MADD Partners with Law Enforcement for Tie One On for Safety Campaign


Law Enforcement officials joined with Mothers Against Drunk Driving in a Tie One On For Safety (TOOFS) Campaign kickoff event, Mon. Nov. 18, emphasizing the prevention of impaired driving.

Law Enforcement Commissioner Gregory K. Baker said, “We are fully committed at the Department of Public Safety to working with MADD on solving these issues.”

Baker said that DPS provides training programs for ABC permit holders, holds comprehensive anti-underage drinking campaigns and provides source investigations on alcohol-related crash fatalities.

Stephen Brown, an officer with the Greensboro Police Department, said his parents were killed by an impaired driver on a sunny, Sunday afternoon in 2001.

“Driving while intoxicated is a tragedy and a completely preventable crime,” Brown said. In addition to Brown’s parents, the driver also killed two of his own brothers and critically injured a third. He said another couple involved in the wreck reported that despite the carnage, his main concern after the crash was where in the roadway were his CDs.

“Have a non-drinking designated driver or call a cab,” said LaRonda Scott, state executive director of MADD. “It takes collaboration to make our roadways safer. Law enforcement officers dedicate their lives each and every day to prevent drunk driving, not just the holidays.”

State Highway Patrol commander, Colonel Bill Grey said, “The holidays are just around the corner, a season when more people travel our state's roads than any other time of the year. Preventing drinking and driving must be a partnership between those who educate the public, those who enforce the law, and the people who use our roads. I know the members of our organization, and all members of our state government, are behind this effort 100 percent.”

Last year, the Highway Patrol made 26,437 arrests for driving while impaired, investigated 5,453 crashes that involved some level of alcohol involvement. The Highway Patrol investigated 214 fatalities caused by alcohol and drug related collisions and 2,871 people were injured in those crashes. The Governor’s Highway Safety Program reported 437 motorists killed due to impaired driving, down by 100 from last year’s state-wide statistics.

“Show your pledge,” said Don Nail, director of the Governor’s Highway Safety Program. “Drive safe, sober and buckle up.”


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