Homeland Security

North Carolina faces a multitude of threats and hazards, include cyberattacks, terrorism events and natural and manmade impacts to our state's critical infrastructure. The State Homeland Security Strategy is based on a shared responsibility of preparedness. Working together across all government and private sector landscapes, we promote a safer and more resilient North Carolina.

Through the Department of Public Safety's operating divisions and agencies, we support local jurisdictions daily in responding to a variety of incidents and in the implementation of the state homeland security strategy.

This multi-faceted approach is implemented through collaboration with state and federal public safety, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies through our State Homeland Security Advisor Work Group:
1.    Provision of financial support to local and state partners for capability development; 
2.    Strategic and operational planning and training for critical infrastructure protection;
3.    Facilitation of intelligence gathering, analysis, and effective dissemination; and
4.    Development of all-hazards response capacity at the local and state level to address a variety of threats.