Replace Documents

To replace important documents lost or damaged during Hurricane Matthew, contact the following agencies.  

SNAP Card (Food Stamps): 1-866-719-0141

EBT Card: 888-622-7328

N.C. Birth, Death or Marraiage Certificates: 919-733-3000

N.C. Driver License: 919-715-7000

Vehicle Titles: 919-715-7000

Bank Checks, ATM/Debit Cards, or Safe Deposit Boxes: 877-275-3342

Credit Cards: Contact the issuing institution:

Credit Reports (Equifax, Experian or TransUnion):  877-322-8228

Social Security Card: 800-772-1213

Medicare Cards: 800-772-1213

Green Card: 800-375-5283

Passport: 877-487-2778  

U.S. Savings Bonds:  800-722-2678 or 800-553-2663

Tax Returns: 800-829-1040

Military Records: 866-272-6272


Insurance Documents: Contact your own insurance agent 

Real Estate & Property Records (Mortgage Documents, Deeds, etc.): Contact your own real estate agent


Medical and Prescription Records: 
Call your own doctor; medical and prescription records are tracked electronically.

Other Family Records:


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