhibit all the attributes of the NC State Highway Patrol. Thank you again Trooper Wilson! Russell S. of Raleigh

Trooper Hall
My daughter ran over a retread shed from a tractor trailer, breaking the fuel line of our mini-van, and ultimately damaging the fuel pump, too.  However, Officer Hall arrived at the scene, stayed with us the whole time while we waited for AAA, transferred contents to another van (even assisting!), and when we discovered the lights on the "new" van had been left on while loading it, he even gave us a jump start to get us on our way. I wish to express my appreciation for his patience, concern for our safety, assistance, and professionalism. Anthony W. of Hickory

Trooper R. A. Goodin
Hats off to this trooper! I-40, approximately mm 140, (construction). Right lane closed off. Trooper backed up right lane, got all vehicles in left lane. Got traffic moving. I wish more Troopers would do this. It turns a huge traffic backup into only a brief delay. This Trooper has a P.H.D. in "traffic management". THANK YOU TROOPER. THIS COMMERCIAL DRIVER SHAKES YOUR HAND! Daniel C. of Platte City, MO.

Trooper D.K. Hensley
On Monday, June 3, my husband and I were on our way from Banner Elk to Santa Rosa Beach, FL, when our battery died without warning and left us stranded in Marion, N.C. We called AAA who told us they'd be on the scene within 90 minutes. We were in a precarious part of the road, waiting for help, when Trooper Hensley pulled up. His demeanor was calm and reassuring and professional, in contrast to mine which was jumpy and anxious and nervous. He was most kind; he jumped our car and escorted us to the nearest auto part store way before there was any sign of AAA. We told him how grateful we were, but would like you please tell him again. Officers like Trooper Hensley should make you proud. Lisa G. of Oxford, OH

Sgt. M.O. Silveri
I am writing to inform you that this morning (Fri., June 7) regrettably I encountered debris on the roadway which caused one of tires to be damaged and unusable. With the tropical storm approaching the area the weather at this time was inclement to say the least, rain was coming down and it was miserable. While I was in process of returning my vehicle to road worthyness, State Patrol Officer Silveri stopped and assisted me greatly. He first offered assistance, and then went to the task at hand replacing the flat tire with my spare. I wanted to inform you personally to recognize and express my appreciation for this excellance in public service.  Sincerely, with great appreciation, Refik D. of Greenville

Trooper D.C. Pridgon
Sirs: I had the pleasure to meet Trooper Pridgon in the course of his duties while on patrol. His professionalism and manner in dealing with the public reflect the highest standards of training and devotion to duty. He is an outstanding example of what a trooper should be.  John L. of Fayetteville

May 2013

Trooper R. A. Goodin
I want to personally thank Trooper Goodin for his insight and handling of a situation that could have been very bad. He saved my dad's life and showed such care and compassion for him when he rescued him on the highway. My dad was having a medical issue and Trooper Goodin was able to get him safely stopped and called for EMS. He made sure my dad was safe and took time to check on him later. He treated my dad with the utmost respect and care. What a fine officer. NCSHP is blessed to have him in their employ. He not only looked out for others personal safety that day, but he saved my dad's life and I cannot thank him enough.   Shannon F – Walnut Cove

Trooper R.C. Broadway
I was pulled over for speeding (78/55) by Trooper Broadway near Marion, NC. I was driving home from Georgia. I was wrestling with discoveries of sexual abuse in my family. For 4 straight hours I considered suicide by ramming my car into a light pole, guard rail, etc. My emotions were coming to a crescendo when I rounded a corner and met Trooper Broadway. He pulled me immediately. He implored me to calm down, to slow down, and to stop at the next exit and collect myself.

I firmly believe that Trooper Broadway was my Guardian Angel that day. I firmly believe that if he had not stopped me, I would have either crashed due to speed, or by my own choice. Trooper Broadway saved my life, of this I am certain. To him I extend the most heartfelt gratitude. No amount of thanks is enough for a life saved. I would also like to encourage him to believe this about himself. That he is a GOOD man, no matter what he may have done. Jesus IS alive in him and working through him. Jesus used him to save me.  Aaron C.

Trooper D.C Justice
We cannot express enough gratitude for the assistance that Officer Justice provided. After blowing a tire and requiring us to find a replacement, Office Justice, with his extensive knowledge of the local area, was able to help us locate a tire. Not only was he concerned that we were safe, but he also provided us with the required tools to get back on the road when all other resources had been exhausted. He truly went above and beyond what anyone would consider "required". A sincere thank you to Officer Justice and the rest of the Troopers of the N.C.S.H.P. for their service.  Richard and Jessica T. – Virginia Beach, Va.

Trooper R. M. Collie
This morning I was traveling North on US 1 and ran out of gas at the I-40 interchange, in morning rush hour traffic and rain! Shortly after I ran out of gas, my car also lost electrical power. I telephoned AAA for roadside assistance, and while I was waiting a State Trooper stopped to see if I needed assistance. I was in a precarious position, in between two merging lanes. I also had my daughter in the car, whom I was taking to school.

The trooper not only stood in the rain to ensure my safety, but pushed my vehicle out of harm's way to wait until a tow truck arrived. Even after the tow truck arrived, he met with the tow driver and ensured that my vehicle was secure before he left. However, he left before I could even get his name or badge number, so all I have is the license plate number of his vehicle, which is noted above.

The trooper who helped me and my daughter was not only exceptionally professional and polite, but was quite honestly the kindest person I have met in many, many months. He was polite, respectful, and courteous. He didn't have to stand in the rain while traffic passed by splashing him. He didn't have to wait until the tow truck arrived. In my opinion, this trooper not only went above and beyond the call of duty by standing in the rain, pushing my car, and waiting until he knew I was okay even after AAA arrived; but he also represented the SHP in the most professional way the organization could hope for. This trooper is an asset to the Division and to the State of North Carolina. Thank you, whoever you are!  Tanya R. - Holly Springs

Trooper D.C. Martin
Officer Martin was very professional and thorough in his investigation following a very confusing 3-vehicle accident. He made sure to get every possible angle and story. Police report was also provided in a timely manner. I am very thankful for Officer Martin's professionalism.  Lyle S. – New Bern

Troopers Gene Williamson (Asheville), Derrick Robinson (Sylva), Steve Allred (Sylva), and Matt Wike (Jackson County)
Recently at the school where I work (Smoky Mountain High School, Jackson County) the above mentioned troopers contributed greatly to the W8 2 TXT campaign to encourage teenagers to not text while driving. Troopers did a very informational presentation, and a few days later the troopers helped with the school "Subway Party." Subway and Pepsi supplied students with food and drinks, and the troopers helped distribute the food and mingled with approximately 600 of our students. It was a very positive experience for the students to interact with the troopers. Many thanks for the great job that the Highway Patrol does each and every day! God bless you!  Mary Anne B. - Cullowhee

We had an assembly at Smoky Mountain High School on the effects of texting and driving. These troopers took their time and effort to organize and coordinate guest speakers to relate to our student body what can happen if the choice of texting while driving is done. Because of this effort, our school won a Subway party for our kids for the" waiting to text pledge." I just want to commend all of the troopers commitment to our district and community for their ongoing interest in the lives of our kids and the choices they make.  Kim B. - Sylva

Thanks to the Highway Patrolmen who presented a program "W8 2 TXT" at Smoky Mountain High School and were at the Subway party that the students won as a response to the program on distracted driving. Thanks for the officers dedication to this community and to helping keep our kids safe on our highways.  Rita H. - Franklin

Trooper J. J. Garrett
On May 17, my mother, Enid Pyle, 91 y/o was involved in a motor vehicle accident in Durham County. She nor the other driver were injured. Trp. Garrett after arrival made every effort to make my mother comfortable and see to it that she was not injured in any way.

After professionally completing his tasks reference the accident, Trp. Garrett went out of his way to get mom home with her truck full of groceries. It just so happened that I had just arrived for a weekend visit as they drove. Trp. Garrett introduced himself and explained what had happened and ensured me that he had made every effort to make sure mom was not injured or needed any type of medical care. He then offered to help get mom's groceries into the house for us. His assistance was not needed, but the offer was greatly appreciated.

As a citizen of North Carolina and a tele-communicator for Perquimans County E911 it was a great pleasure to meet Trp. Garrett even under those circumstances. The citizens of North Carolina and the NCSHP should be very proud that we have young men and women like Trp. Garrett as our guardians.

I strongly feel that Trp. Garrett deserves a HAPPY GRAM with my best wishes.

On behalf of my mother, Enid Pyle and myself "Thank You" NCSHP.

Respectfully, Steven P. - Hertford



April 2013

Trooper Hanley, I believe but I'm not positive.
I apologize for not remembering perfectly, but my nerves were a little shot this morning! I had a pretty traumatic experience this morning when my car broke down while traveling up 321 toward Blowing Rock at about 8:15. This Trooper happened to be traveling toward Lenoir down 321 at around the same time and stopped to see what the problem was, since I had unfortunately broken down right after passing a shoulder and I wasn't in a safe spot.

The trooper directed traffic around my area in the right lane and helped guide me back down the hill toward a safe spot on the shoulder of the road out of the main flow of traffic. It also happened that the battery on my phone was almost dead, so the trooper was kind enough to call a tow truck service for me after I decided which service to use.

Needless to say I was under a lot of stress and very upset by this happening unexpectedly, but I wanted to commend the trooper on stopping and helping me. I am sure you all hear a lot more complaints than you do compliments, so I wanted to let you know what an outstanding job one of your troopers did today. He mentioned that he was on his way to Lenoir, so I am sure I made him late to whatever business attending to, but that never stopped him from assuring that I had the help I needed. I really can't express my thanks enough. Please give the gentleman my sincerest thanks and deepest regards.    Jenna V. - Patterson

Trooper Ben Keller
Just wanted to say how awesome Trooper Ben Keller is. I have been working on a semester long project on texting and driving for an investigative reporting class at Winthrop and I really appreciated him taking the time out of his day to let me interview him and he also sent me statistical information on texting and driving. He was very professional, prompt, and really knew what he was talking about. I've had to reference his interview for multiple assignments throughout the semester and I've received good reviews on each one. He has been a valuable resource to me and you all are very blessed to have him. Please tell him thanks again for everything!  Crystal B. - Rock Hill, S.C.

Trooper York
I just wanted to thank Officer York for stopping when I was stranded on I 40 and he requested road side assistance to help me out and stayed with me until they arrived. He was kind and gave me helpful information in case I was ever in that situation again. Thank you so much Officer York! Beverly S. - Advance

All Troopers
For several years my wife and I have came down to Concord NC to the NASCAR race. Year After Year we are amazed at to job all the OFFICERS do. The level of professionalism is something every man and woman among you should be proud of thank you very much.  Andy M.

Trooper M.D.Comstock
re: disabled vehicle on I-795 near wilson on saturday, 13 apr.(silver suburban w kayak on top), aprox 2300 hrs.
Trooper pulled up behind our disabled vehicle, and about the first words out of his mouth were "how can i help you? Comstock delt with the problem, and shortly we were on our way. trooper was polite and efficient. the trooper is a great representative for the state. thank him again, on our behalf. Phil M.

Trooper A .A. Chehaitli
This officer is very direct, professional, while being relatable as he performs his duties. Although the outcome of my encounter was unpleasant the actual encounter with the officer was! I felt it needed to point this out and hope this comment finds its way to his supervisor. This officer is outstanding to say the least. Thank you... Kevin P.

Trooper S. P. Ziemba
I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to Trooper S. P. Ziemba. I was involved in a hit and run vehicular accident on the morning of April 8th. Trooper Ziemba arrived on the scene and was very thorough, reassuring, and continued to stay in contact with me into that evening, as we shared information. He is certainly an asset to our SHP! Melinda G. - Greenville

Trooper Tommy Davis
Want to express my appreciation to Trooper Davis for coming out to Wakefield High School for the Texting and Driving presentation. He is doing an outstanding job with this program and has had a positive impact on our students. THANK YOU!! Bethany A. - Wake Forest

Trooper J. R. Brown
I was involved in a 3 car MV accident on I95 NB at approximately 1500 on 04/07/2013. Trooper Brown responded to the scene, along with fire apparatus and EMS. Trooper Brown was and continues to be the symbol of a true Southern Gentleman! He handled the scene with professionalism and complete courtesy, and was able to make me feel "safe" in a rather confusing and somjewhat traumatizing situation. He handled all parties involved with respect and compassion both at the scene and afterwards.

Trooper Brown and another trooper even attempted to make my car driveable as best they could, after leading me to safety off the highway after the other vehicles were towed away. The two troopers were actually down on the ground trying to make temporary repairs to my vehicle in the hopes I would be able to drive home. They managed to snip off my plastic bumper where it was destroyed, and tried to bend metal parts out of the way of the tire to make the car drivable. (Unfortunately, there was more damage to the car than we realized, and I am still here in NC waiting for insurance companies to help out).

Trooper Brown has stayed in touch with me since we said goodbye - both via phone calls and texts, updating me on the details. He came to see my car after the accident to piece together the facts and take photos, and revisited the scene of the accident to gather more details and update the report. He has been the most amazing and helpful person. As a former Police Officer, married to a former CT State Trooper, I understand and appreciate Trooper Brown's level of dedication more than many, and appreciate it more than I'm sure even he realizes. He has and continues to make a difficult situation easier for both myself and my little dog. I want to thank him and you for everything he has done, and commend him for his service above and beyond any conceivable call of duty. Trooper Brown is a true credit to the badge. Thank you, thank you! Heidi E. – CT.

Trooper D. B. Finch, Johnston County Highway Patrol
I had an incident this morning where I was pulled over for speeding at approxiamatly 0849, where I didn't believe I was traveling at the speed I was cited for. After I was issued the ticket and Trooper Finch returned to his patrol vehicle, I called my lawyer on my cell phone. Trooper Finch believed the cell phone resembled a pistol and returned to my vehicle with an additonal trooper with their weapons drawn.

Originally I was a bit shaken and felt mistreated. However, I've since had some time to calm down and re-evaluate the situation. Being an Iraq and Afghanistan Combat Veteran, I can honestly say I would have probably done the exact same thing in that situation. I can only imagine the types of situations Troopers find themselves in and have to attempt to be sincere , all the meanwhile protecting their own safety. I called and spoke with the Troopers SGT in regards to this situation and he was more than respectful and very informative. I just wanted to say that I apologize for what took place this morning and have no ill feelings towards any members of the NC Highway Patrol and I fully believe Trooper Finch followed the proper protocol in this situation. I'm not going to waste anymore of your guys' time, as I know it's valuable. Thank you for what you do and have a great day! Cory M. - Fayetteville

Trooper H. A. Cannady
My daughter, granddaughter and I were on our way home from a gymnastic meet in Wilmington. We had a flat (Honda Civic) on I-40, mile 385- Wallace at 11 pm. in the middle of nowhere. We called NCSHP and within 15 minutes Trooper Cannady was there to help us. I just wanted to thank him again for his excellent service and help.The response time was remarkable as we were a little afraid. Also the dispatcher that helped out at NCSHP and the 911 dispatch for helping to pinpoint us!! You guys are awesome!!! THANK YOU!!! Suzanne B.- Concord

Car E440
I wanted to commend and compliment a Trooper that I saw on the side of US 64 E. I think the car number was E440??? It was around 1700hrs and the Trooper was out with an assist motorist. It was pouring rain at the time and the Trooper was out changing a flat tire for a citizen, an act I am sure he is not required to do. Others may have just called a wrecker and went on about their way, but this Trooper was giving exemplary service. Not sure if it was the beginning or the end of the shift for this trooper, but I can assure you he was soaked the way it was raining. I just wanted to commend, recognize and thank this Trooper for his service and for him to be acknowledge for his great service. Hope I have the car number correct. Glenn

Trooper Rawle Campbell, D-6, Randolph County
I was in High Point Regional Hospital and a nursing supervisor commented to me that she had seen Trooper Campbell sometime last week. She commented on his professionalism, courtesy, and friendliness while dealing with a collision victim. Even though the situation was unpleasant, she said Trooper Campbell represented the SHP in a very positive and professional manner. As I'm retired, she wanted me to know how well he conducted himself with his duties and how impressed her staff was. Please document his actions for his performance review this year. Doug M. - Archdale


February-March 2013

Troop D Trooper
One of your Troopers assisted my daughter this morning with a flat tire on I-85 North near Archdale, NC/311 South exit. He took a flat spare tire & got it filled with air & returned to change the tire for her. Wish I could thank him personally! This unknown Trooper is my hero! Grateful Dad...says Thank You for going above & beyond the 'call of duty'... Wish I knew his name... Trinity, N.C.

Trooper J. O. Walter
On 2/18, I was stopped by Trooper Walter on Bickette Blvd. in Louisburg as I was about to pull into McDonalds. My tags were out of date as well as inspection. I have a clean record but have driven in many states as a truck driver and dealt with a lot of Highway Patrol at weigh/inspection stations. I have had my share of the bad ones. My uncle (dads brother) is retired sheriff of Vance County, several 2nd, 3rd, 4th cousins sheriffs, deputies, judges, and one retired DA. I did a few years as a NC DOC officer as well.

This trooper is one the nicest, well-mannered, highly respectable troopers I have ran across in 48 states. When he walked up to my truck he reminded me of how my uncle use to stop people, staying to the side of the vehicle in clear view of the drivers mirror. He was professional in every way and very nice in manner and speech. I just moved to Franklin County and I hope that he remains in this county. His attitude made a nervous experience into a pleasant experience. Please send my thanks to Trooper Walter. DH Hamm

Captain A.W. Wilson
I just wanted to take a minute and thank Capt Wilson for, in my opinion, going above his call of duty. I was on the way home from work on US 64 just east of I540 and my truck broke down. He stopped made sure that I was ok and getting the help I needed. It was 5:30 PM, rush hour. He could have easily rode right by me with out me ever noticing him in the heavy traffic. I would greatly appreciate if you could pass this along to him. Thank you!  
J. Patterson - Zebulon, N.C.

Trooper R. A. Goodin
Awsome trooper. Had a bungie cord lodged in my tire and by the time I called my husband, Trooper Goodin had arrived on the scene beside the road. He had my tire changed (with trouble) by the time my husband arrived. Such an exemplary example of a trooper going beyond his call of duty. Praises to Trooper Goodin and the State Highway Patrol. Thank you for all you do!!  S. Long- Stony Point, N.C.

Trooper J. N. Horton, Troop H
Not sure of Trooper Horton first name but I know he was patrolling HWY I-85 in Charlotte NC. I wanted to make sure that his superiors know that he is an excellent State Trooper and was extremely professional and helpful. I want to thank you for putting Troopers like Mr. Horton on the streets. I hope this gets back to the right person.  J.A. Lopardi - Mooresville, NC

Trooper V.W. Vinson
I had the opportunity to meet DOT Trooper Vinson on this date, and it was a pleasure to be able to have a trooper that was so kind and considerate. He was willing to answer any questions that I had. I have not met as nice of a trooper that was willing to help and that had not let the power of being behind a badge disrupt his willingness to serve the public in a kind manner.  K. Willis - Vale, N.C. 

Troopers M.E. Campbell, M.R. Strangman, Norris
My family and I would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the professionalism, compassion, and dedication displayed by these troopers when we lost our mother in February. These gentleman exemplify what public service should be in a world where unfortunately it is so uncommon. We will never forget the impact these individuals have had on our ability to heal and move forward.
Warmest regards, the family of Martha Mintz  -Teresa L. Hampstead, N.C.

Trooper F.A. McClure
Trooper McClure: Thank you so much. Many times people tell or hear negative things about law enforcement, but I am here to shed light on my situation. My vehicle broke down on NC-4 and while I was calling on my cell phone for help, I heard a tap on the window and it was Trooper McClure. I was cold and scared but his mild manner and soft temper calmed my fears. I cannot hand out any medals but if I was asked what Trooper deserves a medal, it would be McClure. Please accept this note of appreciation for who you are and what you represent while wearing the BADGE.Thank you, Angela B. - Whitakers, N.C.

Trooper K.R. Briggs
While helping a friend move belongings to Covngton Cove a friend and myself got disorientated in Edenton. We came into contact with Tpr. Briggs who provided exact and complete instructions how to reach our distination. Tpr. Briggs was very cordial and professional in both his demeanor and appearance. In our opinion, he reflected great pride on himself and the North Carolina Highway Patrol. We are both retired Senior Special Agents with the Virginia State Police (BCI) and appreciated his invaluable assistance.  J. R. Polak- Windsor, VA

Trooper M.T. Stutts
Trooper Stutts worked the wreck that my husband and I were in during June 2011. My husband passed away and the man that hit us just recently went to court. I was there to stand before the judge. I just want to say a really huge Thank You to Trooper Stutts for helping and being so professional. Thank you so very much for everything.  Antonia  P. - Banner Elk, N.C.

Trooper Chris A. Smith
I just moved to the area and was on my way to work on my first day @ new job. Going down US 1 toward Southern PInes my truck broke down. Trooper Smith stopped to make sure I was ok. He assisted in getting me a tow truck. He took me to work. Trooper Smith went over and beyond his call of duty. His professionalism was superb. His kindness and making sure my safety on a long stretch of highway with nowhere to go was so commendable. I can not thank him enough and have shared my experience with everyone. Thank you for helping a stranger in a time of need. This kind of professionalism and kindness will never be forgotten. I will never be able to say thank you enough. God Bless Trooper Smith. Christina S - Sanford, N.C.

Trooper Jonathan R. Locklear
I really just wanted to comment Mr Locklear for his patience and kindness this weekend. I know me running out of gas was the last thing he wanted to help with that day. But he patiently waited with me for a kind citizens that stopped to help right before he arrived. He waited so long my car battery died along the way. He followed me to the gas station to make sure I would make it safely there and smiled the entire time. I'm eternally grateful and thankful for men and woman like him. Thanks again. Ambria - Swansboro, N.C.

Trooper J. M. Smith
Officer J M Smith responded to a car crash in Coats, NC. He was extremely kind, and provided excellent assistance. I am thankful to him and his service to me and the community. Thank you again.  Vickey S. - Fayetteville, N.C.

Trooper N.T. Hanline (C844)
I would like to commend Trooper Hanline for his professional demeanor and local assistance. On March 3, 2013 Trooper Hanline assisted me with the service of an arrest warrant. Trooper Hanline was professional and courteous to the occupants of a home. Trooper Hanline used good officer safety tactics during the search.

The person I was seeking was believed to have been preparing for an armed robbery at a business in Halifax County back in January 2013. I was able to arrest the person and locating a stolen firearm. Later, I found the person had given me a false name. I was able to obtain arrest warrants under the correct name. The person we were looking has a history of drug violations and associates with violent criminal activity, which I relayed to Trooper Hanline.

Due to the felony matter in Halifax County, I went into Northampton County in an effort to locate the person. Trooper Hanline and I were not able to locate the person. I appreciate Trooper Hanline's ability to work with local agencies and going beyond the typical duties of a State Trooper.

Deputy C. Emerson Carroll - Halifax, N.C.

Trooper Paul D. Mitchell
I live in a quite subdivisonon the eastern side of guilford county, i must tell you, my family and i feel much safer with a state trooper living next door . I have have seen Tooper Mitchell, stop car for speeding /etc as he is starting or ending his shift , this area is becoming more and more heavily traveled with several companies on Milestream and actually stopped a man from breaking in to several cars in the neighborhood. I want to personaly thank Paul Mitchell for everything he does for our State. Tony H – McLeansville, N.C.


January 2013

Craven County Troopers on Night Shift
My fiance, my five year old son and i were headed south on Hwy 17 when a silver BMW passed us going easily 100 mph. We immediately dialed *HP and reported the incident to the dispatcher. About 20 miles up the road, we saw that 2 troopers had stopped the car in New Bern and arrested the driver! i just wanted to say thank you for the quick action! As a parent and driver, it makes me feel safer knowing that you guys are patroling our roads! Thank you again! :) - Amy P.

Trooper B. R. Phillips
I was a 34 year old male who rode my motorcycle fast for many years, off and on since the age of 16. I love motorcycles and the feeling they give me. I had a pretty decent record considering the speeding and wreckless crap I did and got away with. Last year, I was with a friend and we were on Oleander Dr in Wilmington, N.C., around 8-9 pm. We took off from a light and went through 1st and 2nd gear quickly and then reduced down to 45 mph. About a mile ahead we got pulled over by Trooper Phillips and he said we were going 89 mph. He gave us a speeding ticket 89 mph in a 45 mph zone.

For a while I was angry at the whole deal. I got a lawyer, and the case was continued out for 9 months or so. Within the first 3 months or so, I lost 4 friends to motorcycle accidents. I decided to get rid of the bike. Speeding kills. I am grateful for his true care for MY safety. These guys see HORRIBLE accidents a lot. The whole thing with Trooper Phillips changed my life. If he didn't stay tough and let me go, I would still be on that motorcycle speeding and maybe dead. This trooper saved my life and he doesn't even know how much it means. When you lose friends for stupid reasons, you will see the light eventually. Thank you to the North Carolina State Troopers and other law enforcement that actually CARE. - G. Floyd, Wilmington 

Trooper S.R. Furr
On Wednesday 1/2/13 I struck a deer on Old- Salisbury road outside of Concord. I was extremely upset and did not have my cell phone. A Rockwell Fireman stopped and allowed me to use his cell phone. Trooper Furr responded in a very timley manner. Trooper Furr was courteous and showed nothing but professionalism. - Suzan R., Concord, N.C.

Troper D.P. Efird
We wanted to convey our sincere thanks and deep appreciation to one of your officers. Thursday morning (Jan. 17) during horrible cold and rainy conditions, a driver's side front flat tire stopped us on I- 95 northbound near the Halifax exit. It would not be an exaggeration to say we were in harm's way since there was nowhere to safely pull over very far . ( We did end up needing a second tow truck to get us unstuck from the slick mud.) The assistance D.P. Efird (C838) provided to us while we were in this precarious situation was invaluable. He was courteous, accomodating, helpful and extremely professional. You can be assured that D.P. Efird is a credit to the NC Highway Patrol and made us proud to be North Carolinians. We enjoyed making his acquaintance and most certainly appreciate his help and expertise. He is a great ambassador for NC along this corridor. - Reg and Dianne P., Oriental

Sgt. S.L. Pace
I would love to contact Trooper Pace from Davidson Co., NC. He helped save my life and kept my family together while i was in jail for involuntary manslaughter of my best friend/brother. I think about him often. He gave me strength and support when i wished i were dead. Thank you Trooper Pace. - James

Trooper E.R. Schwartz
I just want to pass along my experience on 1-15-13 at 11:23 pm with Trp. E. R. Schwartz while being stopped for speeding along highway 77 near the Westinghouse exit in Charlotte NC. Besides giving me a ticket (jerk) he conducted himself in a very professional and curious manor. He was polite and straight forward and treated me with respect and dignity. He even laughed at a bad joke of mine.

Overall the experience was no trip to Disney World. But for a pat down, sobriety test and speeding ticket on the side of a highway at 11:23 pm, it was as unstressful and agreeable as possible. I'm sure you don't receive many complements from the people that you run across on a daily basis preforming your duties. So once again well done, and keep up the good work. Your service is appreciated by myself and the vast majority of the public. If you or one of your fellow officers ever find yourself in need of some hardware (cabinet hardware, tools etc..) look me up. I'll see if my staff can match your level of professionalism. Thanks for your service, despite you giving me a ticket. -Andrew W.,  Charlotte, N.C.

Trooper B.C. Watts
I had a blow out and Trooper Watts quickly came to my aid and even Got down on his knees and changed my tire..... I wanted to Highly recommend and commend him for his kindness and courtesy. - Charles W.

Fst. Sgt. Troy Pope, Sgt. Chad Parks, Trooper Calvin Lewis, Troopers Justin Miller and Travis Maness  and Office Assistant Nancy Collins
On 1/23/2013 we held a candlelight vigil on the 3rd Anniversay of my sons death at the site where he was killed as a result of an impaired driver. Troop B6 has been remarkably supportive of my family since this tragedy and we consider them part of our family. These Troopers and Office Assitants under the supervision of First Seargent Troy Pope, are second to none and are among the finest public servants anywhere. The above mentioned personnel attended the vigil to show support and also did an outstanding job with traffic concerns on this dark street where tragedy had previously struck. On behalf of my family, I wish to commend Troy Pope, Chad Parks, Calvin Lewis,Justin Miller, Travis Maness, and Nancy Collins for their support. - Michael R., Wilmington, N.C.

Trooper M.A. Goldsmith
Trooper Goldsmith was by far the nicest trooper i have ever come into contact with. He pulled me on the above date for my tag. It was flagged by the DMV for pickup. However, I knew I had car insurance. After not having the correct proof with me and havin to pull up all my accounts by phone, he let me go with a warning ticket rather than taking my tag, which would have led to a loss in my license. thank you Officer Goldsmith! - Christina P., Boone, N.C.

Two Troopers
On Wednesday January 30, 2012 I had a chance to see two of your Trooper's assisting an EMS unit out of Washington County NC (Due to HIPPA policy I can't go into details here). These two Trooper's exibited true professionalism by assisting how they could with true compassion and then slipping away hardley noticed by staff here at Vidant Chowan Hospital in Edenton. Working in Law Enforcement for the past 15 years I know that we always get to hear the negative, but I wanted you to hear the possitive. True asset's to the profession and Their Agency. - Edward B., Edenton, N.C.

Trooper Andrew Swanson
I just want to let you know that there are many great state troopers out there, but still the nicest and kindest one I ever came across was Officer Andrew Swanson. He lived in our apartment complex, and he was always so nice, kind, and polite to everyone and definately a shining example for all of his fellow colleagues. - Linda R., Raleigh, N.C.

Trooper A.J. Farmer
I want to take a minute and say that trooper Farmer has gone beyond the call of duty to keep our roads safe. I am a school bus driver and on several occasions he has been in the area due to stop sign violations, he sometimes is there while not on duty to just be another set of eyes. Some would say " that's just his job". I want you to know he has made our drivers feel safe. He is strict, " man of the law" most would say, but I think Mr. Farmer truly cares and cares about the community. I know he is retiring soon, so I wanted to take a minute and let you know what a true asset he is to the department. The fact that his children used to ride my bus never played a factor, I went through a traffic stop once in my bus and it was all business. He played no favorites, which lets you know he is just and fair to all. Being a school bus driver is a hard job, but a job I love, so the appreciation of extra support is a wonderful site. Thank you for your time and for allowing me to let you ( which I am sure this is no surprise) know what a wonderful man (law man) he is. - Susan A.,  Mocksville N.C. 

Trooper S. L. Williamson
My wife and I were traveling from Florida to Pennsylvania and we stopped at a local gas station in Statesville, NC. While at the gas station, I began a conversation with Trooper Williamson. Trooper Williamson was extremely helpful and polite during the course of our conversation. While talking to Trooper Williamson, it was obvious that he enjoys serving the citizens of North Carolina and your fine department. Not only were his uniforms neat and pressed, his patrol vehicle was also very clean and sharp. It should be rewarding to your department to know that the professionalism displayed by Trooper Williamson was readily visible. I am employed as a State Trooper with the Florida Highway Patrol and if you need anything else please do not hesitate to contact me. - Erik B.

Col. Michael Gilchrist and Lt. Col. Gary Bell
Congratulations on both your promotions! Thank you for your years of service as unsung heroes and gentlemen providing public safety on the highways in North Carolina. Col GIlchrist, enjoy your new freedom in retirement! Lt Col Bell, a thank you reminder for stopping and help me change a tire en route home on Hwy 87 in Cedar Creek one night from Fort Bragg. My spouse, Mike, and I send our reminder and thanks! Congratulations to you both! Janice R., Tar Heel, N.C.


December 2012

Trooper S. C. Spivey 
On the above date, I was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident. Had it not been for the efforts of Trooper Spivey in coordinating emergency medical services, traffic control, and assisting in my injury, I would surely have died on the road.

To my knowledge, he was the only law enforcement officer on scene and he was able to cater to my needs, manage heavy traffic flow, coordinate fire, EMS, and an emergency transport helicopter all while keeping traffic flowing safely.

Trooper Spivey did an outstanding job in the investigation and reporting of the traffic accident. He spoke with my wife via telephone while I was in surgery at UNC hospital. She stated that he was polite and informative. She told me that he gave her more information than anybody had at that point. He spoke objectively and showed concern both for my well being as well as her emotional well being.

Both my wife and I are former law enforcement personnel. Speaking as such, we believe that Trooper Spivey has earned special recognition for a job well done. Please extend my gratitude and best wishes for him and those closest to him. Specifically thank him for saving my life.    -Samuel K., Siler City

Trooper R.D. Terry
I wanted to thank Trooper Terry for ticketing my child last evening. I had no idea that she would ever travel at such a rate of speed especially on a 2 lane road. I am thankful for this wake up call. Some parents are not so fortunate and do not find out about their child's behavior until it is too late. Thank you for doing your job. -Jane M.

Trooper J.D. Edwards 
After midnight during last night's BLIZZARD, debris on the road caused me to have a tire blowout at Exit 385 in "no man's land." With the help of 911 and the Highway Patrol dispatcher, an ANGEL disguised as TROOPER J.D. EDWARDS came to my rescue. He was very concerned for my safety and comfort. He never hesitated putting on his rain jacket and changing my tire in deplorable conditions. With all the professionalism he possessed, standing drenched from head to toe, he simply smiled and sent me on my way. Thank you Trooper Edwards. You deserve to be commended and all others who put themselves out there to HELP above and beyond the call of duty. I am grateful!   -Mary G., Surf City

Sgt. L.T. McPhail
I had a tire blowout on I40 near 15-501 and Off. McPhail got IMAP there to put on the donut and stayed with me till I was able to drive to a dealership and get help. An old dog and an 80 year old gentleman were with me and he helped keep all of calm. Thanks, again, Sgt. McPhail.    -Elizabeth B., Raleigh

Dispatcher and TrooperS.T. Hurley 
My friend and I were traveling home from Mytle Beach last night and one of my back tires blew out. We called the *47 and the gentleman on the phone and Officer Hurley were WONDERFUL. This is the first time anything like this had ever happened to me and being from out of state and it was 8pm (ish) and dark I must say I was a bit fearful but Officer Hurley arrived and was very professional and courteous to us, reassuring us that everything would be okay. I cannot say enough about him - you certainly have a JEWEL in him and should be proud at the way he represents not on the State police of North Carolina but as a human being. Kudos for a job well done.    -Brenda W., Roanoke, Va.

Trooper S.D. Hurley
I am deeply appreciative to Trooper Hurley (did not get his first name, but he is not out of Charlotte) for changing a flat tire for us on Thursday night as we found ourselves stranded on 220 North in Asheboro. It was around 7:30 pm and very cold when Trooper Hurley came to the rescue! We were traveling back home to VA after spending a few days of heavy-duty shopping in Myrtle Beach. Kudos to NC Highway Patrol for having such an outstanding trooper on your force! He was so nice and totally awesome in changing our flat while also providing us with a bit of info we were not aware of -- Burlington has a Tanger Outlet!

Hopefully we will never find ourselves in that situation again, but if we ever do it's a comfort to know that NC HP has someone as wonderful as Trooper Hurley! Thank you, thank you, thank you once again for your assistance! Stay safe out there and Happy Holidays.    -Sharon P., Salem Va.

Trooper Beaman

Highway Patrol Troopers
Havelock Fire Rescue responded to a large natural gas leak last night (Dec. 6, 2012) as a result of a motor vehicle accident. We requested Highway Patrol respond to assist our local PD and Sheriff's department because we were going to have to shut down a section of US Hwy 70. When the first trooper arrived shortly after our request he met us at the command location and was very professional and helpful. I believe the troopers name was Clayton but am not completely sure. There was also a trooper from the motor carrier division that arrived to assist and not sure what his name is either. I would like to commend them both on a job well down in assisting us in mitigating this incident. With their help we were able to stop the leak faster by assisting in getting the gas crews thru the stopped traffic. Both troopers assisted with every request that was asked of them and conducted themselves professionally. I know those of us in the public sector are often criticized and seldom complimented. But know that both of these troopers represented your organization well.    -Steve Coffey Chief of Operations Havelock Fire Rescue

Trooper T.J. Carter
My wife and I were involved in an automobile accident on Thanksgiving Day, 7:30 PM, at the intersection of Highways 70 and 61 at Whitsett, NC. Our 2010 Toyota Camry was turned over on its top and totaled.

The Highway Patrolman in charge of the investigation was T J Carter.  I want to commend him for doing a fine job on the scene. At the time my mind was so distracted that I was not able to thank him appropriately. I wish to do that now.

He dealt with us in a professional way, putting us at ease in the midst of a traumatic event. His description of the accident in the official report was very accurate. MUCH APPRECIATED!   -Ted S., Gibsonville

Trooper Garner
While walking on the side of Hicks Road with my wife pushing our 3 month old son we stopped to see some horses. Trooper Garner stopped to make sure we were alright. I told him we were and asked if he was staying safe. I introduced myself and we spoke for a while. As a Fire Fighter for the City of Raleigh I have interacted with several Troopers from the Highway Patrol, Trooper Garner is great example of what I believe the SHP stands for. I was very thankful for him taking the time to stop and check on our well being and I will worry less when working my shift knowing he is in the area of my wife and child working his. Trooper Garner should be commended for the great customer service he displays. He reinforced why I hold Troopers and the SHP in high regards.  -Robert H., Youngsville

Trooper C. Strickland
I would like to express my appreciation for Trooper Strickland in assisting my mother and daughter. They were in Clinton and not familiar with the town nor location they were looking for but thanks to Mr. Strickland being patient and courteous they got to their location safely.   -Heather S.

Trooper D.R. Morgan
Officer Denny Morgan continuously demonstrates himself in a professional manner and is the epitome of customer service. I am very proud to stand beside Trooper Morgan on the other side of Law Enforcement as a city officer. I have run into Trooper Morgan many times in the field so I can't put my finger on one specific date/incident.   -Joe Miller

Unnamed Troopers
I just wanted to tell them thanks again for all the support and encouragement they gave me earlier today at the station. Its troopers like you two that are making a positive influence on my decision to become a NC state trooper!! Hopefully I will be joining the force soon!. Thanks y'all.   -Carolyn G., Warrenton

Trooper E.T. Brown
We had a breakdown on Christmas Eve a few miles past the visitor center rest area after crossing south into North Carolina.

Trooper Brown boosted our car so that we could remove it from the side of the highway. He also gave us information on what services were available on that exit and the next available exit. We selected a pet-friendly motel based on his information.

We received great service from a garage in the area, and we were on the road again the day after it was towed. It could have been so much worse, and it all began with the professional assistance of Trooper Brown.
-Peter M Westbrook, Maine and Eustis, Florida



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