NCNG Tax Preparers Always Ready

Army Maj. Gen. Greg Lusk, adjutant general of North Carolina, Army Capt. Robert Hogarth, attorney advisor, Army Staff Sgt. Joshua Pope, legal noncommissioned officer in Charge, and Command Sgt. Maj. John Swart, N.C. National Guard command senior enlisted leader stood together to cut the ribbon for the opening of the tax center for 2013 tax season at NCNG Joint Forces Headquarters here, Jan. 27.


The event marked the third annual opening of the center, which provides free tax preparation to service members, retirees and their families throughout the state of North Carolina.

Knowing how much of a headache doing taxes is, Hogarth, along with his staff, has been providing this service to members across all military branches and their families to alleviate the stress of doing taxes at heavy costs and making sure they're done right.

After going through training and becoming certified through the tax consensus program provided by the Internal Revenue Service, Hogarth and his staff earned the certification to take soldiers tax information and prepare their returns. Once necessary information is obtained from clients, a representative from the IRS reviews the forms and sends them on their way.

This certification process allows JFHQ to act as an Army H&R Block, not only providing service members with peace of mind, but also avoiding the scary question “Did I do this right?”

The service enables members to talk to a professional about questions or concerns they may have about their returns and ensures accurate and timely processing of their documents.

“What they get here is a live person face to face,” said Hogarth. “Give us your stuff and we will do the rest; we can help answer those questions.”

The staff also travels across the state to make the service available to soldiers who may not have the ability to get to the JFHQ location in Raleigh. The tax center has also provided times on the weekend so that service members don’t have to take time off from their civilian jobs.

“We want to reach out to our service members who live out of Raleigh who have been underserved,” said Hogarth. “Units have called and we have also tied it into drill weekends.”

Another benefit of the center is that they provide free legal consultation to service members in order for them to address tax issues or legal matters that they may have.

In fact, the legal office reported that since they began operations three years ago, the section’s accuracy has consistently held a zero payback rate to the IRS from any soldiers who get their returns processed through the center.

“We are here to save people that money,” said Hogarth.

The center has not only put more money in service members’ pockets, but has more than doubled their numbers on returns done.

The next step for the tax center is to reach a larger audience, while also finding other ways of meeting service members’ needs. This service is yet another way the N.C. National Guard stays Ready, Relevant, Responsive, and Reliable to all service members throughout the state.

To find out more or to schedule an appointment with the NCNG Tax Center, you can contact their office at 1-800-621-4136, ext. 46220, or for those with CAC access, you can get more tax assistance info at NCNG SJA -TAX ASSISTANCE. You can also follow them on Facebook at:!/NCARNGLA for more details on other services.



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