Homeland Security

   Report Suspicous Activity


The North Carolina Department of Public Safety is charged with protecting the state from a multitude of threats and hazards, to include natural and manmade impacts to our state critical infrastructure and terrorism events. Through our department’s operating divisions and agencies, on a daily basis we support local jurisdictions in responding to a variety of incidents and in the implementation of the state homeland security strategy.

This multi-faceted approach is implemented through collaboration with state and federal public safety, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies through our State Homeland Security Advisor Work Group:
1.    Provision of financial support to local and state partners for capability development; 
2.    Strategic and operational planning and training for critical infrastructure protection;
3.    Facilitation of intelligence gathering, analysis, and effective dissemination; and
4.    Development of all-hazards response capacity at the local and state level to address a variety of threats. 

Cassandra Skinner Hoekstra, Interim Secretary

Will Ray, Deputy Homeland Security Advisor


Current Homeland Security Grant Opportunities

Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Grants

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Grant Program, not funded since 2011-2012, is returning. These projects can be submitted by a local jurisdiction to a member of the State Congressional Delegation with a letter of support from the State Administrative Agent (SAA), which is North Carolina Emergency Management. 

Only projects that meet the requirements detailed in the most recent Notice of Funding Opportunity for the Emergency Operations Center Grant Program, including the cost-share requirement and environmental and historic preservation requirements, as applicable, will be considered for funding.

If funded, the projects would be specific line item awards to that specific jurisdiction with grant monitoring and compliance from NCEM. For more information on these opportunities, please refer to the websites of the members of the North Carolina Congressional Delegation as many have put announcements up with established timeframes for submission. 

Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP)                                

Application Deadline 4/15/2021

This grant provides up to $450,000 of funding support for target hardening and other physical security enhancements and activities to 501c3 nonprofit organizations that are at high risk of terrorist attack. The intent is to integrate nonprofit preparedness activities with broader state and local preparedness efforts. It is also designed to promote coordination and collaboration in emergency preparedness activities among public and private community representatives, as well as state and local government agencies.

Nonprofit Security Grant Program