Training Academy

Applicants who successfully complete the applicant process and are selected to become ALE Special Agents must also graduate from the ALE Advanced Training Academy, an 18-week residential training program held at the NC Justice Academy in Salemburg, NC.

The ALE Advanced Training Academy consists of over 500 hours of advanced law enforcement courses and techniques including, but not limited to; ABC laws/regulations; drug laws; gambling laws; criminal investigation; interview and interrogation; physical fitness training; officer safety/survival training; firearms; tactical entry; advanced arrest, search, and seizure laws; rural and technical surveillance; ALE policy and procedure; and numerous other topics needed to prepare the trainee to become proficient in the job requirements of an ALE Special Agent.
Trainees will be required to report to the ALE Advanced Training Academy on Sunday evenings and will typically be at liberty on Friday afternoons, with state holidays observed. Training is conducted in a paramilitary fashion, and the successful completion of the academy will require discipline, teamwork, dedication, and maximum effort of the trainee. Trainees should arrive at the academy in top physical and mental condition.