Alcohol Law Enforcement

NC Alcohol Law Enforcement

The mission of the Alcohol Law Enforcement Branch is to reduce crime and enhance public safety throughout the State of North Carolina. This mission is accomplished through partnerships with sheriffs and police chiefs and through the proactive, fair and consistent enforcement of the state laws related to alcoholic beverage control, gambling, controlled substances and nuisance abatement, as well as other criminal and regulatory matters in the interest of health and public safety.  ALE emphasizes working with local law enforcement agencies to provide solutions to community-based problems.  ALE partners with sheriffs and police chiefs to spearhead enforcement operations aimed at making communities safer.

ALE is the lead enforcement agency for the state's alcoholic beverage control and lottery laws.  ALE special agents target problem ABC-licensed and illegal establishments that serve as havens for violence, drugs, gang activity, organized crime, money laundering and other criminal activity.

ALE's diverse and highly skilled workforce is measured by the positive impact it makes on communities. Special agents are peace officers authorized to investigate, arrest, and take enforcement action for any criminal offense with territorial jurisdiction throughout North Carolina.

Report Violations | 1-877-ALE-AGENT


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