N.C. National Guard Conducts Training Exercise in Mecklenburg County


The North Carolina National Guard is conducting a training exercise in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area at Camp Greene in the vicinity of Charlotte Correctional Center, the Franklin Water Treatment Plant along Highway 16 and the Catawba River Pump Station at Mountain Island Lake from June 10 – 14.

The event is a TRAINING EXERCISE that will help validate the state’s Rapid Reaction Force. The RRF is a quick reaction team that, on order, is deployable anywhere in North Carolina within 24 to 36 hours of a critical event. The week-long event will also consist of joint operations with civilian agencies such as the Charlotte- Mecklenburg Police Department, the Charlotte Fire Department, various public utilities and Mecklenburg County Emergency Services.

In times of crisis, the RRF may be ordered by the president of the United States or the governor of North Carolina in order to augment federal or state Authorities in response to actions such as a known terrorist attack, civil unrest or a natural and/or man-made disaster.

“The RRF exercise is an opportunity for the North Carolina National Guard to highlight special skills that give us the ability to provide valuable support to our communities, throughout the state, during catastrophic homeland events,” said Army Lt. Col. Robert Ezzell, NCNG Joint Operations Plans and Exercise director.

Locations for this training are chosen at random and this year’s exercise is being held in the Charlotte- Mecklenburg area in order to replicate a simulated attack on key infrastructure.

The training consists of a wide variety of tasks that will ultimately provide critical support to local, state and national emergency response agencies. The exercise provides a realistic scenario for the North Carolina National Guard to plan, execute and assess emergency response capabilities in a time constrained environment that closely replicates real world events.

The public should expect to see a large number of military vehicles and personnel around these locations and facilities for the next few days.

For any additional questions the general public may have, you may contact the North Carolina National Guard at 1-800-621-4136, extension 46242 for more information or contact your local Charlotte- Mecklenburg 311 for details.

Even though some services are training with the NCNG, the City of Charlotte is not a participant in this North Carolina National Guard exercise and all information issued to CharMeck Citizen Services is distributed through the North Carolina National Guard.


Contact: Capt. Rick Scoggins
Phone: (919) 664-6308

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