Ceremony for NCNG Soldiers Deploying to Kuwait


A mobilization ceremony was held Fri., Jan. 16, for 20 North Carolina National Guard soldiers based in Morrisville. They will deploy to Kuwait to do maintenance and repair work on AH-64 Apache attack helicopters in the region.

Members of Detachment 1, Company B of the 638th Aviation Support Battalion will deploy as part of a battalion composed of National Guard units from the states of Washington, Michigan, Kentucky and South Carolina and they will be gone about a year, said National Guard spokesman Capt. Matthew Boyle. Members of the battalion may move around the region as needed.

“When the deployments began the ‘thank you’ was ok but now after thirteen years of war it is more heartfelt, it means more,” said Army Chief Warrant Officer 4 James Gullett, commander of the Morrisville-based N.C. National Guard Detachment 1, Company B, 638th Aviation Support Battalion.

Morrisville Mayor Mark Stohlman recounted the need for that security. He listed those attacked by terrorists starting with those lost here at home on 9-11 and continued with the recent attacks on school girls in Africa, journalists in France, relief workers in the Middle East and so many others worldwide.

"Never forget,” said Stohlman.

Frank L. Perry, secretary of the N.C. Department of Public Safety, echoed this. His praise was not just for service but being willing to fight against an enemy capable of attacks across the globe and here at home.

“I admire you for having our backs in a mean and dangerous world,” said Perry.

After the ceremony, which was held at the Joint Field Headquarters in Raleigh, the soldiers, friends and family gathered in the atrium for hugs, quick photos and more hugs. More training awaits the soldiers, then on to Kuwait to keep helicopters ready to fly and fight.

Members of the 638th deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2009 to 2010, and more than half of the unit’s soldiers have deployed before.


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