SHP Associations

The N.C. Highway Patrol State Auxiliary strives to aid and assist, promote fellowship and create a bond among the families of the State Highway Patrol.  The auxiliary is a charitable organization that provides scholarships for higher education to members of the auxiliary or direct line descendants of members of the auxiliary; provides disaster relief funds to patrol families affected by fire, flood, wind, storm, and other natural disasters; provide receptions at patrol graduations, memorial service, and other events; and providel members with items that compliment their state issued supplies. 

N.C. Highway Patrol Retirees Association
This Association is for all State Highway Patrol retirees, uniform and civilian.

North Carolina Troopers Association
The North Carolina Troopers Association (NCTA) excels at providing aid and support to Highway Patrol families in many different areas. NCTA provides meals and snacks to Troopers on long special assignments. In addition they also provide supplemental insurance to members that is paid to surviving family members within 24 hours of a line of duty death. NCTA provides many valuable benefits to members such as ten scholarships to children of members each year and access to financial planners. NCTA also provides financial assistance to member's families who are hospitalized. The Troopers Association also owns and operates the NCTA/NCSHP Caisson unit at no cost to NCSHP. This unit is provided free of charge to families of Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS who are killed in the line of duty. NCTA also provides fellowship and support to NCSHP families by hosting and paying for an annual family fun day that may be attended by all NCTA members and their families. The Troopers Association also works hard in the local communities to provide a positive image of Troopers and the Highway Patrol. To find out more about NCTA visit them at