Raleigh Police Department honors NC Guardsman for heroism

Most people, when asked to come downtown in person to the local precinct by the police chief of Raleigh, in conjunction with about a dozen other officers, may be apprehensive or even of afraid.


The North Carolina National Guard’s Spc. Kirwin J. Darney III, a member of the 449th Theater Aviation Brigade however, is most definitely not most people.

After rescuing a drowning child on Independence Day earlier this year, Darney was officially recognized for his quick thinking and reactions in the face of adversity.

“Thank You,” said Raleigh Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown to her assembled officers, local leaders and other honorees at the department's Command Staff Management Meeting.

The Raleigh chief of police and her officers convened to honor Darney and other citizens who earned the Chief’s Citation with a ceremony at the Southwest District Police Station here, Oct. 16.

“Community and quality of life; it takes everybody,” said Deck-Brown.

She praised his quick action when he heard the child’s mother scream. Instinctually, he ran from his friend’s apartment complex toward the screams. After jumping a fence, he came to a distraught mother retrieving her child from a small pond.

His warrior training kicked in and Darney quickly established an airway, began breathing procedures, and checked the child’s circulation.

After Darney’s first breath, there was still no movement of the child’s chest. After more rescue breaths, water and mud began to exit the child’s nose and the child began to breathe.

“What you did was phenomenal,” said Deck-Brown.

The chief and many other police officers, fellow NCNG soldiers, family and guests lined up to shake his hand.

“It is one of those celebratory moments,” said Deck-Brown.

The award is given by RPD to citizens who demonstrate exceptional character and/or performed exceptional tasks that have enhanced the lives of their fellow citizens.

“It goes so far, it is critically important to thank our community,” said Deck-Brown.


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