Budget and Analysis

The primary responsibility of the Budget and Analysis Section is to provide leadership and support to Departmental and Division management in areas of:

  1. Planning, directing, coordinating and preparing the continuation and expansion budgets that are submitted to the Governor’s Office.
  2. Analyzing, monitoring, and managing the Department’s operating budgets. The approval authority for any changes or movement within a division’s budget rests in the departmental budget office. The Section works at the agency level and controls the establishment of companies, funds and centers in the North Carolina Accounting System (NCAS).
  3. Responding to requests for budgetary information from agency management, Fiscal Research, and the Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM)
  4. Providing analysis and research of budgetary issues that impact the Department’s programs, budgets and plans,
  5. Analyzing changes to legislative, budget and fiscal policies and communicating the budgetary impact to senior and division management.
  6. Budgeting for Federal grants over multiple award years, with expenditures budgeted and expended simultaneously while ensuring the maximization of resources.
  7. Position control and reconciling the salary reserve for the over 25 thousand permanent positions and monitoring the lapsed salary availability and usage for the Department. All position actions require the approval of the Budget Office.
  8. Coordinating the capital and repair and renovation budgets with Departmental staff, ensuring compliance with funding rules and restrictions


Budget by the Numbers

Positions 25,300
General Fund $2.2 Billion
Appropriation $2 Billion
Special Funds $357 Million
Capital Funds $168 Million


State Budget Manual

Budget Director: Danielle Ward