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Job Requirements for State Troopers

Age - Minimum - 21 years by the first day of Basic School. Maximum - 39 years of age or less. (The applicant may not have reached their 40th birthday on the first day of Patrol Basic School.)
Height - No Maximum height.
Weight - Weight must be commensurate with height and body frame.
Physical Condition - Must be in excellent physical condition with no obvious condition which will impair performance of Patrol duties.
Education - As a minimum, an applicant must have graduated from an accredited high school or hold a Certificate of High School Equivalency (i.e. G.E.D.  General Education Development Certificate).
Citizenship - Must be a citizen of the United States, and must be a legal resident of or reside in North Carolina as of the date he/she reports to Basic School.
Criminal History - Must not have pled guilty to, entered a plea of no contest, or have been convicted of any crime other than a minor misdemeanor; must not, during the three years preceding the date of his/her application, have been convicted of a traffic offense which required suspension or revocation of driving privileges; or held a drivers license which was in a state of suspension or revocation; must not have accumulated more than eight points against his/her driving record during the preceding three years or anytime after the date of the application. As of date of application or thereafter, applicant must meet the minimum standards for law enforcement officers established by the N.C. Criminal Justice Training and Standards Division.
Former Employment - Must, if a former Patrol member, complete all Patrol pre-employment requirements, including re-completion of Patrol Basic School. 
Acceptance of Conditions and Benefits- Must be willing to live and work in any section of the state and to be transferred at the discretion of the Patrol commander.
Vision Requirements - Must have 20/20 vision in each eye; uncorrected vision of no more than 20/200 in each eye corrected to 20/20 in each eye with corrective lenses. Must not be color blind or affected by night blindness; must pass depth perception test.
Reading Comprehension Test - Must take a reading comprehension test and score at or above the tenth (10th ) grade level. 
Physical Fitness Test - Applicant must successfully pass the COOPER Physical Fitness Test.   
Written Tests - Prospective applicants who successfully pass the COOPER will be given the IO Solutions Online Test. This test contains a verbal and recall section and a biographical data section.
Polygraph Examination - Must submit to and complete a polygraph examination. 
Background Investigation - Must satisfactorily complete a thorough background investigation, including a check of State and Federal Bureau of Investigation records.
Applicant Review Board - Applicants must be interviewed by the Patrol's Applicant Review Board.
Physical Examination - Must meet physical standards set by the Patrol Medical Services director.
Psychological Test - Must receive favorable recommendation from a psychological evaluation.
Acceptance by Patrol Commander - Must be accepted by the Patrol commander to attend the Patrol Basic School.
Completion of Training - Must successfully complete the Patrol Basic School and Field Training and Evaluation Program.

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